Mar 10 14:47

If President Trump Is Racist, Then Why Does Senator Tim Scott Like Him So Much?

EXCELLENT Tim Scott interview this morning, one of my favorite Senators.


Mar 10 13:30

Tucker Asks Jeff Sessions ‘The Special Prosecutor’ Question...

Full highlights from last night's interview. Sessions hems and haws a bit...


Mar 10 13:12

Congressman Andy Biggs | It’s Time To Begin A Criminal Investigation of Obama’s Corrupt Cartel…

The investigation now focuses on previously unmentioned Obama officials.


Mar 10 12:37

The only Jewish ghetto in the Middle East

"Aljazeera reported on 7 March that the Israeli parliament has passed a law that allows the minister of interior to revoke the residency rights of any Palestinian in Jerusalem on grounds of a “breach of loyalty” to Israel.

"Under the new measure, Israel’s interior minister, Aryeh Deri, leader of the ultra-Orthodox political party Shas and a convicted criminal, has the authority to revoke the residency documents of any Palestinian whom he deems a “threat”.

"It doesn’t take a genius to grasp that this law is racially oriented: it applies only to non-Jews. This type of law follows from the fact that Israel defines itself as the “the Jewish State” and operates as a tyrannical Jewish shtetl in which the Palestinians are Goyim du jour – a daily basis they are confronted by the most extreme forms of Jewish exceptionalism (choseness)... >>

Mar 10 11:52


I'm honestly stunned by this story...


Mar 10 11:09

Jeff Sessions: US prosecutors won’t take on small-time marijuana cases

Gangbangers, Mexican Cartels and legal producers who move excess production over state lines. Not bad for the Old Guy.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors won’t take on small-time marijuana cases, despite the Justice Department’s decision to lift an Obama-era policy that discouraged U.S. authorities from cracking down on the pot trade in states where the drug is legal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Saturday.

Mar 10 11:08

Fewer heart attack patients die when top cardiologists are away at conferences, study finds

Heart attack patients are more likely to survive when top cardiologists are not in the hospital, a new study suggests.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that when heart specialists are away at academic conferences, the survival rate at their hospitals actually improves.

They believe that specialists who attend the meetings are more prone to using intensive interventions for their patients which may do more harm than good, rather than taking a more holistic approach.

Mar 10 11:07

U.S.'s Tillerson 'not feeling well', cancels activities in Kenya

NAIROBI (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cancelled scheduled events on Saturday on the second day of a visit to Kenya because he had been feeling unwell, a State Department spokesman said, adding that he would resume his programme on Sunday.
"The secretary is not feeling well after a long couple days working on major issues back home such as North Korea and has cancelled his events for the day," spokesman Steve Goldstein told reporters travelling with Tillerson.

Mar 10 11:06

Shannen Doherty visits Stoneman Douglas HS: 'I was humbled by cancer but this is a whole other form of humbling'

Shannen Doherty attends the Paramount Network Launch Party on Jan. 18 in Los Angeles.
Shannen Doherty swapped Beverly Hills for Parkland, Fla., this week. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star visited the students and faculty of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Thursday, calling her time there heartbreaking yet uplifting.

Mar 10 10:34

Trump's take on gaming and violence was wrong in the '90s and it's twice as wrong now

A cobbled-together meeting at the White House is the latest chapter in the long, misguided crusade against video games. It would be comical if the country were not in a bitter ongoing debate about gun control and the safety of children; but since we are, it's frustrating that time is still being spent on this long-settled "debate" instead of on practical matters.

Mar 10 10:33

'Pharma Bro' gets 7 years in prison in securities fraud case

NEW YORK (AP) — The smirk wiped off his face, a crying Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud Friday in a hard fall for the pharmaceutical-industry bad boy vilified for jacking up the price of a lifesaving drug.

Mar 10 10:32

Florida shooting: NRA sues as Florida enacts gun-control law

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is suing Florida after it passed a gun control law in the wake of a school shooting that left 17 people dead.
Governor Rick Scott, a staunch ally of the gun lobby, enacted the bill, which the NRA says violates the constitution.

Mar 10 10:24

Hillary Clinton's Response to Trump's "Crooked Hillary" Tweet Is the Ultimate Mic Drop

You guys didn't actually think Hillary Clinton would be able to release her latest book in peace without some sort of snide comments about it from Donald Trump, now did you? Just one day after Clinton's memoir, What Happened, became available to the public, POTUS used his favorite method of communication (Twitter, naturally) to revive the "Crooked Hillary" nickname and mock her election loss, which is a main topic in the memoir.

Mar 10 10:20

Las Vegas resident: ‘I saw three black helicopters flying forcefully into the city above the rooftops as if they were running a mission’ on the night of the 1 Oct. massacre

A brave resident of the city, identified only as Kat, appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show Friday, where she reported exactly what she saw on the night of the 1 October massacre when 3 black helicopters which were not displaying their running lights flew in a triangle formation over her home before heading forcefully into the city under power just above the rooftops as if they were on a mission of war.

Mar 10 10:13

GOP Senator Long Critical Of Yemen War Now Helping Trump Block Debate On It

Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) spent much of 2017 urging greater accountability for the American role in the civil war in Yemen ? presenting himself as one of few GOP critics of the Trump administration’s policies and aligning with prominent critics of U.S.-backed Saudi-United Arab Emirates operations in Yemen, like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and a bevy of national security experts on the left and right.

Now he is trying to undercut the clearest shot war skeptics have of forcing the U.S. to change course.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sadly, this is the legislation which will probably be voted into law; and I would strongly suspect that it is utterly no accident that this legislation has been introduced shortly after the "AIIPAC Convention came to DC.

Young just apparently got "turned" to support the Israeli notion of a US proxy war against Iran, staged from Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

And precisely what this legislation is engineered to do IS to create an outright proxy war with Iran, which may well lead to an actual, physical attack by the US against Tehran.

Mar 10 09:34

Woman shares cancerous selfie to show young girls the dangers of tanning beds

Most selfies on the internet tend to serve little to no real purpose. But in Mallory Lubbock‘s case, they might actually save lives.

Mar 10 09:34

Ivanka Trump Complained Jared Kushner Was Being Embarrassed By John Kelly: Report

First daughter Ivanka Trump reportedly has complained that chief of staff John Kelly is embarrassing her husband Jared Kushner. Kelly was, after all, the one who decided to downgrade Kushner’s top security clearance.

Mar 10 09:31

The White House Is Already Walking Back the North Korea Summit. Because It Was a PR Stunt

On Thursday, a landmark deal was announced from the White House. President Donald Trump had agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and that country would continue freezing nuclear and missile tests. For at least the third time in the past 24 years, North Korean leadership also would agree to seek to denuclearize the peninsula, the holy grail of diplomacy in the region.

Mar 10 09:31

Civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond, a black woman who refused to leave the whites-only section of a Canadian movie theatre in 1946 – nearly a decade before Rosa Parks’s act of defiance – has been honoured on the country’s newest $10 bill.

A black woman who refused to leave the whites-only section of a Canadian movie theatre in 1946 – nearly a decade before Rosa Parks’s act of defiance – has been honoured on the country’s newest $10 bill.

Mar 10 09:30

Why Trump’s NDA With Stormy Daniels Mentions ‘Paternity’ and ‘Alleged Children’ (Exclusive)

Why Trump’s NDA With Stormy Daniels Mentions ‘Paternity’ and ‘Alleged Children’ (Exclusive)
MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell set off a Twitter firestorm when he asked President Trump on Thursday: “Mr. President, why does your confidentiality agreement with Stormy Daniels forbid her to reveal “PATERNITY INFORMATION”?
O’Donnell was correct that the non-disclosure agree

Mar 10 09:29

7th-grader had a funny feeling about her math teacher — what she found got him fired

A seventh-grade student at Miami Arts Charter School had a funny feeling about her math teacher, so she went home and Googled him.
It didn’t take her long to find a 2007 newspaper article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune detailing troubling allegations against Scott Manas.

Mar 10 09:28

Ivanka Trump Complained Jared Kushner Was Being Embarrassed By John Kelly: Report

Ivanka Trump Complained Jared Kushner Was Being Embarrassed By John Kelly: Report
First daughter Ivanka Trump reportedly has complained that chief of staff John Kelly is embarrassing her husband Jared Kushner. Kelly was, after all, the one who decided to downgrade Kushner’s top security clearance.

Mar 10 09:11

Justice Department Files Regulation to Ban 'Bump Stocks'

The Trump administration said Saturday it has taken the first step in the regulatory process to ban bump stocks, likely setting the stage for long legal battles with gun manufacturers while the trigger devices remain on the market.

Mar 10 09:10

Poll: Americans Are More Afraid New Tech Will Take Their Jobs Than Immigration and Outsourcing

A Gallup poll released Friday found that 53 percent of Americans see AI, robotics, and automation as a bigger threat to the nation’s jobs than immigration and outsourcing over the next 10 years. The poll, however, found telling gaps in how concerned various demographics were about new tech, with young and college-educated respondents choosing it more often than older Americans and those with less education.

Mar 10 09:07

20,000 scientists give dire warning about the future in 'letter to humanity' – and the world is listening

A dire warning to the world about its future, which predicts catastrophe for humanity, is continuing to gain momentum.
The letter – which was first released in November – has now been signed by around 20,000 scientists. And the world seems to be listening: it is now one of the most discussed pieces of scientific research ever, and its publishers claim it is now influencing policy.

Mar 10 09:07

Fewer heart attack patients die when top cardiologists are away at conferences, study finds

Heart attack patients are more likely to survive when top cardiologists are not in the hospital, a new study suggests.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that when heart specialists are away at academic conferences, the survival rate at their hospitals actually improves.

Mar 10 09:06

5 of the Most Violent Cities in the WORLD Are Right Here in America

When you think of the most dangerous, violent cities in the world, do you picture slums in Third World countries with vicious drug cartels or arrogant warlords? Maybe the kind of violence where enemies are decapitated and whole families are murdered seem like things that happen far away in some terrifying, exotic locale.

Some of this is true - but FIVE of the world's most violent cities are right here on the American mainland and another is in an American territory. The list was created by researchers of anti-violence think-tank Seguridad, Justicia Y Paz (Security, Justice, and Peace), who made their rankings based on statistics of homicides per 100,000 residents.

Mar 10 08:59

Catherine Herridge With The Latest On Clinton Dossier

Obama Officials Implicated.

Are Shailagh Murray And Neil King The Next Bruce And Nellie Ohr?


Mar 10 08:44

MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed

Elizabeth Alvarado and Rob Mickens, parents of slain Brentwood High student Nisa Mickens, are still mourning their daughter at their home in Brentwood, N.Y. (Michael Noble Jr. for The Washington Post)

Mar 10 08:44

Mueller obtains personal letter from Trump to Putin: WaPo

Rosalind Helderman, reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about Robert Mueller investigators obtaining a letter, including a handwritten note, from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin, inviting Putin to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

Mar 10 08:43

Florida school shooting response caught on radio traffic

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — As deputies began responding to last month's deadly Florida school shooting, the school's armed resource officer radioed that shots were coming from the freshman building, but he advised officers to stay back — a seeming failure to follow widely established guidelines to immediately confront the attacker in active shooter situations.

Mar 10 08:34

Why Russia’s New Strategic Capabilities Come As a Shock to US Intelligence Community

There will no doubt be a blame game in Washington over the inability to learn of Russia’s arms programs, but the questions that probably will not be asked relates to the intelligence agencies themselves and their capabilities, or lack thereof. It is no secret that organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have seen their basic missions change since 2001. An organization that used to pride itself on its ability to conduct classic espionage operations involving recruiting and running spies suddenly heard from policymakers that those skills were no longer in demand. Many officers who were made redundant or forced to retire were precisely those individuals who had cut their teeth on running operations directed against the old Soviet Union. They had the language and cultural skills necessary to collect information on Russia. With their departure, those capabilities also largely vanished.

Mar 10 08:19

Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller that uses an interview with the president as leverage to spur a conclusion to the Russia investigation, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

Mar 10 08:06

Vladimir Putin says he will destroy the world with nuclear weapons if Russia is threatened

With nuclear tensions at a high between Russia and the West, Vladimir Putin has said that he is willing to destroy the world – but only if Russia is threatened.
In a two-hour video documentary released in his native Russia, Putin said that he would give the order to launch if Russia was threatened with nuclear missiles.

Mar 10 08:06

Florida passes bill preventing marriage of anyone under 17

A woman who was 11 when she was forced to marry her rapist has worked for six years to ban child marriages in Florida. On Friday, she was hailed as a hero after the Legislature passed a bill prohibiting marriage for anyone under 17.

Mar 10 08:04

Disgraced Parkland Officer Lied, Radio Dispatch Recording Reveals

Peterson publicly stated that he thought gunfire was happening outside on campus, not inside the building - perhaps to justify not going in to stop the shooting which claimed 17 lives.

He lied.

Internal radio dispatches released by the Broward County Sheriff's Office Thursday reveal Peterson immediately focused on Building 12 and radioed that gunfire was happening "inside."

What's more - Peterson warned his fellow officer to stay away - despite wounded students and staff inside who required assistance. Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) policy requires deputies to engage an active shooter and eliminate the threat.

Mar 10 08:02

Armed Men Storm Iranian Embassy in London, Take Down Flag

Four men dressed in black raided the Iranian embassy in London Friday afternoon, reportedly threatening staffers with machetes and baseball bats before climbing the façade of the building and taking down the Iranian flag.

Iranian media reported that the slogans chanted by the attackers indicate that they are members of Sadeq Shirazi, a Britain-based Shiite religious sect. BBC Persian contributor Hossein Aghaie confirmed the information on Twitter, adding that Shirazi's son Hossein was recently arrested for criticizing Iran's leadership.

Mar 10 07:59

Better safe than sorry? Costco is selling doomsday kits with a 25-year shelf life that can feed the whole family for a YEAR (but it'll cost you $6,000)

If the world ever implodes as a result of an apocalypse, the last thing you'll want to worry about is 'What should I make for dinner tonight?'

Thankfully, Costco has got you covered, with food kits that can feed a family for up to a year.

The company is selling kits that range in price from about $1,000 to as much as $6,000.

Shelling out a couple grand will get you up to 600 cans, which amounts to more than 36,000 servings of food -- plenty to survive most doomsday scenarios.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sam's Club is also selling doomsday food kits.

Mar 10 07:51

In a personal letter, Trump invited Putin to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant

Donald Trump was so eager to have Vladi­mir Putin attend the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow that he wrote a personal letter to the Russian president inviting him to the event, according to multiple people familiar with the document.

Mar 10 07:51

80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says

President Trump met with video game industry representatives Thursday, after saying last month violent video games may play a role in mass shootings. The president met with parents like Melissa Henson.

Mar 10 07:49

'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison

Notorious "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli made a sob-filled plea for leniency but ended up getting sentenced Friday to seven years in prison for federal fraud charges related to hedge funds and a drug company that he once ran.

Mar 10 07:49

'Schools will stay closed until we get what we are asking for,' Oklahoma teachers union president says

Leaders of the Oklahoma Education Association on Thursday unveiled the specifics of their demand for $10,000 teacher pay raises and said new legislative talk of $2,000 raises would not stop public school teachers from walking out en masse on April 2.

Mar 10 07:31

Credit card debt surpasses $1 trillion in the US for first time

U.S. consumers’ total credit card debt exceeded $1 trillion for the first time, according to a new study by the personal finance website WalletHub.

Mar 10 07:31

A female navy captain is in the running to become the Navy’s first female commanding officer of a nuclear aircraft carrier in the service’s history

A naval aviator is in the running to become the Navy’s first female commanding officer of an aircraft carrier in the service’s history.

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt is the executive officer of the carrier Abraham Lincoln, one of 11 aircraft carriers stationed around the world. She reported to the Lincoln in September 2016 and is the first woman in naval history to hold the title of executive officer aboard a nuclear warship.

Mar 10 07:22

Trump pardons submariner who took photos of classified sub & used ‘Clinton emails’ defense

US president Donald Trump has pardoned a Navy sailor who was sentenced to prison for taking and “mishandling” photos of a classified military vessel. The submariner used Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in his court defense.

Former Machinist's Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier took six photos of the USS Alexandria’s engine room with his cellphone at the Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut. The vehicle’s propulsion system was deemed “confidential” by authorities.

Trump pardoned the Arlington, VT native on Friday. He had often referenced Saucier’s case during his electoral campaign, comparing it with Hillary Clinton’s illicit use of private email servers and classified information.

Mar 10 07:20

Gunman in California veteran center shooting was a former patient

Three women who devoted their lives to helping traumatized veterans were killed by a patient who had been kicked out of their Northern California treatment program, authorities and a relative of a victim said. A daylong siege at The Pathway Home ended Friday evening with the discovery of four bodies, including the gunman. He was identified as Albert Wong, 36, a former Army rifleman who served a year in Afghanistan in 2011-2012.

Investigators were still trying to determine when and why Wong killed two executives and a psychologist at The Pathway Home, a nonprofit post-traumatic stress disorder program at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville in the Napa Valley wine country region.

It was "far too early to say if they were chosen at random" because investigators had not yet determined a motive, California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris Childs said.

Mar 10 07:20

58-minute video: National school safety expert who trained 43 of 67 Florida counties including Parkland HS class-action lawsuit: no trauma helicopters, medical first responders/police ordered to stand down, teachers/students saw police shooters

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Lift the Veil’s powerful 58-minute interview of National School Safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig, who trained 43 of Florida’s 67 counties in active school shooter safety protocol, including Parkland High School:

I wrote on this last week with more detailed facts and interview with Mr. Halbig that include these points:
The school’s CCTV system is designed for school security to have visuals for school safety, obviously. However, this school claims to have chosen to create a 27-minute delay in the visual feed that is obviously criminal negligence defeating the primary purpose of instant visuals.
Three sheriffs and one armed security guard waited outside the school during gunfire (here, here) in criminal negligence and failure to perform their primary duty of their jobs.

Mar 10 07:18


Amid the fallout from the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, FL, that left 17 dead, the FBI and local law enforcement received widespread criticism for their inability to prevent the shooting despite multiple warning signs and opportunities. On Tuesday, the FBI admitted these failures to the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing focused on how the bureau handled tips about Nikolas Cruz prior to the massacre.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich met with members of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, acknowledging that, as the House Judiciary Committee’s press release put it, “opportunities were missed.”

Mar 10 07:01

The Deep State Wants Snowden, He Might Have The Evidence To Take Them Down

IBOR is being pushed forward, those who were profiting and controlling these social media sites have been and continue to sell their shares, the writing is on the wall. Russian billionaire says that Soros funded the Steel dossier.

Mar 10 06:46


*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

By Jack Murray (bio below)

Most people are law abiding and support their police. Most assume that they have the protection of the laws defined in the US Constitution, state constitutions and codified by legislatures. You may not realize that a person in church or your neighbor is actually part of the Gestapo: the one who tells you he is a “federal agent,” and exhibits a secretive and strange sort of friendly demeanor. He isn't there to protect your rights. He is protecting the ancient rights of the King.

Local and state laws are enforced by local and state authorities, with federal laws by Federal agencies, such as the FBI.

Mar 09 18:00

Merck Will Give Young Mothers The Most Dangerous Vaccine Of All, Trial

Merck to perform Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine trials on postpartum mothers between the ages of 16 and 26, immediately after having their children at the UAB hospital.

Mar 09 16:41

Did Jeff Zucker Have A Heart Attack When He Heard This?

15 seconds of truth from CNN's Erin Burnett. You can hear snowflakes heads exploding.


Mar 09 16:29

INTERESTING Stacey Dash Interview...

Actress Stacey Dash is running for Congress, and she was on MSNBC yesterday for a contentious interview. She held her own very well with Trump-hating Ari Melber.


Mar 09 16:11

Mike Adams: Depopulation becomes the only way for the government not to collapse

Natural News founder Mike Adams, a.k.a. the Health Ranger, appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show Thursday where he spoke about the U.S. government’s need to lower its population in order for it to be viable again.

Mar 09 15:57


This is very interesting. You guys will recognize his work immediately.


Mar 09 14:56

Broward Sheriff Audio Released

Here is the full police dispatch audio from the day of the Parkland shooting...


Mar 09 14:21

United Steelworkers President | "The WTO Is A Total Disgrace"

Finally, the truth comes out on China. This is fantastic tv...


Mar 09 14:08

Survey: Voters Favor Prosecuting Oakland Mayor Who Tipped Off Illegals to ICE Raid

Nearly half of American voters favor prosecuting Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for tipping off illegal aliens to an ICE raid last week which reportedly allowed criminals with violent and sex-related convictions to evade capture.

Mar 09 14:06

Loony Left: Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong Un Was 'Orchestrated by Putin to Distract From Russia'

Leftists all over Twitter are insisting President Trump's breakthrough meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after months of tough negotiations must have been orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to distract from the Russian probe.

Mar 09 13:38

California Solution: Big rigs with older engines will be denied registration in California by the year 2020

Resources Board recently announced that by the year 2020 trucks will need to meet health-based requirements in order to obtain Department of Motor Vehicles registrations.

In 2020, trucks are required by CARB to be model year 2011 or newer or repowered with a 2010 or newer engine as part of an effort to improve air quality and reduce emissions.>>>

(*or; go get your rig registered in Mexico , and bypass the
'chicken coups'

Mar 09 13:24

Jewish 'Russian Studies' Scholar Talks About Israeli Meddling In American Elections

Professor Stephen F. Cohen was on the John Batchelor show talking about Israeli meddling in American elections and American meddling in Russian elections.

Mar 09 13:13

Democrat Admits The Truth | Russian Probe Is ‘A Joke’…

BOOM! Congressman admits the Russia probe is a 'running joke' among Democrats...


Mar 09 13:09

3 hostages taken, shots fired at Yountville Veterans Home

Three people were taken as hostages and shots were fired at The Veterans Home of California in Yountville near the dining hall Friday morning, prompting a swarm of police activity.

KTVU's Mark Ibanez arrived at the scene and was told by SWAT to stay behind something, "because this guy has an automatic weapon."

Mar 09 13:04

Veterans Home of California in Yountville on lockdown after reports of shots fired, officials say

An armed man took three hostages during an "active shooter situation" at a California veterans home Friday afternoon, a fire official said.

Earlier, it emerged the veterans home was on lockdown after reports of shots fired.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another gun-grabber hoax, most likely.

Other reports are saying the man was dressed in black with body armor and used an "automatic"

Mar 09 10:18

Trump teases big news; it arrives in the dark, on driveway

WASHINGTON (AP) — The first inkling that something big was afoot on North Korea came from President Donald Trump himself: He popped his head into the White House briefing room late Thursday afternoon to tease a "major statement" coming soon — from South Korean officials.

Mar 09 10:13

The cyberwar that never happened: How Obama backed down from a counterstrike against Russia

In the summer of 2016, as evidence mounted of Russian meddling in the U.S. election, a team in the White House began work on a far-reaching counterstrike against Russian media, the Kremlin oligarchy, and Putin personally — plans that were shelved when President Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, ordered the staffers to “stand down.”

Mar 09 10:13

Ex-officer charged with assault in beating and Tasering of alleged jaywalker

A white former North Carolina police officer, who was captured on body camera video in 2017 beating and using a stun gun on an African-American man stopped for jaywalking, was the subject Thursday in a criminal arrest warrant for assault and communicating threats, the Buncombe County district attorney announced.

Mar 09 09:59

Interior to spend $139,000 on new doors for Zinke's office

The Interior Department plans to spend more than $139,000 on new doors and repairs for Sec. Ryan Zinke's office at the department's headquarters in Washington, D.C., the agency confirmed to ABC News on Thursday.

Mar 09 09:59

Stormy Daniels's lawyer says she can prove her Trump claims

The attorney representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump said on Friday that she has proof to back up her claims.
“We have substantial evidence and facts that were not included in In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Daniels says that just days before the 2016 presidential election, Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, attempted to silence her by having her enter into a nondisclosure agreement to prevent her from coming forward and talking about the year-long sexual relationship she says had with Trump beginning in 2006. In return, Daniels was paid $130,000 — a payment Cohen says he facilitated.

Mar 09 09:58

Musk Invites Trump to Prod China Over Auto Trade Practices - China charges a 25 percent import duty on cars, ten times the 2.5 percent levy the U.S. puts on China-built vehicles

President Donald Trump may not follow Elon Musk on Twitter, but the Tesla Inc. chief’s posts decrying China’s automotive trade practices managed to catch his attention.

Mar 09 09:58

180 Troops deployed after Russian spy poisoning - military will help with investigation and cleanup

About 180 military personnel have been deployed to Salisbury to help in the investigation into the attempted murder of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter.
The military personnel - drawn mostly from the Army, but also from the Royal Marines and RAF - are experts in chemical warfare and decontamination.
Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia collapsed on Sunday afternoon after being exposed to a nerve agent.

Mar 09 09:57

Frantic calls released from Parkland shooting: 'I love you, it's going to be fine ... I need you to play dead,' mom says

"I love you, it’s going to be fine," a panic-stricken mother said over the phone to her child hiding in a classroom during the Parkland, Florida, school massacre. "Can you play dead? I need you to play dead."

Officials on Thursday released some of the frantic 911 calls made during the Feb. 14 mass shooting. Seventeen students and staff members were shot and killed in the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that sent shock waves across the nation.

Mar 09 09:51

Tony Blair lauded for outstanding contribution to democracy (yes, really)

The Lincoln Leadership Prize recognizes outstanding leaders who display “great strength of character, individual conscience, and an unwavering commitment to the defining principles of democracy,” just like the 16th US president.

Blair has been named the 2018 winner of the prize.

Mar 09 09:36


Ask why:

An eye witness, Stacey Lippel English teacher’s testimony that a man dressed in black who, in her own words, was a “policeman”, with a gun she’d never seen before and who was shooting people is being ignored by corporate media?

Nikolas Cruz was, as reported by the Miami Herald, on a heavy psychotropic drug prescription and media is ignoring that fact?

Broward County Sheriff won’t release school videos.?

Nikolas Cruz’s COURT (Government) APPOINTED ATTORNEY has already entered a guilty plea without demanding any forensic evidence to determine his guilt or innocence?

The Florida Attorney General has offered to pay funeral expenses for all of the deceased; and with that payment, could there be a caveat that those who accept payment must not discuss it or dispute the veracity of the “official” story – why would an attorney general do that?

Mar 09 09:33

The President Wants To Execute Drug Dealers. Will That Include Those Convicted Of Cannabis Crimes?

While Attorney “good-people-don’t-smoke-marijuana” Jeff Sessions wants to amplify the war on drugs, don’t forget who appointed him: Donald Trump.

Although President Trump has, for the most part, stayed silent on drug policy, one of his alarming stances has recently been revealed, with five sources confirming to Axios that Trump has privately discussed being in favor of the death penalty for drug dealers.

Indeed, Trump has been ranting and raving about Singapore’s drug policies, with an Axios source claiming of the US president, “He says, ‘When I ask the prime minister of Singapore do they have a drug problem [the prime minister replies,] ‘No. Death penalty.’”

Mar 09 09:33

7th grader had a funny feeling about her math teacher. What she found got him fired.

A seventh-grade student at Miami Arts Charter School had a funny feeling about her math teacher, so she went home and Googled him.
It didn’t take her long to find a 2007 newspaper article from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune detailing troubling allegations against Scott Manas.

Mar 09 09:32

Engaged Ohio Teacher Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Female Student From Her School

An Ohio teacher was sentenced on Wednesday to three years in prison for sexual battery after she pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old female student.

Mar 09 09:30

Trump's invader hordes don't exist: Most of the world doesn't want to come to America

The summer I turned 11, I accompanied my mother to Sri Lanka, where she was born. For her, this was no pleasure trip. It had a specific purpose, to get my father's mother a visa so that she could join us in the United States. The process was long and complicated.

Mar 09 09:30

'Morning Joe' host on Trump-North Korea meeting: 'He can't even make a deal with a porn star'

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” slammed President Trump over his potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, with host Mika Brzezinski saying Trump “can’t even make a deal with a porn star.”