Dec 14 09:06

Maltese ships owned by Turkish president’s son being implicated in ISIS oil trade

As Russia continues to accuse Turkey and its presidential family of directly benefitting from the trade in oil with the Islamic State, it transpires that the oil tankers allegedly involved in the illicit business are registered in Malta and all fly the Maltese flag.

Moreover, at least one of dozens of companies set up in Malta by Azerbaijani billionaire Mubariz Mansimov – which over the last year sold oil tankers to Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – is also at the centre of the accusations.

Russia’s allegations of Turkish involvement in ISIS’ oil trade have focused primarily on the Turkish president’s son, Bilal Erdogan. The 34-year-old is one of three equal partners in the BMZ group, a major Turkish oil and marine shipping company, which both the Russian and Syrian governments have accused of purchasing oil from ISIS.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone who cannot see the relationship between the Turkish government and illegally sold Daesh oil needs a cerebrectomy.

Dec 14 08:48

A Curative for Washington's Terror Treachery is Here

Russia has now accused the White House of covering for a terror network many believe the US created. The fact many Americans now believe someone is literally trying to destroy their country bears up this claim too.

Dec 14 08:40

Poll: Merkel, Obama, Erdogan "Liars of Year"

German web platform Alles Schall und Rauch has conducted a poll among its readers to determine who they think is world’s “liar of the year”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Barack Obama and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan “won” the first three positions.

Dec 14 07:54

Future Prospects for Aqsa-Intifada

Since the beginning of the Intifada early October Palestinian protesters had suffered many casualties on the hands of the Israeli soldiers, who had murdered so far 120 Palestinians, including 25 children and 6 women, many were murdered in cold blood in short range and by Israeli snipers.

Dec 14 07:45

THE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?

The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that don’t add up.

Dec 14 07:41

33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary

By the way, if you think Sandy Hook no longer matters, ask yourself why Amazon (on behalf of the US Government) felt so scared it had to engage in censorship by trying to ban Jim Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (available for free here). Sandy Hook is still very relevant, because it was a scam of massive proportions. Take a look how many false flag mass shootings are still being carried out monthly and even weekly (e.g. Paris, San Bernardino) to terrorize the public, push gun control and achieve other political and geopolitical aims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For those who still do not have it, a free PDF copy of Fetzer's book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" can be downloaded from HERE.

Dec 14 07:36

A Public Challenge to Professor Noam Chomsky: Debating the September 11th Attack Evidence - on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Journalist-author Joe Giambrone joins us to discuss his challenge to Noam Chomsky, many of whose statements on 9/11 are bizarre and nonsensical. Along the way we discuss 9/11-anthrax, Mideast politics, and much more.

A Public Challenge to Professor Noam Chomsky:
Debating the September 11th Attack Evidence

Joe Giambrone

Opening Statement

Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT has made odd and frankly specious claims regarding skepticism of the government’s official story of the September 11th, 2001 attacks ( His statements were misleading and have, in fact, misled many people who defer to him as an expert on these matters.

Dec 14 07:24

The One Reason Trump Is NOT Going Away Was Just Revealed On Fox News

Luntz appeared Thursday night on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss a recent focus group of 29 Trump supporters. His conclusion was that Trump’s supporters are extremely loyal no matter what anyone says, including Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Luntz is missing the real reason for Trump's popularity. Trump's occasional gaffes, coupled with the obvious media bias against him, signals that he really is a political outsider and that is what Americans want, for the existing (and even hereditary) establishment to be fired, and some new blood (new thinking) to be put into government. Americans are sick of business as usual, wars as usual, pandering to Wall Street as usual, unquestioning support for Israel as usual. Americans want a dramatic change to the nation. Trump is the only candidate promising that.

Dec 14 06:50

The Decline and Fall of the ‘Mainstream’ Media– and good riddance!

Everything must be viewed through the peculiar prism of a New York Times reporter: no direct quotes allowed – unless it’s from an anonymous government official pushing his or her agenda. The rest of the article cites government officials offering lame excuses for why they didn’t bother checking Tashfeen Malik’s social media postings– essentially, it’s too much bother.

Yes, the Old Grey Lady has become quite insufferable of late, what with its front page editorials – although one could argue quite reasonably they’ve been doing that in their “news” department since the 1960s and before.

Dec 14 06:47

ISIS 101

Judging by what ISIS actually does and whom its acts benefit, its clandestine associates, and the testimony of some witnesses, ISIS is a complex intelligence operation. Its complexity reflects at least in part the fact that it serves the interests of several countries and that it has more than one objective. Its complexity reflects also the large effort to reinforce a false image with disinformation and staged events such as a video of a beheading which could not have been a beheading unless they’ve discovered a bloodless method until now unknown to science.

Dec 14 02:12

Video: How Liberal Hipsters Deal with Conspiracy Theorists

Random, but we heard this on the radio earlier today.

This is how the hip, younger NPR crowd advises their counterparts to deal with those awkward situations where someone starts espousing crazy conspiracy theories in public...

Dec 13 22:45

In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS

According to newly released data that the Pew Research Center collected in 11 countries with significant Muslim populations, people from Nigeria to Jordan to Indonesia overwhelmingly expressed negative views of ISIS.

In Lebanon, a victim of one of the most recent attacks, almost every person surveyed who gave an opinion had an unfavorable view of ISIS, including 99% with a very unfavorable opinion. Distaste toward ISIS was shared by Lebanese Sunni Muslims (98% unfavorable) and 100% of Shia Muslims and Lebanese Christians.

Dec 13 22:34

Two Million Syrian Christian Population Being Exterminated by ISIL

Since the terrorists have swept the secularists aside, Christian Syrians–long protected by Assad—are now being “disappeared” by the millions. By the millions! Of the 1.8 million Christians that lived peacefully under Assad before the Arab Spring, only 400,000 Christians still live in intact communities in Syria today. The rest are either dead or fled–we know not where.

Dec 13 17:34

Multiple video evidence of San Bernardino false flag attack: .01% plan for multiple false flags to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’???

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tips: all the activists making and communicating the following videos!

Put yourself in the shoes of the evil .01% for a few moments. How you roll is with Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes:

Unlawful and lie-began wars.
Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).
So-called “money” that is actually debt that creates accelerating and unpayable total debt. The .01% hide ~$30 trillion in tax havens.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.
“Covering the crimes” with lies by corporate media.

Dec 13 14:55

‘Trump decapitated’: Oregon restaurant offers customers hopeful pinata

This will go over like a lead Pinata!

It wasn’t the first time Donald Trump faced a beating, but this time he literally lost his head. Or at least a piñata version of him did.

To celebrate the opening of a new Mexican restaurant ‘El Diablito’ in Portland, Oregon, the owners hung a Donald Trump piñata for customers to smash, complete with wild hair, gaping mouth and middle finger raised.

Dec 13 14:25

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

Take a look at this picture. Do you know who it is?

Most people haven’t heard of him.

But you should have. When you see his face or hear his name you should get as sick in your stomach as when you read about Mussolini or Hitler or see one of their pictures. You see, he killed over 10 million people in the Congo.

Dec 13 14:11

City of Fort Worth Levies $3,000 Fine to Raw Milk Dairy, Located Outside of City Limits

More Criminal government!

FORT WORTH TX – Eldon Hoolely, who runs a small, family operated dairy farm is being summoned to court on Monday after some of their raw milk product was found inside the city limits of Fort Worth. The City of Fort Worth is now claiming that Rosey Ridge Farms, which is located nearly 40 miles south of city limits has somehow committed $3,000 worth of city ordinance violations.

Elmer DePaula, a health superintendent for the city claims that Rosey Ridge Farms was operating an illegal food establishment within the city limits. When in actuality, a food cooperative was purchasing the raw milk and transporting the product back to Fort Worth to distribute to it’s members.

Dec 13 12:23

Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?

Under cover of darkness, an Israeli armoured car advances down the potholed road that leads to Syria. As it crests a small hill, the driver picks up the radio handset and tells his commanding officer that the border is in sight.

He kills the engine. Ten heavily-armed commandos jump out and take cover, watching for signs of ambush. Then five of them move up to the 12ft chainlink fence that marks the limit of Israeli-held territory.

On the other side, on the very edge of Syria, lies an unconscious man wrapped like a doll in a blood-drenched duvet. The commandos unlock the fence, open a section of it and drag him onto Israeli soil.

But this wounded man is not an Israeli soldier, or even an Israeli citizen. He is an Islamic militant. And his rescue forms part of an extraordinary humanitarian mission that is fraught with danger and has provoked deep controversy on all sides.

Dec 13 12:06

Was Karen Hudes assigned to attack after I wrote .01% will launch waves of false flag attacks to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’?

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

This is the last of my four articles responding to Karen Hudes, with background and documentation communicated in the first three’s titles:

Karen Hudes claims I’m a ‘Vatican agent’: here’s her evidence, and my counter-claim of the challenge to know comprehensive facts and allies for victory over .01% empire

Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism & threats = her unreliable testimony anywhere

Karen Hudes REFUSES to provide ANY EVIDENCE for claims about gold as currency; says ‘no time or desire.’ Try that in your profession for factual claims and see what happens

Final analysis:

After ~700 published articles, Karen Hudes either chose or was assigned to comment after I wrote this article about what I conclude is the central plan of the .01% at this endgame stage for the future for our planet:

.01% endgame plan: create ISIS, export ISIS as ‘refugees,’ horrific false flag terror attacks, martial law, FEMA camps for ‘truthers’

Dec 13 11:44

It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump

I'm not worried especially after the last story I posted!

For months now, there has been a disjuncture at the heart of the Republican Presidential race. The opinion polls have had Donald Trump leading handily, but the pundits and prediction (or betting) markets have been saying that it is unlikely he will win the nomination. Even today, this is true.

A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows Trump pulling further ahead of his rivals, with the support of thirty-five per cent of likely voters in the G.O.P. primaries. The survey placed Trump’s nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, almost twenty percentage points behind him. Other recent polls have produced similar results. The Real Clear Politics poll average shows Trump at 30.4 per cent, Cruz at 15.6 per cent, and Ben Carson at 13.6 per cent.

Dec 13 10:10

Teflon's Toxic Legacy

Almost two decades ago, Carla Bartlett, a then 41-year -old West Virginia secretary and mother of two, was first diagnosed with cancer - what her surgeon later labeled a "garden variety" type of kidney cancer. "I was scared to death," Bartlett, now 59, told an Ohio federal jury this fall during hearings in the first of more than 3,500 personal injury and wrongful death suits by West Virginia and Ohio residents against the chemical giant DuPont. "And all I could think of was not being there, not being able to be there for my family." Bartlett's tumor and part of her rib were removed in a surgery in 1997 that, she said, involved cutting her "virtually in half." Though the cancer hasn't recurred since, for Bartlett, the harm, both physical and emotional, has lingered. "It's never out of my mind, because you worry constantly about it," she said. "And then I have the reminder of the scar, every day, that, you know, this… this is… this was cancer; this could come back."

Dec 13 10:06

Kurt Russell Says Gun Control Won't Deter Terrorists

Actor Kurt Russell has some strong opinions on gun control, and he let them fly in a confrontational interview recently.
In what was presumably a chat to promote his new movie, Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight," Russell got into it with Jeffrey Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere earlier this month over off-screen concerns. (Listen below.)
The tense exchange began trending on Facebook over the weekend, with Fox News saying Saturday that Russell "put gun control activists on blast."
Wells asks the actor about the "Quentin cult" of violence and the talk quickly segues into the national debate over the regulation of firearms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you, Kurt Russell!!

Dec 13 10:00

Trump Confronted On Dancing JEWISH ISRAELIS, Not Muslims

Trump's Secret Service Agent Says "Let's Not Get Everyone Riled Up Okay?" I actually pulled off getting a FRONT ROW SEAT, ten feet away from him, at Donald Trump's forum yesterday at the University of South Carolina with the State Attorney General. It was not easy to do, but it can be done. I encourage everyone to do the same, and to learn from my mistakes. I agree with most of what Trump says, for example about guns, the border, Obamacare, etc. I'm not a big supporter of interrupting people's speech, so I chose not to do that. Plus, as I explain, it would have been immediately drowned out as the Trump team told the crowd to do in case of disruptions. Instead, I had a chance to talk to Donald personally afterwards, when he went around to shake hands and sign autographs. I asked him about the undue influence of the Israeli lobby.

Dec 13 10:00

Bill Murray defends Muslims against rising tide of bigotry in US: ‘There is a phobia about what Muslims are like’

a promotional tour in the Middle East to promote his film Rock the Kasbah, actor Bill Murray had a few things to say about Americans’ lack of knowledge of the region and its cultures, while saying the U.S. has its own issues.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the popular star of Lost in Translation provided a sober and nuanced review of his country’s attitude against Muslims while admitting that he sometimes loses respect for U.S. actions.

After speaking with an Egyptian film crew member covering his appearance in Marrakech, Murray relayed the man’s concerns about America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a Christian and an pacifist, I have three words for Bill Murray on this issue, and they are: "God bless you!!"

Dec 13 09:51



This was largely due to multiple international crimes committed by the US, such as aggressive bombings and subversions of elected governments, which were co-schemed and staunchly advocated by Hillary Clinton, and ultimately ordered and perpetrated by Barack Obama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This woman has more baggage than does Kim Kardashian on a photo shoot.

And this , and Bernie Sanders, is the best the Democratic party can do?!?

Dec 13 09:37

Karen Hudes REFUSES to provide ANY EVIDENCE for claims about gold as currency; says ‘no time or desire.’ Try that in your profession for factual claims and see what happens

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Mencken's Law: Whenever A annoys or injures B on the pretense of improving or saving X, A is a scoundrel. - courtesy of Captains America

This is the third of my articles responding to Karen Hudes, with background and documentation communicated in the first two’s titles:

Karen Hudes claims I’m a ‘Vatican agent’: here’s her evidence, and my counter-claim of the challenge to know comprehensive facts and allies for victory over .01% empire

Karen Hudes’ lies, unprofessionalism & threats = her unreliable testimony anywhere

This status is best communicated by my direct challenge to Karen to document her claims, at the least by providing a paper, and best addressed through a structured written debate with me.

Karen Hudes refused to provide any documentation to support her claims for only gold currency in Earth’s future economy.

My direct challenge to Karen and her responses via e-mail on December 8-9, 2015:


Dec 13 09:27

Bomb Threats Force Thousands to Evacuate Malls Across Three states on Saturday

Thousands of shoppers were evacuated from malls in at least three states on Saturday as bomb threats or scares disrupted one of the busiest days of year for holiday shopping.

Dec 13 09:19

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass INCLUDING BBC propagandist's question

Dec 13 09:12

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Tool of Western Propaganda

By Steven MacMillan

Since Russia began military operations in Syria against the terrorist proxy forces of NATO and the Gulf states, ubiquitous reports in the Western media have emerged which claim that Russia has killed and targeted civilians. Yet a large proportion of these news organisations that apparently are at the pinnacle of journalism in the West, are publishing reports that are often based on one or two very dubious (to say the least) sources.

No photographs, videos or any actual evidence is provided in a lot of these articles...

Dec 13 08:56

Christian Christmas Symbols Outlawed– Jewish Menorahs Erected — The Jewish Takeover of America!

Nothing that better illustrates the Jewish extremist takeover of America than the triumphant Jewish War on Christmas!
Jewish organizations have been the leaders of the legal fight to ban Christian Christmas symbols from American public life. The largest Jewish organizations in America such as the American Jewish Committee, has financed and sponsored numerous lawsuits saying that Christian Manger scenes and Christian crosses cannot be erected on any public ground.
Even though such has been permitted during the entire history of the United States, they claimed these displays were harmful to Jews. They have also successfully banned Christmas Carols in schools and created the newspeak of “Winter Holidays” instead of “Christmas Holidays.”

Dec 13 08:45


Dec 13 08:45

San Bernardino shooting witness three shooters

Dec 13 08:30

Three House Panels to Probe Centcom for Doctoring ISIS Intelligence

The House Armed Services Committee, Permanent Select Committee, and Appropriations Committee have agreed to establish a Joint Task Force today, which is to conduct a full investigation into allegations that Central Command (Centcom) deliberately doctored intelligence on the ISIS war before sending it to lawmakers, so as to paint a rosier picture of how the war is going.

Dec 13 08:30

CNN Anchor Calls Out Jews as Terrorists

While interviewing a former Reagen employee and current Trump supporter, Jeffery Lord, CNN’s Anchor Ashleigh Banfield tried to compare it to the abuses of innocent Jews. In making the argument that banning Moslems was the same as banning Jews, she listed off Jewish terrorist attacks against America.

“From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. “The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial … accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

Jews are of course flipping out. You aren’t ever supposed to mention that Jews are terrorists. It’s anti-Semitic.

Dec 13 08:15

McCain's Ideas for Syria: Senator 'Wants US to Risk Open War With Russia'

In the end, the strategy, outlined by McCain and Graham, will only lead to yet another prolonged military engagement in a region tired of the US military’s presence.

Dec 13 08:13

Same globalist newspaper that pushes Monsanto propaganda as 'science' says we can stop radical Islam by being 'nicer' to terrorists

"We cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war," she said, without a hint of evidence that she even realized the irony of what she had just said.

But then, in her interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews, she dropped this gem: "We need in the longer term – we need the longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. Whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs..."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If lack of jobs were the real cause of terror, the US, with 42 million people unable to find work, would be seeing beheadings in every town. The real cause of ISIS terror is US covert creation and use of ISIS to redraw the map of the Middle East!

Dec 13 08:11

The Violent Crimes and Shady Dealings of Hillary Clinton

At the end of the year in which Hillary Clinton left her position as Secretary of State, 2013, the Obama regime’s USA was voted, in Win/Gallup’s global poll, as the greatest threat to peace in the world, with the runner-up, US-ally Pakistan, receiving three times fewer votes, and Russia receiving twelve times fewer votes.

Dec 13 07:21

13-minute video: discretionary income multiplied 4x when money redesigned for We the People

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Hat tip: Ellen Brown

Scott Smith’s 13-minute 2014 TED talk pointing to obvious economic advantages for We the People if what we use for money is redesigned for public benefits rather than .01% parasitic advantages:

My one best paper on the topic of monetary and bank reforms from the 2015 Claremont Colleges’ conference, Seizing an Alternative Toward an Ecological Civilization. The benefits of these obvious solutions are ~$3 trillion to Americans yearly; equal to a 60% raise in household income.

15-minute video of obvious solutions: Mark Anielski and Ellen Brown’s powerful 15-minute response to an interview at the Seizing an Alternative conference with former World Bank economist Herman Daly and co-author John B. Cobb of For the Common Good (video should start at 1:04:43):


Dec 13 04:47

Paul Craig Roberts: The Neoconservatives’ Hegemonic Goal Of Making Sovereign Countries Extinct Is Bringing Instead The Extinction Of Planet Earth

In other words, Russia was misled by believing that the West respects and abides by the values that it professes. In fact, these “Western values” are merely a cover for the unbridled evil of which the West consists.

The Western peoples are so dimwitted that they have not yet understood that the “war on terror” is, in fact, a war to create terror that can be exported to Muslim areas of Russia and China in order to destabilize the two countries that serve as a check on Washington’s unilateral, hegemonic power.

Dec 12 21:42

Impossible Odds in Mass Murders and Terrorism

*hyperlinks live at source*

by guest author, Fred Burks, founder of
Carl Herman note: I fully recommend exploring this professionally-documented and fascinating site.

Impossible odds surrounding recent mass murders and terrorist events are being entirely ignored by the media and official sources. I will show here that the statistical odds against several key events happening the way they did are greater than seven billion to one.

In reporting on many major mass murder and terrorist events in the US and Europe in the last 15 years, including the recent Paris massacre and killings in San Bernardino, CA, respected media sources have revealed that by "coincidence" a drill was being held the same day and in the same city of the event. Not only that, the drills were practicing for what actually happened.

Dec 12 20:13

What is Donald Trump doing to media reality?

In the middle of this campaign storm, Trump and the media are joined at the hip. The media created him, and now they can't shake him off. He's a fascist, he's a racist, the pundits say, but it doesn't matter. They keep trying to dig his grave and put him in it, but there is no funeral. The more they attack him, the more excitement they generate.

If it turned out The Donald were a closet hermaphrodite, would it really matter? Or would his followers say, "Wow, that'll show those LGBT fanatics."

Now, throw into the mix how large numbers of people feel about open borders, terror attacks, gun control, and the export of American jobs overseas---their guy, Trump, is reflecting those feelings with unmistakably decisive remarks, without a teleprompter, without sing-song political-android you have a super-potent catalyst roaming the countryside, blowing people out of their passive minds.

Dec 12 19:33

CNN Anchor Calls Out Jews as Terrorists

From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. “The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial … accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

Jews are of course flipping out. You aren’t ever supposed to mention that Jews are terrorists. It’s anti-Semitic.

Dec 12 19:24

Tanks as toys: German police raid turns up WW2-era armament in pensioner’s home

Reportedly the old geezer was being beaten with a rubber hose so that he would give up the damn U-Boat that goes with the torpedo! Those old Nazis never give up!

German police found a WWII tank, an anti-aircraft gun, and a torpedo in a raid on a house belonging to an elderly man. The man’s property had been searched previously on suspicion that stolen Nazi art was being stored there.

The entire contents of the heavy weapons trove, which had been hidden by its 78-year-old owner, were from the World War II era. The biggest pieces of equipment included a 45-ton Panther battle tank, a 3.5 inch anti-aircraft gun and a torpedo.

Dec 12 18:38

The Criminalization of Parliamentary Democracy

Responsibility for war crimes committed against Syria no longer rests solely with Her Majesty’s government: A criminal act of war endorsed by the legislature ultimately signifies the de facto criminalization of parliamentary democracy. Each and every member of parliament who voted in favor of the bombing raids is a war criminal under international law.

Dec 12 16:37

BBC forced to admit it misled over Palestine

For the second time in just over six months, the BBC has been forced to admit that its flagship news and current affairs program — Today — has misled its audiences over the situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Dec 12 11:45

ISIS Now Alleged to Have Chemical Weapons—But Who Did They Get Them From?

The US has previously made a number of claims that countries on its target list have BW or CW capabilities. Such claims, now discredited as false, were launched by President George W. Bush in order to gain support for the invasion of Iraq. Similar claims were made in August of 2013 against Syria’s President Assad, claims which were used by President Obama as justification to authorize a military strike against Syria. President Putin’s diplomatic solution to this crisis—bringing Syria in to join the international treaty organization, the Chemical Weapons Convention—derailed this stated intent by Obama to make war on Syria and effectively stalled the US’s intended invasion of Syria.

Dec 12 11:35

ISIS Now Alleged to Have Chemical Weapons — But Who Did They Get Them From?

By Janet Phelan

Following the ISIS attack in Paris, France, the US and its allies are making further and more dramatic claims concerning ISIS’s capability to strike with deadly force. According to France, the US and others, ISIS is developing chemical weapons...

Dec 12 09:35

Impossible Odds in Mass Murders and Terrorism

In reporting on many major mass murder and terrorist events in the US and Europe in the last 15 years, including the recent Paris massacre and killings in San Bernardino, CA, respected media sources have revealed that by "coincidence" a drill was being held the same day and in the same city of the event. Not only that, the drills were practicing for what actually happened.

As a result of these multiple, amazing coincidences, those involved in these drills were then able to immediately go from the practice drill to secure and control the scene of the actual event.

Dec 12 09:15

Why is a Hate Campaign being Waged against Muslims?

Why is a hate campaign being waged against Muslims?

Why are Muslims increasingly categorized as terrorists?

Why is this hate campaign part of the US presidential election campaign?

Why is Donald Trump calling for police state measures directed against American Muslims?
The answer to all these questions is both simple and complex.

It just so happens that more than 60% of the World’s reserves of crude oil lie in Muslim lands.

Muslims are the inhabitants of the countries which possess the oil. And America’s imperial agenda consists in acquiring ownership and control over the World’s oil reserves.

If these lands had been inhabited by Buddhists, Western politicians –with the support of the mainstream media– would be demonizing the Buddhists.

Dec 12 08:55

San Bernardino Incident Has the Earmarks of a False Flag. Testimony of Eyewitnesses

The alleged perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, appear to have been used as convenient patsies – the same way April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Dzhokhar were unjustly framed for a crime they didn’t commit.

Dec 12 08:26

Were they shot by a cop? Four Waco bikers killed by same kind of rifle used by police

Four of the nine people killed in a melee between rival biker gangs outside a Texas restaurant were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police.

The evidence provides the most insight yet into whether authorities were responsible for any of the deaths as well as the 20 who were wounded.

Dec 12 08:21

BBC forced to admit it misled over Palestine

For the second time in just over six months, the BBC has been forced to admit that its flagship news and current affairs program — Today — has misled its audiences over the situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In a broadcast in October, veteran presenter John Humphrys and Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly implied in a two-way conversation that all of those killed in that month’s violence were Israeli.

In fact, at the date of broadcast, on 19 October, more than 40 of those killed were Palestinian and fewer than 10 Israeli.

Dec 12 08:20

White House Can't Give Answers to Gun Questions

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The White House admits that Obama's "Common Sense" approach of taking guns away from the law-abiding citizens won't actually stop crime and terror. Thus, the real reason the government wants to grab your guns is because they are afraid of you and what your reaction will be when they come to grab your silver, gold, and cash to give to the bankers, and your children for more wars of conquest.

Dec 12 07:24

10 Things More Likely to Kill You than Islamic Terror

By Carey Wedler

Guided by talking heads, American armchair warriors spout vitriol, increasingly calling to either treat Muslims like Jews in the Third Reich or simply bomb them into oblivion — and their cognitive dissonance is glaring. These contradictions are evident not least in the paralyzing fear so many ‘Mericans feel toward Muslims who courageously call for soldiers to do their bidding in the Middle East. Their crippling fear of Islamic terror, itself, is cloaked in contradiction.

According to an analysis by the New America Foundation, Islamic terror attacks in the United States have led to the deaths of 45 people since 9/11. While 45 deaths is 45 too many, the dizzying fear of Islamic extremism currently sweeping the nation is objectively overblown.

Considering Islamic terror killing an average of 3.2 Americans per year (45 deaths divided by 14 years) since late 2001, here are ten causes of death more worthy of their fear...

Dec 12 06:57

Crimea Loses Power Temporarily, Ukraine Loses Crimea Forever

Crimea’s ascension into the Russian Federation itself was only possible because the NATO-driven lawlessness that it occurred in the midst of. As this lawlessness continues, it is all but guaranteed that Crimea will only be driven deeper within the Russian Federation.

Dec 11 23:51

Body of San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik remains unclaimed at morgue so may end up cremated - a practice strictly forbidden by Islam

The body of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik may be cremated - a practice strictly forbidden by Islamic law - because nobody wants to claim it, it has been reported.

Malik's body and that of her husband Syed Farook is still being held at the San Bernardino County morgue more than a week after the pair were shot dead by police.

Dec 11 20:18

Iraq's top cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Orders Turkey Out Of Iraq

"The Iraqi government is responsible for protecting Iraq's sovereignty and must not tolerate and side that infringes upon on it, whatever the justifications and necessities," Karbalai'i said in a weekly sermon.

Dec 11 19:48

Whistleblower: Feds Shut Down Terror Investigation That Could Have Prevented San Bernardino Attack

A former Department of Homeland Security agent says that an investigation he was conducting into a fundamentalist Islamic group operating in the U.S. may have helped stop San Bernardino jihadi Syed Farook had the government not shut down his probe.

Dec 11 18:59

Critics of Global Warming Must Be Silenced!

If it becomes common knowledge that global warming is based on fraud science, that it, along with 9/11 (inside job), are pretext for global gulag and genocide, our plans for our Satanic NWO could be threatened.

Dec 11 18:00

Russia in an invisible war

Kitchen “strategists”, who sincerely believe that massive nuclear strike is the universal solution to any international problem (even the hottest one, close to military confrontation), are unhappy about the moderate position of the Russian leadership in the crisis with Turkey. However, they deem insufficient even direct participation of the Russian military in the Syrian conflict. They are also dissatisfied with the Moscow’s activities on the Ukrainian front.

Dec 11 16:02

Is Donald Trump  a bogus Presidential candidate helping Hilary Clinton  win?

Is Donald Trump a bogus presidential candidate who is aiding Hilary Clinton or has he genuinely lost it, both is a matter of concern for Americans. I can however assure you two things. First, Donald Trump will not win and the second, he needs heavy dosage of medicine for loss of sanity.

Dec 11 14:27

So Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?

Why did Turkey shoot down that Russian warplane?

It was certainly not because the SU-24 posed any threat. The plane is old and slow, and the Russians were careful not to arm it with anti-aircraft missiles. And it wasn’t because the Turks are quick on the trigger, either. Three years ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphatically declared that a “short-term violation of airspace can never be a pretext for an attack.” There are even some doubts about whether the Russian plane ever crossed into Turkey’s airspace at all.

Dec 11 14:25

Russia says US deployed 200 nuclear bombs in Europe

The United States has deployed around 200 nuclear bombs across Europe, Russia says, warning that the increased military operations of NATO, led by the US, is deteriorating the military-political situation in the world.

“About 200 US nuclear bombs are currently deployed in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. This nuclear ordnance is also subject to a renewal program,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday, Sputnik news agency reported.

The Russian minister further blasted the US and NATO for their gradual expansion of military activity, saying the approach is mainly to blame for the deteriorating military-political situation in the world.

“We also observe the gradual expansion of the NATO bloc,” he said, adding that during a relatively short time NATO has increased by twofold its members.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These weapons stockpiled, coupled with a massive increase in NATO members, appear, unfortunately, to telegraphing that a major confrontation against Russia is coming, at a time when Russia is absolutely no threat to Europe.

Dec 11 14:17

QUENTIN LETTS: How I was vaporised by the BBC's Green Gestapo after daring to mock the Met Office and global warming

Earlier this year, I made a jaunty little Radio 4 programme called What’s The Point Of The Met Office?

Last week, after a bizarre and focused lobbying campaign from environmental activists, the programme was removed from the BBC’s iPlayer playback facility.

To adapt Orwell, What’s The Point Of The Met Office? became an un-programme.

One moment it was there, available to licence fee-payers to hear at their convenience. The next? Ker-whack! It disappeared as surely as one of those Islamist-owned oil derricks in Syria snotted by an RAF Paveway missile. Ladies and gentlemen, the Left had struck. I had been censored, expunged, deleted or ‘dealt with’, as RAF types put it.

The experience was baffling rather than upsetting. The programme had only ever been intended as a light summer diversion, yet it was mistaken for some sort of attack on the Establishment’s global warming theory.

Dec 11 14:05

The Watchlist Gun Bans Begin: Obama Enlists Governors to Bypass Congress: “By Executive Order”- Mac Slavo

Now governors are abusing executive orders to trample on the 2nd Amendment as well.

With strong resistance in Congress to gun control measures, Obama has taken to working outside his constitutional authority yet again.

But he, his pen and his phone, are not alone this time.

To bring teeth to his pending executive orders, President Obama is working to enlist the help of many of the state governors who he hopes will sign their own executive orders.

To that end, Gov. Dannel Malloy in Connecticut is taking the first plunge in this end run around that pesky Constitution and Bill of Rights. Of course, Connecticut, home to the Sandy Hook shootings, has already seen its gun rights eviscerated:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How deliciously ironic that Connecticut's governor should be chosen, very possibly because new light has been cast on the Sandy Hook incident, and it is very possible that the original government narrative here may be fatally flawed.

Dec 11 14:01

Scientist: NOAA’s Recent Upward Adjustments in Climate Change Temp Data Are “Rather Huge”

In other words, the climate data that we’re continuously being told proves without a doubt, science is settled and all that, that man is causing global warming is… fuzzy at best because, “we really don’t know too much about what’s going on” since NOAA, an organization with an obvious vested interest in fudging the numbers, is obviously fudging the numbers and fudging them upward.

NOAA, by the way, recently refused to hand over this exact temperature data to Congress for review on the grounds that there is “a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions”.

Uh-huh. Sure.

Dec 11 13:51

Why Are College Students Screwing Themselves over to Barely Make More Money Than People Did in 1979?

Check out these charts and then tell me: why are so many young people still taking on gargantuan amounts of student loan debt just to pay thousands more a semester to get a college degree for a job that either doesn’t exist or ultimately isn’t going to even help them pay all that student loan debt back, let alone be able to afford the basic necessities to live on?

Dec 11 13:40

Head of Serbian arms factory says one of the guns linked to Paris terror attacks came through the US in 2013

Milojko Brzakovic said the M92 semi-automatic pistol's serial number matched one his company delivered to an American online arms dealer

He said it was exported to an online arms seller in the United States, the Florida-based Century Arms

Brzakovic said the gun was delivered as a semi-automatic, but he did not know whether someone turned it into an automatic after delivery

The so-called 'shortened Kalashnikov' is listed by U.S. arms dealers as selling for about $460 apiece

Dec 11 13:38

FLASHBACK - Limit CIA RoleTo Intelligence By Harry S Truman

For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.

I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue—and a subject for cold war enemy propaganda.

Dec 11 13:22

26/11 case: witness turns hostile, claims Kasab is alive

Prosecution in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case faced embarrassment when a key witness turned hostile and said that Ajmal Kasab, the lone gunman caught alive after the assault and later hanged, was alive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Dec 11 12:37

BEX ALERT - San Bernardino shooters planned bigger attack, investigators believe

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Really trying to milk this one for all they can!

Dec 11 12:07

Biden Lectures Ukraine on Corruption While His Son Is Reaping Rewards From It

When Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. traveled to Kiev , Ukraine, on Sunday for a series of meetings with the country’s leaders, one of the issues on his agenda was to encourage a more aggressive fight against Ukraine’s rampant corruption and stronger efforts to rein in the power of its oligarchs.

But the credibility of the vice president’s anticorruption message may have been undermined by the association of his son, Hunter Biden, with one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies, Burisma Holdings, and with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was Ukraine’s ecology minister under former President Viktor F. Yanukovych before he was forced into exile.

Hunter Biden, 45, a former Washington lobbyist, joined the Burisma board in April 2014. That month, as part of an investigation into money laundering, British officials froze London bank accounts containing $23 million that allegedly belonged to Mr. Zlochevsky.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!!

Dec 11 12:04

US State Department Spokesperson Loses Composure Under Heavy Questioning By Russia Today Reporter- Full 10 Minute Version

RT Reporter Gayane Chichakyan shows US reporters how real questioning is conducted and the proof of her effectiveness is shown by US State Department representative John Kirby losing his composure and insulting the reporter and the TV network she works for along with the country of Russia. Note how the State Department spokesperson continually dodges the question while the reporter stays on point. As she reiterates the main point of the question that wasn't answered John Kirby shows his frustration with the line of questioning and then resorts to insults and demagoguery. This is classic deflection technique.

Dec 11 12:01

Open Rafah Now: Siege on Gaza Is a Cruel Failure

When Egypt decided to open the Rafah border crossing which separates it from Gaza for two days, December 3 and 4, a sense of guarded relief was felt in the impoverished Strip. True, 48 hours were hardly enough for the tens of thousands of patients, students and other travelers to leave or return to Gaza, but the idea that a respite was on its way helped to break, albeit slightly, the sense of collective captivity felt by entrapped Palestinians.

Of course, the Rafah border crisis will hardly be resolved by a single transitory decision, mainly because Gaza is blockaded for political reasons, and only a sensible political strategy can end the suffering there or, at least, lessen its horrendous impact.

Dec 11 11:59

FLASHBACK - U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted in reply to the article below, "What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?"

Dec 11 11:54

Reasonable Doubt in the Boston Bombing case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted in reply to the article below, "What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?"

Dec 11 11:53


Let's start with some basic concepts. You live in an age of lies. Every day of your life you are literally being drowned in lies. Lies by government. Lies by advertisers. Lies by the corporate media.

Truth has become such a valuable commodity that the government is economizing it!

Liars, meaning good convincing liars (i.e. sociopaths, who evince no guilt when they lie) , lie because they are able to get what they want from people, especially if those people are conditioned from childhood to tell and to believe that others will tell the truth.

It may seem that I am stating the obvious, but the point I want to make is that all ruling power is, is the willingness and ability to do things the ruled may not, or have been conditioned to believe they cannot do.

You are taught not to steal, yet government reserves to itself the right to steal, obfuscating the theft with words like excise, confiscation, pillage, taxation, and in the extreme, conquest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted in reply to the article below, "What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?"

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 11 11:49

BEX ALERT - What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To judge by this article, the government and media are running scared!

Dec 11 11:46

From Brokaw to Buzzfeed, the media's war on Trump goes nuclear

What’s remarkable is the way that self-described straight journalists have concluded that Trump is such a menace to society that they must abandon their ordinary practices and call him out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is owned by ... corporations. The Corporations are owned by the Money-Junkies who are terrified by Trump because he has his own money and as President cannot be bought to promote more laws that favor the money-junkies! It's that simple!

Dec 11 11:18

Listen to Actor Kurt Russell Own This Reporter on Gun Control: "It’s Absolutely Insane"

It was about the time Hollywood reporter Jeffery Wells went on to say that guns are a quote ”metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need,” that Russell put the guy in his place.

Dec 11 11:04


Food producers have many tactics for hiding food ingredients which have become unpopular with consumers, and such has happened to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) following numerous scientific studies that have linked it to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and autism. In order to stop using the HFCS name in the ingredients list, food makers have taken to calling a sub-category of HFCS as “fructose syrup” or, plainly, “fructose”.

HFCS is a highly-processed chemical sweetener used in many processed foods, including breads, cookies, candy, condiments, and soft drinks. HFCS extends the shelf life of products, and it is often cheaper than sugar, which are the main reasons why manufacturers like it. But HFCS has gotten a bad rep, considering the circumstantial evidence that links it to various metabolic diseases, so Big Food and the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) decided to get creative.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please, share this with everyone you know; high fructose corn syrup is a silent killer, and you need to be very careful about reading labels when you buy anything from your grocery store.

Dec 11 10:10

'Third Prominent Eyewitness' to the San Bernardino Shooting? Not So Fast.

There's plenty of documented evidence that the San Bernardino shooting is not what we're being told. Multiple eyewitness reported three shooters, along with several TV and print newscasts referring to the hunt for three shooters. There were also active shooter drills going on that the same time. However, this latest claim that is circulating on conspiracy sites about a 'third prominent eyewitness' who was called and told to change his story does not pass the smell test. Christopher Nwadike, a co-worker of Sayd Farook, was interviewed by the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others where he admitted that he was in the bathroom when the shooting started and hid on the floor until rescue crews arrived to the bathroom. He never saw ANY shooter, much less his co-worker and his Muslim wife, or three tall white military men, or anyone else. Also, it's the very L.A. Times video of Nwadike that is circulating on conspiracy sites, as 'proof' of a false flag.

Dec 11 09:52

Recent Study Finds Marijuana is Much Safer Than Alcohol or Tobacco

By Steven Maxwell

With the battle for the legalization of marijuana being considered one of the more prevalent issues in today’s society, it is upon scientists and researchers to now look deeper into the chemical makeup of marijuana and indicate whether smoking marijuana yields less dangerous side effects than consuming alcohol...

Dec 11 09:17

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Turkey Starts Building Wall Along Syrian Border

According to Turkish media reports, Ankara has begun putting up a wall along a 82-kilometer section of the country’s border with Syria which is currently under the control of Daesh (ISIL/ISIS). The fact, however, has not been verified by any government official.

Dec 11 08:56

Americans Just Responded Loud And Clear To Obama’s Big Terrorism Speech- He Won’t Like It…

Mr. Obama’s approval rating for his Sunday night speech, which featured overtures of gun control, was disappointing at best according to the poll. Only one-in-three voters (34%) approved of Mr. Obama’s response to the mass killing in San Bernardino, California, last week. In fact, 43% of those polled in Rasmussen’s telephone poll think that Mr. Obama’s response to the killings was poor. Rasmussen’s telephone survey of 1000 people was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC; the margin of error was +/- 3 percent with a 95% confidence level.

Western Journalism has been reporting on Obama’s response to the terror attacks. Immediately following the reported attacks, Mr. Obama called for stricter gun control measures. Then, it was later discovered that the guns were purchased legally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Dec 11 08:01

Counter Exposure: US Shifts Blame for Oil Smuggling From Turkey to Assad

The District of Criminals has truly lost whatever tenuous grip on reality they had and have entered OZ! We' to see the Wizard!

In the aftermath of Russia's exposure of the illegal oil trade between Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) and Turkey, the US has decided to come up with its own 'revelation': the US Treasury admits that the jihadist group is profiting from oil exports to the tune of as much as $40 mln per month, but claims the terrorist group is selling it to President Assad.

Dec 11 07:33

IBEX ALERT - Islamic State oil is going to Assad, some to Turkey, U.S. official says

Islamic State militants have made more than $500 million trading oil with significant volumes sold to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and some finding its way to Turkey, a senior U.S. Treasury official said on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The first rule of propaganda is that it has to be believable. These days it seems like the US Government uses a dartboard to come up with their talking points! ISIS has been the US tool to remove Assad since at least 2012. It doesn't make sense that Assad would be buying oil from them and if Assad were buying ISIS oil the US would be bombing ISIS' oil infrastructure (like the Russians are doing) instead of Syria's!

Dec 11 07:17

Theft of dozens of propane tanks, purchase of 150 prepaid cell phones in Missouri puts FBI on alert

The FBI has launched an investigation after 150 prepaid mobile phones were bought from local Walmarts in Missouri. This comes after the theft of dozens of propane tanks in the area.

The large number of purchases took place at six Missouri Walmarts at least, authorities say, according to KRCG13.

A large portion of the phones were bought by “three men with accents” at one Walmart near the town of Lebanon, Jefferson City police said. The purchases were made very late, at 3:50am local time on Saturday, authorities said for 59 of the phones. Although the three men were questioned by authorities, nothing further could be done, as there were no grounds for detention.

Dec 11 06:56

Putin orders to destroy any targets that threaten Russian military in Syria

Any targets that threaten Russian forces or our infrastructure on the ground should be immediately destroyed,” Putin told a session of the Defense Ministry’s collegium

Dec 11 06:56

US State Dep't Spokesman Derides RT Reporter Over 'Ridiculous' Questions

"Another ridiculous question," Kirby said in response to an RT reporter’s query on the US reaction to Turkish forces in Iraq. "I’m stunned you’re not embarrassed by some of the questions you ask."

After a series of heated exchanges, the spokesman moved on to another reporter when prompted to specify which questions the RT reporter should be "embarrassed by."

Dec 11 06:08

Leaked Documents Reveal Police Planted Drugs on Young Black Men For Years

Leaked Documents Reveal Dothan Police Department Planted Drugs on Young Black Men For Years, District Attorney Doug Valeska Complicit.

Dec 10 22:38

State Dept. dodges RT’s question about Turkish troops in Iraq, gets personal

Iraq is furious at Turkey’s military incursion, but the US State Department doesn’t seem too concerned. Its spokesman stonewalled RT’s questions about the Iraq-Turkey row, getting personal in the process.

Dec 10 19:10

Hillary says the families of the Benghazi dead are liars

But now she has sunk to a new low. She is accusing the families of the Benghazi dead of being liars.

Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire: Hillary Clinton still insists she didn’t tell the grieving families of the Benghazi victims that an anti-Islam video was to blame.

Yet family members say she said just that, three days after the attack, at the Sept. 14, 2012, ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base.

George Stephanopoulos asked her Sunday if she’d told the victims it was about the film. Clinton gave a flat “no.”

She added: “I said very clearly there had been a terrorist group, uh, that had taken responsibility on Facebook, um .?.?.”

The families remember things differently.

Tyrone Woods’ father said he hugged Clinton and shook her hand. Then “she said we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son .?.?. She said ‘the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son.’?”

Dec 10 19:07

Netanyahu Allies Donated to Groups Pushing for Third Temple

Haaretz investigation reveals deputy defense minister and a key Netanyahu supporter in the U.S. donated to groups campaigning to impose Israeli sovereignty over Temple Mount.

Dec 10 17:38

The Insanity of Christian Zionism - Dr. David Duke (Video)

Dr. David Duke discusses the insanity of Christian Zionism and he conducts an analyses of various Israeli TV clips which mock and blaspheme Jesus, Mary, and Christianity. "Do you know what it is to assimilate? It means to get f--ked up with a goyah; this is something neither you or me want," one female Israeli tv program announcer proclaims, while she wears a bikini and performs a mock crucifixion of her muppet co-host. Dr. Duke suggests that Christians speak to their family and friends about these matters. "Don't blame the ones you love for their views. Just be kind to them and patient with them, and show them what they've not been allowed to see. Eventually they'll open their eyes and their hearts and see the truth," he says.



Dec 10 16:10

War Against the People: a timely jolt to spur civil society action

Stuart Littlewood reviews Jeff Halper’s book, War Against the People, which “exposes the evil intent behind Israel's occupation and creeping annexation” and aims to enable activists to “formulate an effective anti-security and counter-hegemony agenda”.

Dec 10 16:05

Geller: The Third Man

One eyewitness, Sara Abdelmageed, gave extensive detail to Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News. Here’s the exchange: “I heard shots fired and it was from — you know — an automatic weapon,” Abdelmageed said, “we looked out the window a second set of shots goes off…and we saw a man fall to the floor. Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black, military attire, with vests on. They were holding assault rifles. As soon as they opened up the doors to building three one of them started to shoot into the room.”

Abdelmageed said that she “couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on — black cargo pants, the kind with the big puffy pockets on the side, long sleeve shirt, gloves, huge assault rifle six magazines I just saw three dressed exactly the same.”

Pelley asked her: “You are certain you saw three men?” Abdelmageed answered: “Yes. It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic build and they appeared to be tall.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First Rush Limbaugh questions the official story and now Pamela Geller?!?

Dec 10 15:18

Valerie Jarrett: Obama Finalizing More Gun Control Executive Actions

Here comes more gun control without congressional approval. It is currently being reported that Obama’s advisers are putting the finishing touches on numerous gun control executive orders.

The Obama administration has been busy working on finding ways to tighten gun laws ever since the college shooting in Oregon back in October, according to Valerie Jarrett, who spoke last night at a vigil for Sandy Hook victims.