Dec 20 15:57

Family Farmers Are Going Extinct, Parity Can Bring Them Back

As reports of economic improvement – despite real metrics – continue to be paraded about in the media, America’s farmers are facing extinction. Family…

Dec 20 13:47

AT&T Will Give Workers $1,000 Bonuses to Celebrate the Tax Bill

AT&T Inc., the phone carrier locked in a battle with the U.S. government over its Time Warner Inc. acquisition, lauded President Donald Trump and Congress for their tax-cut bill and said 200,000 U.S. workers will get a special $1,000 bonus to celebrate.

"Your move, other corporations. Are you Santa or Scrooge?". ~ Scott Adams

Dec 20 12:20

America Is Beaten - and the World Knows It

The world knows America is done for.

Trump isn’t making America great, he is dancing on the corpse. We could give dates, 9/11 or back in 1913 when America took on an illegal Rothschild central bank. Perhaps it really is 1913 and the America of today, is the result of bleeding that began then.

It is always about debt. When nations take on a central bank, and all central banks are foreign owned, all controlled by the Rothschild family, their institutions crumble, the family, religion, their government, the courts, their media, all are targeted.

Dec 20 11:58

BUILT THAT WALL! And End Chain Migration for All

Over the weekend, godless liberals and anarchist Antifa members showed up in San Francisco to counter protest a contingent of America-lovers mourning the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of a five-time deported illegal alien.

Dec 20 10:49

The Most Expensive Housing Zip Codes in the US

Hang on to your hat.

Dec 20 10:36

Is U.S. Gasoline Consumption Set To Collapse?

Dec 20 09:00

France plans spring sell-off with raft of privatisations

French President Emmanuel Macron is planning a spring clear out with a raft of privatizations - said to be the biggest in a decade - that the state hopes will raise €10 billion.

President Emmanuel Macron is planning to sell off state assets in various companies in a bid to raise €10 billion, according to Les Echos newspaper.

The spring sell-off could see the state sell part or all of its stakes in the capital's airports Orly and Charles-de-Gaulle as well as energy group Engie and the national lottery (Française des Jeux - FDJ).

The aim of the controversial privatizations is to raise €10 billion in funds for innovation, which was part of Macron's election campaign promise to make France the "digital champion of Europe".

Dec 20 08:58

‘Bureaucracy makes you feel like a lowly beggar’: surviving on the streets of Berlin

Rising rents and a lack of social housing are contributing to homelessness in the German capital. Adapting means disappearing 'like a little grey mouse' in the city's crevices.
One of the first things you need to survive on the streets is a “bunker”, says Klaus. In this bunker you can hide your possessions during the day, he explains. It could be a hole in the ground or among the bushes, it doesn’t matter really - the key thing is that absolutely no-one knows where it is.

Possessions stashed, he could spend the day collecting bottles. Klaus, who speaks eloquently in fast colloquial German, is a slight man, with chunky walking boots that look heavy on his legs. He used to walk a set route in central Berlin targeting busy areas like Checkpoint Charlie where tourists, unaware of Berlin’s “pfand” recycling system, would leave accidental tokens of survival in the city’s bins.

Dec 20 08:54

This bull market WILL end… Prepare now

Stocks are up…

Cryptocurrencies are flying…

And investors and speculators of all kinds – cautious and careless – are making a lot of money.

Dec 20 08:45

Britain-US trade deal: May and Trump vow to make SWIFT post-Brexit agreement

THERESA May and Donald Trump agreed on the importance of a swift post-Brexit bilateral trade deal in the the pair’s first phone call since their row over the US President’s retweeting of a British far-right group.

Dec 20 08:24

China's Growth Story... Don't Look For A Happy Ending!

Many economists suggest China is on the cusp of significant growth in domestic consumer demand. 

Dec 20 08:16

The Washington Post Says That Fedcoin Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than Bitcoin

Fedcoin doesn’t even exist yet, and yet the Washington Post is already hyping it as the primary cryptocurrency that we will be using in the future. Do they know something that they rest of us do not? Just a few days ago I warned that global central banks could eventually try to take control of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, and so I was deeply alarmed to see the Post publish this sort of an article. We want cryptocurrencies to stay completely independent, and we definitely do not want the Federal Reserve and other global central banks to start creating their own versions. Because of course once they create their own versions they will want to start restricting the use of any competitors.

Dec 20 07:46

Why Bitcoin Won’t Affect Gold Demand

Dec 20 06:06

41 Million Americans Are Living In Poverty This Christmas

Even though the stock market continues to set new record high after new record high, poverty is exploding all over America. 

Dec 20 06:03

Trump Is Pursuing a Defense Spending Hike and a Pentagon Audit at the Same Time?

Left unmentioned in the president’s speech on Monday regarding the National Security Strategy is that, under his direction, the Pentagon is undergoing its first audit in history. It’s not referenced in the document itself, either, though “restraining Federal spending” and “making government more efficient” are mentioned. The National Interest pointed out last week how little attention the audit is getting.

When the Republicans first made gains back in the Barack Obama era, they did so on the Tea Party wave. Now-forgotten is that many of those emerging political stars, like Rand Paul and Mike Lee, dissented from party orthodoxy on military spending. That legacy carries on, to some extent, today; Paul and Lee were among only eight senators to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act earlier this year.>>>

Dec 19 14:50

Eight Axioms to Understand the Fake Economy

Dec 19 13:20

House GOP approves massive tax overhaul as Senate prepares to vote

House Republicans on Tuesday approved sweeping changes to the U.S. tax code, barreling toward the GOP goal of passing the first major tax overhaul in decades by the end of the year.

It passed the chamber by a 227-203 margin, with Republicans erupting in cheers when the bill garnered enough support. Twelve Republicans — all from high-tax blue states — opposed the plan. As House members voted on the legislation, chants of "shame!" came down from protesters in the chamber's gallery.

The House vote sends the broadly unpopular tax bill to the Senate, where Republicans are expected to push it through by Wednesday morning. With Senate passage, the legislation would go to President Donald Trump to sign it into law.

Dec 19 12:13

Beware the Student Loan Grinch

Dec 19 11:12

Iraq Begins To Rebuild Largest Refinery

Dec 19 09:09

Lacking any real job skills, broke millennials are now donating blood plasma as a routine source of income

Being a millennial is tough, even though they are by and large considered to be a rather sheltered generation. Although they’re bright in some respects, many aren’t quite as prepared for the real world as they should be. Some of it is out of their control as they face crushing student loans and stagnating wages, a situation that is leading many young people to sell their blood plasma to make ends meet.

One former community college student spoke about how she visits an Oregon plasma donation center twice a week following a reduction in her hours at work. At the center, people who donate plasma can earn anywhere from $25 to $150 per week over a maximum of eight visits per month.

Dec 19 08:37

Toys R Us future in UK plunged into doubt over pension scheme

Toys R Us's future in the UK has been plunged into doubt after the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) said it would vote against the company's rescue plan.

The retailer was told to put £9m into its struggling pension fund by the PPF in order for it to support the toy retailer's restructuring plan.

Failure to agree a deal could put all its 3,200 staff at risk of redundancy.

Dec 19 08:23

NATO's Anti-Russian Submarine Cable Scare is Really All About China

The renewed fear mongering campaign in the media about a supposed “Russian threat” to the world’s undersea cables is really just a cover for expanding the US and NATO’s naval presence all along the Afro-Eurasian coastland in order to monitor China’s maritime Silk Road trade routes and enter into a future position for subverting them.

Dec 19 08:20

The Economy Is Rapidly Deteriorating, Look Past The Illusion And You Can See It

Retail meltdown hits women hard. Many jobs have been lost in retail and women are taking the hit.

Dec 19 05:57

2017 Has Been The Best Year For The Stock Market EVER

We have never seen a better year for stocks in all of U.S. history.

Dec 18 16:58

Erik Prince to Partner With Mozambique Hidden-Debt Companies

Blackwater Security founder Erik Prince will partner with at least one of the state-owned Mozambican companies at the center of a hidden-loan scandal that resulted in the country defaulting on its debt this year.

Dec 18 15:06

Lacking any real job skills, broke millennials are now donating blood plasma as a routine source of income

Being a millennial is tough, even though they are by and large considered to be a rather sheltered generation.

Dec 18 10:18

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics

Yet another major credit insurer has abandoned geek emporium Maplin Electronics. Euler Hermes – the biggest trade indemnifier in the tech sector – has entirely removed all lines of coverage, El Reg can reveal.

The decision, enacted on Friday, will come as a fresh blow to private equity-owned Maplin, potentially heaping pressure on cashflow as some suppliers refuse to deal on anything other than a cash only basis.