Nov 03 13:49

The State Department just released the 18th batch of Clinton emails

State Dept has released 357 new Clinton emails

Nov 03 13:21

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s apparent eye problems returned with a vengeance

On multiple occasions, Clinton’s eyes did not appear to be in sync with one another.

Nov 03 13:18

Major Shrinkage at The Wall Street Journal

Yet another indication of the hard times facing mainstream newspapers. The Wall Street Journal has just announced that it is going to combine several sections. Five now standing separate sections will be combined into two.

Nov 03 13:13

WikiLeaks: Clintons Sell Political Favors to Clinton Foundation Donors

Latest hack reveals Bill Clinton does political favors for Clinton Foundation donors—completely unrelated to philanthropy

Nov 03 13:06

'Voter fraud'? California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home

80 ballots all with same address...

Nov 03 12:58

Watch: Russia’s Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off Syria’s Coast

Russia’s only aircraft carrier has arrived off the coast of Syria.

In a Russian Ministry of Defence video, the Admiral Kuznetsov is seen carrying out flight drills as it leads a fleet of eight warships.
Three+ subs no doubt with this Battle Group carrying beaucoup Kaliber Cruise Missiles.
I think Vladimir Putin has lost patience and aims to finsh the bums off before a new administration comes to dc.

Nov 03 12:30

Westworld’ Extras Agreed To Genital-to-Genital Touching;

SAG-AFTRA Monitored

In my day, nobody bothered asking! :)

Nov 03 12:15

WIKILEAKS : Clintons supported child stealer Laura (shady Haiti lady) Silsby

Wikileaks just tweeted r/The_Donald research finding on shady Haiti lady.

Great job!!!

Nov 03 11:06

Pro-Clinton media calls for UK to storm embassy and arrest Assange

A Newsweek op-ed article authored by Paul Webster Hare

Nov 03 10:58

LA Times 'journalist' tweets that he wished Donald Trumps life would end

poster boy left wing fascist, intolerant, hateful and bitter.

Nov 03 10:50

NEW WIKILEAKS! Podesta Emails Part 27: Email ID 43525

CNN authorization is required to view this discussion of the Podesta 27

Nov 03 10:20

CNN's Donna Brazile shares yet another debate question regarding the death penalty.

This time to Jennifer Palmieri, to which Palmieri also provides the answer they usually give on said question.

Nov 03 10:08

Like father, like son: George W. Bush rumored to be voting for Hillary Clinton

Former president George W. Bush may vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, according to a report Wednesday.

Nov 03 10:08

No, you can’t text your vote. But these fake ads tell Clinton supporters to do just that.

First things first: There is no such thing as voting by text message. Period. If you want to cast a ballot, you can vote at your polling station or vote absentee. That’s it.
But ads circulated on Twitter recently would have you believe otherwise.
Lifting imagery directly from Hillary Clinton’s campaign materials, the ads encourage supporters of the Democratic nominee to “vote early” and “vote from home” by texting their candidate’s name to a five-digit number.

Nov 03 09:46

The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%

The point is, as horrifying as a Clinton presidency might be to conservatives (or to everyone), don’t get too comfortable under Trump. The party is just getting started and our vigilance must be even greater with a conservative White House, because, like it or not, everything Trump does is going to reflect on us. We can no more allow unconstitutional activities under Trump than we could under Clinton. If you think the election has been chaotic and confusing so far, just wait until after it is over.

Nov 03 09:43

Scores of civilians killed in alleged US airstrikes to support ground op in Afghanistan (GRAPHIC)

Scores of civilians, including children, have reportedly been killed in US airstrikes supporting a ground operation in Kunduz, Afghanistan, officials and media report. NATO forces in Afghanistan said the airstrikes were “to defend friendly forces under fire.”

Nov 03 08:50

FBI Said To Move To "Likely Indictment" Of Clinton Foundation, Fox News Reports

According to Fox News' Bret Bair, the Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year, and notes that "The investigations will continue, there is a lot of evidence. And barring some obstruction in some way, [FBI sources] believe they will continue to likely an indictment."

Nov 03 08:50

Fashion goes full-frontal! Leggy models storm the runway NAKED - wearing nothing but pink wigs and leather boots

Her pastel pink wig is topped off with a gigantic wide-brimmed black hat, and she carries a pink heart-shaped handbag embellished with fringe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What hat?

Nov 03 08:44

FL GOP Accuses Election Officials of Opening Mail-In Ballots

"Florida law prescribes that when the supervisor of elections takes in all these ballots, they have to be approved by the canvassing board."

Therefore, the officials have no legal authority to open the ballot envelopes.

Nov 03 08:39

In an age when most bankers use keyboards to communicate with each other, a small group of the Wall Street elite refuses to say anything substantive in an email, text or chat, and some will not communicate digitally at all

This group, which includes top bankers like JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon and powerful investors like Carl Icahn and Berkshire Hathaway Inc's (BRKa.N) Warren Buffett, were eschewing electronic communications long before the probe of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails and the recent hacks of her campaign manager's account made headlines.

Nov 03 08:39

Woman gives birth in car, hospital charges full delivery fee

A South Florida mother says she's being charged thousands of dollars in delivery charges even though she gave birth in a car in the hospital parking lot.

Nov 03 08:27

Western lynch mob on Russia ties itself up in absurd knots

The Western lynch mob-like campaign to ‘get Russia’ goes on, with the gathering this week of the United Nations Human Rights Council. By trying to suspend Russia from the council, the flagrant intent is to discredit and further demonize.

The utter insanity of it all. But maybe the Western lynch mob will eventually get hoisted on their own coiling ropes of deception.

Nov 03 08:12

Effigy of Trump holding Hillary Clinton’s severed head to be burned on Guy Fawkes night

The famous bonfire celebration in Edenbridge, Kent, will this year feature a 36ft (11 meter) effigy of Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton’s severed head being set on fire.

Nov 03 08:08

BREAKING Danney Williams Requests Bill Clinton DNA Sample From Monica Lewinsky

Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal met with Bill Clinton's son and posted the following, along with photo & legal docs; Target Liberty has learned that Danney Williams, who believes he is the biological son of Bill Clinton, has sent a letter to Monica Lewinsky requesting a sample of Clinton's DNA from the infamous blue dress that carries Clinton's DNA stains. - UPDATE Danney Williams and me today in Washington D.C.
The Danney Williams letter to Monica Lewinsky's attorneys.

Nov 03 07:57

Secret Recordings At Center Of FBI Feud With DOJ Over Clinton Foundation Probe

A suspect monitored by the FBI in a public corruption case talks about alleged deals the Clintons made

Nov 03 07:50

Cuban: 'I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president'

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said on Wednesday that he is more concerned about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency than he is at the prospect of his team losing fans over his support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Nov 03 07:49

"The company building a controversial oil pipeline north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation failed to immediately notify state regulators after finding four stone cairns and other artifacts during construction in Morton County as tensions grew

The company building a controversial oil pipeline north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation failed to immediately notify state regulators after finding four stone cairns and other artifacts during construction in Morton County as tensions grew among pipeline opponents, documents show.

Nov 03 06:13

State Department Denies Asian Countries Are Aligning With China, Awkward Moment Follows

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee has once again exposed the ignorance and propaganda spewing of the State Deparment as spokesman John Kirby struggled Tuesday when he debated over the number of Asian countries that are now aligning with China instead of the United States.

As The Washington Free Beacon's Jack Heretik reports, after Malaysia signed multiple new deals with China this week, including the purchase of ships and a railroad line, questions began to swirl if Malaysia was aligning more with China. The Philippines announced last month its intention to forge closer ties with China and move away from the U.S.

Nov 03 03:24

Another Mishap for Navy's $360 Million Warship

In its latest mishap, the USS Montgomery, an Independence-class LCS that's been in service less than two months, sustained an 18-inch-long crack to its hull while passing through the Panama Canal en route to its homeport in San Diego.

What a hunk of junk.

Nov 03 03:12

Obamacare customer panic… Price freakout…

Open enrollment for Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, begins today. Problems with the law mean consumers could face significant rate hikes in some parts of the country. There will also be fewer health plans to choose from.

Nov 03 03:10

45% Call News Media ‘Primary Threat That Might Try to Change Election Results’

More people see the news media--as opposed to Russian hackers or political bosses--as the "primary threat that might try to change the election result," according to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll. -- 45.53% said “the news media”--followed by “the national political establishment” (20.79%); “undecided” (13.42%); “foreign interests such as Russian hackers” (10%); and “local political bosses” (8.95%).

Nov 03 00:20

FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards “Likely an Indictment”

I pressed again and again on this very issue... The investigations will continue, there is a lot of evidence. And barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment.

Nov 02 23:24

Donald Trump Is Winning – Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux

The greater the battle the greater the victory - Bill Mitchell
Stefan Molyneux : Looking at the FACTS

The silent majority for Trump vs The propagandists for Hillary

“The silent majority” vs “the Propagandists”

“The Facts” vs “the Reality”

Nov 02 23:02

Doug Casey: A Civil War Could Be in the Cards After the Election

Interesting and funny stuff From Doug Casey

Nick Giambruno: The US presidential election is only days away. What are the country’s greatest problems right now?

Doug Casey: Domestically, I'd say the continual and accelerating loss of freedom, compounded by the prospect of what I suspect will be the biggest financial/economic crisis of modern times.

Both candidates, Trump and Clinton, are disastrous.

However, if forced to choose between the two candidates, I would definitely go for Trump, simply because he’s something of an outsider. The media, Hollywood, academia, and the Establishment hate him. And I believe he hates them. If elected, he will likely overturn a lot of apple carts in Washington and break a lot of rice bowls of people who live off the Deep State. That would be an excellent thing.

Nov 02 22:54

When Sports Fan Riot- Media calls them Revelers

Odd how dickish aholes destroying and looting arent called thugs eh?
Chi PD scanner

Nov 02 22:17

FBI Mutiny - Agents Say Obama DOJ Blocking 2 Separate Hillary Indictments As New Huma Emails Discovered

FBI agents have leaked the Obama Department of Justice is blocking two different indictments each of which they believe they have a strong chance of indicting Hillary on criminal charges

Against orders from the Obama administration FBI agents reveal they have been in a struggle against officials appointed in the Department of Justice by President Obama for nearly a year to serve an two separate indictments against to Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton .

Nov 02 20:57

“If He Had Any Balls” He’d Tell #NoDAPL Protesters “To Go Home” Standing Rock Tribal Leader Says of Archambault

Robert Fool Bear Sr. is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. In fact, he’s a tribal leader, serving as the district chairman of Cannon Ball, the tribal community located just a few miles from the often unlawful and sometimes violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He says not everybody at Standing Rock is in support of the protests.

Fool Bear has had it with the protesters. He says that more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.
Go down to the camps, he says, and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux.
“It irks me. People are here from all over the world,” he says. “If they could come from other planets, I think they would.”

Nov 02 19:27

5 minute video: Clinton Foundation 5% to charity fraud + OBVIOUS election fraud + lying US military into illegal empire wars = White Hat insider lawful revolution for justice?

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Bill Still’s 5-minute report:

No colleague I know of, nor I, have objectively verifiable factual information on a possible "white hat" recapture of lawful government. That said, what is easy to document and prove:

When Americans are told an election is defined by touching a computer screen without a countable receipt that can be verified, they are being told a criminal lie to allow election fraud. This is self-evident, but Princeton, Stanford, and the President of the American Statistical Association are among the leaders pointing to the obvious (and here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Again, no professional would/can argue an election is legitimate when there is nothing for anyone to count.

President Kennedy, Martin King, Robert Kennedy (and here), and dozens of others were assassinated by the .01% “Deep State.” The evidence is overwhelming in each case.

Nov 02 19:16

1-hour video: Bush-Clinton and .01% ‘Deep State’ criminals assassinated JFK, MLK, RFK, are still in power, rig elections, and run criminal looting empire until we demand .01% arrests. 2016 election changes NOTHING without ‘Biggest News Story in History’

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

SGT Report interviews Ole Dammegard over 62 minutes:

Interview highlights, documentation, context:

When Americans are told an election is defined by touching a computer screen without a countable receipt that can be verified, they are being told a criminal lie to allow election fraud. This is self-evident, but Princeton, Stanford, and the President of the American Statistical Association are among the leaders pointing to the obvious (and here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Again, no professional would/can argue an election is legitimate when there is nothing for anyone to count.

President Kennedy, Martin King, Robert Kennedy (and here), and dozens of others were assassinated by the .01% “Deep State.” The evidence is overwhelming in each case.

Nov 02 18:15

Indictment "likely" in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation

Sources within the FBI have told Fox

Nov 02 17:39

Our statement regarding the rumor of a 2.5 million-dollar anonymous donation


The Red Owl Legal Collective, who appeared at the bond hearings for those arrested, absolutely denies that any such contribution was received or used

Nov 02 16:29

Despicable Balfour: A Story of Betrayal - Part 1

November 2 marks the centenary of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which began the still-ongoing colonisation of Palestine and sowed the seeds of an endless nightmare for the Palestinian people, both those who were forced to flee at gunpoint and those who have managed to remain in the shredded remains of their homeland under Israel's brutal military occupation. 

Nov 02 16:10

Intel Officer Steve Pieczenik Talks Hillary Coup

5:48 in he agrees with Mike about diversion.

Steve Pieczenik gives you an indepth look at how the military feels and is reacting to Hillary Clinton and her potential presidency.

Nov 02 15:41

NBC being sued for $52 million after their security detail assaults a Trump supporter

I’m a Trump supporter and NBC’s ‘goon squad’ beat me up

Nov 02 15:30

Trump Releases a 16-Point Israel Policy Platform

· The unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel is based upon shared values of democracy, freedom of speech, respect for minorities, cherishing life, and the opportunity for all citizens to pursue their dreams.

Nov 02 15:11

2 Cops Shot, Killed In 'Ambush-Style' Attack In Des Moines, Iowa – Police

Two police officers have been killed in Des Moines, Iowa, in what police are describing as “ambush-style attacks.”

Police have confirmed that the officers, from Urbandale and Des Moines Police Departments, were shot dead while sitting in their cars in two related incidents.

Nov 02 15:08

3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Astoria, Oregon

A 3.8 earthquake struck about ten miles west of Astoria about 7:52 a.m.

The quake was about 20 miles deep, according to the USGS.

Nov 02 14:59

WIKILEAKS: Assistant AG Gave Podesta a ‘Heads Up’ on Hearing

email, from Kadzik to Podesta warns Podesta about an FBI superior testifying

Nov 02 14:32

Are they telling us something.... FBI Records Vault Release Firearms Collection Policy

A long dormant (verified) FBI Twitter account dumped several documents, starting with Trump's Father (or grandfather), and ending with an Older Clinton Foundation Investigation.

The question is, was someone inside the FBI trying to send a message?

Nov 02 14:23

FBI Probes Democrat Saudi Donations Amid Nationwide Straw Donor Scheme

Following a raid in Philadelphia Liberal journalists call for self-censorship as the FBI launches more investigations into Democrats nationwide.

The FBI has revealed it is investigating Democrats in a scheme involving donations from wealthy Saudi family as Democrats nationwide have been caught up in an illegal straw donor scheme.

The news comes after the FBI raided the office of a Democratic organization outside of Philadelphia yesterday in a separate investigation into an entity linked to 3 cases of mass voter fraud during the 2012 election.

As the FBI launches raids and voter fraud investigations against Democrats all over the country liberal journalists are putting pressures on their colleagues to stop reporting on the stories.

Nov 02 14:05


A good prosecutor could nail Hillary for multiple counts under both statutes!

§ 791 - Repealed. Pub. L. 87–369, §?1, Oct. 4, 1961, 75 Stat. 795]
§ 792 - Harboring or concealing persons
§ 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information
§ 794 - Gathering or delivering defense information to aid foreign government
§ 795 - Photographing and sketching defense installations
§ 796 - Use of aircraft for photographing defense installations
§ 797 - Publication and sale of photographs of defense installations
§ 798 - Disclosure of classified information
§ 798A - Temporary extension of section 794
§ 799 - Violation of regulations of National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Nov 02 13:58

18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason

The guy on the phone with Mike does not know the Law. Here it is! No declaration of war necessary.

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Nov 02 13:53

Western leaders grow deaf to Israeli abuses

Jonathan Cook argues that Western powers are accepting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s illogical premises that criticising the occupation is anti-Israel, and criticising Israel is anti-Semitic, and conceding that criticism of Netanyahu’s policies is off-limits.

Nov 02 13:13

NEWS ALERT: GOP alleges Major voter fraud in Broward County, Florida

tens of thousands of ballots set aside without explanation.

Nov 02 12:46

US Charges Seven In Connection With Sex Trafficking Ring

The United States has charged seven men with sex trafficking following 16 years of crackdown against an international gang across the US-Mexico border.

Prosecutors said six of the suspected members of the sex trafficking organization known as STO were arrested last week and one remains at large.

Nov 02 12:10


The Iraqis found missiles at an Islamic State base in Mosul stamped with USA and DOD. The discovery did not warrant a headline on CNN or The New York Times. "Several US-made missiles were found in al-Shoura region to the South of Mosul," reports Iran’s al-Alam News Network, citing a local source. "The ISIL terrorists have sent US-made TOW anti-tank missiles to Tal Afar and it is quite evident that they are preparing for a long-term war," an Iraqi security official told an Arabic-language media outlet.

Nov 02 11:48

United States Pipelines map - Crude Oil (petroleum) pipelines - Natural Gas pipelines - Products pipelines

The following table lists United States pipelines, as shown on the map. It is followed by the map, which you can click to see an enlarged version. The pipeline routes on the map are labeled with the codes that are explained in the table. Pipeline label codes are colored green for oil, red for gas and blue for products, such as gasoline, propane and ethylene. The diameter, length and capacity of the pipeline, if known, are shown on the table. Follow these links for current United States economic data, which include oil and natural gas production, consumption, imports and exports, and for more detailed statistics from the US Census.

Nov 02 11:40

The War Over Pipelines: Heidi Heitkamp Has Big Financial Ties To Warren Buffett

What is going on at Standing Rock is another pipeline war with Buffet and Soros up to their necks in the demos. If the pipeline goes into operation Buffet and his railroad lose billions. Soros is invested in railroads and oil in Brazil.This is about money!

After a catastrophic, but thankfully not deadly or injurious, train derailment near Casselton, North Dakota, right before the holiday the need for pipeline infrastructure has been put into sharp focus. Pipelines are, without a doubt, a safer way to transport oil. They’re not perfect – as North Dakotans saw earlier this year when a Tesoro-owned pipeline dumped about 20,000 barrels of oil on the ground near Tioga – but one thing pipelines never do is derail.

All railroads run through population centers (western society was built around the railroad), whereas pipelines tend to avoid population areas. And while oil leaking isn’t good for the environment, a leak is far less deadly than a train coming off the rails.

Nov 02 11:07

Smart Meter Case Testimony Before The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants To Acknowledge About EMF Damage

The following is the testimony I will present pro se [without a lawyer representing me] to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Administrative Law Court, November 2 and 3, 2016 as a result of my not permitting an AMI Smart Meter to be retrofitted on to my electric…

Nov 02 10:38

"One Of My Staffers"

Hillary's #1 aide Huma Abedin:

Nov 02 10:33

SR 1308 – Julian Assange Surfaces - He's OK – Part 1

Nov 02 10:25

It's Bunk Bro!

Databreach Expert: Rothchild 30g Leak Bunk

Nov 02 09:57

FBI Vault releases dump on Fred C. Trump (Donald's Father)


Nov 02 09:52

Piecznick - The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

A Second vid from Dr. Piecznick.

Webmaster addition: This is a replay of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky "stained blue dress" gambit; a tawdry sex scandal used to distract America from far worse crimes. Termed a "limited hangout", it means admitting to a lesser crime to obscure a greater one. In Bill and Monica's case, the story of Oval Office Oral was used to distract Americans form the real scandal behind Whitewater, which was CIA-sanctioned drug smuggling into the United States (and sold to your kids primarily in black neighborhoods).

They are trying to same thing again, using Jeff Epstein's "Orgy Island" to keep your eyes away from much more serious crimes that impact the entire nation.

Fool me once...

Nov 02 09:49

Alabama’s Human Guinea Pigs: Burning People Alive On Death Row

Alabama’s last execution may have burned a man alive because the “consciousness assessment” it administers is about as scientific as someone jostling you when you nod off on the sofa.

This is clear from the firsthand account of Ms. Terry Deep, a federal investigator who witnessed the execution of Christopher Brooks at Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama on January 21, 2016.

Nov 02 09:38

Marcus Mumford, Ammon Bundy's attorney, describes being tased in courtroom


Nov 02 09:31

CIA Releases Controversial Bay of Pigs History – 2016 Change in FOI Law Overturns Agency Stonewalling

Poppy Bush Era CIA – 2016 Change in FOI Law Overturns Agency Stonewalling

Nov 02 09:30

Databreach Expert: Rothchild 30g Leak Bunk

as seen here and every where, an alleged email speaking of a 150 million dollar payment to Hillary

Nov 02 09:20

Montreal police tracked journalist's iPhone: “I was living in the fiction that police officers wouldn’t dare do that, and in the fiction that judges were protecting journalists -- and hence the public -- against this type of police intrusion,” Lagace said

A Montreal journalist whose iPhone was monitored by police for months said Monday he was outraged to discover he’d been “spied on” as part of what he calls an effort to identify his sources.
The French-language newspaper said it learned at least 24 surveillance warrants were issued for columnist Patrick Lagace’s phone this year at the request of Montreal’s police’s special investigations unit. That section is responsible for looking into crime within the police force.

Nov 02 09:20

Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million

The crowdsourcing goal was modest: $5,000, enough to help a few dozen people camping in North Dakota to protest the nearby construction of the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline. The fund has since topped a staggering $1 million.

Nov 02 09:06

Military Veteran: Standing Rock Is The First Time I Actually Fought For The People

‘I’ve been on the wrong side of history’ I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This…

Nov 02 08:15

Ohio child cancer survivor kills herself over bullying

The relentless bullying became too much to handle for an 11-year-old girl with a "crooked" smile, her mother said.
At 3 years old, Bethany Thompson was diagnosed with a brain tumor and battled through radiation treatments. Though cancer-free since 2008, treatment caused nerve damage that changed Bethany's smile. That, and her curly hair, led to bullying, said Bethany's mother, Wendy Feucht.

Nov 02 07:43

Bombshell In Hillary Clinton Investigation! NEW Evidence Documents Hillary-Abedin Sending Classified Materials on Unsecured Server

The legal watchdogs at Judicial Watch just helped find a massive break in the Hillary Clinton criminal case. Hillary Clinton-insider Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner has a perverted past, and his laptop had more than 650,000 emails which involve Team Clinton.

But what you didn’t know is that – according to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch – the 323 pages from Department of State documents show there are email exchanges which included classified information… at least three, and probably more!

Each one of these email messages is a highly illegal crime!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 01:48

Lemmings and Republicans – Alan Ned Sabrosky

So why are so many Republican leaders doing all they can do to diminish Trump and give the election to Clinton ?

For conservatives and Republicans, a win by Hillary Clinton in November would be a catastrophe — and not just because people like Miley Cyrus and Al Sharpton would not leave the country.

It would mean continued assaults on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, especially the latter. Higher taxes and more welfare. More war — Hillary Clinton’s defense secretary-in-waiting, Michelle Flournoy, has openly said as much. And it would mean her appointment of at least one justice to the US Supreme Court, and perhaps as many as four, creating a liberal block of five to seven justices that will put its stamp on the country for a generation or more.

Nov 01 19:14

30GB Rothschild Data Hack Reveals $150 Million Hillary Campaign Donation

The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 GB of data hacked from a foundation with close ties to the Clinton Foundation.

As the WikiLeaks Podesta emails have shown us the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton campaign have close ties to the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds and Soros.

The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 Gigabytes of data it claims was hacked from the Bradley Foundation which is apparently serves as a money laundering front between the Rothschild’s and the Clinton’s by using using the Bradley Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

The announcement just came via the Anonymous Global Twitter account.

Nov 01 15:50

Kunt Kasich sends 37 Ohio troopers to North Dakota pipeline protest

related fuckery -John Kasich follows through on vow not to vote for Donald Trump, writes in John McCain instead

Nov 01 14:59

Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

Nov 01 14:44

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Fundraising Benefited From Loophole In Federal Anti-Corruption Rule

‘Particularly Vulnerable To Pay To Play Practices’

Despite an anti-corruption rule that was designed to reduce the financial industry’s political power, top officials from the investment firm BlackRock hosted Hillary Clinton at campaign fundraisers earlier this year.

The cash — which poured in through a loophole in the law — came in as BlackRock’s federal contracts to manage billions of dollars of retiree assets will be up for renewal during the next president’s term.

Nov 01 14:41

Citigroup bank chose Obama’s 2008 cabinet – WikiLeaks

The single biggest beneficiary was Citigroup, which was given $45 billion in cash in the form of a government stock purchase, plus a $306 billion government guarantee to back up its worthless mortgage-related assets.

One month before the presidential election of 2008, the giant Wall Street bank Citigroup submitted to the Obama campaign a list of its preferred candidates for cabinet positions in an Obama administration. This list corresponds almost exactly to the eventual composition of Barack Obama’s cabinet.

The memorandum, revealed by WikiLeaks in a recent document release from the email account of John Podesta, who currently serves as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, was written by Michael Froman, who was then an executive with Citigroup and currently serves as US trade representative. The email is dated Oct. 6, 2008 and bears the subject line “Lists.” It went to Podesta a month before he was named chairman of President-Elect Obama’s transition team.

Nov 01 14:29

So, FBI just decides to release files of Mark Rich's pardon by Bill Clinton. Wait for it, DOJ's Kadzik represented Mark Rich!!!

Odd Timing: FBI Releases Closed Case Files On Bill Clinton Pardon Of Marc Rich

Nov 01 14:06

Bud Light Drops Amy Schumer-Seth Rogan Cuckmercials After Sales Fall

Who'd have thought Amy Schumer whining about male privilege wouldn't sell beer?

Nov 01 14:03

Bonus: Scott Adams Makes Spooky Prediction with Trick-or-Treaters for Halloween Night

The people in Scott's neighborhood are polite almost to the point of nausea. I love it. Scott's neighborhood scores high on the 'despotism' scale.

Nov 01 13:54

Flashback: Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election

>> 24 years ago, as former President George H.W. Bush was surging back against challenger Bill Clinton, a special prosecutor raised new charges against Bush in the Iran-Contra probe, prompting Clinton to claim he was running against a "culture of corruption."

Many Republicans claimed that the indictment made by special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh against former Reagan-era Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger the weekend before the 1992 election cost Bush a second term. >>>

(*by design)

Nov 01 13:28

FBI Vote Fraud Raid Outside Philadelphia Stings Democrats - Entity Raided Tied to 3 cases of Mass Fraud in 2012

FBI has raided a Democrat office outside Philly looking for evidence related to voter fraud. The company raided was tied to 3 cases of mass voter fraud in the 2012 election. The news comes less than 1 day after a frivolous DNC lawsuit against Trump is all but dismissed.

An article on the Philadelphia Inquires website quietly revealed Democratic offices in outside of Philadelphia were raided by the FBI looking for the evidence related to voter fraud.

The warrant executed didn’t specify the reason for the raid but FBI agents stated agents also were looking for “templates . . . utilized to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms.”

Nov 01 13:22

Steve Pieczenik

This is the guy on the Clinton Takeover video. He is a heavy hitter.

Here's some examples......

Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.[3] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.

[8]On May 3, 2011, radio host Alex Jones aired an interview in which Pieczenik claimed that Osama bin Laden had died of Marfan syndrome in 2001 shortly after the September 11 attacks, and that the attacks on the United States on 9/11 were part of a false flag operation by entities within the American government, the Israeli leadership and Mossad.[31]

Nov 01 12:49


News on Obamacare cannot possibly come at a better time for the Trump campaign. The Obamacare exchanges in Minnesota are near collapse. The state’s insurance regulator says Minnesota health-care is in an “emergency situation” and calls the average 60% hike a “stopgap for 2017”.

Nov 01 12:37

Joey Kramer: Obama Photo 'Not Representative of Aerosmith'

Don't piss off the drummer!

Aerosmith's Twitter deleted a photo of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry's chance encounter with President Barack Obama after drummer Joey Kramer tweeted that the Air Force One meet-and-greet "is not representative of Aerosmith."

After fans began criticizing Kramer's tweet, the drummer wrote, "Everyone has their right to their opinion it's called democracy & I support that."
Kramer added, "I'm not saying who I support! I don't support anyone speaking for me." While Kramer didn't outright admit to supporting Donald Trump, both he and Perry were guests of Trump's during the Republican debates in August 2015. Two months later, Tyler threatened to sue the mogul over his use of "Dream On" on the campaign trail.

Nov 01 12:27

WikiLeaks - Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp.

We can't start believing our own primary bullshit. This is no time to run the general.

Nov 01 12:26

Podesta Pal Peter Kadzik, , was an attorney for Marc Rich when he was pardoned by Bill Clinton.

Podesta Pal Peter Kadzik, in charge of the DOJ's probe into Huma Abedin

Nov 01 11:26


The bulk of these records come from a 2001 FBI investigation into the pardon of Marc Rich