Mar 19 16:43

Top US General Denies Plans to Leave 1,000 Troops in Syria

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford issued a statement Monday denying weekend media reports that the US plans to leave around 1,000 troops in Syria, saying the reports are “factually incorrect.”

Dunford presented the current planned “residual force” as 200, saying that this hadn’t changed since February. The US announced 200 would stay on February 21, but on February 22 officially increased that number to 400.

It’s not clear from Dunford’s statement where the “incorrect” aspect of the new report, which came out of a Wall Street Journal, exists. That report suggested that the 1,000 figure was not yet finalized, but was being discussed. Dunford’s comments didn’t include any details on what is actually being discussed, but just that nothing was finalized.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the multiple troop numbers being given, are simply a way of creating confusion about how many US troops the US does have in Syria.

Mar 18 09:40

Gary Sinise Puts Liberal Hollywood To Shame By Revealing Why It’s Important To Honor Veterans

Hollywood star Gary Sinise just opened up about why he has devoted so much of his time to helping veterans, and to lament the fact that many of his peers in the entertainment industry have politicized honoring the military.

Sinise has helped thousands of war veterans through The Gary Sinise Foundation, and he just told TIME that he does not see helping the military as a partisan matter.

“How have our defenders become a political issue? They defend us all. They are us all,” said the Forrest Gump star. “There are Democrats who serve our country, there are Republicans who serve our country.”

Mar 14 13:03

Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty to 16 counts of disorderly conduct stemming from alleged hate crime hoax

"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty in a Chicago courtroom Thursday to 16 charges stemming from an alleged hate crime hoax.

Smollett's lawyer, Tina Glandian, entered the plea on Smollett’s behalf just hours after Judge Steven Watkins was assigned the case. The next court date was scheduled for April 17.

Smollett was initially charged with one count of lying to the authorities on Feb. 20. Last week, a grand jury indicted Smollett on 16 felony counts of lying to authorities — eight counts for what he told the officer who responded to the report of the Jan. 29 attack in downtown Chicago, and eight counts for what he later told a detective about being the victim of a brutal racist and homophobic beating by two masked men.

Mar 14 12:56

Hollywood’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Blockbuster Is Blatant US Military Propaganda

The superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel is a perfect case study for how the United States military uses Hollywood to spread propaganda.

The US military is at the center of the plot of Captain Marvel. The film’s protagonist, Carol Danvers, is a former US Air Force pilot who becomes a superhero after absorbing the powers of an advanced technology created by another US military scientist. (That scientist happens to be a member of the advanced alien race known as the Kree, who for unexplained reasons decided to do groundbreaking military research for, of all the myriad places in the universe, the US of A).

As soon as the film opens, it bombards viewers with two hours of non-stop US military propaganda. And it is not even subtle; at the plot’s climax, Captain Marvel changes the colors of her suit to match those of the American flag.

Mar 13 10:36


If you searched “Brie Larson” on YouTube a couple of days ago, the top search results were calls for a boycott of Captain Marvel, and angry rants about Larson’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With one small change, YouTube made all of that disappear.

This week, YouTube recategorized “Brie Larson” as a news-worthy search term. That does one very important job: it makes the search algorithm surface videos from authoritative sources on a subject. Instead of videos from individual creators, YouTube responds with videos from Entertainment Tonight, ABC, CBS, CNN, and other news outlets first.

Mar 13 09:30

Liberal College Girl Logic (The Best Of)

Featured in this post is a selection of the funniest entries to liberal college girl meme. Enjoy and try not to murder each other in comments.

Mar 12 13:54

Movie Review Of ‘Bobby Fischer Against The World’: Was The Documentary Designed To Discredit The Opinions Of A Chess Genius & National Hero?

As discussed in ‘Reclaiming An American Hero: Bobby Fischer The Fearless Genius’, Bobby Fischer was widely criticized for his controversial statements outside of chess. For example, Dick and Jeremy Schaap questioned Fischer’s sanity, while Charles Krauthammer wrote that “he’s clearly a sick man.”[34] However, it would be more accurate to state that Fischer used his prodigious intellect to read widely and deeply to discover many of the lies that pervade our society. His exposure of the Holocaust hoax is especially praiseworthy. Bobby Fischer was truly an authentic American hero.

Mar 12 11:36


Mar 12 11:33


After Rotten Tomatoes purged 54,000 negative captain marvel reviews
that had the film around 32% audience score, there was an addition of
thousands of positive bot responses with the exact same text for each
review to bring its 32% audience rating to 48%.

"I'll make it very simple and clear: Captain Marvel is really worth a watch. It's
just entertaining and visually impressive, exactly what it was meant to be."

Mar 12 10:15

Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among 50 snared in elite college cheating scam, authorities say

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among more than four dozen people charged in a nationwide college admissions cheating scandal that involved wealthy individuals paying up to $6.5 million to place their children into elite universities, according to court records revealed Tuesday.

The alleged scam -- which involved students being placed into top colleges such as Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, University of Southern California, UCLA and the University of Texas -- was run by a man in California, William Rick Singer, who helped parents get their children into the schools through bribes, court documents unsealed in Boston showed. Officials have been investigating the scam for more than a year.

Mar 11 12:10

Dolly Parton Did Not Give Elizabeth Warren Permission to Use Her Song on Campaign Trail

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced her presidential run to the world while the Dolly Parton hit “9 to 5” played behind her.

Playing a hit song like that one — especially a tune that highlights the average American worker — can create quite a powerful moment for politicians.

Warren’s moment, however, was a bit unearned.

It turns out Dolly Parton never gave the senator permission to use her song. Her reason?

The country music star never allows her music to be used for political purposes.

“We did not approve the request, and we do not approve requests like this of [a] political nature,” Parton’s manager, Danny Nozell, recently told the Associated Press.

Mar 10 10:16


Rotten Tomatoes blames "a bug" for tens of thousands of audience reviews for Captain Marvel showing up within the opening hours of the latest MCU film before the site deleted them.

Within hours of Captain Marvel hitting theaters, roughly 58,000 audience reviews had flooded the critical aggregator site, plummeting the Marvel movie's Audience Score down to 33%. Captain Marvel's Audience Score now sits, at the time this article was published, at 53% with over 35,000 user ratings, while the film's critical Tomatometer score is certified "fresh" at 79%.

58,000 audience reviews hitting within hours of the film's release, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, "is more than the total of audience score reviews for Avengers: Infinity War for its entire theatrical run."

Mar 08 11:53

Brianna Wu Calls for Government Legislation In Response to Negative Captain Marvel “Reviews”

In last year’s Midterm race for seats in the United States House of Representatives, Anti-GamerGate personality and Revolution 60 developer Brianna Wu ran as a Democratic candidate in the primary election for Massachuset’s 8th Congressional District. Despite her political inexperience, Wu garnered 22.9% of the district’s vote (16,878 votes out of a total of 73,582), but ultimately lost the election to her incumbent opponent, Stephen Lynch. As the 2020 United States House of Representatives elections rapidly approach, Wu has once again announced her candidacy, which will feature a heavy emphasis on government regulation concerning internet relations.

Mar 07 00:45

ANGRY WHITE MEN | Redonkulas.com

Popp performs a surgical beatdown on one of the dumbest and most factually inaccurate videos to ever grace the internet: Pop Culture Pirate's racist rant on angry white men.

Mar 04 13:15

Icelandic Band Hatari to Stage Political Protest at Eurovision 2019

The band has made it clear they view the contest as a political one and will seek to stage an anti-Israeli political protest onstage, despite Eurovision rules saying that such behaviour may result in disqualification.

Iceland has made its pick for Eurovision 2019 song contest: the industrial techno band Hatari whose members don BDSM-inspired outfits on stage. The band has a strong political agenda and has threatened to pull off an anti-Israeli protest during their performance at the contest.

Hatari, whose name translates as "Hater," have chosen a song entitled "Hatrid Mun Sigra" ("Hatred Will Prevail"), which features lyrics, such as "Europe will crumble", "Multilateral delusions, Unilateral punishments", and "Happiness will end For it is an illusion".

The band, which has long proclaimed that they aim to "take down capitalism," said they're planning a protest against the Israeli treatment of Palestinians during their performance.

Mar 04 12:00

Introduction to MGTOW

I'm getting a number of people asking me to do an introduction video to MGTOW so here it is. I'm going to highlight twenty five of the most important topics as well as videos I've produced in the past to highlight what Men Going Their Own Way means and why we are doing it. The first thing to remember is that a man that has taken a metaphorical red pill is a man that has learned the ugly truth about female nature. Women are made out to be harmless, beautiful creatures but the truth is many women today will rip out your heart and testicles through your wallet and move onto their next victim.

Mar 04 11:30

Why All the Good Men Left | Redonkulas.com

This fellow has helped me get through a divorce. Terrence is a former Green Beret among other things and funnier than a barrel full monkeys!
If you don't like swearing don't watch it! This Man is a genius!
He also has some good war stories.


Mar 04 10:55

Icelandic Band Hatari to Stage Political Protest at Eurovision 2019

The band has made it clear they view the contest as a political one and will seek to stage an anti-Israeli political protest onstage, despite Eurovision rules saying that such behaviour may result in disqualification.

Iceland has made its pick for Eurovision 2019 song contest: the industrial techno band Hatari whose members don BDSM-inspired outfits on stage. The band has a strong political agenda and has threatened to pull off an anti-Israeli protest during their performance at the contest.

Hatari, whose name translates as "Hater," have chosen a song entitled "Hatrid Mun Sigra" ("Hatred Will Prevail"), which features lyrics, such as "Europe will crumble", "Multilateral delusions, Unilateral punishments", and "Happiness will end For it is an illusion".

Mar 03 11:04

Steven Spielberg Slammed By Hollywood Filmmakers After Urging the Academy to Block Netflix from Oscars

Director Steven Spielberg is facing a backlash from fellow Hollywood filmmakers after suggesting that the Oscars should no longer allow Netflix-produced films into consideration for its top awards.

The 72-year-old filmmaker, who has won multiple Academy Awards throughout his iconic career, has long been critical of Netflix’s approach to producing films as online streams, which he argues will detract from the theatrical industry.

“Steven feels strongly about the difference between the streaming and theatrical situation,” said a representative from Amblin Entertainment. “He’ll be happy if the others will join [his campaign] when that comes up [at the Academy Board of Governors meeting]. He will see what happens.”

Mar 03 10:20

Roseanne Barr vs. Jussie Smollett: The Two Cases Show a Clear Liberal Bias in Hollywood

If there is any doubt that there’s an aggressive left-leaning political bias in Hollywood, all one needs to do is look at the Jussie Smollett case — and compare it to the 2017 firing of Roseanne Barr.

Barr, an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, was abruptly fired from her own show “Roseanne” — which had just been brought back to television and earned monster ratings — after she put out a tweet that some deemed to be racist.

The tweet targeted former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

Barr said Jarrett was a cross between the “Muslim brotherhood and ‘Planet of the Apes.'” Considering Jarrett is black, there was immediate backlash against the tweet. Barr apologized multiple times for the tweet and insisted she did not know Jarrett’s race at the time.

She said her tweet was more of a criticism of Jarrett’s foreign policies.

Mar 03 09:58

Steven Spielberg to propose Oscar rules that could keep streaming films out of contention

In the wake of “Roma’s” three Oscar wins on Sunday, director Steven Spielberg is taking aim at streaming films’ chances at future Academy Awards.

Spielberg will present his case to peers at an upcoming annual board of governors meeting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where the award-winning auteur will propose rule changes that would prevent streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu from competing in the Oscars without their projects getting a full theatrical run first. The news was first reported on Indiewire.

“Steven feels strongly about the difference between the streaming and theatrical situation,” a representative of Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment told the site. (A spokesperson for the company did not immediately respond to request for comment by The Times.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A (very young) Steven Spielberg with a (very young) Michael Rivero.

Mar 02 09:58

Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard- The Worst Beating in Boxing History - W/ Commentary

You will never see a fight like this in the modern era--

Or one like this either! Like walking into an airplane propeller said Archie Moore.

Rocky Marciano Goes Down But KOs Archie Moore This Day Sept 21, 1955 Rare Video Version Complete


Mar 01 10:57

Ukraine Backs Out Of Eurovision Contest – Its Shameful Terms Exposed By

The European Broadcasting Union received official notice from the National Public Television of Ukraine (NOTU) that they will not be participating in the Eurovision contest this year.

This happened as a consequence of all three of the winners of Ukraine’s national contest (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) unanimously refused to represent Ukraine after learning of Ukraine’s ‘career ending’ and ‘highly politicized’ terms. Those winners were Maruv, Freedom-jazz in second, and Kazka Group in third.

Feb 28 17:32

“Racist Hit”: Trump Sets Spike Lee Straight After Oscar Rant

Sadly, not everyone could get into the movie-loving spirit and simply put politics to the side for one night. Director Spike Lee, who reportedly threw a tantrum later in the night when his “Blackkklansman” film lost to “Green Book” for the Best Picture Oscar, got up and read a rambling speech from his notes upon winning the Best Adapted Screenplay statue. While he didn’t mention President Trump by name, there was hardly any mistaking his target.

Feb 26 17:42

Just another day at church…

Feb 26 10:54

This was the unfunniest Oscars in history - Hollywood’s become a humourless tomb of preachy, virtue-signalling tedium

The star-studded crowd roared their approval.

Some punched the air.

A few wiped away imaginary tears.

Others hugged each other.

This was exactly the kind of stirring, unifying, inclusive message everyone had been directed to crave at the most politically correct Academy Awards in history.

But viewers in South Africa reacted rather differently.

Because what Noah actually said in Xhosa – the Bantu language related to Zulu – was this: ‘White people don’t know I’m lying.’

I burst out laughing when I found out about this, hours after the event.

Feb 26 09:41

The 2019 Oscars Honor Multicultural Fantasy Over Racial Reality

To kick start the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, 2018’s First Man—the epic story of Armstrong’s journey to become the first man to walk on the moon—would be nominated for Best Picture. Ryan Gosling would be nominated for Best Actor for portraying the heroic astronaut.

Yet it was not meant to be, as First Man was accused of being anti-American for failing to show the planting of the American flag on the moon. The conservatives the film depended on stayed at home out of patriotism, ironically boycotting a beautiful movie that depicted the finest moment in the history of our nation. It was an insurmountable hole even the powerful engines of the Saturn V rocket couldn’t help First Man escape. Despite an 87 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes (meaning top-rated movie reviewers loved the movie), the movie only made $44 million domestically on a $59 million budget.

Feb 25 10:30

Jim Kunstler's Oscar Bytes

So… I tuned into the last ten minutes of the red carpet pre-game. Side boob as far as the eye could see — from women who will return to anti-rape culture activism when they get over their hangovers. Everybody on the runway was “stunning.” And they appreciated being informed of that, because they hear it so seldom. Glenn Close revealed that her gown contained four million beads and weighed forty pounds. I hope she donates it to the Clinton Foundation for HRC’s 2020 nomination acceptance speech.

Feb 23 10:42

What War Films Never Show You

Newspapers on the other side of the world are calling it “the biggest U.S. cinema event of all time.”

Critical acclaim has poured in from all corners for the BBC production They Shall Not Grow Old, a technical and emotional masterpiece on the First World War — the war Woodrow Wilson said would “make the world safe for democracy.”

The way the film brings old footage, and therefore the soldiers, to life is almost magical and powerfully moving. But because of how director Peter Jackson defined his film, a critical element is virtually invisible: the wounded.

Jackson distilled the stories of 120 veterans who spoke on some 600 hours of BBC audio tape done in the 1960s and ‘70s. His goal was to have “120 men telling a single story…what it was like being a British soldier on the Western Front.” He artfully presents it, using no narration other than the archive of BBC interviews.

Feb 22 09:58

Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Rutger Bregman in Unaired Fox News Interview | NowThis

Fox News refused to air this full interview with historian Rutger Bregman after Fox News host Tucker Carlson lost his temper, calling his guest a 'tiny brain...moron' during the interview.

Feb 21 10:29

Chicago police chief EVISCERATES Jussie Smollett for betraying the black and LGBTQ communities as he details how the actor sent HIMSELF hate mail and then staged his 'homophobic and racist attack' because he was not happy with his SALARY on Empire

Jussie Smollett was eviscerated by furious Chicago police bosses on Thursday who alleged that he mailed himself a threatening letter than staged a hoax attack on himself because he was unhappy with his Empire salary.

At an extraordinary press conference, Chicago Police Department Chief Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson abhorred him as a 'troubled young man' who has 'taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism to further his career' by allegedly lying that he was attacked by racist and homophobic assailants on January 29.

Smollett is paid $20,000 per episode on Empire but, according to the police, wanted more so 'concocted' the fake letter and attack in the hope that it would raise his profile and earn him more.

His motive 'p****d everybody off', Superintendent Johnson said, adding that Smollett's repeated 'lies' were 'shameful' and 'despicable'.

Feb 20 09:42

36 Tweets That Reveal The Hilarious Truth About Married Life

Marriage is sometimes billed as this long, romantic adventure with the love of your life. What they don’t tell you is that the majority of married life is actually pretty mundane.
Sure, there may be some incredible trips and nights spent drinking wine under the stars. But in between you’ll be strategically hiding snack food from each other, discussing how gassy you are before attempting sex and clinging to your sanity as you listen to the sound of your partner snoring yet again.
Here are 36 funny and relatable tweets that tell you everything you need to know about married life.

Feb 19 11:47

Box Office: Winter 2019 Revenue Hits 8-Year Low in U.S.

Combined ticket sales were down sharply even before the worst Presidents Day weekend in 15 years.

Feb 19 11:47

Steven Spielberg takes thinly veiled shots at Netflix and Hulu streaming services

Accepting the Filmmaker Award at the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) awards in Los Angeles, California, the influential director praised the theatrical experience, saying “there’s nothing going to a big dark” cinema.

“I hope all of us really continue to believe that the greatest contributions we can make as filmmakers is to give audiences the motion picture theatrical experience,” he said, according to Variety. “I’m a firm believer that theatres need to be around forever.”

Feb 17 08:52

Believe all victims? Cops now think Jussie Smollett faked 'MAGA attack' despite desperate denials

Police sources say Jussie Smollett likely hired two acquaintances to fake a Chicago “hate crime” assault, while conservatives are accusing liberal media outlets of accepting the actor’s story with little initial evidence.

Two Nigerian brothers were arrested and then released this week in connection with the incident on January 29. Citing law enforcement sources, CNN reported on Saturday night that they are now “cooperating fully” with the investigation, in which Smollett has become the chief suspect.

Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo are two recurring extras on the set of the TV show 'Empire,' in which Smollett stars, and know him personally.

Feb 16 11:32

'People know nothing about the real case – they need to be schooled.' Oscar winner Jon Voight defends his controversial pro-life film Roe v. Wade as Facebook refuses to authorize ads promoting the movie

Oscar winner Jon Voight has come out fighting to defend his controversial pro-life film Roe v. Wade, a movie about the US abortion law, insisting critics 'know nothing.'

Conservative actor Voight asserted to DailyMailTV that his 'really good' new project will educate many on the subject, which has prompted decades of heated debates and outrage.

The movie, set for release next month, was shot in secret as filmmakers feared backlash from pro-choice activists and has prompted huge outrage on social media.

But Voight, 80, who plays Nixon-nominated US Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger in the film, and writer Nick Loeb have urged critics to stay quiet until they see the movie in theaters.

Feb 15 11:34

PICTURED - Two Nigerian actor brothers detained over Jussie Smollett attack, as it’s revealed they are FRIENDS with the Empire star amid claims the assault was staged to save his career

The two Nigerian brothers being questioned over the Jussie Smollett attack are actors Abimbola 'Abel' and Olabinjo 'Ola' Osundairo, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

The pair were picked up by police at Chicago O'Hare Airport on Wednesday as they arrived back in America after visiting family in Nigeria to be questioned over the January 29 attack involving the star.

Family say they went to Africa on January 29, hours after the Smollett attack. Ola appeared on Empire in 2015 and both brothers have had minor roles on Chicago PD.

Smollett follows their joint Instagram account and, according to their lawyer, sometimes goes to the gym with them.

DailyMail.com has identified photographs of one of the brothers inside the gym in Smollett's apartment building in June. The gym is private to residents of the luxury condominium building.

On Thursday night, the star was accused by anonymous police sources cited by local networks of staging the attack.

Feb 13 11:21

Megyn Kelly Blasts Comedian Sarah Silverman for Vulgar Anti-Trump Rant

You know you’ve seriously crossed some boundaries when Megyn Kelly comes to the defense of Donald Trump.

Kelly’s star rose as an anchor at Fox News only to find herself caught up in controversy with President Trump and eventually leaving it all behind to be a top star at NBC. An endeavor that also failed.

This past June, Kelly took the animosity up a notch when she claimed First Lady Melania Trump had sold her body for exploitation through modeling just like porn star Stormy Daniels had.

Feb 11 20:38

MX-18.1 Continuum Official Release (iso refresh)

This is a new distribution and it has become very popular.Using it now.
Based on Debian Linux (Stable)

We are pleased to offer MX-18.1 Official Releases iso for your use.

MX-18.1 is a refresh of our MX-18 release, consisting of bugfixes and application updates since our original release of MX-18.
Note: Existing users do not need to reinstall. All bugfixes and additions will come through the regular update.



Feb 11 15:30

YouTube Algorithm Gone Haywire? Gaming Video Struck Down With No Explanation

Op-Ed by Joe Wright

Readers might remember an article at Activist Post from October 26, 2017 entitled, “YouTube Terminated Our Unblemished Channel Without Warning.” It's not only alt-media on the chopping block...

Feb 09 13:05

How To Make Saltpeter

Saltpeter is the common name for potassium nitrate (KNO3). Using urine is an old school method for manufacturing saltpeter. To make saltpeter from urine you need only a couple of ingredients. Urine and organic matter such as straw, straw being nothing more than cut grass. However, as you can guess it isn't as simple as just mixing urine and grass. No, this is a long long process that takes months.

Feb 08 15:53

Lost could RETURN after nine years as ABC channel boss admits she's 'interested' in a reboot of the hit drama series

It left show watchers gripped with its several shocking twists and cliffhangers as survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 attempted to survive on a mysterious island.

And now hit drama Lost could be set for a return nine years after it aired its final episode in 2010.

Talking at a Television Critics Association panel on Tuesday, ABC channel's boss, Karey Burke, admitted she dreams of a comeback and would be very 'interested' in a reboot.

Feb 08 11:50

Michael Moore and the children of the radical left

The darling of the Left, filmmaker Michael Moore, says you can’t be “moderate.” If you want change, you will have to become a radical Marxist.

Feb 07 07:29

50 Flicks for Prepper Movie Night

Every prepper I know loves a good disaster or survival flick. Here are 50 suggestions you can stream online, just in time for your next Prepper Movie Marathon.

Feb 06 10:30

Iron Age Chariot Burial Site Found – Complete with Horse and Rider - The Epic History

In the second time in two years, an Iron Age chariot has been found buried in a Yorkshire community. The discovery was made in the town of Pocklington, England, at a construction site where more than 200 homes are being built.

As of early October 2018, archaeologists are working to fully excavate the find. Media reports say that not only a chariot but also horse and human remains were discovered.

Simon Usher, managing director at Persimmon Homes Yorkshire, said: “We can confirm that a significant archaeological discovery, featuring an Iron Age horse-drawn chariot, has been made at our development, The Mile in Pocklington. Careful excavation is ongoing by our archaeologists and a thorough investigation is in the process to date and detail the find.”

Feb 06 09:52

Hollywood Reacts to Trump’s State of the Union: ‘Murdering Clown Buffoon’

President Donald Trump’s frequent Hollywood critics were predictably not a fan of his Tuesday night State of the Union address from Capitol Hill.

Some celebrities were even judging the address hours before Trump delivered it.

“The SOTU [State of the Union] can never be strong if it is headed by a pathological liar. It can never be strong if it is headed by a misogynist. It can never be strong if it is headed by a racist. And it can never be strong if it is headed by a self serving criminal. The SOTU is rancid,” tweeted filmmaker Rob Reiner (“Misery,” “Stand by Me”) on Tuesday morning.

So he made his feelings on the State of the Union clear well before Trump uttered a single word.

Feb 03 13:29

Bill Maher under fire after making fried chicken joke to black congressman Will Hurd

Comedian Bill Maher is under fire after making a comment about fried chicken to a black congressman on a recent episode of his HBO show.

On Friday’s edition of Real Time With Bill Maher, the political commentator sat down to interview Will Hurd, a Republican congressman from Texas, who is black. The discussion began when Maher asked about why Hurd is a member of the GOP.

“I’m just asking why you’re Republican. Because they’re not good at the debt, that was their big thing. You said limited government, they don’t do that,” Maher said. “What’s in it for you? What is in the Republican Party for you? You were in the CIA!”

“I was in the CIA for almost a decade. I was the dude in the back alleys at 4 o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland,” said Hurd, speaking about his background.

Feb 03 11:11


Jan 31 12:27

Cher: ‘Most Dangerous Threat to America’s Safety Is the Russian Operative’ in the White House

Far-left celebrity Cher declared Wednesday that President Trump is “Putin’s waterboy” and fantasized about him burning in hell.

“The Most DANGEROUS THREAT To America’s Safety Is The Russian Operative,Who Currently Occupies The White House,” Cher said in a social media post.

“There’s a Special Building In The After Life For Putin’s Waterboy…..TRUMP TOWER HELL.”

Jan 30 16:52

They shall not grow old trailer

Jan 30 10:49

Alyssa Milano: ‘Because I Have a Vagina I Do Not Have Equality and Justice’

Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano declared at a rally in Washington, D.C. Tuesday that because she has a vagina, she doesn’t have “equality and justice” in America.

“My name is Alyssa Milano, and in 2019 I do not have equal rights in the Constitution,” the activist said, according to The Hill.

“That’s right, because I have a vagina I do not have equality and justice.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Last I checked she's worth MILLIONS. And all for being a D-grade actress. And this idiot claims to not have "equality and justice?"

Jan 28 11:35

Roseanne Barr takes a tour of Israel with a celebrity rabbi to reconnect with her Jewish roots on International Holocaust Remembrance Day - after slamming ABC bosses as anti-semitic for axing her show

Roseanne Barr, the comedian whose television show was canceled last year after she made a racist remark on Twitter, visited Jerusalem's Old City on Sunday as part of a tour of Israel.

'There are no proper words for me to express the connection I feel, first of all to God, to Torah (Bible), to my people,' Barr, who is Jewish, said.

Barr, 66, arrived in Israel last week with celebrity US rabbi Shmuley Boteach, after Barr reiterated earlier this month that she felt her firing from ABC was a result of anti-Semitism.

She had previously made this claim in June, one month after she and her show were pulled from the air.

Jan 27 10:45

New Apollo 11 documentary with never-before-seen footage of 1969 moon landing effort draws rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival premiere

Critics are raving about the new documentary, Apollo 11, which features an unearthed treasure trove of behind-the-scenes footage of the moon landing, following the movie's premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The movie, deemed a 'masterful work of archival research' by Vulture, was created using a cache of 65mm, behind-the-scenes footage of the 1969 moon landing, and thousands of hours of vintage audio recordings of NASA employees talking about the mission.

Unlike traditional documentaries, the 93-minute-long Apollo 11 is said to not include any voice-overs or cutaways to talking heads. Instead, director Todd Douglas Miller uses a series of short, wordless montages illustrating each of the famed Apollo 11 crew's key life moments.

Jan 26 13:07

'Apollo 11' lands at Sundance with never-before-seen mission footage

Attendees at this year's Sundance Film Festival are getting a first look at never-before-seen footage from the first moon landing mission.

Billed as "a cinematic event fifty years in the making," director Todd Douglas Miller's "Apollo 11" premiered Thursday (Jan. 24) as one of the festival's opening night films. The 93-minute documentary, presented by Neon and CNN Films, was crafted from a newly-discovered trove of large-format, 65mm footage and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings to provide a new look of one of the most iconic and historic moments in human history.

Disclosure: The author of this article, collectSPACE.com editor Robert Pearlman, served as the historical consultant on "Apollo 11."

"'Apollo 11' tells the story of Apollo 11, the mission, in a direct cinema way," said Miller in an interview with collectSPACE. "The intention was to make an art film out of all of the archival materials that we had available."

Jan 25 17:06

PM Jacinda Ardern canned film subsidy curbs after meeting Peter Jackson

*This is why I look for free movies. I've paid for them already*

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and economic development minister David Parker met film heavyweight Sir Peter Jackson three weeks before the pair were involved in a decision to reject official advice recommending surging taxpayer support for the sector be curbed.

In written statements both Parker and Ardern this week said their decision wasn't informed by lobbying from Jackson.

"I had already formed the view," Parker said.

"The decision wasn't based on that [meeting], but rather my long-standing support" for film subsidies, said Ardern, who was involved in the decision as minister for arts.

A representative for Jackson - the largest single player in the New Zealand film industry - this week did not respond to emails with detailed questions or phone calls.

Jan 25 10:38

30 Frugal living tips: Small changes that result in big savings

People all over the globe are struggling right now to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. We’re losing jobs, paying higher expenses, dealing with governmental idiocy, and getting slapped with medical bills that we won’t make enough money to pay for in this lifetime.

Jan 21 13:19

Hollywood Producer Calls For the Murder of Covington Catholic Kids: ‘Go Screaming – Into the WOODCHIPPER’

Jack Morrissey, a Hollywood Producer who is known for projects such as Beauty and the Beast and the Twilight Saga, called for minor teen high school boys to be murdered in a violent, gruesome manner.

Mr. Morrissey joined the hate-filled media and piled on the Covington Catholic students after deceptively edited videos of the teens were posted to Twitter accusing them of harassing a Native American man.

Full video of the incident shows the teens did nothing wrong — they were ambushed by blacks calling them “crackers” and the Native Indian man is a far left activist who harassed the children.

In fact, upon further review of the entire video, many people are now apologizing to the Covington Catholic teens, admitting they were duped by selectively edited video and ‘fake news.’

Jan 18 12:35

Don’t Put Robots in Charge of the Internet

By Elliot Harmon

Last year, YouTube’s Content ID system flagged Sebastian Tomczak’s video five times for copyright infringement. The video wasn’t a supercut of Marvel movies or the latest Girl Talk mashup; it was simply ten hours of machine-generated static. Stories like Tomczak’s are all too common: Content ID even flagged a one-hour video of a cat purring as a likely infringement.

But those are only a small glimpse of a potential Internet future...

Jan 17 11:46

Wyatt Earp in Hollywood

In a letter, written in December 1928, the 80-year-old frontiersman Wyatt Earp opined that perhaps “my health will be back to normal when this story business is all done with.”

He was wrong twice.

Less than a month later, Wyatt was dead, and his legend was on the cusp of exploding. Some outlaws were about to become very rich from his story, but Wyatt never made a dime on any of it. This is the story of how that happened.

Jan 16 17:53

Nolte: ‘Ghostbusters’ Will Return Without Female Cast Everyone Hated

Thanks to the free market, Sony Pictures has finally been forced to admit its all-female Ghostbusters remake/reboot was a catastrophe, and this admission arrives in the starkest way possible: Sony announced it has been forced to once again reboot Ghostbusters, and this reboot will have nothing to do with the studio’s disastrous 2016 attempt to use its beloved Ghostbusters franchise as a social justice statement.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, director Jason Reitman (son of original director Ivan Reitman) has been given the green light to bring to life a script he co-wrote, and as of now, the studio is looking for a summer 2020 release date.

From the sounds of it, Sony has decided to pretend 2016’s creative and financial catastrophe never happened. This new chapter will be “the next chapter in the original story [that] continues the narrative of the 1980s classic.”

Jan 16 16:29

Animal Farm (1954)

Film by Halas and Batchelor, based on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell

Jan 16 12:14

Can Hollywood’s Biggest Media Companies Avoid Getting Crushed by Debt?

Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s chairman-CEO, summoned all of his folksy Oklahoma earnestness as he made an enthusiastic pitch to Wall Street analysts about the telephone company’s bold efforts to transform itself into a multimedia powerhouse. It was late November, less than six months after AT&T had wrapped up its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner. But before Stephenson could wax poetic about his plans to revitalize HBO, Warner Bros. or other newly acquired AT&T subsidiaries, he felt compelled to address the elephant in the room.

“If you hear nothing else this afternoon, I want you to hear me on this,” Stephenson said at the company’s investor presentation in New York. “Our discretionary cash flow is going to go to one place. It’s going to be paying down debt.”

Jan 15 22:51

Tidal’s allegedly bogus streaming numbers are under investigation in Norway

320 million Beyoncé and Kanye West streams allegedly never happened

Jan 15 14:25

The Death Of Comedy

When Hollywood sends us their propagandists, they're not sending their best...

Jan 13 11:52

Face of equality, or an encounter with bruising reality? Woman contestant brutally beaten by a male rival in shocking SAS: Who Dares Wins boxing match

Women do not belong in the military Period!

The decision to allow women into all parts of the military was widely hailed as a victory for female equality.
But TV viewers are likely to be shocked tonight when they see a woman being badly beaten by a male contestant on Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins.
The incident will raise further questions about how appropriate it is to recruit women alongside men as frontline soldiers.

Jan 13 11:28

De Niro Was Warned About Trashing Trump At Tony Awards And Didn’t Listen, Got What He Deserved On S.

Jan 11 23:33

Roseanne Barr claims ABC fired her from spin-off show because she is Jewish and supports Israel (BDS)

'And at the base of that I think it's because I am the most vocal person about Israel and BDS'.

Jan 11 12:49

Movie Critics Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Reportedly Walked Out of Vice 

During one outing around Christmas, Ivanka and Kushner went to a West Palm Beach theater for a showing of Adam McKay’s acidic retelling of the life and rise of Cheney, a former vice president and tremendously consequential figure in the political party that Ivanka’s father now leads.

Partway through the showing, she and Kushner and their Secret Service detail got up and left, a witness tells PEOPLE.

It remains unclear what prompted the exit, though the witness describes it as abrupt.