Mar 01 09:59

We Never Could Have Imagined (or Prepped For) What Actually Happened in Venezuela

Can we prepare for everything?

We never could have imagined…or prepped for…what happened in Venezuela.

In this article, I wanted to analyze my preps, and the nature of the apocalypse we have been forced to face. I don’t know about you, but anything that kicks you out of your place, of your warm bed, your pets, kids, wife, and the rest of your family, for me does not have another better word to describe it.

My comfort bubble was destroyed, my work of an entire life was thrown out by the window...

Mar 01 09:51

Oprah Says She Would Run For President Under One Condition

Oprah Winfrey has already shot down talk of running for president in 2020, but now she’s revealing the one thing that could make her reconsider.
After the media mogul’s powerful speech at the Golden Globes in January, rumors swirled that she would run for office.

Mar 01 09:50

5-year-old girl died hours after doctor turned her away for being late

A coroner’s inquest into the 2015 death of a 5-year-old British girl found that the child died just hours after a doctor refused to see her for being a few minutes late to her appointment, according to the BBC.

Mar 01 09:42

Black Panther increasing adoption of black cats (often the least likely to be adopted)

Black cats have long been seen as ‘bad luck’ and this can often lead to them having trouble getting adopted. However, their luck may be a-changing thanks to box office smash Black Panther.

Mar 01 09:42

Milkmen are returning to London as millennials order glass milk bottles in a bid to slash plastic waste

Milkmen and milkwomen are making a comeback in London as millennials have started using glass milk bottles in a bid to cut down plastic waste.
Dairies in the capital told of a "phenomenal" upsurge in interest from younger customers at the start of the year amid growing public upset over plastic waste.
Both UK-wide company milk&more and east London dairy Parker Dairies have seen increased demand for glass bottles in 2018, citing David Attenborough's Blue Planet II as the "catalyst" for the new uptake.

Mar 01 09:34

Tucker: YouTube's 'Trusted' Content 'Flaggers' Include 'Wholly Discredited Hate Group'

YouTube has tapped the Southern Poverty Law Center to help it police objectionable content, according to the Daily Caller

Mar 01 09:34

California Democrats buck national party– opposing bills to penalize boycotts of Israel

On Sunday, February 25, at their annual convention in San Diego, California, Democrats approved a set of positions on pending legislation that includes opposition to S 720/HR 1697, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, a federal bill that would impose draconian penalties for boycotts regarding Israel under certain circumstances; and S 170/HR 2856, the Combatting BDS Act, which purports to permit and encourage states to enact similar laws–as many have. (The full platform as approved is available here.)

Mar 01 09:34

Florida School’s R.O.T.C. Lost 3 Cadets; Suspect Was a Member

The 17 people killed in the shooting rampage included three members of the school’s popular Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps: Mr. Wang, Martin Duque and Alaina Petty. Fellow students say the cadets acted valiantly, helping to usher others to safety. All three have been posthumously awarded the Medal of Heroism by the Army.

The accused gunman, Nikolas Cruz, 19, had also been a Junior R.O.T.C. cadet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting. I recall back in the 70s when Marine Training was being blamed for gun violence!

Mar 01 09:23

Central Ohio School Superintendent Denies Bullying In Schools, Even After Recent Suicide Of Young Teen

“He was just the sweetest kid and so polite. Every time you saw him it was 'well hi how are you?'"
That’s how people describe Jacob Bice. He was a student at Olentangy Liberty but in early February, Jacob killed himself.
If Facebook comments are any gauge, his death shocked his school and sent an ice cold shiver through the community of Powell.

Mar 01 09:23

Metallica's James Hetfield turns over 1,000 acres of open space to Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Metallica front man James Hetfield has officially turned over 1,000 acres of land as open space that will end up with the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, after the county Board of Supervisors signed off on the deal Tuesday.

Mar 01 09:19

Healdton schools use bulletproof storm shelters to keep students safe

Intellihub editor’s note: I can see it now — here comes all the future contracts for storm shelters, metal detectors, etc.

HEALDTON, Okla. — Dozens of copycat-type threats have been investigated in Oklahoma in the wake of the mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school earlier this month.

Mar 01 09:17

Sanders, Lee, Murphy Introduce War Powers Resolution to End Unauthorized U.S. Military Involvement in Yemen

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) introduced Wednesday a bipartisan joint resolution to remove U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis in Yemen pursuant to the War Powers Resolution. The bill will force the first-ever vote in the Senate to withdraw U.S. Armed Forces from an unauthorized war.

Mar 01 09:17

Acid to be defined as 'highly dangerous weapon' for first time to impose tougher prison sentences

Acid is to be defined as a “highly dangerous weapon” for the first time, allowing judges to impose harsher punishments on anyone found to be carrying it in public.
New guidelines published by the Sentencing Council are part of efforts to crackdown on a spate of attacks using corrosive substances, with more than 400 recorded in England and Wales in the six months to April last year.

Mar 01 09:07

The Pentagon’s “Ides of March”: Best Month to Go to War

Is it a coincidence?

In recent history, from the Vietnam war to the present, the month of March has been chosen by Pentagon and NATO military planners as the “best month” to go to war.

With the exception of the War on Afghanistan (October 2001) and the 1990-91 Gulf War, all major US-NATO and allied led military operations over a period of more than half a century –since the invasion of Vietnam by US ground forces on March 8, 1965– have been initiated in the month of March.

The Ides of March (Idus Martiae) is a day in the Roman calendar which broadly corresponds to March 15. The Ides of March is also known as the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC.

Lest we forget, the month of March (in the Roman Calendar) is dedicated to Mars (Martius), the Roman God of War.

For the Romans, the month of March (Martius) marked “the time to start new military campaigns.”

Mar 01 09:04

BEX ALERT - Alex Jones Accused of Sexual Harassment, Bullying at InfoWars

Alex Jones and I have our differences, but I have to say that this doesn't feel real. We know the corporate media/government have declared war on the Independent Media, and Alex Jones is a high profile target. In our moral-less society, it is easy to get people to tell lies to smear a target. All it takes is enough money. Recall that at least one of Trump's accusers turned out to have been paid handsomely! And remember the phone calls into my radio show claiming that Alex Jones said things that turned out to be less then accurate!

Knowing Alex Jones' fanatical support for all things Israel, I especially question the claim of antisemitism.

Mar 01 08:49

Alex Jones Accused of Sexual Harassment, Bullying at InfoWars

InfoWars owner Alex Jones allegedly bullied, discriminated, and sexually harassed a number of his employees, according to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints obtained by the Daily Mail. Rob Jacobson, who worked at the conspiracy site for 13 years, alleges that Jones called him "The Jewish Individual" and "The Resident Jew" before he was fired. Ashley Beckford, who is African American, alleges that Jones and others mocked her for her race and denied her promotions. She also claims that Jones “grabbed my butt" after initiating a "side-hug," and was grooming her for "sexual exploitation." Jones denied the claims. “I'm not going to talk about former employees," he said. "I mean nobody accuses me of stuff like that … Wow. That's all I can say. That's total bulls**t.”

Mar 01 08:48

Walmart says it will raise age restriction to 21 for gun purchases, remove items resembling assault-style rifles from website

Walmart is raising its age restriction to 21 for firearm and ammunition purchases.
The company said it made the decision in light of recent events and will try to implement this change "as quickly as possible."
In 2015, Walmart ended sales of certain sporting rifles like the AR-15.

Mar 01 08:47

Science teacher, 26, sent nudes, had sex romps with teen boy student, cops say

A TEACHER in the US has been arrested, after she was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male student in Florida.

Mar 01 08:38

26 year old female teacher arrested for having a sexual relationship with 14 year old student.

A FLORIDA high school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male student and sending him nude photos.

Mar 01 08:25

Gorilla Statue Removed After Complaints It Was ‘Racially Insensitive’

A statue of a gorilla, and prime attraction for kids at the Community Park playground in Corsicana was removed by the city.

A spokesperson for the city said some community members found the gorilla offensive – racially insensitive — in some form, and requested its removal from the park.

“We can understand this, because we have an obligation to listen to all our citizens, to determine what is offensive and not, especially in public places,” said Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow.

Denbow saw an uptick in complaints about the playground primate during the last few weeks. There were more and more phone calls, and personal discussions, and he, the city manager and a city council member, decided it needed to come down.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Next it will be to exterminate the polar bears, because after all, they are white, and that is racist!!!!!!

Mar 01 07:40

Walmart says it will raise age restriction to 21 for gun purchases, remove items resembling assault-style rifles from website

Walmart announced Wednesday that it is raising its age restriction to 21 for firearm and ammunition purchases.
The company said in its statement that it made the decision in light of recent events and will try to implement this change "as quickly as possible."

Mar 01 07:40

South Carolina Cops Tells Homeless Man To Leave McDonald's After Stranger Paid For His Meal

A Facebook video showing a Myrtle Beach police officer telling a homeless man to leave the restaurant after another customer reportedly paid for his meal is going viral and sparking outrage.

Feb 28 16:59

When Dealing With The Mentally Ill, Trump Says Govt Should ‘Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second’…

These comments are certainly getting a lot of attention. Here's the raw video...


Feb 28 16:27

BREAKING | Hope Hicks Resigns From White House...

Just hit the wires...


Feb 28 16:07

Police Stop Woman from Attacking Las Vegas Elementary School with Ax

North Las Vegas police officers arrested a woman who allegedly tried to storm an elementary school with an ax and threatened to “murder everyone.”
Police arrested 33-year-old Kisstal Killough after she climbed onto a chain link fence with a pickax in her hand, KSNV NBC3 reported. School officials noticed the woman on the fence with the ax and called police who responded quickly and took her into custody before she entered the school’s property.

“The woman did not harm anyone or cause any damage to the school, Tom Williams Elementary School Principal Kristie Cole wrote in a letter to parents on Wednesday. Cole said the woman was not associated with the school. Why she attempted the alleged attack has not been released by officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ban axes.

Feb 28 16:00

David Hogg Backs Down From Alex Jones Debate Challenge

Hogg chickened out...


Feb 28 15:54

Blundering Into Iran – Philip Giraldi

Countering an assumed Iranian threat that is no threat at all and triggering a catastrophic war would be a major mistake that would lead to a breakdown in the current political alignment of the entire Middle East. And it would be costly for the United States.

Feb 28 15:22

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WRH breaking
Feb 28 15:15

Trump Wants Joe Manchin’s Gun Control, Rejects Steve Scalise’s National Reciprocity Push

Support America,The Bill of Rights and The Constitution. I'm done with this fool.

President Donald Trump embraced Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) gun control bill but rejected Rep. Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) push for national reciprocity during a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers Wednesday afternoon.

Trump spoke of the using the Manchin/Toomey bill “as a base” to which other gun bills can be added, and then continued taking comments from various senators and representatives in attendance.

Trump shut down Scalise’s reciprocity push, suggesting the gun control package being pieced together would never pass if national reciprocity were added to it.

Feb 28 15:02


Nellie Ohr, wife of demoted doj official, worked for Fusion GPS and the CIA's "Open Source Works" group

Feb 28 14:41

Duterte: Kill a Communist and Receive $470

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte appears to be using Hoppean Snake Memes to set official state policy.

From the Daily Express: "THE PHILIPPINES president has offered a £340 [$468 USD] bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces in a bid to save on the state’s anti-insurgency costs."

Feb 28 14:21


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted at reader request.

Feb 28 14:08

‘Oakland Takes $27 Million In Federal Funds Each Year And The Mayor Is Tipping Off Criminals’…

Congressman goes off on Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf...


Feb 28 13:46

Classic Three Stooges Episode: Munition Factory Owners Plot To Oust Peaceful King & Appoint Moe As Stupid Puppet Dictator To Start A War

"Our munitions factory only showed 5 million buckaroos profit for the first quarter this year!
Think about it.

Only 5 million, and we're practically starving!

That's true, but we must remember that the Kingdom of Moronica is at peace.

You're right, but there's no money in peace!


We must start a war!

Feb 28 13:21

CHAFFETZ | ‘I Don’t Think Sessions Is Up To The Job, I Think He Should Resign’…

Interesting discussion with Chaffetz this morning on ObamaGate...


Feb 28 13:01

Teacher with gun at high school: SHOTS FIRED

And JUST in time to derail Trump's plan to arm teachers! WHAT AN AMAZING FRICKEN' COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 28 12:55

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE - Schools are Safer than they were in the 90s !!

and School Shootings are NOT more common than they used to be, researchers say

Feb 28 12:31

‘The American People Deserve Justice On ObamaGate’

A new congressional voice steps forward to demand justice for the American people.


Feb 28 12:09

BRILLIANT: Trump 2020 Launches New ‘American Dreamer’ Hat

Photos of the new hat here. This is DEFINITELY going to trigger some DACA kids.


Feb 28 12:05

Zimbabwe 2.0: South Africa Votes to Confiscate White Minority's Land Without Compensation

The South African parliament voted on Tuesday to move forward in amending their Constitution to allow for the confiscation of land from their white minority without compensation.

The move has come just twenty-four years after apartheid officially ended. Whites ended the apartheid system only with the explicit constitutional guarantee that their land would never be stolen, but now that they've become a small minority with rapidly dwindling political power that's all gone out the window.

Feb 28 12:04

Trump Unveils 'American Dreamer' Hat With Launch of 2020 Campaign

President Trump unveiled a new "American Dreamer" hat on Tuesday to coincide with the launch of his 2020 presidential campaign.

The hat's listing carries the tagline, "Because Americans are dreamers too."

Feb 28 12:03

David Hogg Challenges Alex Jones to a Debate, Backs Out After Jones Accepts

Florida school shooting survivor turned Democratic activist David Hogg challenged Texas radio host Alex Jones to a debate Tuesday on Twitter only to back out after Jones accepted.

Feb 28 11:20

How did I miss this? Sheriff Israel called for the power to detain people over social media posts.

Sheriff Israel's first interview after the shooting

Feb 28 11:06

Matt Gaetz HILARIOUSLY Trolls Adam Schiff On House Floor

Masterclass trolling...


Feb 28 11:00

John Podesta: "Kushner Better Start Wearing His Kevlar On His Back"

Former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta raised some eyebrows in a Tuesday tweet directed at Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, who reportedly just lost his access to top secret information amid accusations that "officials in at least four countries" had discussed ways to manipulate the 37-year-old real estate magnate.

"Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back," Podesta tweeted after suggesting that Kushner's troubles had just begun - referencing a widely mocked picture taken Iraq of Jared awkwardly wearing a bulletproof vest over a blazer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was that a threat,... or a promise from "She Who Cannot Be Named"?!?!?

But then, what can we expect from someone who very possibly has assassins on speed dial?!?

Feb 28 10:55

"War Is Coming To Southern Lebanon" - Lindsey Graham Warns Israel Is Planning An Invasion

Along the Israeli-Lebanon border, it's about to get 2006 all over again.

At least that's what Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters late Tuesday at a press conference with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons - with whom he sponsored a bipartisan immigration bill that ultimately failed to garner enough support from their fellow lawmakers. The press conference was called to share details about a bipartisan trip last week to the Middle East.

Graham of South Carolina told reporters that Israeli officials made it clear to visiting lawmakers last week that the IDF will need to launch a military action in Southern Lebanon if Hezbollah continues work on a guided-rocket factory being built in the region - a factory that's purportedly being funded by Iran, according to Bloomberg.

"They’ve told us in no uncertain terms that if this threat continues - they keep making rockets that can hit the airport and do a lot of damage to the state of Israel - they are going to have to go in," Graham said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Where is Israel's incontrovertible proof that such a factory is being built by Hezbullah in Lebanon, using Iranian money?!?

That's the cover story of course.

What Israel wants to do, is destroy Hezbullah in Lebanon, because it is affiliated with Iran, and control Lebanon's resources.

It is interesting what Senator Grahamn chose NOT to mention, which is a massive US-Israeli exersise in Israel, slated for early next month, right about at the time Netanyahu will be addressing AIPAC in DC:

IDF/US Troops get Ready to Drill to Simulate a Massive Missile Attack on Israel The drill starts on 4 March, and ends around 15 March.

Were I a betting woman, and because Netanyahu is really starting to sweat bullets due to friends turning state's evidence against him in his corruption scandals, I would not bet against him starting his war against Lebanon any time between the 4th and 15th of March, because he will already have American troops in place to fight Hezbullah alongside the IDF.

Timing... is always key in such drills, and what they could potentially become.

Feb 28 10:46

DICK’s Sporting Goods Unveils BOLD Plan To Help Small Business Owners Sell More Guns…

Excellent hot take on the Dick's Sporting Goods story...


Feb 28 10:28

Pennsylvania State Dept. Sued for Hiding Noncitizen Voting Records

The Pennsylvania State Department is facing a lawsuit after officials refused to release records relating to noncitizens on voter rolls in the commonwealth.

An analysis found that there are allegedly more than 100,000 noncitizens that are currently registered to vote, according to a Philadelphia official's testimony before a Pennsylvania government committee last year.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an election integrity group, initially threatened the lawsuit against Pennsylvania's State Department in December after officials in the state were unresponsive to PILF's requests to inspect the data relating to noncitizens on the state's rolls.

PILF filed the complaint Monday afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania seeking injunctive relief to compel Pennsylvania's State Department to allow the group access to the information.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was not a glitch; this was,most likely, quite deliberate.

Feb 28 10:25

Funding Infrastructure: Why China Is Running Circles Around America

“One Belt, One Road,” China’s $1 trillion infrastructure initiative, is a massive undertaking of highways, pipelines, transmission lines, ports, power stations, fiber optics, and railroads connecting China to Central Asia, Europe and Africa. According to Dan Slane, a former advisor in President Trump’s transition team, “It is the largest infrastructure project initiated by one nation in the history of the world and is designed to enable China to become the dominant economic power in the world.” In a January 29th article titled “Trump’s Plan a Recipe for Failure, Former Infrastructure Advisor Says,” he added, “If we don’t get our act together very soon, we should all be brushing up on our Mandarin.”

Feb 28 10:24

DEVIN NUNES | ‘We’ve Been Chasing Around Russian Ghosts, But There’s Only One Obvious Felony’

Guess the felony and who committed it...


Feb 28 10:22

A Recurring Nightmare: Deployment of U.S. Ground-based Intermediate Range Nuclear Missiles in Europe against Russia

The plan was announced three years ago, during the Obama administration, when Pentagon officials declared: “In front of Russian aggression, the United States is considering the deployment of ground-based missiles in Europe” (the manifesto, 9 June 2015).

Now, with the Trump administration, the plan is officially confirmed. In the 2018 fiscal year the Congress of the United States authorized the financing of “a program of research and development of a ground-based mobile Cruise missile”. It is a nuclear missile with an intermediate range (between 500 and 5500 km), similar to the 112 Cruise nuclear missiles deployed by the US in Comiso in the 1980s.

They were eliminated, along with the Pershing 2 ballistic missiles deployed by the US in Germany and the Soviet SS-20 deployed in the USSR, by the Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF), stipulated in 1987. It prohibits the deployment of ground-based missiles with a range between 500 and 5500 km.

Feb 28 10:20

Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment Is a Threat to All of Us. “Controlled Explanations”

The truth of the hoax indictment is available, but it is not reported by the MSM. This website has reported the facts about the indictment as has Moon of Alabama and David Stockman. Even Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his press conference announcing Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians told us part of the truth when he said at the 5 minute, 22 second mark that

“there is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Rosenstein goes on to say that the suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a trial, which, of course, will not take place as the indicted charges are make-believe and the US has no jurisdiction over the indicted Russians.

Is this the way the presstitutes and politicians are reporting it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from the Democratic Party, which, over a year after the election, still cannot possibly believe that it lost the 2016 election with their baggage-ridden candidate, so have to have SOMEONE to blame!

So que the Russian collusion hoax!!!

Feb 28 10:15

Yes, The Purge Is Real

Nunes says that a string of subpoenas will be issued very soon.

Feb 28 10:12

Fort Shafter Faces Major Task in Planning Korea Evacuations

Fort Shafter faces a huge challenge in updating evacuation plans for American civilians in South Korea should war break out on the peninsula, experts say.

Asia expert Ralph Cossa said estimates of the number of Americans in Seoul on any given day run in the 200,000-to-300,000 range, if not more.

Any evacuation would be "extremely daunting, and likely to cause chaos, even if air assets are available, but especially if they are not," said Cossa, president of the Pacific Forum in Honolulu, a subsidiary of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Adm. Harry Harris, head of U.S. Pacific Command on Oahu, revealed at a Feb. 14 House Armed Services Committee hearing that Gen. Robert Brown, commander of U.S. Army Pacific at Fort Shafter, and his staff had been tasked with creating an updated "noncombatant evacuation operations" plan, or NEO, for South Korea

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not a question of "if" this war will happen; it is now more a question of "when", since this study has been greenlit about two weeks ago.

Feb 28 10:09

Lauren Southern: Mommy & Daddy Government - The End Of Individualism

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Lauren Southern

Feb 28 10:04


LAST WEDNESDAY, the U.S. military did something it had not done before, inviting a sizable delegation of local leaders to a secretive $110 million drone base it’s building in Niger. The Nigerien group was led by the governor of the Agadez region, and the visit was the first for many members of the group, which included religious leaders, civil society members, and a handful of journalists, according to a report by a local radio station, Studio Kalangou.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a point of US power projection in African, and the capability of blowing up who, or what, the US military wants to destroy here with impunity.

Feb 28 10:01

US Special Envoy on North Korea Retires After Trump Rejects Talks

US special envoy on North Korea Joseph Yun, an advocate of direct diplomacy with the reclusive nation since 2016 has informed the State Department of his intention to retire on Friday.

Though he didn’t offer a specific statement on this sudden decision, it came immediately after President Trump’s most recent comments spurning direct talks with North Korea without massive preconditions.

Though North Korea has expressed willingness to talk, the White House has made clear that they will only talk if they are guaranteed that total nuclear disarmament of North Korea results before the talks themselves begin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can certainly understand why Yun did this; he must be catastrophically disappointed in Trump, and in the Trump Administration's hard line on North Korea, which most probably means that Trump is getting ready to greenlight a military action against it.

Remember: demonization of a country, plus placing harsh sanctions against it (as the Trump Administration did last week) is nearly always a prelude to war.

Speaking of which, also at, comes the following article, linked from

Trump’s team is floating an attack on North Korea. Americans would die.

It is foolish, and magical thinking, to believe that such an attack would not escalate, and spiral completely out of control.

Feb 28 09:59

Trump Again Attacks Sessions, This Time for FISA Investigation

President Donald Trump again attacked beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday, this time for not ordering the Justice Department to investigate the agency’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in its Russia probe.

Feb 28 09:59

Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Jordan Peterson

Nice of Tucker to have Peterson on his show finally...


Feb 28 09:58

'I Raped a 5-Year-Old Girl': Tenn. Man Charged After Disturbing Facebook Posts

A 30-year-old Tennessee man has been indicted on 13 criminal counts after allegedly “bragging” about raping a 5-year-old girl in a number of disturbing Facebook posts, PEOPLE confirms.
Brian Gann has been in police custody since Oct. 11, 2017, when the Roane County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center was flooded with calls about the alleged Facebook posts, according to a news release issued Monday.