Dec 19 09:23

NATO's Anti-Russian Submarine Cable Scare is Really All About China

The renewed fear mongering campaign in the media about a supposed “Russian threat” to the world’s undersea cables is really just a cover for expanding the US and NATO’s naval presence all along the Afro-Eurasian coastland in order to monitor China’s maritime Silk Road trade routes and enter into a future position for subverting them.

Dec 19 09:17

“It’s been complete hell”: how police used a traffic stop to take $91,800 from an innocent man

Update: Just hours after this story was published, a judge, with the backing of state legislators who read Vox’s reporting, ruled in favor of Phil Parhamovich — and he will get his $91,800 back.

“My gut has been clenched for a long time. I feel like it is still going to take some time to unwind and unclench,” Parhamovich said. “But I feel incredible. It hasn’t even sunk in yet.” He thanked the Institute for Justice, an advocacy group, for taking his case and Vox for reporting on it.

What follows is the original story.

Dec 19 08:40

Amtrak train derails in Washington state onto Interstate 5; at least 3 dead

An inaugural ride on a new line meant to speed train service in Washington state turned deadly Monday after an Amtrak train carrying more than 80 people derailed outside of Tacoma — causing several train cars to tumble from a highway overpass and killing at least three people, officials said.

Dec 19 08:29

Mother-of-two, 41, vanishes from her Colorado home: Police appeal for help two weeks after finding her apartment ransacked and SUV abandoned in a parking garage.

Kimberlee Graves, 41, went missing in early December, a concerned friend called police for a welfare check on December 8
Police went to the home and left when one answered the door, but the friend entered the property two days later and found it ransacked
Detectives found Graves' SUV abandoned in a parking garage on December 13
Graves is mother-of-two and a certified massage therapist, police are asking for help in locating her

Dec 19 08:27

Trump's Illegal Move on Jerusalem is Backfiring

Trump's illegal move on Jerusalem is backfiring. It exposed all the puppets
paying the Zionist movement and bending over backward to please Zionist
occupied Washington. It is forcing those who were close to selling it all to
begin to back-track. It also exposed what Trump called the deal of the
century: profiting rich dictators and sacrificing tens of millions of
Palestinians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Hijazis (I refuse to use the term derived
from "Saudi Arabia") and other Arabs. To be precise the plan is sacrificing
the interests of 350 million Arabs and 1.6 billion Muslims for the short
term interests sake of a handful of billionaire Zionists and the Jews who
foolishly follow them to the edge of the cliff. Short term, the Trump plan>>>

Dec 19 08:21

Mark Dice: They're So Desperate!

The liberal media is so desperate now it's hilarious! Take a look at how they're in denial about what's going on with this circus.

Dec 19 08:18

Trump : Unveils 'America First' National Security. (*Transcript & Video)

What a load of bull; Trump strategy document singles out Russia as bad actor globally: "Russia has demonstrated a willingness to use force to challenge the sovereignty of states in the region.

Trump hits out at Russia, China: The president's strategy explicitly named China and Russia as "competition" that seek to "challenge American power, influence, and interests"

Dec 19 08:06

The United States of Inequality

Last week, as Congress rushed to pass a tax bill that will transfer trillions of dollars to the financial oligarchy, two separate teams of experts published damning reports documenting the growth of social inequality in the United States.

On Thursday, a group of leading inequality researchers, including Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, published its 2018 World Inequality Report, which shows that the United States is far more unequal than the advanced economies of Western Europe, as well as much of the rest of the world.

The researchers reported that the income share of the top 1 percent of US income earners rose from 10 percent in 1980 to 20 percent in 2016, while the income share of the bottom 50 percent fell from 20 percent to 13 percent over the same period. The bottom 90 percent controls just 27 percent of the wealth today, compared to 40 percent three decades ago.

Another graphic indictment of American society was offered by Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, who argued in a report published Friday that the prevalence of extreme poverty amid unimaginable opulence in the US is a violation of basic human rights.

The fact that the United States has invaded, bombed and destabilized countries all over the world on the pretext of defending “human rights” is no doubt one of the reasons the corporate-controlled media has chosen to bury both of these reports.


Dec 19 07:57

Toddler Caught Up in Brawl at Fort Myers Mall

Sheriff's officials in Lee County are investigating a social media post from the account of a lieutenant's wife containing racist language after video surfaced of a brawl inside a Fort Myers mall this weekend.

Dec 19 07:57

Donald Trump Jr., Ted Cruz appear to mock Obama with cookie

Donald Trump Jr. turns 40 in two weeks, and is celebrating with a cookie featuring an image meant to be former president Barack Obama.

Dec 19 07:52

‘Ron Paul: Why don’t we talk to people before we use sanctions & bombs?’

Speaking to RT, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said that the recent phone call between Trump and Putin was a good sign, but the hawkish wing of American politics is always standing at the ready.
Umfortunately the call also highlights a dichotomy in which the US and Russia cooperate on some matters, like counterterrorism, but remain bitter rivals in others.


Dec 19 07:38

Netanyahu Grateful for US Veto on Jerusalem Resolution, Sets Twitter Ablaze

The US, being a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has vetoed a Palestine-drafted resolution over President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister has expressed gratitude to the United States for using its veto power on the resolution opposing the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He shared a video on his Twitter feed, where he shows how just thankful he is to US President Donald Trump>>>

Dec 19 07:37

Man, 44, who was shot at and arrested after storming RAF Mildenhall had a TEDDY BEAR strapped to his body .

Suffolk Police rushed to RAF Mildenhall to respond to 'significant security alert'
Car tried to force its way onto the US Air Force base and the driver was arrested
Currently unclear how far into the base the 44-year-old man was able to reach
Videos show a cordon surrounding a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey inside the base
Residents reported hearing gunshots and children at a play area 'suddenly left'

Dec 19 07:19

Russia Calls for Prompt Start to Direct Israel-Palestine Talks - Lavrov

Russia is concerned about the situation in Jerusalem and will do everything in its power to bring it to a constructive direction, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday.

"At this stage, we are rather concerned about the situation regarding Jerusalem… We will continue doing everything necessary to return the situation to a constructive direction which would promote the beginning of talks," Lavrov said>>>

(*There's all the vindicating proof one needs; There Was No Colusion Between Trump and The Russians !)

Dec 19 06:54

FDA to crack down on $3 billion homeopathy industry after scores of illnesses and even deaths linked to alternative remedies.

Homeopathic remedies can say they treat specific medical conditions
Meanwhile supplements must make clear they are not supported by science
However, the FDA warns homeopathy is not subjected to the same scrutiny as FDA-approved drugs

Dec 19 06:30

Buchanan: Who Wants War With Iran – and Why?

Before we march, with Haley as head cheerleader, Trump should consider the likely consequences for his country, the Middle East, and his presidency.

A war in the Persian Gulf would send oil prices soaring, and stock markets plummeting, even as it would split us off from our major allies in Europe and Asia. The Airbus-Boeing deal to sell Iran 300 commercial aircraft would be dead.

While the U.S. would prevail in an air, naval and missile war, where would the troops come from to march to Tehran to "democratize" that nation? Do we think a bloodied revanchist Iran would be easier to deal with than the one with which John Kerry negotiated a nuclear deal?
And who would our great fighting Arab ally be?

Jared Kushner’s new friend>>>

Dec 19 06:29

Jedi Religion: Thousands Of People All Over The World Are Converting To ‘Jediism’

Yes, there are actually people out there that want to be a Jedi so badly that they have made “Jediism” their official religion. 

Dec 19 06:20

Trump: 'No Choice' but to Deal With North Korea's Challenge

In the course of his speech on the National Security Strategy, President Trump offered few specifics, but did take time out to talk up the need to move against North Korea, saying that the US “has no choice” but to deal with North Korea and its “challenge.”

Trump didn’t elaborate on what that would entail, but in past comments has repeatedly lambasted calls for diplomacy with North Korea, while threatening to “totally destroy” the country militarily.

Today’s comments were in a speech where the one recurring theme was protracted US military operations around the world>>>

Dec 19 06:06

Who to Believe on Washington's Korea Policy, Tillerson or Trump?

President Trump has often said that his foreign policy objective was to keep his enemies guessing. If that’s the goal, you could say that he’s doing a good job. The problem is who does he think his enemies are, because the American people are often left guessing as well.

US policy toward North Korea last week is a good example of how the Trump Administration is wittingly or unwittingly sowing confusion among friend and foe alike. In what looked like a breakthrough, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced last Tuesday that the US would be willing to sit down and talk with North Korea “without preconditions.” Previously the US had demanded that North Korea agree to end its nuclear weapons and missile programs before Washington was willing to sit down to formal talks.

The State Department shift toward actual diplomacy with North Korea was quickly quashed>>>

Dec 19 03:38

The project to glimpse the edge of a black hole: Reseachers reveal first image from ' event horizon' telescope will be released next year

This will be the first time anyone has ever seen a black hole through a telescope
We know the black hole exists because of its effect on neighbouring stars
It will test Einstein's theory and could potentially re-write the theory of gravity

Dec 19 01:45

Brain implant could stop sexual predators by zapping them 'in their moment of weakness', study claims

The device developed by Stanford University targets the nucleus accumbens brain region, which controls the survivalist urges for food and sex
It works to attack a specific brain signal which comes before we act on impulse
In lab tests, mice abandoned impulses and were more socially conscious when they received a zap

Dec 18 23:45

Toys R Us on the brink of collapse: Retailer could disappear from UK before Christmas with closure of 105 stores and loss of 3,200 jobs if it can't find £9million in race against time.

The troubled company has faced an onslaught from online rivals such as Amazon
It is now struggling to raise the £9million it needs to secure its future
The crisis could see Toys R Us name disappear from the UK high street, with the closure of 105 stores and loss of 3,200 jobs

Dec 18 22:02

Could this be the world's first supersonic business jet? Aerion AS2 could start commercial operations in 2025 and cut three hours from a trip from New York to London

Aerion and Lockheed Martin are working on the high speed jet and hope test flights will begin in 2023
12-passenger AS2 is expected to fly at a maximum speed of Mach 1.4 over water and mach 1.2 over land
Special wing shape will create 'boomless cruise', without a sonic boom hitting the ground

Dec 18 22:00

Police investigating murder of a pensioner, 87, battered to death in his home release CCTV in a bid to track down the suspects

Police probing the death of an 87-year-old man who was killed after robbers smashed into his home and beat him up have launched a CCTV appeal.

Dec 18 21:30

Sarah Palin’s son Track arrested for assault and burglary: report

The elder son of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was in jail on Sunday, facing assault and burglary charges in her home state of Alaska.
Track Palin, 28, appeared in state court in Palmer, Alaska, earlier in the day, on a felony burglary charge and misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief charges, court records showed. All the charges involved domestic violence, the records indicated.

Dec 18 17:58

Erik Prince to Partner With Mozambique Hidden-Debt Companies

Blackwater Security founder Erik Prince will partner with at least one of the state-owned Mozambican companies at the center of a hidden-loan scandal that resulted in the country defaulting on its debt this year.

Dec 18 17:57

Brothers in Arms: The Tragedy in Small-Town America

The following link is a lengthy & tragic WSJ report on two twin brothers who entered the military right after 9/11; the first enlisted on 9/12/01. After several combat tours one committed suicide, and his twin brother reportedly  "obsessed over combat footage on the internet and bought into conspiracy theories—the U.S. government funded Islamic State and was behind the 9/11 attacks."
Then he OD'd, in 2016.

Dec 18 14:00

African Country Ends Relationship With Monsanto After Massive Crop Market Failure

In yet another instance of Western and corporate imperialism, on the continent of Africa, this country stands as yet one more example of the failure of corporate crops and the willingness of the U.S. government to act as Monsanto’s enforcement arm against weak, victim nations...

Dec 18 13:45

ANTIFA endorsed “pouring concrete on train tracks” and even made a “how-to video,” now a train has really derailed in the same city

Nearly 6 months after the Alt-Left group ANTIFA endorsed ‘pouring concrete on to train tracks to counter fracking in Olympia’ and even made a ‘how-to video’ an Amtrak train has derailed in a suburb of that exact city.

Dec 18 12:36

'At least THREE dead and 77 injured' after new high-speed Amtrak train derails on Washington State overpass on its FIRST day of service sending rail car crashing onto interstate below'

An Amtrak train derailed near DuPont, Washington around 7:40am Monday
The train derailed while crossing a bridge over Interstate 5, causing one car to crash onto the freeway below
At least three people who were on the train have died, while 77 people were injured
No motorists were killed on the freeway below

Dec 18 12:20

The True Story Of The Secret Christmas Miracle!

The point of this story isn't that miracles don't happen. Because whatever the cause, one did happen to the town of Loudon, New Hampshire in that winter so many years ago. It brought joy and excitement to all who partook of it, and it didn't explain itself and it asked for nothing in return. It was, as are all true miracles, indifferent to those around it, even as it changed their lives. Magic, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder!

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Dec 18 12:11

Policewoman breaks down in tears as she describes harrowing moment she found three boys under duvets with their throats slit, their mother dead on a sofa and the father who killed them hanged

A deputy headteacher killed his wife and slit his three sons' throats in their bedrooms, leaving a bloodied knife on a pillow before hanging himself, an inquest heard..........

Dec 18 11:58

Amtrak train derails onto busy Washington highway

A train has derailed and fallen onto a highway below around 40 miles south of Seattle.

The official Washington State Department of Transportation Twitter account posted a picture of the incident and warned people to stay area from the area.

Dec 18 11:30

Multiple fatalities reported after Amtrak train plunges off bridge onto I-5

A southbound Amtrak train plunged off a bridge onto Interstate 5 south of Tacoma Monday morning, killing an unknown number of people and injuring others.

Dec 18 11:17

Russia-gate’s Litany of Corrections – Robert Parry

It’s especially important for journalists to strive for genuine fairness and not act as if journalism is just another cover for partisan hatchetmen.

The U.S. mainstream media’s year-long hysteria over Russia’s alleged role in the election of Donald Trump has obliterated normal reporting standards leading to a rash of journalistic embarrassments that have both disgraced the profession and energized Trump’s backers over new grievances about the MSM’s “fake news.”

Greenwald noted, “So numerous are the false stories about Russia and Trump over the last year that I literally cannot list them all.”

Dec 18 11:12

Heavily armored company of U.N. vehicles and equipment staged behind Maryland warehouse and are ready for rapid domestic deployment

Over 50 heavily armored United Nations vehicles and various pieces of equipment (generators, etc.) sufficient enough to support a small company of ‘peacekeeper’ troops are sitting on the deck behind a U.S. government-owned warehouse and appear to be ready for some type of rapid domestic deployment.

Dec 18 10:58

15 Things That Practically Force A Cop To Pull You Over

If there’s one thing drivers dread, it’s getting pulled over by a cop. Even when you didn’t do anything serious and know your rights, these interactions can be nerve-wracking. After all, getting an expensive ticket can ruin your night and make you look bad in front of your friends or significant other. In some cases, encounters have actually turned deadly.

Dec 18 10:57

These 15 States Execute The Most People Via The Death Penalty

How our country handles rising crime is a highly contested issue. Our prison system locks up more people than any other country. What’s more, the jury’s still hung on whether incarceration rates do anything to combat the violence. America is not the only country who uses the death penalty as a means of sentencing, but we sure do execute a lot of criminals.

Dec 18 10:44

How Black Women Voters Saved the Day in Alabama

On Dec. 12, Democrat Doug Jones bested Republican Roy Moore in a hotly contested Senate race. With 100% of precincts reporting, Jones won 49.9% of the vote to Moore’s 48.4%. The other 1.7% of voters wrote in someone else’s name. As of press time, Moore refused to concede defeat and suggested that he might seek a recount, The Washington Post reports.

Dec 18 10:43

Homeless man waited in rain for hours to stop stranger’s £450 being stolen, is rewarded with £5000 fundraiser for all homeless people in Glasgow

A man sleeping rough on the streets of Glasgow waited hours in the rain to guard a stranger’s £450 and stop it from being stolen.
James John McGeown saw the cash inside a bag left on the front seat of a parked car that had been left with its window open.
Believing someone would likely walk past and snatch the money, he stood by the car for more than two hours waiting for the owner to return.

Dec 18 10:40

BREAKING | ESPN President Resigns Unexpectedly...

Story just hit the wires a few minutes ago.


Dec 18 10:25

In which city does the buck burn?

Public policy raises standards for management to address abuse
‘They feel they have a right to the lady who cleans the room’

Dec 18 09:56

Boy who was shot FIVE TIMES in Texas church shooting survived and he wants Christmas Cards!

Five-year-old Ryland Ward of San Saba, who was severely wounded on Nov. 5 when a gunman opened fire inside of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, wants Christmas cards, his grandmother told KSAT-TV in San Antonio.

Dec 18 09:55

It looks like Alabama violated federal law with its 'inactive voter' scheme

“As long as I’m secretary of state of Alabama,” John Merrill proclaimed in 2016, “you’re going to have to show some initiative to become a registered voter in this state.”
Merrill, a Republican, is still secretary of state. But Tuesday’s special election proved his declaration was incomplete. In Alabama, showing initiative isn’t always sufficient to become a registered voter.

Dec 18 09:46

'Safer' 20mph zones led to rise in number of road deaths but too costly to reverse, council admits

Reducing the speed limit to 20mph has caused a rise in death and serious injuries, a council has admitted, but is refusing to reverse the scheme because it will cost too much.
Bath and North East Somerset Council spent £871,000 bringing in the 13 new speed zones just 12 months ago.

Dec 18 09:45

Justice for Kate Steinle: Rally in San Francisco Shows the Left Cares More About Illegal Immigrants than American Citizens

Millions of rational Americans were shocked when a California jury announced that the illegal and criminal alien charged in the 2015 death of Kate Steinle had been found not guilty on November 30th.

Dec 18 09:37

The Information-Industrial Complex - corbettreport

Published on Dec 18, 2017TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES:

Half a century ago, outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the term "military-industrial complex" to describe the fascistic collusion between the Pentagon and America's burgeoning armaments industry. But in our day and age we are witnessing the rise of a new collusion, one between the Pentagon and the tech industry that it helped to seed, that is committed to waging a covert war against people the world over. Now, in the 21st century, it is time to give this new threat a name: the information-industrial complex.

Dec 18 09:08

Chicago Commissioner Pleads With UN To Deploy Foreign Troops On US Soil

Under the guise of stopping violent crime, a County Commissioner in Cook County, Illinois, went to New York City late last week to request that the United Nations deploy foreign troops in Chicago to tackle the city’s “quiet genocide.”

Dec 18 08:48

Inside America’s Growing Bulletproof Clothing Industry

This past August, Miguel Caballero shot his wife, Carolina Ballesteros, for the second time in nine years.

Since 1993, the Colombian designer has literally pulled the trigger on more than 230 people to prove the efficacy of his bulletproof clothing. (All participants were volunteers.) The August demonstration was part of Caballero’s campaign to introduce his eponymous line of upscale bulletproof (sometimes called bullet-resistant) apparel — ranging from blazers (4,343.50 euros) to tank tops (2,023 euros) — to the United States, his newest market.

Dec 18 08:41


Matthew Short, with the aptly named organization, Don’t Comply, and dozens of volunteers from children to adults alike took to the streets of Dallas this week to hand out food, sleeping bags, clothing, and tents to the area’s less fortunate.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, often times, police will swoop in and shut down those who would dare defy the authority of the state and conduct charity without a permit. However, most organizations aren’t like Don’t Comply.

As they took to the streets this week, many of the members of the organization open carried their weapons. This was done—not out of an act of intimidation—but merely to assert rights as well as protect them.

The resultant heavily armed group of do-gooders effectively staved off any attempts by police to shut down the charitable efforts.

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Dec 18 08:37

Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents

With a mandate from President Trump to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents, Customs and Border Protection awarded a $297-million contract to a private company to help recruit and hire the new agents and other workers.

Dec 18 08:37

Putin thanks Trump for CIA data that helped prevent terror attack in St. Petersburg

Information provided by the CIA helped Russian security services foil an attack on St Petersburg's Kazan cathedral, US and Russian leaders say.

Dec 18 08:28

The primitive bear with a sweet tooth: Scientists discover the 3.5 MILLION-year-old remains of an ancient creature with severe cavities in Canada.

The bones were discovered over a 20-year period on Ellesmere Island in Canada
Experts say the ancient bear may have got his bad teeth from eating berries
Protarctos abstrusus has only been identified previously from a tooth in Idaho
The discovery is the most northerly finding for the ancestor to modern bears

Dec 18 07:55

Atlanta could face a WEEK of travel misery: World's busiest airport finally restores power after fire causes 11-hour blackout, cancels 1,200 flights and strands tens of thousands of passengers.

Thousands of passengers were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Sunday
Georgia Power says outage was caused by a fire and it expects power was restored by midnight
However, the incident will cause problems for thousands hit by airline cancellations extending into Monday
Delta said it was cancelling 300 flights on Monday; United Airlines warned Monday travel may be affected

Dec 18 05:26

Atlanta could face a WEEK of travel misery: World's busiest airport finally restores power after 11-hour blackout which caused 1,200 flights to be canceled and stranded tens of thousands of passengers

Thousands of passengers were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Sunday
Georgia Power says outage was caused by a fire and it expects power was restored by midnight
However, the incident will cause problems for thousands hit by airline cancellations extending into Monday
Delta said it was cancelling 300 flights on Monday; United Airlines warned Monday travel may be affected

Dec 18 04:10

The Case Against Iraqing Iran

The case against Iraqing Iran includes the following points:

Threatening war is a violation of the U.N. Charter.

Waging war is a violation of the U.N. Charter and of the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

Waging war without Congress is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Have you seen Iraq lately?

Have you seen the entire region?

Have you seen Afghanistan? Libya? Syria? Yemen? Pakistan? Somalia?

War supporters said the U.S. urgently needed to attack Iran in 2007. It did not attack. The claims turned out to be lies.>>>

Dec 18 02:32

Half of Total Trump-GOP Tax Plan Benefits Go to Richest 5%

It's simple. Profit-hungry corporations get a permanent windfall and the rich receive massive cuts. Everyone else—sooner or later, like it or not—gets to help pay for it all.