May 05 19:49

Harrowing dashboard camera footage captures escape from supercharged Alberta wildfires the size of New York City that have ravaged Canadian towns, caused 88,000 to evacuate and are being battled by over 1,100 firefighters

Incredible dash cam footage has captured a man's terrifying drive through the supercharged wildfires tearing through Alberta, Canada, which have forced 88,000 people to evacuate their homes.

More than 1,110 firefighters, 145 helicopters, 138 pieces of heavy equipment and 22 air tankers were fighting a total of 49 wildfires that now cover land the size of New York City. Seven of the blazes are deemed out of control.

On Wednesday, one resident in the devastated oil sands city of Fort McMurray filmed the moment he had to drive across town through flying embers and black-out smoke.

Cars can be seen veering from lane-to-lane to avoid the flames as gusts of wind threaten to push burning trees over. Though it was filmed at 2pm, the sky is as dark as night.

May 05 19:47

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department

Judicial Watch today released new State Department emails (one batch of 103 pages, the second of 138 pages) that again appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department and that she did not use her system until March 18, 2009.

Judicial Watch recently released Clinton State Department emails dating from February 2009 that also call into question her statements about her emails.

The documents were obtained by Judicial Watch in response a court order in a May 5,2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department, after it failed to respond to a March 18 FOIA request (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)). The lawsuit seeks:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet CNN and the FBI still insist they have found nothing wrong!

May 05 19:42

Perry endorses Trump

Rick Perry endorses Donald Trump for president

May 05 18:36

America’s Legacy Will Be Its Downfall: Empire Always Comes Home

Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville

As Western media outlets and the U.S. State Department attempt to gin up public sentiment surrounding alleged bombings of alleged hospitals that may or may not have even existed and that, even if they did, were nothing more than field hospitals for terrorists, the Syrian people are suffering under unimaginable conditions. These true victims, of course, are completely ignored by the same outlets that cry and pine over the deaths and setbacks of jihadists, rapists, torturers, and murderers.

Amidst the constant propaganda and dehumanizing method of reporting “news” in the West, both the humanity and the wishes of the Syrian people are lost completely...

May 05 18:15

North Carolina says it will defy feds over LGBT 'We're not going to get bullied'

A Political showdown between North Carolina and the federal government loomed Thursday as Republican state leaders vowed to defy the U.S. Justice Department’s deadline to repeal the state’s contentious new bathroom law.

May 05 18:11

Police Used Stingray in Hunt for $50 Chicken Wing Thief

Stingray is a controversial cellphone tracking tool that sucks up information from all nearby cellphone users. It’s often sold as a vital tool for finding serious criminals and terrorists, an argument that is weakened somewhat when it emerges Annapolis police used it to try and find the perp in a $50 chicken robbery.


May 05 16:42

Review: Salman Abu Sitta’s, Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir

‘I spent the rest of my life on a long, winding journey of return, a journey that has taken me to dozens of counties over decades of travel, and turned my black hair to silver. But like a boomerang, I knew the end destination, and that the only way to it was the road of return I had decided to take.’ Dr.Salman Abu Sitta.

May 05 15:04

John McCain Fears Re-election Bid Will Be ‘Race Of My Life’ Thanks To Trump

Five-term Arizona Sen. John McCain fears the impact that having Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket will have on his re-election chances.

(*We're already seeing results , and Trump isn't even IN yet !)

May 05 14:53

John Scura | Rockefellers, Rothschilds, & The Big Conspiracy

May 05 14:52

Cost of California gas leak doubles as residents fear returning home

The cost of the months-long methane leak in California has grown to more than double previous estimates, with the company responsible now expecting to spend as much as $665 million, mostly to cover damages for over 8,000 affected families.

The Southern California Gas Co. updated its calculations a week after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Wiley Jr. ordered it to continue paying for temporary housing for Porter Ranch’s displaced residents.

May 05 14:20

'Get Your Money Ready Cuz You're Gonna Pay For The Wall'


This is incredibly awesome.


May 05 14:06

Vicente Fox Gives Trump The WEAKEST Apology Of All Time


An Apology Is Not An Apology If You Say The Word 'But'


May 05 13:53

US Change of Command in Europe Signals Escalation of Anti-Russia Threats

Washington used this week’s change of command of its European military forces as an opportunity to further escalate US military threats against Russia.

Speaking at the ceremony at the US European Command (EUCOM) headquarters in Germany Tuesday in which outgoing commander Gen. Philip Breedlove handed the reins to his successor, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter declared that the Pentagon had to “prioritize deterrence” against Russia and accused Moscow of “nuclear saber-rattling.”

Carter reiterated the Pentagon’s plans to deploy an American armored brigade combat team near the Russian border “on a rotational but persistently present basis.” He also pointed to the Obama administration’s quadrupling of funding for the European Reassurance Initiative to $3.4 billion, which he said would “increase the amount of war fighting equipment, as well as the number of US forces” deployed in Eastern Europe.

May 05 13:37

Congressional Republicans Line Up Behind Trump

A top party leader, a committee chairman with a deep understanding of national security, and an aspiring senator endorsed Donald Trump shortly after he secured his place as the de facto 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

It's as sure a sign as any that the party is falling in line behind the New York businessman as he prepares to face off against Hillary Clinton in the general election. Even if their hearts are not in it.

"I have committed to supporting the nominee chosen by Republican voters, and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, is now on the verge of clinching that nomination," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a tepid statement in support of Trump



May 05 12:55

Doctors Without Borders pulls out of UN humanitarian summit

The international medical aid agency Doctors Without Borders has pulled out of the first U.N. humanitarian summit, saying the meeting won't address the growing needs caused by war and violence across the world because of its non-binding nature.

May 05 12:44

Leading up to the General Election: An analysis of the 2016 Presidential race

The way I see it, things on the political forefront, leading up to the General Election, are going to get interesting to say the least, no matter what way you slice it.

In the following analysis I will point out a few things that myself and my close group of contacts are looking at as possible outcomes.

You see, after Cruz and Kasich bit the dust, throwing in their towels for the Presidential bid this week, a whole new ball of wax is forming on the political stage and it may get messy.


May 05 12:21


The former Democratic president of the United States and once Labour Prime Minister of Britain were close allies when in office, both strong proponents of a corporatist, pro-globalisation new brand of “third way” centre-left politics. Mr. Clinton’s visit is intended to reinforce the message delivered by President Obama two weeks ago. He claimed the UK would go to the “back of the queue” for future trade deals if it left the EU.


May 05 11:28

Rob Reiner Embarks On "Trump & His Supporters are Racist" National TV Tour

Hollywood director Rob Reiner has embarked on a national TV tour where he's going from show to show accusing Trump and his supporters of being "racist," at least that's what one would have to assume from his last two appearances on TV.

Asked to explain Trump's popular support on MSNBC, Reiner explained, "There are a lot of people who are racist," drawing gasps from Joe Scarborough.

"Oh my God, did you just say that?" Scarborough asked, "You just said that."

"Well, that's true," Reiner said.

May 05 11:25

Trump Names Former Soros Money Manager as Trump National Campaign Finance Chair

This is really not going to go down well with the Trump fanboys.

Donald Trump has not only named a bankster to head his national finance campaign, to run his money raising efforts now that he has determined that he will not self-finance his general election, but a bankster that used to work for George Soros and also spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs.

According to WSJ, Steven Mnuchin, was today named as Trump campaign national finance chair.

May 05 10:57

Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Won’t Be Released Until After the Election

The State Department says it won’t release any documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s email security procedures and protocol until after the November presidential election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, we are free to imagine the worst! :)

May 05 10:56

How a FOIA Request into Hillary Clinton's Emails Revealed a Criminal Investigation

Clinton had characterized the FBI's investigation as "routine," but the DOJ now refers to it as a "law enforcement proceeding."

May 05 10:39

Syria Redux: U.S. Government supplied 10 Million rounds of ammo, 10,000 Enfield Rifles, military planes & tanks to Slaughter tens of thousands of Mexican Freedom Fighters

Everyone knows that the U.S, Israel & their allies fund, arm, protect, and created ISIS, who kills untold numbers of Christians and others. The U.S. government has been doing this for centuries. This is a classic article about the 'Cristero War' in Mexico, which took place in the 1920s and 1930s. Even Former Mexican President Vicente Fox admits that the freemasonic-led government in Mexico had outlawed Catholicism, and the rebel groups of freedom fighters, called the Cristeros, took up arms against their corrupt government. Their battle cry was Viva Cristo Rey!", which means "Long Live Christ the King." U.S. President Hoover aided the Mexican military, providing 10 MILLION ROUNDS of ammo, 10,000 Enfield Rifles, military planes & tanks to slaughter the freedom fighters. This is in Congressional records and covered extensively by the NY Times.

May 05 10:20

Watch Obama and Michelle Dance with Stormtroopers… (Because That Actually Happened)

May 4th was officially declared “Star Wars Day” back in 2011, although the joke has been around since 1979: “May the 4th be with you”. Truth is, they’d rather have people thinking about May 4th for something like that and not the Kent State killings where Ohio National Guard fired upon unarmed college students, killing four of them and wounding nine back in 1970 during a protest against Nixon announcing the invasion of Cambodia.

So this clip below went through the mainstream news cycle yesterday for everyone’s amusement (and distraction).

Except… amusing probably isn’t the word I would use.

(read more)

May 05 10:12

Massive Earthquake Looming As Pressure Builds On San Andreas Fault: “Wound Very, Very Tight”

Scientists have issued a dire warning that Southern California and the Los Angeles area could be in the path of a major earthquake of 7.0 magnitude or greater.

Southern California’s section of the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to roll,” a leading earthquake scientist said Wednesday at the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach.

The devastating potential of the fault became clear with a 1857 temblor, which had an estimated magnitude of 7.9… The quake was so powerful that the soil liquefied, causing trees as far away as Stockton to sink. Trees were also uprooted west of Fort Tejon. The shaking lasted 1 to 3 minutes.


May 05 10:00


Let us start with an historical fact. Treason and betrayal by the highest levels is a common feature of history, whether it is Judas vs Jesus, Brutus vs Julius Caesar, Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen. It is just a fact of life. It does happen.

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reposted in light of today's story where Guccifer admits breaking into Hillary's private server, that it was actually very easy, and more importantly, while inside, he spotted at least ten foreign-based IPs also inside the server!

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WRH Exclusive
May 05 10:00

Cameron proposes global anti-corruption body … with zero law enforcement powers

A global anti-corruption agency designed to track dirty money and crack down on tax evasion, expected to be tabled by Prime Minister David Cameron next week, will have no law enforcement powers whatsoever, it has emerged.

May 05 09:49

Cupertino's mayor: Apple 'abuses us' by not paying taxes. Barry Chang is stuck between Apple on one side not paying for his infrastructure proposal and frustrated citizens on the other who see their roads too crowded.

The last time the mayor of Cupertino walked into Apple – the largest company in his small Californian town and, it so happens, the most valuable company in the world – he hoped to have a meeting to talk about traffic congestion.

May 05 09:48

US government: North Carolina LGBT law violates civil rights

A North Carolina law limiting protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws and can't be enforced, the U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday, putting the state on notice that it is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

May 05 09:26

US judge says Clinton may have to testify in email lawsuit

A federal judge in Washington on Wednesday ordered that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have to testify in a lawsuit related to the private email server she used while secretary of state.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said the parties in the case, the State Department and conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, also struck an agreement about the scope of the testimonies that some of Clinton's former top aides will give in the case.

Those testimonies, known as discovery, will take place over the next eight weeks and may yield information that would require Clinton herself to be deposed, Sullivan said in an order.

May 05 09:09

David Cameron has no intention of withdrawing his claim that Donald Trump was “divisive, stupid and wrong” to call for a ban on Muslims entering the US, Downing Street has said.

David Cameron has no intention of withdrawing his claim that Donald Trump was “divisive, stupid and wrong” to call for a ban on Muslims entering the US, Downing Street has said.
Despite Trump’s likely confirmation as the Republican presidential candidate, a spokesman for Cameron said the prime minister stood by his comments made in December last year.

May 05 09:09

US spent $1.4B+ on abstinence programs in Africa over 12 yrs. Study finds programs failed.

In the past 12 years, the U.S. has spent more than $1.4 billion funding abstinence programs in Africa. They're part of a larger program — called the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — aimed at stopping the spread of HIV around the world.

May 05 09:06



May 05 08:43

Lunch Lady Called the Cops on 8th Grader Who Paid for Chicken Nuggets with a $2 Bill

The officer traced the bill back to a convenience store and then the bank before someone was finally told that oh, by the way, YES, there is such a thing as a $2 bill.

(read more)

May 05 08:42

Third Leading Cause of Death in America: Going to the Hospital

So many people die from “medical errors” in our hospitals, that it’s become the third leading cause of death in America. It outranks car accidents, murders, and suicides put together, and by a wide margin. It’s only surpassed by cancer and heart disease as the leading causes of death.

(read more)

May 05 08:40

Cost Of California Gas Leak Doubles As Residents Fear Returning Home

The cost of the months-long methane leak in California has grown to more than double previous estimates, with the company responsible now expecting to spend as much as $665 million, mostly to cover damages for over 8,000 affected families.

May 05 08:39

San Andreas Fault is "Ready to Go" According to Experts

For decades Californians have been warned repeatedly that the “big one” is coming. Someday a massive earthquake is going rip through the San Andreas Fault, possibly causing thousands of casualties and billions of dollars in damage. So far nothing that serious has occurred in recent memory. With the exception of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the state has been largely spared from any serious tectonic disaster.

But according to some experts we may not have to wait much longer, especially in regards to the southern portion of the San Andreas fault near San Diego and Los Angeles. That’s because it’s been so long since this fault has had an earthquake. The pressure is building there. The fault typically has a major earthquake every 100 years or so, but this particular portion hasn’t experienced a major quake since 1857, which was a magnitude 7.9.

(read more)

May 05 08:33

Americans’ Distaste For Both Trump And Clinton Is Record-Breaking

The Democratic primary will technically march on, but Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be her party’s nominee. Same with Donald Trump. And voters don’t appear thrilled at the prospect: Clinton and Trump are both more strongly disliked than any nominee at this point in the past 10 presidential cycles.

May 05 08:04

NATO on trade, in Europe and Asia, is doomed

Everything civil society across Europe – for at least three years – has been debating, and fearing, is confirmed; this is a sophisticated, toxic US-led corporate racket, a concerted assault across the spectrum, from the environment and animal welfare to labor rights and internet privacy. In a nutshell; it’s all about the US corporate galaxy pushing the EU to lower – or abase – a range of consumer protections.

Hardball, predictably, is the name of the game. Washington no less than threatened to block EU car exports to force the EU to buy genetically engineered fruits and vegetables. In my travels in France, Italy and Spain over the past two years, I confirmed this to be the ultimate nightmare expressed by practitioners of top-end artisanal agriculture.

May 05 07:21

“It’s A War On Whistleblowers”: Snowden Pens Foreword To New Scahill Book

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden wrote the foreword for the new book by Jeremy Scahill and the staff of The Intercept, "The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Program," which is based on leaked government documents provided by a whistleblower.

May 05 06:11


Speaking on condition of anonymity to Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez, several journalists, hired by Facebook in 2014 to oversee its secretive “trending news” project, revealed new details on how the company handles the day’s news. Known internally as “news curators,” the contractors say they were given the ability to “deactivate” or blacklist any trending topic if it wasn’t being covered by minimally “three traditional news sources.” “A topic was often blacklisted if it didn’t have at least three traditional news sources covering it, but otherwise the protocol was murky—meaning a curator could ostensibly blacklist a topic without a particularly good reason for doing so,” Nunez writes, although curators insist the system wasn’t abused.

May 05 05:59

Spain: Town that changed anti-Semitic name suffers vandalism

Researchers believe the village got its previous name from Jewish residents who converted to Catholicism and wanted to convince Spanish authorities of their loyalty. Others suspect the change may have come from a slip of the pen.
Note: Anti-Semitism is just everywhere!

May 05 05:52

Kerry on Holocaust Remembrance Day: Recall Jews 'Were Denied Entry to Our Ports'

Kerry called it "our responsibility – individually, collectively, globally – to denounce injustice and prevent genocide."
Note: Except the Palestinians. Because of the holocau$t Israel can commit genocide.

Webmaster addition: Kerry is full of crap! I refuse to be held responsible for actions by people from before I was born! Shame on you, John, for going along with this hoax of inherited guilt!

May 05 05:49

Locked and loaded: San Andreas fault ready to go, warns scientist

Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, told attendees of a conference Wednesday, that the “springs on the San Andreas system have been wound very, very tight. And the southern San Andreas fault, in particular, looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go.”

May 05 05:48

They met at a refugee camp after the Holocaust. Now they say they lived the American Dream.

The Brodeckis recently downsized their home. The contents of their sprawling four-bedroom American Dream dwelling in Richmond are now crammed into a one-bedroom apartment at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington in Rockville.
Note: oh hum just another holocau$t miracle. Nice house!

May 05 05:45

Israeli minister: Criticizing Israel is the new anti-Semitism

Israel’s justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, on Wednesday slammed European leaders who criticize Israel and advocates of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the country, accusing them of simply swapping old anti-Semitic tropes for a new format.
Note: Yep, just about everything you do now is anti-Semitic!

May 05 02:02

Russia Creates New Military Divisions to Respond to NATO Buildup

NATO Secretary General Insists Buildup 'Defensive'

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced its intention to create three new military divisions for its westernmost territory in response to NATO’s announcement last week of another 4,000 ground troops to be deployed along the Russian border.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insists that NATO’s deployments were a response to Russia’s “use of force against Ukraine in 2014,” which both happened two years ago and has been in a state of ceasefire for well over a year.

May 05 01:34

Judge allows group to dig into Clinton's server

Judge allows group to dig into Hillary Clinton's email server

WASHINGTON — A federal district court judge detailed Wednesday how a legal watchdog group can dig into the creation and operation of Hillary Clinton’s private email system — and didn’t rule out a deposition of the former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential front-runner.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued an order Wednesday detailing discovery in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit seeking records about Clinton and her top advisers, including the private email system that she used during her four-year tenure as secretary of state.

The server has become central to criticism of Clinton from Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill, sparked plenty of news headlines and forced Clinton and her team on the presidential campaign trail to respond.



May 04 23:03

State Dept: We Never Said No Boots on the Ground in Syria

Doublespeak. Noun. Language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

To the laughter and bewilderment of the press, retired Navy Rear Admiral turned State Dept spokesperson John Kirby actually stood at a podium recently and claimed that Obama and his administration never said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria...

May 04 20:28

Mattis versus Trump

Trump was invited last week by the The National Interest to give his first speech on foreign policy.

To everyone’s surprise – but probably not that of the organisaters - «the Donald» did not have anything to say about his position on various subjects, aimed at satisfying one lobby or another, but instead delivered an analysis of US policy and describing its total overhaul.

He delivered a criticism of neo-conservative ideology, which has held power since the coup d’etat of September 11th 2001.

He continued with an indirect attack on the «military-industrial complex», blaming the general excess of weapons in the world. There was no mistake – for the first time since the assassination of John Kennedy, a presidential candidate was denouncing the omnipotence of the arms manufacturers, who have eaten up almost all of US industry.

May 04 18:41

Productivity in U.S. Decreases for a Second Straight Quarter

U.S. worker productivity decreased for a second straight quarter and employer costs for labor climbed by the most in more than a year.

The measure of employee output per hour fell at a 1 percent annualized rate from January through March after a 1.7 percent decline in the fourth quarter. The median estimate of in a Bloomberg survey was for a 1.3 percent retreat. Labor costs jumped 4.1 percent, more than forecast.

May 04 18:29

With Trump in, Bush will not 'participate' in White House contest

President George W. Bush is staying out of presidential campaign politics, a spokesman said Wednesday, an announcement that came just after Donald Trump became the Republican Party's presumptive nominee.
"President Bush does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign"

(*Another Reason To LIKE The Donald !)

May 04 17:55

U.S. Spent $1.4 Billion To Stop HIV By Promoting Abstinence.

In the past 12 years, the U.S. has spent more than $1.4 billion funding abstinence programs in Africa. They're part of a larger program — called the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — aimed at stopping the spread of HIV around the world.

May 04 17:54

L.A. deputy suspected of drinking too much disarmed by Sacramento residents; when local police arrive they make no arrest, don't perform sobriety test

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in Sacramento this week for ceremonies honoring fallen law enforcement officers ended up meeting some of his local colleagues early Monday after he allegedly drank too much, climbed into a parked car on R Street and ended up in an altercation with the vehicle owner and his friends, Sacramento police said Tuesday.

May 04 16:48

Exclusive: President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico

4 May 2016
Santa Monica, CA3,107
SANTA MONICA, California — During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Wednesday for the vulgar language he has used regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border and invited the likely Republican nominee to Mexico to see the border from the other side.

Earlier this year, Fox said that he would not pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall,” and called Trump ““Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.” Trump then called on Fox to apologize

On Wednesday, he did so


May 04 16:19

Big Banks Just Claimed A Constitutional Right To A Taxpayer Subsidy

The top lobbyist for the American Bankers Association wrote a letter to the Fed last week calling the subsidy cuts “an unconstitutional taking of member banks’ property without compensation.”

“The government’s actions ... amount to a regulatory taking of member banks’ property,” ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols wrote.

You read that correctly. A bank lobbyist argued that banks have a constitutional right to free money from the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And here is where that legal personhood for corporations comes back to haunt the government!

May 04 16:07

Israel settlement construction should keep going: Trump

I gotta bad feeling!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says Israel should continue construction of illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank.

Asked in an interview with the British paper Daily Mail whether there should be a pause in settlement construction in the occupied territories, Trump responded: “No, I don't think there should be a pause.”

Trump said the settlement construction must “keep going” and “keep moving forward,” because Palestinians fired “thousands of missiles” at Israel.

May 04 15:39

No One Else Asked Her, So Girl Brings Life-Sized Bernie Sanders Cutout to Prom

Not even sure what to say here, really.

Insert "Feel the Bern" joke here?

(read more)

May 04 15:37

Woman Chases Sex Offender Trying to Film Her at Target

When a convicted voyeur approached Candace Spivey in Target talking up some story about shopping for a dress for his wife, Spivey recognized the man and the exact story he was telling; he had apparently already tried this tactic on her a couple years earlier at another store.

The man, identified by police as Jeffrey Polizzi, had been convicted in 2009 for “taking photographs of women in dressing rooms” (something that will be a lot easier for people like him to do at Target now, what with the store’s wonderful new “inclusive” restroom policy that allows men to use the women’s restrooms and changing rooms).

(read more)




May 04 14:02

Army Captain Sues Obama for Unconstitutional War Against ISIS

The fact that it would even come to this — that our military members are to the level of suing our president to get him to follow the Constitution — should tell you how far gone things are.

(read more)

May 04 13:40

Burglar Sues Homeowner Who Shot Him

May 04 13:30

Government Targets 90 Conservative Groups for Being Skeptical of Climate Change

Regardless of how you feel about climate change (or any controversial debate for that matter) you probably already know that you can’t change someone’s mind by persecuting them. You can’t a hold a gun to their head, metaphorically or literally, and punish them for disagreeing with you. If anything that will only reinforce their beliefs. It’s not only wrong, it’s stupid.

Don’t tell that to Attorney General Claude Walker of the US Virgin Islands. He’s issued a subpoena to Exxon Mobil, asking them to hand over communications with 90 different conservative and libertarian groups, such as “the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, the Hoover Institution, the Reason Foundation, and the Mercatus Institute” as part of a wider racketeering lawsuit.

(read more)

May 04 13:29

Trillion Dollar F-35s Can Barely Get off the Ground

During a recent flight test at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, the F-35 proved little in the way of combat and deployment capabilities. If anything, the fighter jets proved that they’re capable of hugging the ground and little else. According to J. Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon’s chief weapon’s tester:

“The Air Force attempted two alert launch procedures during the Mountain Home deployment, where multiple F-35A aircraft were preflighted and prepared for a rapid launch, but only one of the six aircraft was able to complete the alert launch sequence and successfully takeoff.”

(read more)

May 04 13:26

E.U. to Fine Nations $300,000 for Every Refugee They Reject

But the EU has made it abundantly clear that these nations have absolutely no sovereignty, or any control over their borders. In fact, they’re about to punish nations that try to protect their borders from migrants.

On Wednesday, the European Commission will unveil a plan to fine countries to the tune of nearly $300,000 for every refugee they turn away. This is to reimburse nations like Greece and Italy, where migrants are piling up, and punish nations like Austria, that have been closing their borders.

(read more)

May 04 13:25

Ad: How Our Politicians Are *Literally* Puppets (Yes, They Really Went There)

It’s not that people never thought of it that way… but damn, who wants to think of it that way?

(P.S. – That must be why Joe Biden’s smiling all the time.)
(read more)

May 04 13:16

Cruz Punches Heidi on His Way Out; RNC Chairman Tweets ‘Trump Is Presumptive Nominee, Must Unite to Beat Hillary’

After being beaten hard in Indiana, Cruz took his ball, put away the creepy Carly, and went home.

But first he punched and elbowed his wife Heidi in the face on “accident” (like ya do)...

Despite all the elite shade being thrown Trump’s way, following the results in Indiana, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus Tweeted that the party should unite behind their presumptive nominee to defeat Hillary.

(read more)

May 04 13:08

The Best Way To Keep 'President Trump' Safe Is To Pick Ron Paul As His VP?

I think that Trump's best option would be to choose Ron Paul for a running mate. If there's anyone the elites hate more than Trump, it's Paul. Trump has said that he likes Ron Paul's ideas in the past. Paul as VP would keep Trump very safe from those who might otherwise endanger him.

May 04 13:02

Judicial Watch President Updates Clinton Email Case

President Tom Fitton on the latest in the FOIA battle for Hillary's emails. Judicial Watch had another victory in the courts last week.


May 04 12:34

Video Shows Cruz Accidentally Elbowing Wife In Face

The moment is being buzzed about on social media.

May 04 12:18

Hungry and frightened: Famine in Ethiopia

Graham Peebles highlights the role of Ethiopian government policy in accentuating the effects of the drought, which is causing famine affecting up to 18 million people, and laments that anyone has to go hungry in a world which has enough to feed everyone.

May 04 12:15

Bobby Knight Schools Snarky Anti-Trump CNN Host John Berman

CNN host John Berman tried to take down legendary basketball coach and Trump supporter Bobby Knight but instead ended up getting schooled.

During his interview yesterday, Knight told Berman one of the reasons he supports Trump is because he thinks "there will never be a Benghazi in a Donald Trump administration. "

He said if Trump was in the White House he "would have made sure" that "nothing would have happened" to the "four Americans who died at Benghazi."

John Berman, who was trying to feign impartiality, responded by talking to him like a 4-year-old child, "I wonder what difference Donald Trump could have made there... but I understand you're making a point there, so I appreciate that."

May 04 12:04

Hot Women in Ads Banned to Please Fat Feminists

May 04 11:43


By November, Clinton is going to be a carcass. Trump is up at 5am after a long night and itching for destruction. I literally kiss the ground for this election.


May 04 11:23

Trump: Muslim Migration "Destroying Europe, I'm Not Gonna Let That Happen to The U.S."

Fresh off his massive victory in Indiana, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told MSNBC's Morning Joe earlier today that he would stick by his controversial policy on Muslim immigration because the migrant crisis is "destroying Europe".

Trump's proposal to place a temporary halt on Muslim immigration to the United States was perhaps his most incendiary of the campaign, but the New York billionaire shows no signs of walking it back.

Asked if he still believed "Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what's going on," Trump said that he didn't care if the policy hurt his chances in a general election.

May 04 11:18

Mississippi's ban against gay couples adopting children is dead after the state didn't appeal a federal judge's injunction

Mississippi's ban against gay couples adopting children is dead after the state didn't appeal a federal judge's injunction, said the lead counsel for plaintiffs.

May 04 11:17

Doctors in US incorrectly prescribe antibiotics in nearly a third of cases

Nearly one-third of Americans prescribed antibiotics during doctor’s office visits probably should not have received the drugs, were not given a long enough course or did not get the right dose, according to new research.

May 04 11:16

Rubio Learns To Love The Senate

(*Probably because he's come to realize he wouldn't be able to skip out on really important stuff in The Oval Office , the way he could skip all those important Votes that he missed In The Senate .)

May 04 11:02

Moody's: Despite reforms, European Union remains vulnerable to any future crisis

Moody's: London, 04 May 2016 -- While reforms have strengthened the European Union in recent years, it remains vulnerable to any future shocks, leaving governments and other issuers of debt exposed to negative credit implications, Moody's Investors Service said in a report today.

The report, "European Union: Significant Political Change, Yet Economic Vulnerabilities Remain", is available on Moody's subscribers can access this report using the link at the end of this press release. The research is an update to the markets and does not constitute a rating action.

Since the global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis, the EU has made progress in strengthening its institutions, including the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism, the European Banking Authority and other structures.

However, institutional reform and the euro area's integration are unfinished and have left the EU exposed to shocks and downside credit risks.


May 04 11:01

BREAKING: John Kasich Quits Race, Ends Campaign

Senior advisor for the Ohio Governor tells NBC that former Lehman Brothers employee John Kasich will be suspending his campaign for President.

I have included a couple of good Trump links from this morning including Piers Morgan going off on the liberal PC pussies who oppose Trump. It's pretty awesome considering it's Piers Morgan, who I don't always like.


May 04 10:56

European Union Accused of 'Schizophrenia' Over Greek Bailout Conditions

A group of eight European lawmakers have said that the third Greek bailout conditions - which call for Athens to impose deep austerity measures of its people - reflects the "schizophrenia" and "absurd strategy" of its creditors.

As part of its third bailout agreement with its creditors — the European Commission, the European Central Bank, (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), known collectively as the 'Troika' — Greece has been forced to raise taxes, improve tax collection, cut state spending and impose severe changes to its state benefit system, in return for bailout money.


May 04 10:22

Seven of the world's biggest banks have agreed to pay $324 million to settle a private U.S. lawsuit accusing them of rigging an interest rate benchmark used in the $553 trillion derivatives market

The settlement made public on Tuesday, which requires court approval, resolves antitrust claims against Bank of America Corp, Barclays Plc , Citigroup Inc , Credit Suisse Group AG , Deutsche Bank AG , JPMorgan Chase & Co and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc .

May 04 10:22

Self-proclaimed "Sharia Police" in Germany to stand Trial on the grounds of violating laws against wearing uniforms with political messages

Düsseldorf state court said on Tuesday that eight of the nine accused men can face trial on the grounds of "violating laws against wearing uniforms with political messages."

May 04 10:00

EU was designed to be United States of Europe

EU was designed to be United States of Europe, Brussels founder claims in shock interview
THE European Union was created in order to become a "United States of Europe" according to one of the founders of the 28-member bloc.

Georges Berthoin, a surviving member of the European coal and steel commission cabinet, has revealed the initial idea of the EU was to create a closer union.

The cabinet was the first step towards a federation of Europe and set up in 1952.

But the EU was set up as the European Economic Community in 1957 and seen as a trade agreement between countries in the continent.

But Mr Berthoin has revealed the long-term plan was to create a state resembling the US.