Dec 22 09:05

10 Things The Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

Middle class benefits are being revoked in the name of affordability. Because of several factors including stagnant wages, rising costs, and politics, being a member of the American middle class is quickly losing what little prestige it has remaining.

Dec 22 09:01

US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World

>>>Now it’s time to follow through. Not because the US lost the UN vote, but because US foreign aid is an inherently disastrous budget item that needs to go. Trump seems to understand that. This is an issue he’s already begun to address with his 2018 budget proposal, which if adopted as written would have cut the US foreign aid budget from $30 billion to $25 billion per year. The more quickly that number moves toward $0, the better for America and the better for recipients of largess from the American government.

Supporters of foreign aid love to point out that it constitutes less than 1% of the federal budget. True, but that 1% comes with lots of strings attached for both parties.


Dec 22 09:00

Papa John's founder out as CEO weeks after NFL comments

NEW YORK — Papa John’s founder John Schnatter will step down as CEO next month, about two months after he publicly criticized the NFL leadership over national anthem protests by football players — comments for which the company later apologized.

Dec 22 08:49

This old drug was free. Now it's $109,500 a year

For four decades, Don Anderson of Seattle has been taking the same drug to help control the temporary bouts of immobility and muscle weakness caused by a rare genetic illness called periodic paralysis.

Dec 22 08:49

Sea turtle found trapped in cocaine bundles worth $53m

A sea turtle trapped among floating cocaine bales worth $53m (£40m) has been rescued by the US Coast Guard.
The boat crew discovered the large loggerhead turtle entangled in blue rope connecting bales containing 800 kilos (1,800lb) of the Class A drug in the Pacific Ocean on November 19.

Dec 22 08:46

WHO calls for abolition of drug criminalization

Many governments across the globe have spent decades waging a war against drug users through harsh punishments. Yet, the drug problem has not improved; in fact, it has only gotten worse. It is for this reason that United Nations and the World Health Organization are calling for the total elimination of the criminal penalties associated with the possession of all illegal drugs.

Dec 22 08:44

Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
SUBJECT: Is Iran the “World’s Leading Sponsor of Terrorism?”


We are concerned by recent strident and stark public statements from key members of your Administration that paint Iran in very alarmist terms. The average American, without the benefit of history, could easily be persuaded that Iran poses an imminent threat and that there is no alternative for us but military conflict.

We find this uncomfortably familiar territory. Ten years ago former President George W. Bush was contemplating a war with Iran>>>
We believe that you are facing a similar situation today. But instead of an inaccurate claim that Iran has nuclear weapons, the new canard to justify war with Iran is the claim that Iran remains the “world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.” This is incorrect, as we explain below.


Dec 22 08:24

Foreign ministry pledges ‘mirror reply’ to new US sanctions on Russia

The Russian foreign ministry spokesperson described the latest expansion of the ‘Magnitsky List’ by the US authorities as “grotesque” and “detached from reality,” promising that reciprocal measures would follow.

“Of course this all is looking as a grotesque already, because it is not based on any reality whatsoever. Unfortunately we are forced to reiterate our position which boils down to the fact that all these steps would be followed by reciprocal measures,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday.

Dec 22 08:22

Black Journalist Suggests Charlie Rose Is Racist For Not Sexually Harassing Her

Charlie Rose was racist for not sexually harassing black women at his workplace, at least that's what Esquire's Rebecca Carroll suggested in a recent column.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is getting silly!

Dec 22 08:19

Census: 74% of STEM grads don't get STEM jobs

Amid a U.S. push to get more students interested in science, technology and math, often called STEM, the Census Bureau reported Thursday that 74% of those with a bachelor's degree in these subjects don't work in STEM jobs.

Dec 22 08:19

Officials: Flu cases are up 758% from last year

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) reported Wednesday that the flu has become more widespread in Arizona this season. According to ADHS, there are 2,629 more flu cases reported than this time last year.

Dec 22 08:13

Jared Kushner Belongs To Rothschild’s Doomsday Cult

Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner belongs to an elite doomsday cult that boasts the Rothschilds as members and is trying to foment a “prophesied” third world war.

Chabad Lubavitch is a Jewish supremacist cult that serve the Illuminati. Despite only having 200,000 elite followers, it has intimate ties to nearly every powerful government leader on earth.

Look, if Trump adopts a pro-war, neoconservative policy, targeting country after country for war, look no further than Jared Kushner.

— Cynthia McKinney PhD (@cynthiamckinney) April 9, 2017

Dec 22 08:11

Trump’s approval of lethal arms to Ukraine is a sideways move to nowhere

The decision to provide lethal “defensive” weapons comports with repeated Congressional authorizations, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support since 2014. While former President Barack Obama declined to act on those authorities, President Trump evidently has now done so.


Dec 22 08:09

Kushner Foundation Gives $342K to Chabad — Still Surprised About Jared and Ivanka’s Synagogue?

It might seem odd for a Modern Orthodox Jewish family to join a Chabad synagogue. But Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are already quite invested in the ultra-Orthodox outreach movement – or to be more precise, their parents are.

A Haaretz examination has revealed that Charles and Seryl Kushner have been major benefactors of Chabad over the years. Between 2003 and 2013, their family foundation donated a total of $342,500 to various institutions and projects associated with the movement, their tax records show.

Chabad has benefited not only from Kushner’s side of the family. It turns out that President-elect Donald Trump has also contributed to the movement – even before his daughter, who converted to Judaism, was married. Altogether, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $11,550 to three Chabad institutions.

Dec 22 08:06

Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic

Tuesday we posted Michael Berg’s article, Ex-Chabad Member Exposes Trump Family Cult which demonstrated that Trump’s family (Kushners) belongs to Chabad, a racist, criminal Jewish supremacist doomsday cult. The very next day Trump commuted the 27-year prison sentence of Chabad kosher butcher, Rabbi Sholom Rabashkin, 57, a GOP donor. He had served only eight years.

In addition, in one of the nation’s largest illegal worker busts, federal authorities raided the plant and detained 389 illegal immigrants in 2008. ICE determined that at the time of their raid, two-thirds of the plant’s workers were undocumented. It turned out the company itself was cranking out false social security cards.

Dec 22 08:00

Trump Says Infrastructure 'Perfect Place' to Start Working With Democrats

Rebuilding US infrastructure would be a good place to start bipartisan cooperation between Republican and Democratic lawmakers, US President Donald Trump said in a statement on Friday.

(*that doesn't necessarily mean we have to tone down the partisan squabbling , at the constituent level , does it ?)

Dec 22 07:45

US life expectancy falls for second straight year as more people die from drug overdoses

Life expectancy in the US is continuing to drop because of accidental deaths from the prescription and illicit opioids that are sweeping the country. This is the second year in a row that life expectancy declines in the US — to 78.6 years in 2016, down from 78.7 years in 2015 and 78.8 in 2014, according to a report by the National Center for Health Statistics(NCHS).

Dec 22 07:44

18 States Will Increase Their Minimum Wages On January 1, Benefiting 4.5 Million Workers

At the beginning of 2018, 18 states will increase their minimum wage, providing over $5 billion in additional wages to 4.5 million workers across the country. In a majority of these states, minimum wage increases (ranging from $0.35 in Michigan to $1.00 in Maine) are the result of legislation or ballot measures approved by voters in recent years.

Dec 22 07:43

Situation Report: Big Pentagon Changes Coming in 2018

The new National Defense Strategy will be revealed to the public in January, with a pair of major reviews of America’s nuclear and missile defense capabilities to follow in February, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said Thursday. The defense strategy is updated every ten years, with the last one coming in 2008 under the presidency of George W. Bush.

Shanahan also quickly outlined the reform initiatives his team is pursuing, predicting that there will be “great fodder for stories next year>>>

Dec 22 07:35

Security haul mysterious man from a Commons debate on Russian interference after Labour MPs claim he's a Kremlin diplomat only for officials to discover he's an AMERICAN

Labour MPs claimed a man watching them debate Russian interference was a Kremlim diplomat today - only for it to turn out he was an American.

Labour's Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant conferred and pointed after apparently seeing him taking pictures and video from the public gallery.

Mr Bryant then alerted the Commons doorkeepers and the man, who was wearing a grey suit and yellow tie, and he was escorted out of the debate.

Dec 22 07:26

High School Teacher Arrested After Students Record Her Snorting ‘Cocaine'

Samantha Cox, a teacher at Indiana's Lake Central High School, was arrested and hit with drug-related charges Wednesday after her students filmed her allegedly snorting cocaine in an empty classroom.

Dec 22 07:13

UN Vote Sinks America’s World Role

128 nations, including all the important ones like Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany, voted, as they had previously, to affirm that no such state as “Israel” with a capitol in Jerusalem exists. By law, as exhibited in the settlement map below, there is no such nation, not until a treaty is signed.

The real military state that occupies Palestine, the Jewish state, has no recognized borders, no legal constitution and no legally constituted government. It is a tin pot dictatorship run by “Capo Netanyahu,” who works for casino boss Sheldon Adelson.

More nasty historical accuracy establishes Britain’s role in setting up two “Jewish states,” one to exist inside Palestine, not rule Palestine, and the other to rule the Arabian Peninsula under the Jewish Saud family whose Talmudic/Wahhabist extremist beliefs established al Qaeda, ISIS and work hand in hand with Israel.

This is the truth of it and saying this will label me one thing or another, in particular the worst of all “truth teller.”

Time we stopped bullshitting.>>>

Dec 22 07:04

Rise of Trump vs. Hitler: A Serious Comparison

Are TrumpBots the New Storm Troopers posing a threat to democracy?
This serious discussion and comparison is for those with deeper understanding of the Rise of Hitler, Fascism, and what actually happened between the 1920s to mid 1940s in Germany. It’s NOT for brainwashed hyperbolic uneducated reactionaries that fall on either side of the issue.

Clearly Trump has NOT murdered millions of people. So stop it already! We are seriously discussing the rise and potential for fascism. So seriously go away if you cannot have a serious intellectual discussion of the issues, philosophy and practical applications in real world geopolitics. Instead go find your favorite extreme left or right wing echo chamber to validate your beliefs.

Now, to me who has spent decades studying the rise of Hitler who’s read Mein Kampf, it’s striking how similar the Cult of Trump is parroting Hitlers.


Dec 22 06:28

Student's Inappropriate Snapchat Ends Football Career, Alters Many Lives

If you know a high school student, or you are a high school student, and you haven’t reckoned with how that little device in your hand can wreck your life inside of a minute … it’s time to recognize just how dangerous social media can be.

Dec 22 06:28

Kim Jong Un Expands His War On Christmas With New Ban On Singing And Drinking

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has upped the ante in his war on Christmas with a new rule that prohibits any "gatherings that involve alcohol and singing."

Dec 22 06:01

10,000 year-old Woodly Mammoth sell for $645,000.

The woolly mammoth skeleton ever found and sold Saturday at a mammoth price is unique about---$645,000.

Dec 22 03:55

Rare 1,600-year-old Roman grave containing a 'fancy' lead coffin and more than 250 coins is discovered in a field in Somerset

A Roman grave containing a lead coffin and more than 250 Roman coins has been discovered in a field.
The artefacts - which are believed to date to around 400 AD - were found near Ilminster, Somerset, by a member of the Detecting for Veterans group.

Dec 22 03:02

The U.N. General Assembly Rebukes the Trump Administration

Almost all of the world’s most powerful states supported the resolution and voted against the U.S.

When that many allied and friendly governments tell the administration that they are in the wrong, it would be wise to rethink the decision that earned the U.S. this rebuke.

Dec 22 02:51

Mystery of Yoda's strange accent is solved: Scientist claims the Jedi Master's native language is HAWAIIAN.

The discovery was made David Adger at Queen Mary University of London
'He's obviously speaking English as a second language,' the professor said
Yoda says things like 'the greatest teacher failure is'. If you were to say that in a language like Hawaiian, it would be almost exactly the same

Dec 22 01:55

That UN Vote: “How are the mighty fallen”

“How are the mighty fallen!” is a statement that ranges far beyond Gath and Ashkelon. And it is repeated throughout the centuries as empires stumble and fall.

For those keeping score on the Trump Administration versus the United Nations, the final vote on the Status of Jerusalem resolution is recorded above.

The official count was 128 to 9 against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and his pledge to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Thirty-three members of the UN General Assembly abstained.

Dec 21 16:30

California Man Stabs Mother 42 Times, Blames Russia

A man who murdered his own mother with a knife claims he was under the influence of ‘Russian mind control’ at the time he committed the atrocity, a case highlighting the negative consequences of the mainstream media ‘blame it on Russia’ witch-hunt to mental health and public safety.

Dec 21 15:28


This is by far the best highlight from the White House tax ceremony yesterday. Senator Tim Scott explains how the tax changes will DRAMATICALLY help poor single black mothers. Everyone should see this.


Dec 21 13:48

Animal Brothels Open in Germany as Migrant Population Hits 22 Percent

(Not a Joke)

As the flood of refugees fleeing jihadist-filled war zones in the Middle East and North Africa have poured into Europe over the past few years, Germany has served as the final destination for a substantial number of them.

According to Reuters, Germany witnessed an 8.5 percent increase in their migrant population in 2016, placing the total number of residents in the country with an immigrant background at approximately 18.6 million people.

The Federal Statistics Office noted that roughly one-fifth of the German population — about 22.5 percent — were either first or second generation migrants with one or less parents of Germanic heritage.

To be sure, the majority of those migrants to Germany actually originated in other European nations and are descended from European heritage, but a significant minority of them — particularly those who have come in the past few years — have originated from the Middle East or Africa.

Dec 21 13:07

U.N. Human Rights Chief To Leave, Citing ‘Appalling’ Climate for Advocacy:

Zeid Ra’ad Hussein worries the global retreat from human rights makes his job untenable.

United Nations’ top human rights advocate told his staff that he will not seek a second term, citing concern that his voice would be silenced in an age when the United States and other world powers are retreating from their historical commitment to human rights.


Dec 21 12:18

Are robots edging closer to being 'alive'? Scientists create droids that SWEAT just like humans while doing press-ups to keep themselves cool

Researchers built two models of the humanoids called Kengoro and Kenshiro
Experts recreated the intricacies of the human skeleton and surrounding tissue
The pair have rib cages, flexible spines as well as synthetic ligaments and joints
The result is machines that can perform a range of complex life-like movements

Dec 21 12:17

VIDEO --- Rep Jordan Turns CNN's John Berman Into Stuttering Mess

Rep Jordan VS CNN's John Berman HEATED Interview about Mueller Investigation

the Clinton News Network

Dec 21 12:13

PHOTO | Melbourne Attack Suspect Being Arrested...

A bystander captured this close-up photo of police arresting the suspect.


Dec 21 11:43

Apple Admits They Deliberately Slow Down Old iPhones…

And their corporate excuse is pretty lame. Here's how you can get around the problem.


Dec 21 11:41

VIDEO | Watch Nikki Haley’s VERY Aggressive Comments Threatening The United Nations This Morning…

Haley makes VERY aggressive remarks this morning threatening to pull funding from the UN over the Israel vote. Didn't seem to matter as the vote a few minutes ago was 128-9 against the U.S. decision.


Dec 21 11:38

Hillary In The Crosshairs As DOJ Prosecutors Begin Asking FBI Agents About Uranium One

"Weeks after the criminal probe began, the FBI sent notices to every agency involved in the Uranium One approval process to preserve records."

Dec 21 10:51

NBC Snowflake Savannah Guthrie Already Looks Like An Idiot After This Statement To Paul Ryan…

This is hilarious. Resistance media bites the dust.


Dec 21 10:48

Florida Man Charged With Attempted Murder For Allegedly Dragging Police Officer With Car

A Florida police officer is recovering in a local hospital after a 38-year-old man dragged the officer for about a half-mile from the door of his car Tuesday morning.

Dec 21 10:48

“Don’t Name Them” – Criminologist Asks Journalists To Help Stop Mass Shootings

It’s too familiar in America: Breaking news, another mass shooting, old pictures of the suspects, their names splashed across cable news.

Dec 21 10:27

Congressman | It's Time For Mueller To Put Up Or Shut Up...

One of the strongest anti-Mueller voices in Congress speaks out.


Dec 21 10:14

Lawyer Nick Freeman calls for public register to name people who make false rape allegations

A celebrity lawyer is calling for people who make false rape and sex assault allegations to be stripped of their statutory anonymity and named on a public register.

Dec 21 10:14

Fifth Third Bank to pay employees $15/hr minimum wage after reduction in corporate tax rates

Fifth Third Bancorp announced plans today to raise its minimum hourly wage for all employees to $15, and distribute a one-time bonus of $1,000 for more than 13,500 employees. The actions are in appreciation for the commitment employees show in supporting customers and building stronger communities.

Dec 21 09:58

Sexual predator raped teacher leaving her pregnant and infected with chlamydia

“I have always wanted to be a parent and hope to have my own children in the future with someone I love.
A predatory rapist targeted a teacher on a night out in Liverpool leaving her pregnant and infected with chlamydia.

Dec 21 09:56

Woman charged $350 for leaving negative hotel review, lawsuit claims

A customer at an Indiana hotel said she was charged $350 and threatened with legal action after leaving a negative review about her experience, WRTV reports. The case has captured the attention of the Indiana Attorney General's office, which filed a lawsuit December 15 alleging the hotel violated Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

Dec 21 09:56

Report: Man randomly shot woman walking dog to show girlfriend how 'crazy' he can get

Police say a man randomly shot a woman walking her dog in Bywater earlier this month to show his girlfriend how “crazy” he could be, according to reports.

Dec 21 09:50

Bundy Case Ruled a Mistrial – Will Federal Case Soon Crumble?

This welcome ray of light became apparent in Las Vegas on Dec. 20 when U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the current high-profile proceedings involving Cliven, his sons Ryan and Ammon, and Ryan Payne.

This prompted members of the Bundy family and dozens of their supporters to leave the courthouse on that Tuesday in a state of elation, even with the presence of protesters who, holding signs that read, “Keep your Bundy hands off public lands,” appeared to be paid agitators for billionaire leftist revolutionary George Soros, as one protestor basically admitted.

Dec 21 09:49

Missouri man who killed the mother of his triplets is barred from making money off his book 'If You Take My Kids, I'll Kill You!' as a judge adds 35 years to his sentence.

James Clay Waller, 47, wrote a tell-all book in prison about murdering his wife
A federal judge barred Waller from making any money off the book
The judge also added 35 years to Waller's sentence for a federal charge of interstate domestic violence in the 2011 murder of his wife, Jacque Sue
Waller is already serving a 20-year sentence after accepting a plea deal in 2013

Dec 21 09:43

EXCLUSIVE: Two bedrooms for 14 kids and living paycheck to paycheck - but Octomom tells how she is FINALLY 'at peace' with her octuplets after giving up stripping and searching for a man.

Nadya Suleman, who now goes by Natalie, says she wants to share her story with other women after admitting her controversial pregnancy led her to the brink of suicide
Speaking to the mom of 14 revealed: 'Every day I would wake up with the ugliest, dead, visceral feeling inside of me'

Dec 21 09:31

San bernardion women,detained by ICE despite being U.S citizen sues.

The American Civil Liberties Union and a law firm have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a San Bernardino woman who spent a day in immigration custody despite repeatedly saying that she was an American citizen.

Dec 21 09:23

Another (passive ) Call For Troops on US Streets - Cleveland Councilman Calls For Aid For Police Force

wants the mayor to ask for "outside help" to deal with violent crime.

Dec 21 09:21

Woman files police report against Sylvester Stallone, 71, accusing the actor of raping her in 1990.

The unnamed woman filed a report with Santa Monica police, reported TMZ
She claims the incident occurred in 1990 during a meeting at his office
Her allegations are separate to those of another woman who said Stallone raped her in Las Vegas in 1986 when she was 16 and he was 40
That woman reported her allegations to police in Las Vegas in the 1980s but chose not to press charges

Dec 21 09:17

“Don’t name them” – Criminologist asks journalists to help stop mass shootings

In an article this year for the journal American Behavioral Scientist, Adam Lankford, a criminal justice professor at the University of Alabama, and a colleague argue that journalists should not report the names or picture the faces of mass shooting suspects. Journalists should, however, continue to report every other detail so the public gains a better understanding about these tragedies.

Dec 21 09:07

Crackdown on fraudulent emotional support animals

The state wants to crack down on people faking a need for emotional support animals. Anyone can purchase a support animal vest for about $22.
Professional dog trainers see this as a huge problem because people have already been abusing the system.

Dec 21 08:45

Texas elementary school flooded with blankets after girl's plaintive letter to Santa asks only for food, a blanket and a ball for her brothers to play with.

When teacher Ruth Espiricueta asked her first-grade class to write letters to Santa Claus, she wasn't expecting what would happen next.
One girl, Crystal Pachecho, 7, asked Santa only for food, a blanket and a ball for her brothers to play with.

Dec 21 08:45

2 million kids will lose CHIP coverage right away, report finds

Nearly 2 million children will lose health coverage starting next month if Congress doesn’t renew funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by Friday, a new report projects.

Dec 21 08:32

The New Santa Clause Effect

U..S., Israel, Jerusalem, Palestine and the New Santa Claus Effect
You see, growing up during the Cold War as I did, the media narrative and group talk about Russia and their people went something like this. The Russians are Communists, amoral people, don’t believe in God, don’t value human life the way we do, their military and nuclear weapons are poised to preemptively destroy America because they hate our freedom, capitalism and everything we stand for. This was the ever-present drumbeat of the American media machine. This propaganda narrative, as I now know, was designed to keep Americans in fear and never to question the billions upon billions of hard earned taxpayers dollars going into our Nation’s military buildup and ever growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. We had to be superior in order to win if a war was to ever occur with Russia. And, according to the media, this was just around the corner and was just a matter of time. Are you beginning to hear a familiar drum beat?

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – James Madison (1751 -1836)


Dec 21 08:25

Looks Like It's A Go, Be Prepared, Something Big Is About To Happen

Ajit Pai was censored by YouTube while talking about repealing Net Neutrality. Twitter and other Social Media sites say they cannot guarantee freedom of speech which means they have lost control over censoring everyone.

Dec 21 08:21

Russia Rises—New World Order Morally and Intellectually Falls

"Russia is an incomparably fascinating, deep, wonderful civilization, one of the great world civilizations, with a fantastic wealth of ideas, culture, and Christian spirituality. The truth is that it is, and was, routinely smeared by its enemies, and its true nature is barely understood in the West.”


(*article is in Interview format)

Dec 21 07:49

Teens who face rejection by their fathers tend to experience more social anxiety—and more loneliness—later on, research shows.

Healthy relationships with their parents are vital for adolescents’ development and well-being, according to Penn State researchers who say rejection from fathers may lead to increases in social anxiety and loneliness.

Dec 21 07:49

Alcohol level in air at fraternity party registers on Breathalyzer

There was so much booze being consumed at a college fraternity party, Montgomery County Police say the air inside of the building tested positive for alcohol.

Dec 21 07:46

UN Approves Measure Condemning Rights Violations In Russian-Annexed Crimea

The resolution,put forward by USkraine and 30 other countries, was approved by 70 states. Twenty-six, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China, voted against. Seventy-six countries abstained from voting.

Dec 21 07:45

African swine fever hits annexed Crimea

(*something stinks in Crimea !)

Dec 21 07:40

New Brunswick couple sent to different care homes after 73 years

Officials decided the husband needs a higher level of care due to his dementia, therefore separating the elderly couple after 69 years of marriage and 73 years together.

Dec 21 07:19