Mar 07 11:33

Pastor Who Spoke At Cruz Rally Shot

Idaho Pastor Who Spoke at Ted Cruz Rally Shot and Wounded

An Idaho pastor who led the prayer at a weekend campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was gunned down outside his church the following day but was expected to survive.

Altar Church pastor Tim Remington, who has counseled drug addicts and jail inmates in this city about 30 miles east of Spokane, Washington, was shot as many as six times Sunday, including in the head and lung, officials said.


Mar 07 11:18

U.S. Aid Underwrites Bad Israeli Economic and Oppressive Occupation Policies

America is practically bankrupt, yet Israel remains a multi-billion dollar dependent. The U.S. can't afford to continue subsidizing well-off nations, no matter how friendly. And Israel, which spends heavily both to expand state regulation and occupy Palestinian lands, doesn't need American support.

The Middle East is in flames, but Israel appears relatively secure. Argued Paul Scham of the University of Maryland's Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies: "It may seem counterintuitive, or even downright strange, but Israel's geopolitical position is probably stronger now than at any time in the country's history." Israel greatly overshadows any potential adversary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government's aid to Israel, both financial and military, enables Israel's bad behaviour, both at home and abroad.

At home, you have serial genocide against the Palestinians, coupled with the brisk annexation of homes in which Palestinians have lived for decades. This gets coupled with huge developments for settlers in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which means that Palestinians are close to having no place to live at all.

The Israeli government has proven itself pathologically incapable of getting along with its neighbors, and is shelling in Lebanon as I type this.

It paid one million dollars for Senator Cotton to kill the Iran nuclear deal (talk about attempting to thwart American foreign policy!!)

But it comes down here to Congress refusing to obey the laws it has created.

And under the Symington Amendment, any country which refuses to become a member of the NNPT and have its nuclear weapons inspected, is not eligible for any US military or financial aid whatsoever.

Israel refuses to join the NNPT (which Iran has done), or have its nuclear weapons inspected.

Why doesn't Congress obey the laws Congress has created?!? Because these creatures are for sale to the highest bidder (both in terms of monetary and PR support), and AIPAC provides that support in spades, as long as our "alleged" Congressional representatives do what is good for Israel, whether or not it is good for We the People.

Think about it; getting bought and paid for by foreign nations and corporate interest is the only thing Congress is good for anymore. We have become irrelevant and are no longer represented by the people paid to represent us.

The US government is no longer a democratic republic; it has devolved into a corpratocracy, where foreign and corporate money dictate the law of the land.

Angry yet?!?

Mar 07 10:58

Colin Powell trashes GOP candidates for their ‘junior high’ antics that ‘belittle the country’

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell took time out from expressing his admiration for the late First Lady Nancy Reagan to say a few words about the rancorous fighting going on between the remaining GOP presidential candidates.

Knock it off.

Speaking with NPR’s Michel Martin on All Things Considered, Powell called their antics “junior high tricks” and compared the GOP debates to Jerry Springer’s shows.

“To stand there and do junior high school tricks on one another is belittling the country and belittling the office to which they are striving,” Powell said while remembering the “lack of any nastiness” he saw when working in the Reagan White House.

Powell referred to comments made by talk show host Jerry Springer in an interview last week, where Springer said of the debates, “Our show is a circus, but the presidency of the United States is not supposed to be a circus.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THIS, coming from the mouth of the man who helped transform the Bush Presidency into a "circus of death and pre-emptive war", by lying to the world about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, and yellowcake uranium?!?

Sir, forgive me, but you absolutely, and permanently lost your credibility at that point, and nothing you have to say about the American political process has any relevance anymore.

Mar 07 10:52

ACLU: Hawaii GOP bills aim to punish homeless for ‘basic life functions’ — like sleeping

The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii warned this week that bills being pushed by Hawaii’s Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa (R) would punish homeless people for “the basic life functions of sleeping and going to the bathroom.”

In an email on Friday, ACLU of Hawaii legal director Daniel Gluck told The Maui News that his group “strongly opposed” several bills being offered to prevent homeless people from sleeping on sidewalks or going to the bathroom in public areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Maui County Mayor Arakawa; as a Hawaii State resident, sir, this is one of the most hamfistedly, pigheadedly pieces of proposed legislation I have ever seen, not to mention decidedly cruel in its intent.

Criminalising homelessness doesn't solve the problem; it exacerbates that problem, and thinking people understand this.

It is obvious to me that you and your minions need to go on a junket to Salt Lake City, Utah, where city officials have pretty much eliminated the problem of homelessness almost completely.

And how have they done that?!? They crunched the numbers, and realized that it was ultimately cheaper to house these people, and hook them up with social services to get them back in the work force, than throw them in jail, or fine them with fines they cannot possibly pay.

This is both a logical, and compassionate, response to a complex problem, and the good news is, it is working for Salt Lake City; why can something like that NOT work for the State of Hawaii?!?

Mar 07 10:24

Dutchsinse calls media ! Smeared by CBS News / PNSN + USGS over Mt. Saint Helens EQ

I am under attack by the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network), USGS, and CBS News (KIRO 7) out of Washington State for reporting on an earthquake at Mount Saint Helens volcano.

Mar 07 10:22


A massive wave of government propaganda is coming and the method of transmission will be Hollywood. Hollywood is one of the most important brainwashing tools to keep the masses ignorant of reality and government corruption. And as we’ve seen in the past, it is designed to reinforce numerous government lies the masses are supposed to believe. Whenever Hollywood releases a film endorsing a government narrative it usually represents the final phase of a false flag, staged event narrative being sold.

Remember what former CIA director William Casey said. Until EVERYTHING that everyone believes is a lie, the control system feels they are not done lying to you yet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When these films have been made (meaning that the money necessary to make them has already been spent), and the films are premiering, please take a moment to write to the heads of studios which have produced this drivel, and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that you will never, ever watch these movies, not even when they start appearing on cable TV, because you hate to be lied to, under the guise of "artistic liberty", because this is govenment propaganda, pure and simple.

Then, please encourage your friends to do the same.

It will be a lesson learned by studio executives; no one, in the food chain in Hollywood, wants to be associated with a turkey which lost money big-time, which is precisely what these films deserve to do.

Mar 07 10:14

Homeless Man Owes Government Over $110,000 In Fines For Being Homeless

The recent case of a homeless man racking up massive fines has exposed the widespread police practice of fining homeless people for being homeless.
Émilie Guimond-Bélanger, a social worker at the Droits Devant legal clinic in Montreal spoke to the media about a case that she worked on where a homeless man racked up over $110,000 in tickets.

“It was shocking. We’ve never seen someone with so many tickets,” Émilie told CBC.

The man had over 500 tickets, which amounted to over $110,000 in fines. The fines were mostly for things that homeless people can’t control, such as sleeping in the subway or asking people for money.
“He had received around 500 of them [tickets]. I could see that most of the time he would receive many in the same week, sometimes by the same officers as well,” she said.

“It’s very common, to a point where I would say it’s a systematic experience for homeless people,” she added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been to Montreal; it is a very beautiful, elegant city. It is unfortunate that it has become institutionally deaf, dumb, and blind to its homelessness problem.

I wish someone could get Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre on a plane to Salt Lake City Utah, which, by the end of the year, will pretty much eliminated its homelessness problem.

And how?!? They figured out that it was ultimately cheaper to find modest housing for these people, and pair them with a social worker who could potentially get them working again at something. And even if that doesn't happen, the people are not evicted from their housing.

I would hope that Mayor Coderre would understand that punishing, or criminalising, homelessness doesn't work; the pragmatic, and compassionate approach taken by Salt Lake City, IS working.

Mar 07 10:10


The killing appeared to be targeted: A Mexican rights activist at the house was only slightly wounded in the attack, but Caceres’s body had four bullet wounds. Police said they had detained a suspect, but did not identify the person.

Mar 07 10:04


“There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it. We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump. But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people.

Fact. The establishment is panicked. Mitt essentially called for a brokered convention where the Republican nominee will be decided by party activists and delegates irrespective of their state’s choice… You want a brokered convention? A primer Mitt. Whenever we have a brokered convention we lose.

Dewey and Ford emerged from a brokered convention to lose the general election. So why? Because the party elites and elders want to protect us and stop us from falling into the abyss?… Most of us working two or three jobs think we’re already in the abyss. The Obama abyss…"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reality is that "business as usual", as has been conducted by both parties, has created an inordinate wealth disparity in this country, and Americans are justifiably pissed off, and want these practices to stop.

It's been great for the insiders and the 1 percenters, but most generally lousy for We the People.

The unemployment figures are pure codswallop. There are over 90 million Americans who are not working right now, but are not being counted by the Bureau of Labor, because they have given up looking, many of them in abject despair.

IF the Republican Party insists on a brokered convention, as a way to "punish" Trump for having understood what is going on here, and riding the tide of public outrage against how they have been cheated, scammed, and rooked by the Federal Government in every conceivable way, Republican Chair Lance Preibus just might as well walk over to Hillary Clinton's residence, and hand her the keys to the White House; it's just that simple.

Mar 07 09:49


To avoid the appearance of discrimination, the FBI identifies risk factors that are so broad and vague that virtually any young person could be deemed dangerous and worthy of surveillance, especially if she is socio-economically marginalized or politically outspoken. (Photo: Security array via Shutterstock)

Under new guidelines, the FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies and "western corruption" as potential future terrorists, warning that "anarchist extremists" are in the same category as ISIS and young people who are poor, immigrants or travel to "suspicious" countries are more likely to commit horrific violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How "Old Soviet Union" of the FBI! And it has become "official Federal policy>"?!?!?!?

For years, I have been counseling families with skills and kids to get out of this country while they still can.

However, the necessity of doing this, now that this surveillance program is in place, has hit critical mass.

Democratic republics to not engage in this kind of behaviour against students, who are just getting their heads around the way the world works; only dictatorships do this.

Mar 07 09:49

Hillary Clintons Pledge To Remove All Lead From The US In Five Years Is Just Not Possible

The crisis in Flint, Mich. — site of Sunday night's Democratic debate — was a crisis centered on the tragic combination of corrosive river water and outdated lead pipes in the city. When Hillary Clinton called for the debate in Flint — to which Bernie Sanders quickly agreed — the point was clearly to both criticize the Republican governor of the state and to present ways in which Flint's lead problem could be addressed.

Mar 07 09:48

Two Virginia firefighters suspended for transporting an 18-month-old girl to the hospital in their fire engine, saving her life.

Two Virginia volunteer firefighters were suspended for transporting an 18-month-old girl to the hospital in a fire engine last Saturday, ultimately saving her life.

Captain James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom of the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department in Fredericksburg were the first to respond to a call of a child having a seizure at an undisclosed location near a McDonald’s and took her to a nearby hospital, according to Fox 5 DC.

Mar 07 09:03

Aspen pot sales top $8.3 million in 2015. "Marijuana sales eclipsed alcohol sales in both March and April ... $998,418 worth of marijuana sold in March, and was $140,000 more than alcohol sales."

The seven marijuana dispensaries in Aspen sold more than $8.3 million worth of medical and recreational pot during 2015, according to statistics from the city’s Finance Department.
“That’s an incredible number,” said Aspen Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn. “That’s impressive.”
The exact amount of $8,347,557 in marijuana sales in the city translated to $200,341 in sales tax funneling into city coffers during 2015, according to the statistics.

Mar 07 09:03

Bernie Sanders Will Ban Fracking. Hillary Clinton 'Sold Fracking to the World'

Nothing illustrates the primary difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton better than the following Huffington Post article by Brad Johnson titled On Eve of Caucuses, Clinton Rakes in Fracking Cash:

Mar 07 08:55

Ron Paul in Classic 1999 Speech to Congress: "What about the unintended consequence of supporting Osama bin Laden!! How absurd can it get??"

In this classic speech given on 5/6/1999 from the floor of Congress which aired on C-SPAN, Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX) was opposing a Fiscal Year 1999 Supplemental Spending Appropriations Bill. He begins by talking about Congressional funding of undeclared wars and then Congress wanting to micromanage the conflicts, and then gets into bin Laden. Keep in mind this was two years and four months before 9/11/2001. "You talk about unintended consequences! They're so numerous! What about the unintended consequence of supporting the KLA, who's supported by Osama bin Laden!! How absurd can it get?? You know, Osama bin Laden was our good friend because he was a freedom fighter in Afghanistan and we gave him our weapons. And supported him," an outraged dark-haired Ron Paul said, before walking off the podium in disgust.

Mar 07 08:29

Cornered Neocons: Trump’s heresy on foreign policy has put Republican hawks in nightmare scenario — backing Hillary Clinton

“The war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake. All right? The war in Iraq, we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives…We should’ve never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East. You call it whatever you want…They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none. And they knew there were none.” – Donald Trump

Mar 07 08:22

It’s risky to bash Donald Trump on talk radio

Basically a hit piece on Trump from obvious neocons!

BERLIN – Ross Kaminsky has been running the morning rush hour show on TalkRadio 630 KHOW in Denver for all of two months, but he’s already in hot water with many of his 50,000 listeners: They like Donald Trump, and Kaminsky doesn’t.

Mar 07 08:13


As Hillary Clinton emerges as the front-runner for the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, she is receiving increased scrutiny for her years as Secretary of State. Many are criticizing her hawkish foreign policy, which is the best indication of what President Hillary's foreign policy would be, with many focusing on her long relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Mar 07 08:11

Judge is convicted for abuse of office for interfering in an investigation and trying to bribe a prosecutor to drop a case against his relatives. After the conviction, the judge is fined $25

A Navajo Nation judge found guilty of abusing his office will have to forfeit his position and pay a $25 fine.

Shiprock District Court Judge Genevieve Woody released her final sentencing order this week for Roy Tso (SO’).

Mar 07 08:09


This week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth District ruled that on an officer, who violently endangered the lives of an innocent grandmother and her three grandchildren by repeatedly ramming his car into theirs, is not immune from a lawsuit. On Oct. 24, 2011, Cheryl McCarty was driving her three young grandchildren to school when she was stopped by Southfield police officer Keith Birberick. Birberick accused her of illegally passing a school bus. Claiming that she hadn’t passed a school bus, McCarty voiced her discontent with the several hundred dollar ticket she was receiving for it. She also informed the officer that she planned to file a complaint with the Mayor’s Office over this incident.

Mar 07 08:09

Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income. Exclusive new data shows how debt, unemployment and property prices have combined to stop millennials taking their share of western wealth.

The full scale of the financial rout facing millennials is revealed today in exclusive new data that points to a perfect storm of factors besetting an entire generation of young adults around the world.

A combination of debt, joblessness, globalisation, demographics and rising house prices is depressing the incomes and prospects of millions of young people across the developed world, resulting in unprecedented inequality between generations.

Mar 07 08:03

Iran Billionaire to Appeal Death Sentence in Oil Fraud Case

“The sentence is not final and there is room to dispute it,” Rasoul Kouhpayezadeh told the Iranian Students News Agency on Sunday. “We will for sure appeal.”

Zanjani, who has denied all wrongdoing, was accused of embezzling $2.7 billion from the state-run National Iranian Oil Co. during transactions intended to circumvent international sanctions on crude exports, according to state-run media. Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said in 2014 that Zanjani used the Tajikistan branch of his own bank, First Islamic Investment Bank, to funnel the money out of Iran.

“My only aim was to serve the political establishment and I did”

(* Put him in a suit , and get him to a podeum , because it sounds like Zanjani Meets GOP Criteria . )

Mar 07 07:54


After his sister and niece were arrested for burglary, a Navajo Nation judge was arrested for interfering in the case and convicted of attempting to bribe the prosecutor in order to drop the charges against his relatives. Facing six months in jail and a $2,500 fine, the disgraced judge was recently sentenced to a $25 fine. On June 23, 2013, Kayenta Judicial District Court Judge Roy Tso Jr. learned that his sister and niece were being held in the Shiprock Detention Center on suspicion of burglary and theft. As investigators searched his relative’s home for any items stolen from a storage unit, Tso arrived flashing his credentials and identifying himself as a judge in an obtrusive conflict of interest.

Mar 07 07:25


*hyperlinks live at source*

By guest author, diogenes (bio below).


The 1%, Their Betters, And Their Abettors [1.1]

Mar 07 07:22

After (*Saturday) Night, Is There Any Way Realistically That Trump Doesn’t Win Florida?

After last night, is there any way realistically that Trump doesn’t win Florida?

Seeing a lot of buzz this morning that Trump underperformed last night and therefore it’s a whole new ballgame in Florida and Ohio. It may indeed be a whole new ballgame — but not the way you think. Because the dirty little secret of last night’s results is that Trump didn’t underperform. Behold:

Trump finished very close to where he was projected to finish in all four elections. The reason he “underperformed,” winning just two of the four states up for grabs, is because Ted Cruz overperformed dramatically. And the reason Cruz overperformed is starkly clear in Cohn’s graph, namely, a broad chunk of Rubio’s support collapsed out from under him and shifted to Cruz.>>>

Mar 07 07:14

Maine May Abandon Caucuses

After Sunday's Long Lines and Confusion, Maine May Abandon Caucuses

Maine held its caucuses on Saturday and Sunday, and it didn't go off perfectly in many places. Turnout for both parties broke records and there were reports of confused voters, long lines, and dangerously crowded venues>>>

(*all the better for switching votes )

Mar 07 06:56

Lord Rothschild: big problems ahead in 2016

Mar 07 06:52

The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul revolution — A reminder of what the GOP Establishment is all about

The 2012 Republican Party convention in Tampa, designed to sell a filtered image of a country club version of conservatism, begs the historic substance of a traditional embodiment of true timeless values. Hitting a range of obligatory themes is not equivalent to standing for the principles of a constitutional republic.

Mar 07 06:06

Oil producers’ moves to stabilize markets will fail

The world's top oil producers Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed on 16 February to freeze oil output at January levels in a bid to stabilize an oversupplied market.>>>

“The most difficult for that agreement would be Iran and Iraq,” says oil analyst Richard Mallinson of Energy Aspects Limited.

“Iran is one of the few OPEC countries not currently producing at its full capacity. As recently as January it received relief from western sanctions because of the nuclear deal, and so it is now hoping to increase its production and exports,” he says.

“But if it were to agree to a freeze in production, it would lose out. It would not able to increase its production, while Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other countries that are already at higher levels would maintain. So they wouldn't actually remove any oil from the market, it would only really be Iran that would be giving up.”

Iran may not agree, but is it open to negotiations?

“Iran will negotiate, because having oil prices this low is not good for anyone, except if you are a country that is importing oil,”>>>

Mar 07 05:21

Jason Sudeikis brings his Mitt Romney impression back to SNL

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis has been busy starring in movies and TV shows (including tonight's Last Man on Earth) and having a son, but he made time Saturday to return to SNL with his Mitt Romney that he did plenty during the 2012 election. (He comes in at 4:45.)

(*In addition to Romney , SNL Gives it to Christi , Clinton , Cruz , and Donald . Spared Bernie and Kasich , and show Rubio nothing .)

Mar 07 04:50

Hillary Clinton ISISTS Immunity For Staffer Who Set Up Private Email Is Good News

Hillary Clinton insists immunity for staffer who set up private email is good news

Hillary Clinton insists immunity for staffer who set up private email is good news

(*Three Times For The 'NORMAL' Mind ! )

Mar 07 04:20

Clinton, Sanders Both Say They Can Beat Trump

"I think Donald Trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear well on the American people," Clinton said. "We have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country."
"We are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money in mental health," Sanders said, then cracked a joke. "And when you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health."

(*Clinton, Sanders , Rubio , Kasich , Cruz , Romney , FOXNews , NATIONAL REVEIW , All Say They Can Beat Trump !)

Mar 07 04:08

First Live Ransomware Targeting Mac

Apple users beware: First live ransomware targeting Mac found 'in the wild'
Researchers have discovered what they say is the first real-world ransomware targeting Macs, and if you've downloaded torrenting software recently, you may be at risk.

Sorry Mac fans -- now you're no better off than regular old PC users.

Security researchers have discovered what they believe to be the first ever ransomware attack targeted at Apple users that actually made it out 'into the wild.' And in bad news for downloading fiends, it's being spread through torrenting software.


Mar 07 03:56

Is Marco Rubio the Great GOP Hope, or Dope?

If the recent “Super Saturday” elections are a sign, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in deep trouble.

To be sure, a victory in Florida on March 15 would give him momentum, but the Catch-22 is that it’s hard to win Florida without momentum (his Sunday win in Puerto Rico was fine but isn’t exactly a big mo-shifter). And if Rubio loses his home state, which is entirely possible, not only would it spell doom for his presidential chances, it would also serve as a major embarrassment.

Rubio’s chances seem increasingly slim.

(*Is Marco Rubio the Great GOP
[ ] - Hope
[X] - Dope )

Mar 06 19:07

Obama Goes to Havana; Bag Man Noah B. Mamet Pretends to Be a Diplomat

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Guest author “No Passport” American Daniel Bruno reports from Buenos Aires. Daniel is from NYC, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at

Obama to be first U.S. President to Visit Cuba since 1928

Mar 06 17:47

Navajo Water Supply is More Horrific than Flint, But No One Cares Because they’re Native American

The news out of Flint, Michigan brought the issue of contaminated drinking water into sharp focus, as it was revealed that officials at every level—local, state and federal—knew about lead-poisoned water for months but did nothing to address the problem.

Mar 06 17:44

Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money

Finland and the Netherlandshave already shown their interest in giving people a regular monthly allowance regardless of working status, and now Ontario, Canada is onboard.

Ontario's government announced in February that a pilot program will be coming to the Canadian province sometime later this year.

Mar 06 17:13

Behind The Facade: America, The Bankrupt Hegemon – F. William Engdahl

Fantasy and fairy tales can go only so far when it comes to the true condition of anything or anyone. Sooner or later the truth must out. This is very much the case when looking at the true condition of the nation the Chinese call, The Hegemon, the not-anymore-so-United States of America.

Mar 06 16:28

U.S. Investors Miss Iran Deals Worth Billions

U.S. investors are at risk of getting shut out of deals in Iran while their European competitors get a head start on billions of dollars in opportunities unlocked by the lifting of international sanctions, according to Greylock Capital Management.

“It seems like the U.S. might miss this opportunity because the Europeans are going to move regardless,” Hans Humes, Greylock’s chief executive officer and chairman who traveled to Iran in June, said in an interview in Mexico City. “It almost doesn’t matter what the U.S. does because once it starts opening up to Europe I think the economy in Iran will start to move.”

(*"Bah ! Why INVEST when you can PILLAGE ?"
whitehorse souce)

Mar 06 16:15

Billionaire Sentenced to Death in Oil Fund Fraud Case (*no not 'Here' !)

Iran Billionaire Sentenced to Death in Oil Fund Fraud Case

*** Zanjani guilty of funneling money out of Iran during sanctions
Analyst says Iran wants to show that it is tackling corruption

Iranian businessman Babak Zanjani was sentenced to death after being found guilty in a fraud case involving an oil fund, the state-run Iranian Students’ News Agency reported on Sunday, citing a judicial official.

The court found enough evidence to convict Zanjani and two other people, who were also sentenced to death, said Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejei, a spokesman for Iran’s judiciary. They were also ordered to repay a quarter of the money they laundered, according to the report. Zanjani can appeal the verdict.

Zanjani, who has denied all wrongdoing, was accused of embezzling $2.7 billion from the state-run National Iranian Oil Co.>>>

Mar 06 11:30

What a Palestinian’s hunger strike tells about the fate of Israel’s occupation

Jamal Kanj argues that the case of Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, who went on a record 94-day hunger strike in protest at his “administrative detention”, shows that Israel will not succeed in subjugating the Palestinian people.

Mar 06 11:30

After Watching Violence At his Orlando Rally, Trump Says "You know, we have a divided country folks. The hatred, the animosity. I'm gonna bring people together. You watch."

As violence broke out directly behind Donald Trump at his rally in Orlando, Florida, yesterday, Trump stopped his speech and walked towards the protesters. Trump watched the scuffle with particularly keen interest, pointing at it. The protesters involved flipped off Trump as they shouted at him. After the people were removed, an apparently subdued Trump came back to the microphone to comment on it.

Mar 06 11:12

Donald Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally - Full Speech - Saturday, 3/5/16 in Orlando, Florida

Saturday, March 5, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Orlando, FL and spoke to a packed house at CFE Arena.

Mar 06 10:59

16-year-old faces statutory rape charge for having consensual sex with girl the same age as him

A CO KILDARE district judge is voicing ‘serious concerns’ for a 16-year-old boy in State care who is facing statutory rape charges after having consensual sex with a female the same age as him.

Mar 06 10:58

Texas Trooper Fired After Being Indicted For Perjury, In Woman's Suspicious Death

Murder charges have never been filed in the very suspicious death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, a black woman who was pulled over by a violent Texas Trooper in 2015 for allegedly not using her blinker. But Trooper Brian Encinia has been fired after being criminally indicted for committing perjury in the case. Also, LibertyFight has found a very poignant 11 minute video of (the now deceased) Sandra Bland giving a talk about police brutality and race relations from her 'Sandy Speaks' Youtube account.

Mar 06 10:58

No, Turning On Your Phone Is Not Consenting to Being Tracked by Police

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals on Wednesday upheld a historic decision by a state trial court that the warrantless use of cell-site simulators, or Stingrays, violates the Fourth Amendment.

Mar 06 10:33

Flashback 2005: Glenn Beck Threatens To Kill Michael Moore

The U.S. Secret Service has acknowledged to CBS News that it is currently investigating Glenn Beck's threats to kill Donald Trump. This is not the first time beck has been involved with death threats or has threatened someone's life. In 2007, Beck told Congressman Ron Paul that Paul's supporters were threatening Beck's life. And in 2005, Glenn Beck threatened to kill filmmaker Michael Moore. Beck began, "I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, ya know? And I could just be choking the life out of him. I stopped wearing my 'What would Jesus do' band and I've lost all sense of right and wrong now."

Mar 06 10:15

Ginger over chemo: This powerful root can eliminate 10,000x the number of cancer cells

The facts from Georgia State

Ever since inflammation was proven to contribute to the on-set and development of the majority of diseases, researchers have been investigating plants that are rich in antioxidants in order to ascertain their effectiveness in both curing and preventing of sickness. Turmeric was among the first ones on the list and its impact in various types of cancer, as well as a swarm of other diseases, is now undeniable. Ginger is a close relative of turmeric, so scientists thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at its healing properties. Georgia State University did just that in a trial that involved prostate cancer in mice.

What the scientists found out was awe-inspiring. The mice experienced a reduction in the size of prostate tumors by as much as 56% when taking 6-shoagoal, a pungent compound in ginger that is produced when the root is dried or cooked. By comparison to the treatment of control subjects, ginger proved to be a staggering 10,000x stronger. But the good news doesn't stop here. Particularly when it comes to prostate cancer, this root helps patients avoid death, unlike the chemotherapy that promotes a weakened immune system and even the metastasis of cancer.

Mar 06 10:12

Murder Is Washington’s Foreign Policy — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington has a long history of massacring people, for example, the destruction of the Plains Indians by the Union war criminals Sherman and Sheridan and the atomic bombs dropped on Japanese civilian populations, but Washington has progressed from periodic massacres to fulltime massacring. From the Clinton regime forward, massacre of civilians has become a defining characteristic of the United States of America.

Washington is responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and part of Syria. Washington has enabled Saudi Arabia’s attack on Yemen, Ukraine’s attack on its former Russian provinces, and Israel’s destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When I was a kid coming up, I never, for a single moment, thought that the United States of America I loved would, in the 21st century, morph, geopolitically, into the United States of Carnage.

But unfortunately, globally, that is precisely where we are, with only one party at its helm; the war party, capitalising brilliantly on all of the mayhem it creates.

But there is a point where all financial gain like this becomes a Pyrrhic victory, and that is when a country gets destroyed by its own war lust and desire for destruction; in the Hindu scriptures, such an event is called Karma, and in Christian literature, is described in a phrase attributed to Jesus: "Thant which ye sow, ye shall also reap."

And right now, US foreign policy, collectively, is reaping ....the whirlwind, and there will be some very real consequences for what the US government has done around the world.

As a Christian pacifist activist, I abhor violence, and never advocate it; but as a realistic human being, I understand the factors which can generate it.

Mar 06 10:01

Killing Someone Else’s Beloved

Trump’s pledge to murder the civilian relatives of terrorists could be considered quite modest — and, in its bluntness, refreshingly candid — when compared to President Obama’s ongoing policy of loosing drones and U.S. Special Operations forces in the Greater Middle East. Those policies, the assassinations that go with them, and the “collateral damage” they regularly cause are based on one premise when it comes to the American public: that we will permanently suspend our capacity for grief and empathy when it comes to the dead (and the living) in distant countries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Extrajudicial assassination is both blatantly immoral, and Constitutionally unjustifiable.

The practice creates more radicals than it kills, which makes me wonder if that is the real intention in the first place.

Mar 06 09:42


There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already, beginning with the largest denomination bills such as the $100-note and particularly the €500-note?

On the other side are people who like to use cash – most of whom, according to the dominant official narrative, are either criminals or terrorists. After all, they must have something to hide; otherwise, why would they use a private, untraceable (not to mention archaic, dirty, dangerous and unhygienic) form of payment like cash?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When something is made illegal, let's say drugs in this century, or alcohol in the last, and becomes criminalized, it becomes attractive, and a new source of income for the most unsavory elements in society.

And a short note to Carl-Ludwig Thiele; please have your Kevlar undies on at all times; don't get "depressed", and don't drive a car which can be hacked and crashed in an incident which will very closely resemble a "single car accident"!!

Mar 06 09:17

Just 24 Hours After Being Federally Indicted, Big Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Was Killed In A Single Car Crash

Just 24 hours after being indicted on federal antitrust charges, former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy Corporation Aubrey McClendon was killed in a fiery single car crash on Wednesday.

McClendon, 56, was indicted on Tuesday. He was accused of conspiring to violate federal antitrust law by “rigging bids to buy oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma” when he ran Chesapeake Energy Company.

Mar 06 07:32

The remarkable story of a woman who was born at Auschwitz

It would take her more than a further half century before she felt able to recount the story of her and her mother, who died in 1992. At the age of 60 she finally broke her silence to tell a local journalist at her home in Montreal how her mother, Vera Bein, had given birth on the top bunk in the barracks of camp C at Auschwitz-Birkenau in December 1944.
Note: The lies run deep on this one. Too many to list but according to the holocau$t legend pregnant woman and babies were killed immediately. Had enough yet!

Mar 06 07:31

Glenn Bex: Media Badly Misreported On-Air Remarks

Glenn Beck Says Media So Badly Misreported His On-Air Remarks That Secret Service Showed Up to His Texas Studios

“If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”
Glenn actually threatened ME, not Donald Trump. So, I am now stuck in the odd situation of defending my boss for threatening my life.>>>
(*talk about falling on one's own sword !)

(*It's all fun and games until the secret service launches an investigation , then , of course , that's not what he said . Expect this to go the same way Limbaugh's Oxycontin escapades went , in court )

Mar 06 06:56

A divided GOP doesn't have a prayer

(*Expext BEX . The only thing interesting is the Headline , which is , of course CORRECT . After that , this article reverts itself into an LATimes 'Hit Piece' on Donald Trump .)

Mar 06 06:22

US SIGINT aircraft crash lands in Kurdish region of Iraq

Nothing yet known about it's mission or why it crash landed

The plane N6351V registered by the US government under the army landed in an open field near the town of Kawrgosk 37 km west of the capital Erbil and 10 Km from the international airport.
The troops seen in the video are clearly US special forces, perhaps Delta Force, indicating this plane and/or it’s passengers were important enough to warrant launching a Spec Ops retrieval mission.>>>

Mar 06 05:57

If Trump Is So Awful, Why Are His Kids So Awesome?

Well, I'm guessin' it has less to do with patriotism and more to do with personal pettiness and political envy.
But, then again, hell if I know and heck if I care.
That said, there is one thing I'd like to bring up that I really haven't heard addressed and I kind of find interesting, namely ... Trump's kids are very impressive.
Which is really weird because, if you listen to and believe Donald's detractors, like Mitt [Romney], one would think he would've spawned kids that would make Miley Cyrus look like a penitent nun.
Y'all, help me here. I'm confused.
If Trump's such an evil SOB, of shoddy character, with no moral compass, who doesn't really love America, then why are his kids so sharp, solid, smart and a great addition to this grand American experiment in self-governance?
You'd think that such a supposed scalawag would have kids who'd give the Kardashians' crass clan a run for their sex-tape money. But no.>>>

Mar 06 05:14

Burglars Ram Car Into Calif. Gun Shop

Burglars Ram Car Into Calif. Gun Shop, Stealing 'Numerous' Firearms: Police
“The vehicle defeated the business’ security and the subjects gained access inside,” police said in an incident summary. “The subjects proceeded to steal numerous firearms from the business and fled in the vehicle.”

Police said the vehicle was a 1990s model light green Honda Accord with a primer or white-colored driver’s door.

(*sporting one of these>

on it's back bumper ? )

Mar 06 04:58

'US Won't Pressure NATO Member Turkey Over Dictatorial Behavior'

Dictatorial US Won't Pressure Dictatorial NATO Member Turkey Over Dictatorial Behavior

It appears that it is just another act of repression against the media in Turkey, it is a pattern. It is called an ‘insult case’ where the opposition is treated as insulting as if it is a personal relationship between the media and President Erdogan. And that doesn’t speak well of what purports to be a democracy. And what immediately strikes me about it is the double standard with which the US and British press and their respective governments are treating Turkey vis-à-vis how they treat, for example, Russia and President Putin. This double standard is really outstanding.

And the broader implication is the coalition of forces that the US has organized on its side versus the coalition of forces that Russia has contributed to with Syria and Iran and Lebanon. And this is the way in which this is characterized: the Putin government and President Putin himself is disrespected in most of the American media and in the political sphere - including the leading political candidates for presidential office for this year. >>>

Mar 06 04:54

FBI Serves FOX News Photographer With Subpoena For All 2014 Bundy Ranch Pictures & Videos

The reporter, who was contracted in 2014 to take footage for Megyn Kelly's 'Kelly File' on FOX News, reported on his personal blog yesterday about the latest developments and the FBI subpoena issued to him.

Mar 06 04:45

Cruz' plan to sink Rubio

Inside Ted Cruz's plan to sink Marco Rubio in Florida
The strategy is not without risk: A Trump victory in Florida puts him 99 delegates closer to clinching the GOP nomination, weakening rivals' hopes of keeping him from reaching the delegate threshold and then defeating him at a brokered convention. And keeping Rubio from climbing is likely to cost millions of dollars.

A February poll showed Rubio 16 points ahead of Cruz, but 16 points behind Trump, who led the field in the Quinnipiac University survey at 48%.

Mar 06 04:32

Trump Celebrates Wins

Donald Trump Celebrates 2 Wins, Calls on Rubio to Drop Out
Rubio campaign spokesman called Trump a "con artist" in response, and suggested that Trump is worried Rubio will win the Florida primary and gain momentum.
"He should do well in Maine, because it's very close to Canada," he [Trump] joked of Cruz. "Let's face it."
Alluding to suggestions that mainstream Republicans could mount a third party candidate if Trump is the nominee, Trump warned against the possibility of splitting conservatives in the general election.

"It 100 percent guarantees the election of the Democrat," he said, adding that the next president will name multiple Supreme Court justices.

Mar 06 03:31

Flashback: Glenn Beck Tells Ron Paul That Paul's Supporter's Threatened His Life

During the 2008 presidential race, Glenn Beck was interviewing Congressman Ron Paul and made a secretive and ominous reference to alleged death threats made to Beck by Ron Paul supporters and 9/11 truthers. During the December 18, 2007 broadcast, Beck said "Okay. Dr Paul. I'm gonna take a break and in the break I'm gonna feed something down to your location that I'm not gonna show on the air. My life has been threatened . Uh, I had to wear a vest and have securities . I..I..I've got a SWAT team to watch my family because of people who say they support you. I want to show you something that is out on the internet , about me, and from people who say they support you. And I want to get your thoughts on this, and let's set to rest some things when we come back. Shall we?"

Mar 06 03:26

U.S. Secret Service Investigates Glenn Beck For Threatening Donald Trump

"the Secret Service tells CBS 11 it’s aware of the comment and will conduct an appropriate follow-up investigation."

Mar 06 01:38

Number of licensed payday lenders in Idaho drops

According to the bureau, most payday loans have finance charges of $15 or $20 for each $100 borrowed. For the two-week term typical of a payday loan, these fees equate to an annual percentage rate ranging from 391 percent to 521 percent. Idaho does not cap the loan rates... The Statesman asked more than a dozen national and local payday-loan companies why they closed some or all of their Idaho stores. They either did not return calls or would not comment. The industry's trade association, the Community Financial Services Association, also did not return calls.

Mar 05 22:35

Donald Trump Storms Back After Early Ted Cruz Wins

Bernie didn't do too bad either.

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — The latest on the 2016 presidential campaign, with voters in five states getting their say Saturday in nominating contests (all times Eastern Standard Time):

10:46 p.m.

Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential caucuses in Kentucky, adding to his victory earlier Saturday in Louisiana.

That’s the 12th state win for the billionaire businessman, who aimed to extend his delegate lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Saturday’s nominating contests.


Mar 05 18:32

Eric Schmidt gets a job at the Pentagon: Alphabet Chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is heading up a new effort to make the Pentagon more tech savvy

Alphabet Chairman and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is heading up a new effort to make the Pentagon more tech savvy.

Mar 05 18:30

President Jimmy Carter says America, a once-free nation, is now an oligarchy, and that’s not just his opinion. It is provable, and backed up by the research of top political experts and scholars.

President Jimmy Carter says America, a once-free nation, is now an oligarchy, and that’s not just his opinion. It is provable, and backed up by the research of top political experts and scholars.

Mar 05 17:55

Justin Trudeau’s Shame: Extending Carte Blanche to Israel

This is a sickening violation of Canadians’ basic rights enshrined by Justin’s father 35 years ago. As the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair (who once described himself as an “ardent supporter of Israel”) said, the resolution “makes it a thought crime to express an opinion.” The NDP and the Bloc, joined by three Liberals, voted against the resolution.

Mar 05 17:18

Feds arrest Bundy supporters in six states

The federal government took action against supporters of Cliven Bundy on Thursday.


Mar 05 16:49

Starved to death and left to MUMMIFY in the world's worst zoo: Once proud animals including lions and crocodiles are now no more than horrifying 'statues' after carers had to stop feeding them

This is the real face of Israel and Zionism! This is what they intend to do to the whole planet!

These are the horrifying pictures of mummified corpses of dozens of animals that starved to death in the world's worst zoo.

The photographs were taken at Khan Younis zoo in the impoverished Gaza Strip. The animals were left without food due to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, as staff were unable to feed or care for them properly.

Mohammed Awaida opened South Forest Park in 2007 and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the zoo.

He lost a number of animals during the Israeli attacks against Hamas which began a year later

During the three-week offensive, launched in response to rocket attacks on Israel, Awaida said he could not reach the zoo, and many animals died of neglect and starvation.

History repeated itself in summer 2014, in the aftermath of the Gaza war known as Operation Protective Edge.



Mar 05 15:03

flashback: 3/14/2012: Mitt Romney’s dog-on-the-car-roof story

Late-night host David Letterman has been giving the dog near-nightly shout-outs. There are parody Web videos, “Dogs Aren’t Luggage” T-shirts and Facebook groups. (“Dogs Against Romney,” which protested outside last month’s Westminster dog show, has more than 38,000 Facebook fans.) The New Yorker featured a cartoon, with Rick Santorum riding in Romney’s rooftop dog carrier, on its cover last week. In the five years since the story was revealed, New York Times columnist Gail Collins has mentioned Seamus in at least 50 columns.
The Seamus story first surfaced in the Boston Globe in a chapter of a biographical series the newspaper published in 2007, when Romney first ran for president.

(*Always a good re-tell , but one thing you can't take away from it is the fact that in The Romney Family , Seamus is The Minority !)

Mar 05 14:58

Flint Resident Files Lawsuit Against Corporations, Officials

LeeAnne Walters, the Flint mother who defied the lies and intimidation of state and local officials to help bring to light the lead poisoning of Flint’s water, has initiated a lawsuit against companies and individuals she accuses of bearing responsibility for poisoning her children. All four of her children have experience different symptoms from the high levels exposure to the neurotoxin—including stunted growth, brain deficiencies and violent stomach pains.

Mar 05 14:53

flashback 10/18/2012: Wife Says Mitt Will Not Run Again

Mitt Romney ‘will not run again’ if campaign falls short, wife says

Ann Romney said on Thursday that she did not want her husband, Mitt, the Republican nominee for president, to seek the White House again this year and added that if he loses on Nov. 6, the former Massachusetts governor will retire from politics.

“He will not run again—nor will I do anything like that,” Ann Romney said on ABC’s “The View.”

(*He's probably sleeping out in the dog house these days , while Seamus is up stairs in the big bed !)

Mar 05 14:44

flashback 12/24/2012 Mitt Romney Didn't Want to Be President, Son Claims

Mitt Romney didn't really want to win, his son Tagg Romney claims in a recent interview.

"He wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life," Tagg Romney told the Boston Globe. "If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside."

The oldest Romney son said his father is a "private person" who wanted to help put the country back on its feet, but hated the limelight that came with presidential politics.

Tagg Romney told the newspaper that he and his mother Ann had to convince Mitt Romney to run for the presidency.

(*This could explain why Romney would prefer NOT to campaign , and just stay back and be a "private person" , who bashes someone who should have written the book on 'How To Run A Successful Presidential Campaign" , and slide right over to the inauguration Bible , after he's been 'installed' by a brokered GOP convention .)

Mar 05 12:45

Maniacal Texas Trooper Finally Fired, For Perjury

Murder charges have never been filed in the very suspicious death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, a black woman who was pulled over by a violent Texas Trooper in 2015 for allegedly not using her blinker. But Trooper Brian Encinia has been fired after being criminally indicted for committing perjury in the case. Also, LibertyFight has found a very poignant 11 minute video of (the now deceased) Sandra Bland giving a talk about police brutality and race relations from her 'Sandy Speaks' Youtube account. I happen to know a lot about the Texas Department of Public Safety, because I filed a federal lawsuit against them and two of their troopers in 2012. In my case, I had recorded both troopers & filed official complaints against them. The TX DPS admitted wrongdoing in writing, took 'corrective action' against them and forced them to undergo 'additional training,' as well as admitting wrongdoing in federal court.

Mar 05 12:27

Experience In the Holocaust—When She Finally Did I Was Speechless

Perhaps the story that moved me most was how my mother had to perform an abortion on herself all alone in a hut in a garden allotment on the outskirts of Berlin. I now live quite nearby, and the thought of what my mother must have suffered and that I lost an older brother haunts me.
Note: I am posting this again because once again it is headlined on yahoo dot com. Had enough yet!

Mar 05 11:14

Distribution of U.S. Federal Funds for Holocaust Survivors Begins

The allocation is a tranche of $12 million to be distributed over five years and is part of an initiative launched in late 2013 by Vice President Joe Biden.

Mar 05 10:45

‘I need a beer,’ abandoned 3-year-old tells police before her mother is arrested

When police in Lubbock, Tex., were called to investigate a report of a 3-year-old girl wandering alone in an apartment complex, they weren’t sure what they might find. The girl was “extremely dirty,” according to police, with red bumps from bedbug bites covering her skin. A neighbor who sometimes babysits the girl told Fox affiliate KJTV that the filth was a result of the girl playing outside. Shauna Bennett, 42, is charged with abandoning and endangering her child.

Mar 05 10:25


Mar 05 10:06

Oregon becomes first state to pass law to completely eliminate coal-fired power

Oregon has become the first US state to pass laws to rid itself of coal, committing to eliminate the use of coal-fired power by 2035 and to double the amount of renewable energy in the state by 2040.

Mar 05 10:05

An Owasso mother said her children came home from church to find their family dog bleeding from a gunshot wound on their front porch Wednesday night. A note from the Rogers County Sheriff's Office was attached to the door.

An Owasso mother said her children came home from church to find their family dog bleeding from a gunshot wound on their front porch Wednesday night. A note from the Rogers County Sheriff's Office was attached to the door.

Mar 05 10:00

flashback Aug 09, 2015: Glenn Beck On Trump: He's A 'Son Of A B**ch'

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck called Donald Trump a "son of a bitch.">>>

Mar 05 09:59


?The murder in Honduras on March 3rd of the global prize-winning environmental activist Berta Cáceres is one of the current achievements (though indirect) of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s decision in 2009 to allow the newly-installed coup-regime in that country to solidify and remain in power.

As the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton resisted and ultimately overcame the virtually unanimous efforts of other Western Hemispheric and European leaders to oust the coup-regime. She was backed-up in this retrograde decision by U.S. President Barack Obama. Without her efforts, and President Obama’s passive acceptance of her decision, the coup-installed regime wouldn’t have remained in power, and the freely elected President would have been restored to power to complete his term.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you liked what Clinton did as Secretary of State, your're going to LOVE what she will do as president!

Mar 05 09:36

Sen. Lee on Federalizing Water Infrastructure Financing

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) released the following statement Friday, concerning Senate legislation specifically designed to federalize our nation’s water infrastructure financing system.

“What is happening to the people of Flint, Michigan is a man-made disaster,” Lee said. “Congress has special mechanisms for emergency spending when it is needed, but to date Michigan’s governor has not asked us for any, nor have Michigan’s Senators proposed any. Contrary to media reports, there is no federal ‘aid package’ for Flint even being considered.”

Mar 05 09:35

Veterans Still Support Trump After Torture Flip-Flop

After Donald Trump Flip-Flop On Torture, Veterans Still Support Republican Front-Runner
“Donald Trump is a straight talker and clearly knows how to get things done,” said William Compton, 63, a retired Army master sergeant from South Carolina who served in the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars. “He sees the state of the world and is willing to do what is necessary to keep America safe, which is something that myself and other veterans share in common with him, even though he didn’t serve.”

Mar 05 09:15

Girl Scout cookie sales explode after Catholic Archdiocese decides girl scouts are evil.

First up from the God Machine this week is a Catholic archdiocese in Missouri, which went after the Girl Scouts in a way that backfired rather spectacularly.

Mar 05 09:15

Taliban refuses to hold peace talks with Afghan govt

KABUL: The Taliban on Saturday refused to resume long-stalled peace talks with the Afghan government, reiterating their preconditions for holding dialogue, a statement said.

"We want to repeat our stance once again that until the occupation of foreign troops ends, until Taliban names are removed from international blacklists and until our detainees are released, talks will yield no results," it said.

Mar 05 09:13

Release of Clinton Documents Delayed After State Department Discovers 'Thousands’ of Unsearched Records

The State Department’s recent discovery of thousands of unsearched records from Hillary Clinton’s tenure has delayed several public records lawsuits and could keep many of the documents out of the public sphere until next fall.

Mar 05 09:11

State Trooper Gets Just 6 Months For Raping Car Accident Victim

An Alabama state trooper accused of raping a car accident victim and forcing her to perform oral sex was sentenced to just six months in jail.

Mar 05 09:10

Texan who called Obama a gay prostitute may soon control textbooks

Mary Lou Bruner stood before the Texas State Board of Education in 2010 to talk about textbooks. She was concerned, she said during her testimony, that the state's curriculum was being controlled by outside forces.

Mar 05 09:04

Ex-Alabama state trooper charged with raping woman while on duty gets six months in jail

An ex-Alabama state trooper who was accused of raping a woman while he was on duty was sentenced to six months in jail after he pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge. Felony charges of rape and sodomy against Samuel McHenry II were dismissed as part of a plea agreement he filed in Butler County District Court in Greenville. McHenry’s Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission certification will be revoked and he’ll have to register as a sex offender, according to the plea agreement. [QUESTION: If a motorist was pulled over & raped an on-duty cop, would they get a mere six months in jail too? if not, why not?]