Mar 04 10:14

Hillary Clinton’s Painful Reaction to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s Affair

The aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal has created a climate where once hidden incidents of sexual harassment and assault are coming to light. Accusations have been made against powerful figures in Hollywood, business, journalism, and now even the White House.

Mar 04 10:11

Trump is wrong about video games and violence

President Donald Trump has suggested that video games cause violence like mass shootings, and said he will meet with industry representatives to discuss the issue.
President Donald Trump is expected to speak with members of the video game industry this week to discuss the medium’s relationship to the kind of violence that occurred when Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Mar 04 10:09

‘Hate wins,’ says Mike Huckabee as he resigns from country music organization after backlash

On Wednesday, the Country Music Association announced the newest members of the board of its charitable foundation: singer Chris Young and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R).

Mar 04 10:09

Canada, top exporter of steel and aluminum to U.S., 'flabbergasted' by tariff proposals

Canadians reacted with a mixture of anger, confusion and resignation this week to President Trump's promise to hit U.S. imports of steel and aluminum with hefty tariffs, upending decades of economic cooperation and integration.

Mar 04 09:49

Secret Service: Man dead after shooting himself near White House

A man is dead after shooting himself in the head near the White House, according to the U.S. Secret Service.

Mar 04 09:48

Kansas man wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years receives no compensation from state

When Lamonte McIntyre was exonerated for a double murder in October, he walked out of a Kansas prison with a clean record – but not a dime to his name, reports CBS News' Dean Reynolds. After losing 23 years of his life behind bars, the state is offering him nothing.

Mar 04 09:47

Washington Legislature approves gay conversion therapy ban

The Washington Legislature has passed a bill to ban licensed therapists from trying to change a minor's sexual orientation.

Mar 04 09:45

Canada, top exporter of steel and aluminum to U.S., 'flabbergasted' by tariff proposals

Canadians reacted with a mixture of anger, confusion and resignation this week to President Trump's promise to hit U.S. imports of steel and aluminum with hefty tariffs, upending decades of economic cooperation and integration.

Mar 04 09:45

Kansas man wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years receives no compensation from state

When Lamonte McIntyre was exonerated for a double murder in October, he walked out of a Kansas prison with a clean record – but not a dime to his name, reports CBS News' Dean Reynolds. After losing 23 years of his life behind bars, the state is offering him nothing.

Mar 04 09:45

Devin Nunes Calls Colbert's Jokes About Him A 'Danger' In This Country

Colbert traveled to the Capitol on Friday’s episode of “The Late Show” in a spoof mission to tease information out of congressmen about possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. Colbert was armed with his own memo stating: “Devon Nunes is a [redacted].”

Mar 04 09:44

What Would Melania Trump Get if She Divorced Donald?

A lot of attention has been focused on Melania and Donald Trump ever since news broke of the president’s alleged affair with adult entertainment star, Stormy Daniels. Some are wondering if the couple might be headed for divorce. Rumors started after Melania suddenly canceled a trip with the president and went on a solo trip to Florida instead.

Mar 04 09:14

Amazon Earned Billions In 2017, But Paid No US Income Taxes: “For states contemplating tax incentives for Amazon, the salient question is: what do you give a tax avoider who already has everything?”

According to CNN Money, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is officiallythe richest person of all time. Why wouldn’t he be, when his company made more than $5 billion in 2017 and didn’t pay a dime of federal income taxes?

Mar 04 09:14

Jared Kushner backed a blockade of Qatar after its government refused to invest in his indebted property, report says

Jared Kushner's family-run real estate company tried to seek Qatari government financing for its troubled New York City property a month before Kushner backed a blockade on the Gulf kingdom, The Intercept reported on Friday.

Mar 04 08:49

Never Forget, The US Gov’t Slaughtered Dozens in a Church Over an Illegal Gun Part

This week, President Donald Trump betrayed his base and Americans in general as he advocated for confiscating guns with no due process.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

This blatant attack on the very thing that makes America great, due process, has been in the making since before the Florida shooting, but Trump appears to be striking while the iron is hot.

The US government carried out the deadliest church massacre in history which led to the deaths of 82 men, women, and children. It all came to a violent end 25 years ago in Texas and it all began with allegations of illegal gun parts.

Mar 04 08:45


A Missouri man who once threatened to “kill all white people” was indicted Friday in the killings of three white males, and is now accused in six killings overall.

Mar 04 08:43

China vows to work with other nations to counter Trump tariffs

Beijing says it will work with other nations to safeguard its interests and defend the world trade order, as US President Donald Trump struck a defiant tone amid criticism of his vow to impose high tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium.

Mar 04 08:42

Apple is under fire for moving iCloud data to China

Apple's latest move in China has privacy advocates and human rights groups worried.
The U.S. company is moving iCloud accounts registered in mainland China to state-run Chinese servers on Wednesday along with the digital keys needed to unlock them.

Mar 04 08:35

WATCH: Students Report Multiple Shooters & Mass Shooting Drill at Florida High School

Multiple students have come forward detailing rumors of an active shooter drill at the same time the real shooting occurred as well as reporting multiple shooters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

UPDATE: YouTube has (of course) yanked the video.

Mar 04 08:30

'President for life' not a bad idea, Trump says of China proposal

No due process rights and gun confiscation and now this!

"He's now president for life. President for life. And he's great. I think it's great. Maybe we'll give that a shot someday."
- President Donald Trump, referring to China's President Xi Jinping

Trump's remarks were reportedly met with laughter and applause during a luncheon for Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Mar 04 08:24

Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting

Mar 04 08:23

Dramatic takedown: $4mn bank heist prevented in highway intercept

A two-year plot to steal $4 million from armored vehicles in south Florida and murder the drivers was foiled by authorities in dramatic fashion, just hours before the deadly heist was due to be executed.

Mar 04 08:17

PEDOGATE: United States Olympic Committee CEO Ignominiously Resigns After Gross Dereliction of Duty

The unparalleled “Dr. Larry Nassar child sex scandal” broke at a time when the #metoo scandal was erupting. And, yet, as serious a betrayal of America’s amateur athletes as it represents, it received relatively little coverage. Why?

Because the Mainstream Media knew that it would lead to revelations about a global child sexual exploitation crime syndicate known as Pedogate. The same protection mechanism that insulates the VIP pedophiles among the power elite was at work throughout the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Michigan State University (MSU) and other high-profile organizations associated with this shocking Olympics scandal were likewise safeguarded from deeper investigation to prevent further disclosures about international Pedogate crime organization. While the president and athletic director of MSU were forced to resign for damage control, it’s doubtful that true depth of the criminal conspiracy will ever be revealed.

Mar 04 08:13

Millennials And Their Scary Support Of Socialism & Communism

According to the latest findings from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 50 percent of today’s American millennials view socialism or communism as the ideal political ideology. Half of them have found their heroes in dictators such as Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong. Lenin, Che, and Kim Jong Un.

The country that grew into the wealthiest on earth through capitalism is showing alarming signs of turning away from its roots.

Mar 04 07:56

Florida H S Active Shooter Drill Before ACTUAL Killings

Mar 04 07:56

Trump hits Bush: Invading Iraq 'the single worst decision ever made'

President Trump blasted former President George W. Bush on Saturday over the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, calling it "the single worst decision ever made."

Speaking at a closed-door event with Republican donors in Florida, Trump mocked Bush's intellect and compared his decision to invade Iraq to "throwing a big fat brick into a hornet's nest."

Mar 04 07:55

Washington Legislature approves gay conversion therapy ban

A bill to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy on minors has been approved by lawmakers in Washington state.
The US state could become the latest to outlaw the use of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ to attempt to change the sexuality of minors. ?
Performing gay cure therapy on minors is already is illegal in nine US states and counting, as well as Switzerland, Malta, Taiwan, two Canadian provinces, and the Australian state of Victoria.

Mar 04 07:16

Equifax breach worsens, sparking more concerns about consumers' data

Security experts have voiced their concern about the worsening scale of the data breach.

Tom Kemp, CEO of identity and access management specialist Centrify, described the 147.9 million affected consumers as an “alarming” number.

“Despite an increase in security investments, breaches continue to rise," Kemp said in an email to Fox News. "The fact is, four out of five breaches (including those experienced by Equifax, Yahoo!, Uber, HBO, and more) exploit compromised identities, stolen passwords or privileged access.”

Mar 04 06:56


Mar 04 06:49

Cops Were Possible Shooters in Parkland

UPDATE: Most of the videos have now been taken down, which means Vimeo is also engaging in censorship.

Mar 04 06:39

How To Take Purim Seriously

Let's get serious about [the annual Jewish festival of] Purim ... Purim is essentially about the celebration of violence ... Let us not forget it is essentially a holiday of revenge. We drink to celebrate blotting out Amalek. The Shabbat before Purim, called Shabbat Zakhor, Jews gather in synagogues to read the only biblically mandated Torah reading of the year, the verses that command genocide against the Amalekites ... We must remember not only to not forget, but to blot out the enemy - not mercifully, but through genocide. It is true that the rabbis long ago were aware of the danger of this commandment and put it to rest by saying we no longer know who Amalek is.

Mar 04 06:35

Fatal Delusions of Western Man

What is the root of these astounding beliefs - that Stalin would be a partner for peace, that if we built up Mao's China she would become benign and benevolent, that we could reshape Islamic nations into replicas of Western democracies, that we could eradicate tyranny? Today, we are replicating these historic follies ... But the greatest risk we are taking, based on utopianism, is the annual importation of well over a million legal and illegal immigrants, many from the failed states of the Third World, in the belief we can create a united, peaceful and harmonious land of 400 million, composed of every race, religion, ethnicity, tribe, creed, culture and language on earth. Where is the historic evidence for the success of this experiment, the failure of which could mean the end of America as one nation and one people?

Mar 04 06:32

America’s Illegal Sojourn in Syria

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Donald Trump administration has recently affirmed that it has a perfect legal right to remain in Syria as long as it wishes because it is fighting terrorism ... The US intention to maintain a continued presence minus any viable al-Qaeda threat in the country is completely illegal under both domestic and international law. In short, the continued United States presence in Syria bears all the hallmarks of yet another US policy wrapped in top level ambiguity that is a failure even before it starts. Not only illegal, it is impractical, with 2,000 US advisers spread thin supporting Kurdish proxies who are already heavily engaged fighting the Turks. Eventually Washington will become weary of the effort and leave.

Mar 03 17:38

Humble Michelle Obama Wants to Create 1000's of "Me's"

the implications are frightening.

scroll down

Mar 03 15:03

Hearing for man accused of providing ammo to Vegas shooter

A court hearing is scheduled Monday for an Arizona man accused of providing armor-piercing ammunition to the gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Mar 03 14:40

CMU student shooter CAPTURED - used gun registered to FATHER

So how do Gun Control FANATICS fit this one into their #Agenda

Mar 03 14:37

Who loves ya, Saudi?. Just the UK's Theresa May and her deluded Foreign Office, and the callous death merchants of Washington and Tel Aviv.

Stuart Littlewood highlights the sick ties that bind Britain to Saudi Arabia and are most visibly represented by its multibillion pounds arms exports to the Al Saud family kingdom – arms used to kill and maim innocent civilians in Yemen. >>

Mar 03 13:31

NuCor Steel CEO Drops The Hammer On Cheaters | The Tariffs Are Completely Justified

This is the best interview I've seen (from CNBC yesterday) explaining exactly why the tariffs are needed as China is using every illegal trick in the book to destroy the US steel industry.


Mar 03 13:12

Scott Adams: How to Criticize a Political Opponent Using List Persuasion

The power of the list is that while each item is unimportant, false, overblown, or an obvious misinterpretation of intent, the sheer quantity of items makes it persuasive nonetheless. A list of five criticisms is better than three, and ten is better than five. It doesn’t much matter how solid any of the items are when viewed in isolation. Readers will remember the size of the list more than the items on it.

Mar 03 12:54

Seymour Hersh "Trump's not wrong to think they all f**king lied about him"

discussing Wikileaks DNC leaks Seth Rich & FBI report

Mar 03 12:21

Planned Parenthood -- Some Men Have a Uterus

Say What?

Planned Parenthood Of Ky(Baby Killers) has gone completely off the rails.

Mar 03 10:30

Donations of deer semen make up majority of contributions in Texas candidate's race:

“Semen is a very common way for us to donate,” Gonzalez told the paper.

Mar 03 10:25

Britain's big freeze claims 14 lives: Good Samaritan dies after getting out of his car to help stranded driver adding to Storm Emma's deadly toll

The number of people in the UK killed by the Beast from the East has risen to 13
A seven-year-old girl died after a car smashed into a bungalow, witnesses said
20-year-old pedestrian has died after slipping on an icy path while on a bridge
A pensioner, 70, also passed away after being rescued from icy cliffs in Torquay
Third man discovered unconscious on a street in Kent and couldn't be revived
Yesterday a seven-year-old girl was hit by a car while she played out in the snow
On Tuesday, four people died in two crashes in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire

Mar 03 10:17

BREAKING NEWS: White House on lock down. Shots fired near the North Lawn.

Secret Service and Capitol Police on the scene. developing.

Mar 03 10:14

Tucker Carlson Turns On Trump: 'Imagine If Barack Obama Had Said That'

Tucker Carlson Turns On Trump: 'Imagine If Barack Obama Had Said That'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson doesn’t criticize Donald Trump very often, but he did so on Thursday night after the president suggested taking guns away from potentially dangerous people before due process.
“Imagine if Barack Oba

Mar 03 10:13

Georgia Lawmakers Pass Bill Punishing Delta For Cutting Ties With NRA

Georgia lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday effectively punishing Delta Air Lines for its decision to cut ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Mar 03 10:13

Virginia Mother TerriLynn St. John Found Dead, Covered in Leaves Not Far From Her Home

23-year-old mother, who vanished from her front yard as her children played inside, was found dead and covered in leaves Thursday, less than a mile from her home, authorities said.
Alvin Keyser, also 23, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and concealing a dead body after leading investigators to the rema

Mar 03 10:07

Mark Levin On The Warpath For FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer

Brand new information from Levin. I have included a transcript. Everyone should see this.


Mar 03 09:55

Kenya doctors 'perform brain surgery on wrong patient'

Staff from nurses to the CEO have been suspended at a Nairobi hospital after the wrong patient underwent brain surgery.
One patient needed surgery for a blood clot on the brain, the other only non-invasive treatment for swelling.

Mar 03 09:55

Two Colorado lawmakers reveal they have been wearing bulletproof vests to Capitol in wake of sexual harassment scandal

Two Colorado lawmakers revealed Friday that they have been wearing bulletproof vests to work in the Capitol, saying they fear retaliation for speaking out on behalf of accusers in the sexual harassment scandal gripping the statehouse.

Mar 03 09:52

Energy from Space | The Shift Has Begun - Suspicious0bservers

Published on Feb 27, 2018. The critical issue in this presentation is whether the reversal is going to happen soon. It is undeniable that the general pole shift and field weakening have presented symptomatically of a reversal or significant excursion, and the only point both ESA/SWARM and MIT use to quell fear is that they believe it will take 1000s of years. The math of losing 5% per decade, and the potential for fast reversals, cast a shadow on such aspersions of safety.

Mar 03 09:50

Woman Says Fort Lauderdale Cops Beat Her After She Testified in Brutality Case

In 2015, Jessica Mooney sat next to her fiancé at a Fort Lauderdale bus terminal as he filmed Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Victor Ramirez slapping a homeless man in the face. The following year, Ramirez was charged with misdemeanor battery and arrested, and Mooney testified against the cop in court.

Mar 03 09:49

Man tried to kill Muslim woman and 12-year-old girl as ‘revenge’ for terror attacks

A man has been convicted of attempting to murder a Muslim woman and 12-year-old schoolgirl in “revenge” for Islamist terror attacks.
Paul Moore, 21, told relatives he was “doing the country a favour” after ramming his car into the victims in Leicester on 20 September – five days after the Parsons Green Tube bombing.

Mar 03 09:31

Ex-Trump adviser sold $31m in shares days before president announced steel tariffs

Carl Icahn, a former special adviser to Donald Trump, sold $31.3m of shares in a company heavily dependent on steel imports last week, shortly before Trump’s announcement of new tariffs sent its shares plummeting.

Mar 03 09:30

US dad made son shoot him to delay prison

An Oregon mortgage fraudster has had his jail sentence extended by a judge after he made his teenage son shoot him in the legs in a bid to delay prison.

Mar 03 09:24

Polish official: Germany owes Poland $850 billion for WWII

A Polish official said Friday that Germany could owe his country $850 billion (690 billion euros) for the damage it inflicted during World War II.

Mar 03 09:24

Drunk man hit with $1,635 Uber bill after 300-mile trip from West Virginia to New Jersey

A drunk Uber user was hit with a $1,635 bill after falling asleep and embarking on a 300-mile journey across three states.
Kenny Bachman made the trip after a night out with friends in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Mar 03 09:17

Delta To Georgia Lawmakers: 'Our Values Are Not For Sale'

The CEO of Delta Air Lines on Friday declared his company’s “values are not for sale” after Georgia lawmakers retaliated against the airline for cutting ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of last month’s Florida school shooting.

Mar 03 09:16

Trump trades Twitter jabs with 'Alex' Baldwin

President Trump lashed out at Alec Baldwin in a typo-ridden tweet early Friday morning about the actor’s recent assertion that he is tired of playing the commander in chief on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Mar 03 09:15

Bodycam Video Shows North Carolina Officer Beating Black Man Accused Of Jaywalking

Bodycam Video Shows North Carolina Officer Beating Black Man Accused Of Jaywalking

An Asheville, North Carolina, news outlet published disturbing bodycam footage this week showing a white police officer beating a black resident, prompting public apologies from city officials who are continuing to investigate the incident.

Mar 03 08:52

Student who allegedly killed both parents at Central Michigan University now in custody

The suspect in a deadly shooting at Central Michigan University Friday is now in police custody, authorities said.
According to dispatchers, J

Mar 03 08:52

Wells Fargo hit with yet another lawsuit — for closing fraud victims’ accounts to avoid costs

Embattled Wells Fargo is accused of adding on to fraud victims' troubles by closing their accounts without investigating potential criminal activity, a new lawsuit by an ex-fraud investigator for the bank claims, echoing customer complaints.
By law, a bank is supposed to investigate potential cr

Mar 03 08:51

Ex-Trump adviser sold $31m in shares days before president announced steel tariffs

Carl Icahn sold $31.3m of shares in a company dependent on steel imports days before the commerce department mooted stiff tariffs on imports

Mar 03 08:41

“Thieving Idiot” Cop Gets No Jail In Spite of His Own Body Cam Catching Him Rob a Man

Body cams, according to some studies, may serve to reduce corruption and violence from certain police officers. However, as a body cam video out of Florida illustrates, a camera on this cop didn’t even deter his desire to commit theft. Now, we know why he felt like he could record himself stealing—he would get away with it.

Deputy John Braman, formerly with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, was charged last year after he was caught stealing money from a man he arrested.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the 35-year-old former deputy recently entered no contest pleas to petty theft, official misconduct and grand theft for the crimes he recorded himself committing. He will get no jail time.

Mar 03 08:23

$31.5M Las Vegas Victims Fund to be distributed in March

The Las Vegas shooting victims’ fund will be paying out at least $18.45M on Friday to the families of the 58 victims who were shot and killed during the 1 October massacre and 10 others who were paralyzed or had suffered a brain injury as a result of the attack.

Mar 03 08:06

Teacher tried to create 'army of children' to launch terror attacks in London

A British supporter of Islamic State was found guilty on Friday of trying to recruit children he was teaching into an“army” of jihadists to help carry out a wave of attacks across London.

Mar 03 08:05

Fed-up gymnast Aly Raisman sues U.S. Olympic Committee over abuse

Six weeks after she focused the nation's attention on the U.S. Olympic Committee's bungled response to an enormous sexual-abuse scandal, gymnastics champion Aly Raisman is suing the embattled organization.

Mar 03 07:55

8 Million Mothers from 150 Countries Sign Declaration: ‘The Era of Radical Feminism Is Over’

HomeMakers for America will be in the nation’s capital on March 8 to celebrate a national and international movement that started in May 2017 when the pro-God, pro-family, and pro-freedom organization published its Declaration of Mothers.

Since then, thousands of women in more than 4,000 U.S. cities and all 50 states have signed the declaration, several governors are proclaiming March 8 International Mothers Influence Day, and last month Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) entered the declaration into the Congressional Record.

Mar 03 07:45

Nondrinker wrongly charged with DUI gets nearly $1M from NYC

A man who doesn't drink but was arrested on an impaired driving charge has settled his lawsuit against New York City for nearly $1 million.

Mar 03 07:44

Australia considers banning ISPs from listing internet speeds they cannot provide

The Australian government is considering a bill that would make it illegal for ISPs to falsely advertise high internet speeds. Under the proposed legislation, lying about internet speeds would become a fineable offense that could cost ISPs that violate the law up to $1 million AUD.

We sure as hell need that here in the US!