Feb 17 19:06

The Disgrace of Flint’s Poison Water

As a teacher in the mid-1970s, my middle-school students in Far Rockaway, Queens, one of the poorest communities of New York City, were celebrating Mayday, the international workers holiday. Marilyn, the proud-queen of the Mayday show, was dressed in a redesigned wedding gown, surrounded by the girls in the class who were admiring her classy attire.

Feb 17 17:31

Ken O'Keefe: TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

I am not surprised that the Orwellian TSA (Homeland Security) have denied me the ability to board a flight from LAX to Acapulco because I opted out of the body scanner procedure.

Feb 17 17:07

Obama: Americans Wouldn’t Want to Give Trump the Nuclear Codes

“Whoever is standing where I’m standing right now has the nuclear codes with them and can order 21-year-olds into a firefight,” Obama said.

Which reminds me, Obama has the nuclear codes and can order 21-year-olds into a firefight… how scary is that?

(read more)

Feb 17 17:06

S. Dakota Senate Passes Bill Mandating Students Use the Bathroom for the Sex They Were Born With

It was the first state to do so. The real question is, why is that such a hard concept that it requires a state law to be passed to uphold it?

Public bathrooms are broken down by anatomical differences — not mental ones. Which bathroom a person uses is not, and has never been, based on what he or she thinks or wishes about him or herself. The bathroom is based on whether or not a person has a penis or a vagina.

The same could be said for most things in society. Getting a job as an airplane pilot is based on whether or not a person possesses the physical capability to fly a plane. People don’t get to walk into airports and fly planes simply because they dressed up in a pilot’s uniform and think they can fly… without actually being able to do it.

(read more)

Feb 17 17:05

Transanimal? This Lady Really Believes She’s a Cat Trapped in a Human’s Body

Once upon a time, this would have been considered crazy… but in today’s politically correct environment of safe spaces and microaggressions, it might be considered a civil rights issue instead.

(read more)

Feb 17 17:04

Marine From Famous War Photo Was Robbed and Beaten by ‘Black Lives Matter’ Teens

The group surrounded his table while he ate and asked him “Do you believe black lives matter?” before calling him a racist.

“I felt threatened and thought they were trying to intimidate me, so I figured I’m just going to keep to my food, eat my food and hopefully they’ll leave me alone,” he said in an interview. He doesn’t remember what happened after that.

(read more)

Feb 17 17:04

Obama Is Skipping Scalia’s Funeral, Too Busy Picking out Scalia’s Replacement

Obama doesn’t even have to play along anymore, it being his last year and all, but still. Is there a more blatant form of disrespect within the bounds of polite society?

Guess Obama is too busy picking out Scalia’s replacement so he can effectively own a third of the Supreme Court for life. Oh, and he claims now in retrospect he feels bad that he filibustered George W. Bush’s nomination of Alito back in 2006 when Obama was a senator, but he also claims somehow that’s totally different than now when Obama is about to be the president who has gotten to nominate a third of the Supreme Court for life.
(read more)

Feb 17 17:02

Nonchalant Shooting Victim Gets Interviewed by Local News Live Right After Being Shot

This is just… strange. You’d expect to see this in a parody spoof about Chicago gun violence, not in real life.

(read more)


Feb 17 16:38

Jeb Bush's Son Arrested for DUI







Feb 17 15:18

Judge Imposes Media Blackout on Scalia Questions


Feb 17 14:52

“Too Dangerous to Create”: Apple Defies FBI Order to Build Backdoor Software To Unlock Any iPhone

The intelligence community is pressuring the tech world to help them break encryption systems and create a backdoor into privately held devices.

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software — which does not exist today — would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.


Feb 17 14:48

Zionist lobby money behind US anti-boycott-Israel legislation

Lawrence Davidson examines the actions of four US congressmen from the Republican and Democratic parties who, at the behest of the Zionist lobby, have initiated legislation to combat the boycott of Israel.

Feb 17 14:34

Covertly, Israel prepares to fight boycott activists online

Israel says the movement is rooted in anti-Semitism and seeks not to change Israeli policies, but ultimately to put an end to the Jewish state.
Note: We should have know anti-Semitism again, and again, and again!


Feb 17 14:14

Merkel to Turkey: We are sharing your pain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sharply condemned the attack in the Turkish capital that killed at least 28 people and wounded 61 others.

The chancellor said in a statement Wednesday that she was horrified by the attack in Ankara and that her thoughts were with the families of the victims and the injured.

She said: “I’m telling the Turkish people: we as Germans are sharing your pain.”

She added: “In the battle against those responsible for these inhuman acts we are on the side of Turkey.”

Feb 17 13:28

Obama snubs Scalia funeral: President will NOT attend requiem for conservative Supreme Court justice - and White House can't say whether he'll be golfing

President Barack Obama will not attend conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral on Saturday, the White House says.

Feb 17 12:58

Gov Officials Admit Turkey Has REPEATEDLY Carried Out False Flag Terror

For example:

(1) The Turkish Prime Minister admitted that the Turkish government carried out the 1955 bombing on a Turkish consulate in Greece – also damaging the nearby birthplace of the founder of modern Turkey – and blamed it on Greece, for the purpose of inciting and justifying anti-Greek violence.

Feb 17 12:47


Recent discovery that NATO airplanes are dropping bombs and rockets in the Adriatic Sea, not only in the special zones, but also near the coast has disturbed everyone in the region. As it was reported by “Jutarnji list”, this will result in creation of high concentration of toxic chemicals, and because bombs are affected by the sea currents, this is a moveable arsenal of death. Italian journalist Gianni Lannes claims that NATO and the Italian government are lying when they claim that bombs and missiles not used during military missions are dropped in six pre-determined zones. Lannes says that in reality, there are 24 such zones which lie not only in international waters but also within Croatian and Italian state borders. Zones for military waste spread from Trieste (northern Adriatic) to Santa Maria di Leuca (town near Strait of Otranto).

Feb 17 12:33

Wrong on Iraq? Not Everyone

In September 2002, Scott Ritter stepped in the path of the White House’s PR blitz, challenging the administration and quickly becoming one of very few prominent critics of the looming war. In a Chicago Tribune op-ed (9/10/02), Ritter exposed a deception on the part of Vice President Dick Cheney that should have sent reporters scurrying to catch up. Cheney claimed in an August 2002 speech (8/26/02) that the Iraqi regime had been “very busy enhancing its capabilities in the field of chemical and biological agents,” and continued “to pursue the nuclear program they began so many years ago.” To back this up, Cheney added, “We’ve gotten this from the firsthand testimony of defectors, including Saddam’s own son-in-law”—a reference to Lt. Gen. Hussein Kamel, the former Iraqi weapons chief and Iraq’s highest ranking defector. (See Extra!, 5-6/03.)

Ritter pointed out that Cheney was omitting an inconvenient part of Kamel’s story:
Throughout his interview with UNSCOM, a UN special commission, Hussein Kamal reiterated his main point—that nothing was left. “All chemical weapons were destroyed,” he said. “I ordered destruction of all chemical weapons. All weapons—biological, chemical, missile, nuclear—were destroyed.

Feb 17 12:16

Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West: Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation

The U.K. GOVERNMENT today announced that it is now illegal for “local [city] councils, public bodies, and even some university student unions … to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products, or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.” Thus, any entities that support or participate in the global boycott of Israeli settlements will face “severe penalties” under the criminal law.

This may sound like an extreme infringement of free speech and political activism — and, of course, it is — but it is far from unusual in the West. The opposite is now true. There is a very coordinated and well-financed campaign led by Israel and its supporters literally to criminalize political activism against Israeli occupation, based on the particular fear that the worldwide campaign of Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment, or BDS — modeled after the 1980s campaign that brought down the Israel-allied apartheid regime in South Africa — is succeeding.

Feb 17 12:04

Syria: At the Gateway of A Greater War

An invasion into Syria would constitute an act of war – and beyond that – affirmation that NATO was behind the ISIS menace from the beginning. While leaks like that of the United States’ own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2015 have exposed this rhetorically, a NATO invasion of Syria to save an ISIS stronghold from destruction would prove it demonstrably.

The fact that the US is attempting to distance itself politically from both Turkey and Saudi Arabia – who has also pledged to carry out ground operations in Syria amid the collapse of terrorist fronts across the country – indicates a possible attempt to produce plausible deniability ahead of a much larger provocation or intervention.

Just as US policymakers had plotted in 2009 to use an apparent “unilateral” attack by Israel upon Iran to provoke a retaliation the US could then use as a pretext to “reluctantly’ go to war, a similar strategy appears to be materializing along Syria’s borders today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Expect the situation to escalate right after Jeh Johnson leaves Ankara from his 3 day visit there, starting on 29 February.

Most likely, he will be spelling out precisely the kind of US military aid Turkey can expect, when they invade Syria.

Feb 17 12:00

The Deafness Before the Storm (*Bush Didn't Read The Report)

IT was perhaps the most famous presidential briefing in history.

On Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. That morning’s “presidential daily brief” — the top-secret document prepared by America’s intelligence agencies — featured the now-infamous heading: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” A few weeks later, on 9/11, Al Qaeda accomplished that goal.

(*CURRENT: Cheney Campaigning For Jeb
The former vice president then dismissed several of Trump’s specific notions. He insisted the Bush administration did not lie about believing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and scoffed at the idea the president failed to act before 9/11. The White House had “no actionable intelligence” at that point to suggest there was a serious threat, he said, adding that, following the attack, Bush put in place surveillance programs that provided important national security information. )

Feb 17 11:55

Was Justice Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.

The Post published extraordinary statements from the Facebook page of “William O. Ritchie, former head of criminal investigations for D.C. police”:

“As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia.”

“You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in attendance of a physician. You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. You have a justice of the peace pronounce death while not being on the scene and without any medical training opining that the justice died of a heart attack. What medical proof exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a cerebral hemorrhage?”

“How can the Marshal say, without a thorough post mortem, that he was not injected with an illegal substance that would simulate a heart attack…”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, political assassinations are much more common in this country than people would like to think.

It was interesting, watching President Obama's face at his news conference yesterday. Without the sound on,I looked at him as he took questions from the press; he was very combative, very nervous. He was not the President Obama we are most accustomed to seeing, generally calm and collected.

It was almost as though he realized, very clearly, that something had been found out, accidentally, that he absolutely didn't want to be found out.

It was no secret in DC that of all the Supreme Court Justices, Scalia was the one he hated the most; and his "untimely death" presents Obama with a monumental opportunity to "stack the court" in favor of a Supreme Court Judge who will most likely champion his causes.

Feb 17 11:32


Under Texas State Statute, Health and Safety Code, Title 8: Death and Disposition of the Body; Subsection A: Death; Chapter 671, Determination of Death and Autopsy Reports, “A person is dead when, according to ordinary standards of medical practice, there is irreversible cessation of a person’s spontaneous respiratory and circulatory function.” This chapter acknowledges an unspoken fact that physicians have authority to declare someone as deceased in Section 671.001 (b). Additionally, Section 671.001 (d) declares a registered nurse or physician assistant may determine and pronounce death in situations other than those described in subsection (b).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 17 11:26

Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception

If the tentative agreement on a Syrian ceasefire negotiated by the United States and Russia falls apart before it can be implemented, the reason will be the Obama administration’s insistence that Russian airstrikes are targeting “legitimate opposition groups.”

That is how Secretary of State John Kerry defined the issue on Saturday, repeating a propaganda theme that began, in a different form, as soon as the Russian air offensive in Syria began in late September of 2015. The Obama administration portrayed the Russian campaign in support of Syrian operations as hitting “moderate” opposition forces, suggesting that only strikes against ISIS would be legitimate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully apparent, to anyone with more than two brain cells, that this administration is pathologically incapable of stopping lying, both to the American people, and to the world, on its consistent support of ISIS, in order to get Al-Assad out of Damascus.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, will be visiting Ankara on the 29th of this month; that's one week from Monday.

After his return to the US, which will probably happen during the first full week in March, expect things in Syria to escalate very quickly.

Feb 17 11:14

Turkey, Saudis Seek Backing for Syria Invasion

Having apparently gotten Saudi Arabia on board with the idea, Turkey is now seeking broader international support for the idea of a ground invasion into northern Syria, arguing that it’s necessary to stop the “brutal Russians” and to beat back the Kurds from the border.

Interestingly, when the Saudis were talking up invading last week, it was couched as a way to fight ISIS. Turkey’s own talk of a ground offensive, which President Erdogan insists is the only way to “stop the war,” is being presented wholly as about fighting the Kurds and keeping them from taking territory from ISIS.

Though Erdogan insists the Saudis and some unnamed EU nations are on board, it’s not clear to what extent that’s the case, as the Saudis and Russians are in the midst of key economic efforts, and probably don’t want to suddenly be at war with one another. Turkey’s government, by contrast, seems to be itching for a war with Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The war with Russia over Syria is something the American government would love to see happen, using the Saudi and Turkish militaries, initially, as their proxy forces.

But here's the problem; the US, Turkey, and NATO, collectively, do not have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia. This is what makes a military scenario so dangerously scary.

Feb 17 11:14

Latest Arizona medical-pot law targets pregnant women

More Reefer Madness from tyrannical bullies!

Signs at medical-marijuana dispensaries would warn pregnant and breastfeeding women of the dangers marijuana poses to unborn babies and infants, under new legislation being debated by lawmakers.

The measure began as an attempt by Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, to ban pregnant women from accessing the state's medical-marijuana program altogether.

It comes weeks after another state lawmaker ended an attempt at restricting access to cannabis. Medical-marijuana advocates bombarded Rep. Jay Lawrence, R-Scottsdale, with phone calls and emails disputing his claim that it poses dangers to children and public health.

Feb 17 11:06

Cheney Calls Trump a 'Liberal Democrat' After Bush 9/11 Claims

Former Vice President Dick Cheney wants Donald Trump to get his facts straight. Cheney, who served under President George W. Bush from 2001-2009, sounded off on Trump for claiming that Bush failed to keep Americans safe in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks at Saturday’s GOP debate in South Carolina. Trump then held two press conferences on the campaign trail this weekend in case the press didn’t hear him the first time.

(*When Jeb called the family into his campaign , I didn't realize he meant the WHOLE family .
Cheney's screwing with us . '
claiming that Bush failed to keep Americans safe in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks' I don't recall that coming from Trump . I just remeber him saying 9/11 happened on Bush' watch . And if memory is serving me well , I seem to recall George W Bush & Richard Dick Cheney sitting in the highest executive chairs in the nation , on that day .)

Feb 17 10:54

FIRE Unveils This Year's List of Worst Colleges for Free Speech

As high school juniors across the country begin the college search process, there’s no doubt school ranking, academic programs, and cost are all important factors in the decision-making process. But students (and their parents who likely foot most of the bill) ought to be mindful of one other aspect when considering which college or university is the best fit for them: free speech on campus.

Feb 17 10:38

Trump: Obama is "lucky" I didn't run against him in 2012

"He has done such a lousy job as president," Trump said on stage at a Beaufort, South Carolina rally Tuesday. "You look at our budgets. You look at our spending. We can't beat ISIS. Obamacare is terrible. We're going to terminate it. We're going to absolutely terminate and replace it. I mean you look at everything. Our borders are like Swiss cheese."

Aiming squarely at the president's 2012 election record, Trump had this message for Mr. Obama: "You're lucky I didn't run last time when Romney ran because you would have been a one-term president."


Feb 17 10:28

Scalia and the Pillow

As you know, Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia recently died. Here’s what we know.

1. He seemed healthy(ish) that day.

2. He was discovered with a pillow over his head.

3. No autopsy was done. He was declared dead by telephone.

4. There is no chance of President Obama getting the Senate to approve a replacement this year.

5. The next president will appoint Scalia’s replacement.

6. The Scalia replacement will tip the court 5-4 in whichever direction the sitting president chooses. This is gigantic.

7. The issue of Supreme Court nominations went from rarely mentioned in this election (it seemed) to the main topic, and it will stay that way all year.

8. The person who gains the most from Scalia’s death is Hillary Clinton, assuming she gets the nomination. This changes the debate from server scandals, bad Iraqi war decisions, and her marriage, to a topic where she is strong.

9. Enemies of the Clintons have, in the past, accused them of killing people for political gain. Let’s label those accusations conspiracy theories.

Feb 17 10:22


An ominous wire report sent a shiver down my spine when I read it. On January 28, US Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, head of the US-led coalition against Daesh (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria, said that the US military was on site at the Mosul Dam to assess “the potential” for the collapse. Were it to be blown up, it would send a flood of water down the heavily populated Tigris river valley. “The likelihood of the dam collapsing is something we are trying to determine right now… all we know is when it goes, it’s going to go fast and that’s bad,” MacFarland told reporters in Baghdad. The US State Department estimates up to 500,000 people could be killed and over one million rendered homeless should Iraq’s biggest dam collapse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

An ominous wire report sent a shiver down my spine when I read it. On January 28, US Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, head of the US-led coalition against Daesh (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria, said that the US military was on site at the Mosul Dam to assess “the potential” for the collapse. Were it to be blown up, it would send a flood of water down the heavily populated Tigris river valley. “The likelihood of the dam collapsing is something we are trying to determine right now… all we know is when it goes, it’s going to go fast and that’s bad,” MacFarland told reporters in Baghdad. The US State Department estimates up to 500,000 people could be killed and over one million rendered homeless should Iraq’s biggest dam collapse.

It would likely flood the large oilfields of Kirkuk on its path, rendering them inoperable. Whoever controls the Mosul Dam, the largest in Iraq, controls most of the country’s water and power resource. The dam holds back over 12 billion cubic meters of water that is crucial for irrigation in the farming areas of Iraq’s western Nineveh province. In a 2007 letter, US General David Petraeus, a key figure in the destruction of Iraq and in the creation of what became DAESH, warned Iraq’s government that “A catastrophic failure of Mosul Dam would result in flooding along the Tigris River all the way to Baghdad.”

Washington Proxy War Builds

Combine this statement by General MacFarland, head of the US-led coalition against Daesh (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria on that Mosul Dam, the Biden talks to get Turkey’s military invasion accepted by Iraq “in the war against DAESH” and the encouragement by State Secretary John Kerry of Prince Salman’s Saudi war against Yemen, as well as the recent Davos statements by Ash Carter. Add to that the fact that the Saudi and Turkish militaries just announced plans undertake joint military actions to “cooperate against common threats.”

Input format
Webmaster's Commentary:
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As reported at on 26 January of this year:

The Turkish and U.S. militaries are intensifying dialogue on cooperation against the Islamic State, as well as efforts to seal the Turkish-Syrian border, following U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Turkey, Hurriyet reported Jan. 26. The commander of the U.S. Air Forces Central Command and the Combined Force Air Component, Lt. Gen. Charles Brown, is scheduled to visit Ankara and southeastern Diyarbakir on Feb. 1-2 to meet with his Turkish counterpart, Air Forces Commander Gen. Abidin Unal. The visit to Diyarbakır, home to a large Turkish air base that is not currently being used in the anti-Islamic State campaign but is available for secondary operations, is expected to facilitate discussions on future uses of the base. Unnamed sources said that additional U.S. delegations are expected to visit Turkey in the future for additional coordination on the fight against the Islamic State, particularly a joint operation to clear the so-called Mare-Jarablus line of Islamic State forces. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is expected to arrive in Turkey on Feb. 29 for a three-day visit focused on technical and infrastructural assistance to help secure Turkey’s border. The Turks are determined to clear the Islamic State from a corridor of land stretching along the Syrian side of the Turkey-Syria border.

OK, folks, 29 February is one week from next Monday.Homeland Security Secretary Johnson will be back in DC, most probably no later than the 4th of March.

And the ringer that really trips off the brazen, damned lie in this article is the reality that Turkey has not really been fighting ISIS; they have been enabling ISIS, and allowing them into cross through Turkey into Syria. As reported in on 2 February of this month:

Syrian ground forces, bolstered by Hezbollah fighters and Iranian advisers, and backed by highly effective Russian airpower, have cut off terrorist supply lines leading from NATO-member Turkey’s territory. This not only includes so-called “moderate” terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda and its regional affiliate, the Al Nusra Front, but also ISIS itself. The same CNN claiming Syria and Russia are responsible for the current crisis, admitted in their article, “You thought Syria couldn’t get much worse. Think again,” that (emphasis added): To the east of Aleppo, Kurdish forces are, with American support, eyeing the remaining ISIS strongholds along the Turkish border — Jarablus and Manbij. The U.S. wants ISIS out, to remove its access to resupply of materiel and fighters from Turkey. The question all of CNN’s readers should ask, and one any real journalist were there any at the media organization would have answered, is: “why if the US is stationed in Turkey, doesn’t it and its Turkish allies, NATO members since the 1950s, interdict and stop ISIS’ access to ‘resupply of materiel and fighters’ on the Turkish side of the border?” The answer is as disturbing as it is obvious – the US and Turkey created ISIS, are arming and funding it to this very day, and are using the existence and atrocities of their own proxy forces as a pretext to further compound the misery, division, destruction, and humanitarian crisis in Syria, including the subsequent refugee crisis that has in turn affected surrounding nations and even as far as Europe and North America.

So, if Homeland Security Fuhrer Johnson is in Ankara, it will not about getting rid of Isis; he will be discussing how to further the war against Syria, and topple Al Assad, even to the point creating of an armed confrontation between Russia and the US, but using Turkey and Saudi Arabia as proxies for as long as possible to adapt a posture of plausible deniability.

Feb 17 09:53

FCC commissioner: U.S. tradition of free expression slipping away

The American traditions of free expression and respectful discourse are slipping away, and college campuses and Twitter are prime examples, according to a member of the Federal Communications Commission.

"I think that poses a special danger to a country that cherishes First Amendment speech, freedom of expression, even freedom of association," FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai told the Washington Examiner. "I think it's dangerous, frankly, that we don't see more often people espousing the First Amendment view that we should have a robust marketplace of ideas where everybody should be willing and able to participate.

"Largely what we're seeing, especially on college campuses, is that if my view is in the majority and I don't agree with your view, then I have the right to shout you down, disrupt your events, or otherwise suppress your ability to get your voice heard," Pai added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I haven't tweeted much, but this "Trust and Safety" panel development just gives me the creeps.

Feb 17 09:48


We’ve reported before on how calling the police for help these days in the modern American police state usually ends in less help and more death, pets included.

This time the woman was actually calling for an ambulance and not the cops, but since all first response tech is now integrated, the cops were sent anyway.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports:

Donna Spry called her husband’s doctor, crying. Curly Spry was refusing to go to his appointment. He was suicidal, off his medication and had a gun, his wife said.

Call 911, the doctor’s staff instructed her.

Less than an hour later, Curly Spry was dead. He had been shot 11 times by troopers with the West Virginia State Police, according to a lawsuit filed by Donna Spry last month in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

The family is suing for $11 million—their attorney told the Gazette-Mail that the agency’s insurance covers $1 million per incident.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Isn't it just amazing how wonderfully police in this country are interpreting the motto "To protect and serve" these days?!?!?

Unless you want yourself or someone you love dearly to be shot and killed, never, EVER CALL 911!!!!!!

Feb 17 09:44


The test run proved that negative interest rates can push savers into minus territory. Public outrage, while registered is not heard by the central bankers. The reasoning that commercial banks will start making loans because of the cost of sitting on deposits is pure fantasy thinking. As the article, Low Interest Rates Impoverish Savers shows,

“How long will people accept this thief? The options to parking cash in hand with a FDIC insured institution seems worth an examination. However, few alternatives for working class savers exist. Surely, this occurrence is intentional because the real objective of the “New Normal” is to bankrupt Middle America. What other conclusion makes sense?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To make this happen, cash and precious metals will have to be outlawed, collected, and people severely punished if they hoard these items in order to make this work.

I frankly think that this would be "the bridge too far" which would cause Americans to snap, universally.

Feb 17 08:51

State Supreme Court Rules That Cops Do Not Need Warrants To Enter Homes And Forcibly Seize Evidence

By Brianna Acuesta

In a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court just killed the rights of citizens outlined in the Fourth Amendment by stating that police officers may enter a home, or parts of the home, without a warrant and can seize evidence to use in the arrest and prosecution of citizens...

Feb 17 08:38


“We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

“He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap,” he said.

“His hands were sort of almost folded on top of the sheets,” Poindexter told the New York Times. “The sheets weren’t rumpled up at all.”


Feb 17 08:23

Israeli celebrity rabbi goes to prison for bribery

Pinto is considered one of Israel’s wealthiest rabbis. The great-grandson of a famous Moroccan-born mystic known as the Baba Sali, he amassed his fortune while serving as a spiritual guru to the rich and powerful in Israel, New York and elsewhere.

Feb 17 08:19

The Obama administration enables anti-Semitism at the United Nations

The United Nations itself promotes anti-Israel rhetoric and efforts to treat the only Jewish state differently from all other members. With U.S. participation, it interceded to investigate the Gaza flotilla incident, a denigration of Israel’s sovereignty and ability to investigate and remedy its own conduct. As a body, the U.N. again and again takes up anti-Israel resolutions. The U.N. tolerates, and by its silence condones, anti-Semitism. Just one example sums up the body’s attitude:
Note: President Harry S. Truman "Jesus Christ himself couldn't please these people, so how can I?"

Feb 17 08:05

Sikh Man Barred From Mexico Flight Sees 'Small Victory'

Ahluwalia showed an excerpt from an email that he said came from Aeromexico. The text said the airline had "issued a directive to its staff regarding the religious significance of the Sikh turban" and planned to ask that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and the Mexican government implement sensitivity training on religious headwear for airport agents.

Feb 17 06:49

US theatre squelches play about Israeli siege

So the ‘The Siege’ has been cancelled in New York. Well, there’s a surprise!

Feb 17 06:46

The UN and the Invisible Palestinian Knives of Allege-gate

The UN is as fake as the fake knives of Allege-gate. Both are smokescreens for impunity for zionist brutality and crimes against humanity.

Feb 17 06:19

Iran In New Phase Of Ties With Europe

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran and Europe has entered a new phase of relations and will speed up cooperation following the implementation of JCPOA.

Zarif made the remarks in a meeting with the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on Tuesday, in Brussels

Feb 17 06:09

S-300 delivery, Syrian crisis top agenda of talks in Moscow

TEHRAN, Feb. 17: Visiting Moscow for talks about closer military cooperation, Dehghan said the delivery of Russia’s advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran and the Syrian crisis topped the agenda of talks during his visit to Russia.
Dehghan underlined Iran is serious in its support for the government and people of Syria and has had decisive cooperation with Russia leading to the shift of balance and creation of a new situation in Syria.

Russia's Shoigu also said Iran and Russia face common threats in the region which needs joint cooperation to counter the challenges.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow and Tehran were ready to step up their military cooperation after meeting with his Iranian counterpart on Tuesday.

Feb 17 05:25

‘Islamic Rape Of Europe

‘Islamic Rape Of Europe’: Polish Magazine Splashes ‘White Europa’ Girl Groped By Migrant Hands

One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date.

(*politically incorrect ? but isn't one picture worth a thousand words anymore ?)

Feb 17 05:11

Jeb hit between eyes with sensational allegations

“Virtually every one of Jeb’s failed business enterprises is a carried interest in which he put up no cash but used his family name and connections to secure loans, financing, waivers, or other financially significant benefits,” Stone and Hunt write. “No less than five of Bush’s former partners in these endeavors are in jail.”

Feb 17 04:41

Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling?

Who is Texas Judge, Cinderela Guevara, who denied an autopsy?

“[In 2013], my sister and my daughter’s paternal aunt and I went to see Cinderela Guevara several times. [This is Judge Guevara, who just ruled Scalia died of natural causes and no autopsy was necessary.] I went to see her alone two times…

“When she was alone with me, Ms. Guevara asked about my religious beliefs several times. We spoke about the Catholic faith and on September 3, 2013, when I met with her, she told me that she had prayed to God for an answer as to whether it was suicide or not and asked God to give her an answer in the video. She said she did not receive an answer as to that, but she did receive an answer from God. She stated to me that God told her that, yes this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that Melaney had died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.

“This was the woman who was deciding the cause of death of my daughter. Was she willing to consider any investigation of a homicide if she believed I was being punished by God?”

A US Supreme Court Justice dies. The circumstances are unknown. Therefore, a Texas Judge rules: no autopsy is necessary. Talk about insanity—or worse.

Feb 16 19:43

1924 Newspaper Article Outlines Six Goals of the Illuminati

Of course, these days the concept of the Illuminati is much less a shadowy secret society bent on world domination than a cruel inside joke MTV has played out with borrowed symbolism.

But back in 1924, people were very worried about the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world by destroying it.

This article in the June 21, 1924 edition of the Joplin Globe laid bare the six “principles” or goals of the Illuminati. Notice anything?

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Feb 16 18:30

Stop-and-Frisk Attorneys Comment on Court Monitor’s Second Report

Today, the court-appointed monitor overseeing reforms to the New York City Police Department’s unconstitutional stop-and-frisk practices filed his second interim report on the steps taken to date to implement the court’s orders in the Center for Constitutional Rights’ landmark case, Floyd v. City of New York. While the number of stops the department conducts continues to decrease, the percentages of Black and Latino New Yorkers being stopped remain disproportionately high.

Feb 16 18:15

Stopped!! Methane Blow-Out. Radioactive Fall-out. And … The Predictable Result.

By Brett Redmayne-Titley

This past Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 brought a welcome breath of fresh air to more than 4400 displaced Porter Ranch, CA residents. It was their first in more than four months. A mile or so due north and a thousand feet farther up the foothills of the Santa Susana mountains in Aliso Canyon, the nation’s worst environmental and health disaster since BP, has stopped. Natural gas well, SS-25 is dead.

Feb 16 17:39

Poll: 79% Suspect “Foul Play” in Death of Antonin Scalia

A poll conducted by the Conservative Outfitters website finds that 79% of its readers suspect “foul play” was involved in the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Over 40,000 people voted in the poll, with nearly eight out of ten thinking there may be a cover-up.

Feb 16 17:09

Hey, hey, hey... (Crab with a Knife)

Crab control or gun control! He really handles that knife like a pro!

Feb 16 16:30

Republicans stand down for FBI investigation of Clinton server

Republicans are refusing to use the Benghazi playbook to go after Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Instead of launching formal investigations or propping up a new special committee to investigate the emails — as they did with the 2012 Libya terror attack — House Republicans have gone out of their way to avoid formal inquiries into allegations that classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s personal machine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the GOP to be protecting Hillary over her server supports the theory that Hillary was indeed selling US secrets to foreign governments using her private server to deliver and her "charitable" foundation to collect and launder the payments. The GOP is not protectring Hillary out of love, but to save their own jobs, because a serving Secretary of State running an espionage operation out of the State Department is a scandal capable of bringing down the entire Federal Government.

And it should!

Feb 16 16:24

Donald Trumps Conspiracy Theory Truth's


Feb 16 15:59

NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters

Feb 16 15:47




Feb 16 15:05

Argument Clinic

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the paid shills trying to cover up the assassination of Scalia sound like! :)




Feb 16 14:17

FLASHBACK: Scalia Dared, ‘What Can Obama Do To Me?’

well, here's a possible answer to the question...

Feb 16 13:54

Yatsenyuk Survives No-Confidence Vote In Parliament, Remains As Ukraine's Prime Minister

Ukraine’s parliament failed to get enough votes to remove Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet of Ministers on Feb. 16.

A petition calling for a vote of no-confidence in the government got 159 signatures. A total of 194 out of 354 lawmakers registered in parliament voted to dismiss Yatsenyuk, far short of the 226 votes needed.

Those voting to dismiss Yatsenyuk included 97 members of President Petro Poroshenko's Bloc, 28 independent lawmakers, 25 from Samopomich Party, 15 from the Radical Party, 15 from the Batkivshchyna Party led by ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, 8 from the Opposition Bloc and 6 from the People's Will party.


Feb 16 13:45

Trump’s crafty move on Iraq: His war comments allow conservatives to move past the Bush years while saving face

Trump's Iraq comments were initially surprising, but they give conservatives a way to put Bush years behind them
Trump accused the former president of lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and called the war “a big, fat mistake.” Trump also sneered at Jeb Bush that the “World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign.” These comments range from demonstrably true (the 9/11 comment) to arguable (there’s no proof that Bush knowingly lied, but his administration did heavily massage the evidence to get their preexisting desire to start a war in Iraq). Perhaps unaccustomed to hearing reality-based rhetoric during their debates, the Republican audience booed Trump loudly for this.

Feb 16 13:36

Donald Trump supporters in South Carolina: 'We're voting with our middle finger'

One poll taken since the debate by Public Policy Polling, which works mostly for Democrats, shows Trump leading South Carolina’s Republican primary field by 17 percentage points, about the same lead he had going into the debate. His core support from about one in three Republicans remains steady here, in line with earlier national polling.

Feb 16 13:17

Cliven Bundy heads back to court seeking release from jail

A Nevada rancher will return to court Tuesday to seek his release from jail in Oregon, where he went to support the armed occupation of a national wildlife preserve led by his sons.

A federal judge was expected to decide at a detention hearing whether Cliven Bundy can go home as he awaits trial. Prosecutors said last week that he should stay behind bars because they do not expect him to show up for future court dates.

(*Oh Christ! But for Hillary , not so much )

Feb 16 13:13

Hillary’s New 2016 Strategy: “vote for Me If You Want a Third Obama Term!"

Not that we didn’t already know we’d be getting even more tyrannical oligarchical collectivism with a Hillary presidency, but it’s just weird to see her blatantly promoting the idea that a vote for her is a vote for more Obama politics as if there are just hoardes of people running around the streets of America beside themselves that Obama’s presidency isn’t going to last forever.

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Feb 16 13:13

U.N. envoy wins Syria government green light for aid convoys - U.N.

The Syrian government has approved access to seven besieged areas and U.N. convoys are expected to set off in days, the United Nations said on Tuesday after crisis talks in Damascus.

U.N. Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura, who won the green light at talks with Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem, said the world body would test the government commitment to allow access on Wednesday but gave no details

Feb 16 13:11

"People Should S*** on His Grave": The Left Celebrates Scalia's Death on Twitter

Way to keep it classy there, guys. Of course the biggest party is probably being thrown by the people running things at the top who will have no trouble with Supreme Court challenges to Obamacare and immigration now…

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Feb 16 12:47

The Turkey-Qatar Military Cooperation Agreement: Turkish Military Presence in the Persian Gulf?

A short while ago Turkey and Qatar announced that they have an agreement in place to further deepen their military cooperation within the framework of the “struggle against common enemies“, which implies the construction of two new military bases: a Turkish one in Qatar and a Qatari base in Turkey.

As it was made clear by the Turkish Ambassador to Qatar, Ahmet Demirok, Ankara is planning to construct a multi-purpose military installation that will become home to some 3,000 soldiers. By taking this step Turkey expects to become a state that is directly influencing security in the Persian Gulf. In the future, this base will also provide Turkish armed forces with an outpost for operations in the Red Sea, North Africa, along with the access to the waters of the Pacific, which Turkey lost back in 1950.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not the fight against Isil Jeh Johnson will be primarily discussing with Turkish military officials; this will be a discussion if the impending Turkish/Saudi invasion of Syria.

Feb 16 12:46


The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has appointed the country’s first minister of state for happiness. The Minister will be in charge of bringing happiness to its citizens. The UAE formed from seven different federations only 44 years ago. On the World Happiness Report in 2015, the oil rich nation was ranked number 20 in the world. Switzerland was named the world’s happiest country, in front of Iceland, Denmark and Norway, with Canada rounding up the top five. However, the report creators singled the UAE out in 2015 for its stated commitment to happiness.