Apr 06 09:47

Trump’s “Deal of the Century” To Hand Palestine to Israel Along with Whole Set of New Problems

Though the Deal of the Century will try to eliminate the Palestinian issue for good, what the architects of the “Deal” in their arrogance fail to see is that this so-called “Deal” is nothing more than an irresponsible, impractical and precarious plan that will fall just as soon as it is raised.

Apr 06 09:14

News media get it wrong on the Golan Heights

When the New York Times (3/26/19) reported on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fait accompli pronouncement that nation-states can now seize territories acquired in defensive wars—after President Donald Trump announced via tweet that the United States asserts Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights—it seriously misled readers on the status of Israel’s illegal settlements on the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

While the Washington Post’s report (3/26/19) on Netanyahu’s pronouncement made it clear that UN Security Council Resolution 497 in 1981 condemned Israel’s formal takeover of the Golan Heights as “null and void and without international legal effect,” the Times report, by David Halbfinger and Isabel Kershner, obscures the illegality of Israeli settlements by attempting to make “practical and legal distinctions” between the settlements in the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Apr 06 09:11

Israel Using Strange Teargas against Gaza Protesters (VIDEO)

Israeli forces have been using the Great Return March and its thousands of protesters as a sort of testing ground for new forms of weaponry and crowd control, say physicians in the Gaza Strip. They talk of explosive bullets and an unknown gas that causes severe convulsions and loss of consciousness, among other symptoms.

“We are being used as guinea pigs to test new weapons, as the case in past Israeli wars on Gaza,” says Ashraf al-Qedra, MD, spokesperson for the Gaza Health Ministry.

Local sources said that Israeli forces used an unknown kind of teargas against peaceful protesters on the 53rd Friday of the Great March of Return.

Apr 06 09:06

Soldiers Invade Al-Khalil; Fire Live Ammunition at Protesters

Israeli occupation forces stormed into Al-Khalil (Hebron) and fired live ammunition at protesters, after bombarding the city with tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets.

At around 1pm, soldiers invaded Al-Khalil through checkpoint 56, where the soldiers fired stun grenades at protesters. Immediately following the assault with stun grenades, the soldiers fired tear gas into the street, forcing the protesters and press personnel to move. As the tear gas disappeared, protests continued. Israeli soldiers then proceeded to shoot protesters with rubber-coated bullets while continuing to fire stun grenades at protesters.

At one point, the soldiers switched from rubber-coated bullets to live ammunition. For approximately an hour, soldiers fired live ammunition and stun grenades at Palestinian protesters until eventually retiring behind the checkpoint, which was closed to the public at this time.

Apr 05 15:10

Jews forgive Hiter & repent for their horrible crimes

Just as Trump symbolically gave Israel the occupied Golan, Russia-Gate Ended within 24 hours. When the Jews sincerely forgive Hitler for recovering the German economy, all the wars around the world will end literally over night

Apr 05 12:12

Liberty leads the people: fighting for a decent life in Gaza

When Aed Abu Amro held a Palestinian flag aloft during one of the Great March of Return protests last year on the boundary between Gaza and Israel, the last thought on his mind was that he would become an internet sensation.

But a picture of the shirtless Aed, slingshot and flag in hand and enveloped by the smoke from tear gas, went viral almost instantly.

It sparked comparisons with a painting from the European Romantic period and made him an instant icon of the Palestinian resistance.

The photo was taken on 22 October by Mustafa Hassouna of the Turkish Anadolu press agency. And it so happened that in composition, lighting and motif, the picture closely resembles “Liberty Leading the People,” a painting by the French painter Eugène Delacroix.

Apr 04 11:31

Palestine in Pictures: March 2019

A Palestinian woman holds an olive tree as Land Day is observed in the West Bank village of Qalandiya on 30 March. Land Day is the annual commemoration of six Palestinians killed during protests against Israeli land confiscation in the Galilee in 1976. Anne Paq ActiveStills

Twenty Palestinians, four of them children,
were fatally injured by Israeli fire in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip during the month of March, or died from injuries sustained previously.

Palestinians in Gaza marked the first anniversary of the Great March of Return on 30 March. Four Palestinians were fatally injured during the anniversary protests, including two children. A fifth Palestinian was killed before protests set off that day while he was 100 meters from the boundary fence.

A total of 10 Palestinians were fatally injured while protesting along Gaza’s eastern and northern boundary with Israel during March, or died from injuries sustained during protests in previous months.

Apr 03 11:55

Palestinians pray for fish as Israel opens deeper waters

As their rickety motorboats puttered out into deep Mediterranean waters for the first time in almost two decades, the Palestinian fishermen prayed for deepwater mackerel and tuna to supplement Gaza's usual shallows fare of sardines, shrimp and crab.

This week, as part of Egyptian-mediated efforts to ease the plight of 2 million residents of the blockaded Gaza Strip, Israel has extended the area where it permits Palestinians to fish.

"Such a distance has been off-limits. And hopefully there are lots of fish to bring back," said 69-year-old fisherman Ahmed al-Amoudi.

Apr 03 11:54

After Gaza slaughter, Buttigieg praised Israeli security responses as ‘moving’ and faulted Democrats for easy judgment

Last May, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg went to Israel with the American Jewish Committee and two weeks later discussed his trip with that organization. At the time Israel was killing Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence– 60 on one day within days of Buttigieg’s visit, getting global attention — yet Buttigieg repeatedly praised Israel’s security arrangements as “moving” and “clear-eyed”, said the U.S. could learn something from them, and blamed Palestinians and Hamas for the “misery” in Gaza.

He also faulted fellow Democrats for making snap judgments based on “90-second cable news versions of what’s going on over there.”

Apr 03 11:32


“This sends a wider message that saying anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian things comes with consequences.”

The dismissal came as a diverse coalition of Palestinian, Jewish, immigrant and civil rights groups announced it was planning a protest on City Hall’s steps later this week.

Apr 03 11:31


Thousands of Palestinians along the border fence to the “Jewish State” have shown the international community what dignity and resistance means. It is frightening how the German press portrays this march and falsifies facts. When one reads the German editorial (D) media, one is already used to a lot of distortions, but what was reported this time to cover the first anniversary of the Great March of Return, exceeded any measure of objective reporting. Many of the articles read such that the inexperienced reader might think that it is not the Zionist occupiers but Hamas who are responsible for the blockade and misery in the Gaza concentration camp.

Apr 02 12:05

Harvard undergrad council votes to fund Israeli Apartheid Week

Harvard University’s Undergraduate Council (UC) voted to allocate the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) $2,050 to host Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) at Sunday’s general meeting.

According to student newspaper the Crimson, “the bill to fund IAW passed 21-13-4 and drew money from the UC’s Grant for an Open Harvard College, which subsidizes student initiatives that address one of the UC’s indicated ‘compelling interests’.”

The interests for the 2018-19 academic year are “mental health, race, culture, and faith relations, sexual assault and harassment prevention, social spaces, and financial accessibility.”

The report stated that “the PSC planned much of the programming of Harvard’s event, which began on March 30 and runs until April 4”, including “Palestinian speakers, a student panel, an unveiling of a physical Wall of Resistance, and a movie screening”.

Apr 02 09:49

Israeli troops kill Palestinian man in occupied West Bank: Health ministry

A Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces near Jerusalem overnight, the Palestinian health ministry and residents said on Tuesday.

The ministry said Mohammed Adwan, 23, was killed and three others were wounded, the AFP news agency reported.

Two residents said soldiers arrived in the Qalandiya area early on Tuesday to carry out arrests and young men threw stones at them.

The Israeli army said there was a "riot" during an operation in the nearby Kafr Aqab area, and "rocks and explosive devices were hurled at the troops, who responded with fire".

"A report was received regarding an injured Palestinian. The incident will be examined," the army statement said.

Apr 02 09:44

'Shoot to maim': How Israel created a generation on crutches in Gaza

Israeli snipers have intentionally maimed Palestinians protesting in Gaza over the past year, creating a generation of disabled youth and overwhelming the territory's already crippled medical system, frontline doctors tell Middle East Eye.

According to a United Nations inquiry released this month, over 80 percent of the 6,106 protesters wounded in the first nine months of the Great March of Return were shot in the lower limbs.

Israeli soldiers intentionally shot civilians and may have committed war crimes in their heavy-handed response to the protests, which have been held regularly across Gaza since 30 March 2018, the report concluded.

Healthcare providers say the pattern of wounds shows that Israeli soldiers are purposefully shooting to maim protesters, most of whom are in their 20s and now require long-term medical care.

Apr 02 09:13


A Jewish New York City councilman was removed from the immigration committee Monday, days after he received backlash for tweeting, “Palestine does not exist.”

Kalman Yeger tweeted, “Palestine does not exist. There, I said it again. Also, Congresswoman Omar is an antisemite. Said that too. Thanks for following me,” last week, in response to Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar being critical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for focusing on her during his speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 02 07:38

US Recognition of Golan Heights Annexation Is Trump's Gift to Netanyahu before Election

Professor Paul Pillar, a former CIA intelligence analyst for 28 years, says US President Donald Trump has made a series of gifts to Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA, Paul Pillar said moving "the US embassy to Jerusalem and several measures aimed at making the Palestinians poorer and weaker” have been all gifts presented by the US president to Netanyahu.

He also said the recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli is just the latest in this series of gifts.


(*and that was given at the same time Mueller gifted Trump with vindication that he's not Hillary's Russian Stooge after all , which is largely seen as his key to election success in 2020 )

Apr 01 12:49

Iran's Right Watch: Trump's Decision on Golan Violation of UN Charter

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s High Council of Human Rights in a statement deplored US President Donald Trump's unilateral recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights in Syria as “blatant violation of the UN Charter".
"Last week, the international community once again witnessed a blatant violation of international regulations and principles on the one hand and increasing hatred and insecurity in West Asia on the other hand by the two-man team of Trump and Netanyahu,” the human rights statement said.


(*it's deplorable how the world hates those two knuckleheada , for their freedom)

Apr 01 09:46


Ireland votes to ban Israeli goods by an overwhelming majority of their legislature.

Jimmy Dore explains why.

In contrast: The US wants to ban the *banning* of Israeli goods.

Israel fascist government whines: “You’re picking on us.”

Apr 01 09:25

Israeli Snipers Kill Three Children and A 20yr Old In Gaza

Israeli snipers shot dead four in the Gaza Strip and injured over 200 this Saturday.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, four Palestinians have been confirmed dead and 244 injured.

Those killed were identified as Mohammed Jehad sa’ad (20 years old), Adham Nedal Amara (17 years old), Hashem Abu Alkhair (17 years old) and Bilal Al-Najjar (17 years old).

Three ambulances were attacked today, as well as six journalists and 3 medical staff.

Apr 01 09:23

Tens of thousands of Palestinians protest in Gaza on 1st anniversary for March of Return (VIDEO)

Thousands of Palestinians took part in demonstrations at the Israel-Gaza border on Saturday, as people gathered to mark the Great March of Return’s first year anniversary.

Apr 01 08:37

Israeli Soldiers Kill 4 Palestinians, Injure 316, In Gaza

Israeli forces used lethal force against hundreds of thousands of Palestinian protesters marking a year since the beginning of the Gaza Great Return March and commemorating Land Day. Among the wounded are 86 children and 29 women. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reports that Israeli soldiers have killed 266 Palestinians and injured 30398 others since the Return March processions started on March 30, 2018.

Apr 01 08:35

Israel PM spokesman accuses Gaza women of being Daesh

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman has accused Palestinian women protesting in Gaza of being affiliated to Daesh, in a renewed bid to smear demonstrators participating in the Great March of Return.

Ofir Gendelman, the prime minister’s spokesman for Arab media, tweeted a picture of veiled women holding Palestinian flags this weekend, alleging they were members of Daesh, claiming this was evidence that Gaza Strip authority Hamas was also part of the terror group in Iraq and Syria.

Mar 31 11:55

God and US foreign policy

Lawrence Davidson shows how the assertion by politicians, such as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who believes that God rigged the 2016 US presidential election to assure Trump’s election and thereby protect Israel from Iran, has led to death and destruction around the world.>>

Mar 31 10:00

WATCH Palestinian 'March of Return' Rocks Gaza on Protests' First Anniversary

The organisers of the Palestinian protests dubbed the 'Great March of Return' plan to mark the first anniversary along the borders of the Gaza Strip on Saturday with large-scale rallies. The Israeli military reported that they had completed preparations for the Saturday events, reinforcing the southern district with forces and equipment.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited troops concentrated around the Gaza Strip on Thursday. At the end of the trip, he assured that he would not hesitate to launch a large-scale military campaign, if other means did not work.

The so-called the 'Great March of Return' protests have been ongoing on the Gaza-Israel border since March 30 last year. Each week, at least thousands of people from the enclave gather at the border of the Gaza Strip, with the protests often escalating into Palestinians' clashes with Israeli troops.

Mar 31 09:58

IDF Claims 5 Rockets Launched From Gaza at Israel

According to a statement made by the IDF on Sunday, five rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel.

Explosions were heard and rockets fell in open territory, an Eshkol Regional Council spokesperson said, cited by the Jerusalem Post.

Mar 31 09:42

Israel kills 3 Palestinians, fires tear gas at 'Great March of Return' protesters in Gaza

Israeli forces have killed three Palestinians and injured more than 200 others as people of Gaza start their mass protests marking the anniversary of the Great March of Return and the Palestinian Land Day.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said that 17-year-old Adham Amara was killed on Saturday after being shot by Israeli fire in east Gaza City. The ministry said that the teenager had been wounded in the face.

Earlier on Saturday, Gaza health officials said Israeli troops had shot and killed a Palestinian man.

Mohammed Saad, 20, died after being hit in the head by shrapnel. Protesters at the site said he had been taking part in an overnight rally ahead of the massive demonstrations scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Details about the third fatality are not available yet.

Mar 31 09:27


Despite the horrors, our children never give up hope

Mar 31 09:17

Israel kills two teens on Great March anniversary

Amid a festive atmosphere, tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered in Gaza along the boundary fence with Israel on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the Great March of Return.

They were also marking Land Day, the annual commemoration of Israel’s lethal suppression of protests against land confiscations in the Galilee in 1976.

Like every week over the last year, unarmed protesters demanded an end to the decade-long siege of Gaza and asserted their right to return to familial lands now in Israel and were met with lethal force by Israeli occupation forces stationed across the fence.

Adham Nidal Amara, 17, was directly injured in the face and killed as he took part in the rallies east of Gaza City, and Tamer Hisham Abu al-Khair, also 17, was fatally shot in the chest, east of Khan Younis.

Mar 30 10:12

Gazan youth: ‘Stop protesting in return for not getting killed? We want more than that’

March 30 is the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Great Return March protests in Gaza—called officially to demand Palestinians’ right to return to their ancestral homeland, but really about the continuing suffocation of the Strip’s 2 million population in ways both large and small for the past 12 years. In the most basic terms, the protests are the “what-else-can-we-do” action of a people who know they only get attention when they are being killed and wounded in large enough numbers to make the international news.

“We’re tightening the security ring around the Gaza Strip,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says. “I’ve recently ordered that [military] units be reinforced, that tools be added, in preparation for an extensive campaign.”

Mar 30 09:53

Gallup: Half of American Public Favors Independent Palestinian State

A poll conducted just last fall asserted that 62% of Americans overall believe that the United States should not take sides in the conflict–which would translate into ending the massive aid to Israel; another indicated that fully 82% of Dems want the US to be neutral.

Another poll conducted last fall revealed that 38% of Americans believe Israel has too much influence on the U.S. government.

A poll conducted last month indicated that 75% of Americans are against anti-boycott legislation.

60% believe our government spends too much money on Israel.

45% disapprove of the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while 49% disapprove of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Mar 30 09:49

Jordan Valley: Settlers Plant Olive Trees on Palestinian-owned Land

Israeli settlers planted olive trees in pasture land belonging to Palestinians in al-Farisya village, east of Tubas, in the northern Jordan Valley, raising fear among the Palestinian residents of an impending seizure of their land for the benefit of settlers.

Aref Daraghmeh, a local rights activist, said a number of settlers stormed the pasture area in al-Farisiya village, which is located near the illegal Israeli settlement of ‘Rotem’, and proceeded to plant dozens of olive trees, there.

Mar 30 09:47

The Ongoing Battle for Palestinian Justice Spans the Globe and Plays Out on Many Fronts

AIPAC, despite continuing to spend lavishly, has lost much of its charm and, in an unprecedented move, none of the candidates running to become the Democratic Party nominee for president attended this year’s AIPAC conference in Washington.

Mar 30 09:47

Israel to approve 4,500 new settlement units in West Bank

The Israeli government is expected to approve construction of 4,500 new illegal settlement units in the occupied West Bank next week.

According to a report yesterday by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA), the expected approvals may be postponed until after Israel’s general election – which is slated for 9 April – if an ongoing dispute between the finance and defense ministries is not first resolved.

Approximately 650,000 Jewish settlers currently live on more than 100 settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Mar 30 09:40

'We're not leaving': Gaza marks Great March of Return anniversary

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have rallied at the Israel-Gaza fence to mark the first anniversary of the "Great March of Return" protests, facing off against Israeli tanks and troops massed on the fortified perimeter.

Israeli forces on Saturday used live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas on the protesters, killing a 17-year-old boy at a protest site east of Gaza city, and wounding at least 59 people, according to Gaza's health ministry.

Another Palestinian was killed in an overnight demonstration ahead of the main protest, the ministry said.

Palestinians are demanding the right to return to lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of Israel in 1948. They are also calling for an end to Israel's and Egypt's 12-year blockade of Gaza.

Mar 30 09:39

Talk Of Golan Annexation Leaves Out Those Expelled From It

The vast majority of Israelis are still unaware that over 130,000 residents of the Golan Heights were expelled from their villages, towns, and cities during the 1967 war. In fact, over the past decades, the territory has become a “consensus” issue among most Israelis, with many seeing no reason to return it. So while President Trump stunned the world last week by recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan, in Israel almost everyone celebrated the move.

Like in the case of Palestinian refugees, for decades the official Israeli line was that the Golan’s inhabitants simply fled of their own accord. According to Syrian estimates, however, only approximately 50,000 of them escaped Israeli bombardments and left alongside the retreating Syrian army. Israeli soldiers admitted in interviews that many residents stayed behind and waited to return to their villages, while others attempted to re-cross the armistice lines.

Mar 30 09:38

Trump Trades Arab Lives For Netanyahu Votes

In blatant violation of international law, Donald Trump has recognized Israel’s claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The order came in the midst of a renewed wave of violence in the Gaza Strip, with Israel responding to rocket attacks with a characteristically disproportionate slew of airstrikes. Tensions are still high in Gaza, which is becoming increasingly uninhabitable.

Mar 30 09:36

Israeli troops wound Palestinians, anniversary rally approaches

Israeli troops shot and wounded 10 Palestinians on the Gaza border on Friday, Gaza medical officials said, as Israeli tanks massed on the eve of a huge rally to mark the first anniversary of the start of the deadly protests.

Mar 30 09:35

A journalist’s memoir of covering the Great March of Return

In this article I’m going to reflect on what it has meant to cover the Great March of Return for the last year as a journalist, and not as much my experience as a young Palestinian refugee living in one of the refugee camps in Gaza Strip after the Israeli Haganah gangs expelled my family in 1948 from my occupied city of Ashkelon.

This weekend is the first anniversary of the ongoing Great March of Return; which is considered the longest public peaceful demonstration the Palestinian people have been for decades.

After covering nearly 50 Fridays over the past year, I can’t be more grateful that I’m still alive and did not suffer serious injury.

Mar 30 08:49

Update on the War in Gaza

Although you may be reading in the news about a ‘peace deal’, the reality on the ground is different.

The past three days have seen sporadic shelling and bombing (outgoing), with continued kite and balloon attacks.

Tonight we are hearing artillery and gunfire with aircraft etc.

The area has all the signs of a military campaign in the making. We passed a field full of tanks coming in from Ashkelon today. Given that it is Shabbat, this is serious. Normally things stop at sunset on Friday, but not tonight. Expect some move soon.

Mar 30 08:25

Gas canisters & rocks: Protesters & Israeli forces clash in West Bank

Mar 30 08:24

Braving Israel’s bullets one year on

Atia Younis has been a regular participant in Gaza’s Great March of Return since it began on 30 March last year.

He has attended all but one of the protests held each Friday. The sole time Younis missed a demonstration was in July – after he inhaled tear gas sprayed by Israeli forces. Being exposed to this chemical weapon left the 67-year-old unwell for a week, during which time he endured muscle spasms.

The incident was frightening.

Younis had brought 14 of his grandsons with him to a tent erected about 500 meters from the fence separating Gaza and Israel. They were singing patriotic songs and playing a game to see who knew the most Palestinian placenames, when the Israeli military began firing in their direction.

“My grandsons started to scream and run,” said Younis, who lives in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city.

Mar 30 08:23

Eyes on Gaza as West Bank killings spike

While eyes are on Gaza on the eve of the Great March of Return’s first birthday, Palestinian fatalities at the hands of Israeli occupation forces have spiked in the West Bank.

Of the 31 Palestinians killed by soldiers and settlers so far this year, 16 were slain in the West Bank, 10 during the month of March alone.

With nearly 200 Palestinians killed and more than 6,500 wounded by live fire during the Great March of Return, human rights groups have called for Israel to release its rules of engagement, which the state has refused to disclose.

Last May, Israel’s high court gave the military the green light to continue its use of sniper fire against protesters in Gaza, ruling that protesters posed a danger to soldiers and civilians.

Mar 30 08:22

1 killed by ‘Israeli fire’ as Palestinians rally on 1st anniversary of ‘Great March of Return’

A protester is said to have been killed by Israeli troops and more than 10 others wounded as Palestinians stage massive rallies along the Israel-Gaza border – part of the resistance campaign launched exactly one year ago.

A 17-year-old Palestinian died on Saturday after he was shot in the face by the IDF while protesting near the border fence, Gaza health officials said. Overall, 13 people are said to be wounded by Israeli live fire during the rallies.

The authorities in Gaza earlier reported that another protester, 21, was mortally wounded by Israeli troops the night before. The IDF said they were not aware of that incident and attacked a “Hamas military post” in Gaza on Friday, following a “riot” at the border.

Mar 30 08:10


Germany’s best-selling newspaper Bild published a scathing editorial on Wednesday accusing the country’s UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen of betraying Chancellor Angela Merkel’s security pledge to Israel by comparing the Jewish State to the terrorist organization Hamas.

The editorial, authored by Filipp Piatov, took Heusgen to task for comparing Israel’s security measures against Palestinian terrorists with Hamas rocket attacks.

In response to Heusgen’s statement that “Civilians must live without fear of Palestinian rockets or Israeli bulldozers,” the Bild journalist wrote: “After 130 missiles in a week, pure malice. Murderous rockets are not bulldozers. The Israeli government is not a terrorist militia. This comparison has nothing to do with the promise of Chancellor Merkel.

Mar 30 08:09

Brazil's Bolsonaro visits Israel amid speculation on embassy

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was leaving Saturday on an official visit to Israel, where he was expected to decide whether he will move the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The far-right president has repeatedly promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem, despite longstanding complaints that such moves would complicate efforts to reach peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"As I promised during the campaign, we intend to move the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel is a sovereign country and we respect them," Bolsonaro tweeted four days after winning the election.

Mar 30 08:04

Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Gather in Gaza for March of Return Anniversary

17-year-old Palestinian killed by live Israeli fire, Gaza's Health Ministry says ? Violence remains contained after tentative understandings reached between Israel and the Palestinians through Egyptian mediation

Mar 30 07:47

Gaza border protests: 190 killed and 28,000 injured in a year of bloodshed

One year ago, Palestinians trapped in Gaza began a protest movement at the frontier with Israel that was intended to last six weeks.

Men, women and children demanded recognition of the right of Palestinian refugees in Gaza and elsewhere to return to their ancestral homes in Israel and for an end to a punishing blockade that has made life unliveable.

Israeli snipers fired live ammunition, killing and maiming dozens. This lethal response on 30 March 2018 triggered anger and disbelief across the world but has not stopped.

Mar 29 11:09

Brooklyn lawmaker blasts Rep. Omar, says ‘Palestine does not exist’

A Brooklyn lawmaker set off a social media storm Wednesday by denying the existence of Palestine and accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar of being an anti-Semite.

“Palestine does not exist,” tweeted Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents Midwood and other neighborhoods with large Jewish populations.

“There, I said it again. Also, Congresswoman Omar is an anti-Semite. Said that, too. Thanks for following me.”

The tweet was a direct response to a post by Zainab Iqbal, a writer for the blog Bklyner, who had posted a story she wrote in March 2018 citing Yeger’s previous anti-Palestine remarks.

Mar 29 10:55

Israel to wage ‘broad military campaign’ in Gaza if needed: PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Tel Aviv is ready to wage a broad military campaign in Gaza if needed, after a two-day flareup of cross-border fighting which has left several people injured on both sides.

"All Israelis should know that if a comprehensive campaign is required, we will enter it strong and safe, and after we have exhausted all of the other possibilities," Netanyahu said after visiting the Gaza frontier, where he met some Israeli commanders.

His comments came after two consecutive nights of heavy Israeli bombardments, which wounded several Palestinians but were responded to with a rocket attack from the enclave. The attack wounded seven Israelis in Mishmeret, an agricultural town north of Tel Aviv, on Monday, and forced Netanyahu to cut short his visit to the US.

Mar 29 10:07

All 28 EU Nations Reject Israeli Annexations of Golan Heights

President Trump’s decree recognizing the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. Israeli officials have presented this as a major ground-breaking recognition, and seemed to hope it would be embraced by someone else.

So far though not a single nation has endorsed the move. On Wednesday, the European Union announced that all 28 member states have unanimously rejected the US recognition of Israel’s annexation, and will continue to view Golan in line with UN Security Council resolutions.

The Golan Heights are legally part of Syria, occupied by Israel in 1967 and annexed by them in 1981. The United States now stands as the only nation to recognize Israel’s annexation.

The recognition of the annexation has fueled concerns Israel may try to annex more occupied territories in the future, figuring the US will ultimately sign off on them. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that is the case, arguing that anything taken in the war is “ours now.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess that includes Washington DC.

Mar 29 10:07

Netanyahu says Israel ready for Gaza campaign if needed; Palestinians plan huge march

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that Israel is prepared to wage a broad military campaign in Gaza if needed, after a two-day flareup of cross-border fighting that has thrust his security policies to the fore two weeks before an election.

Mar 29 08:07

One year of Gaza’s Great March of Return

Gaza’s Great March of Return began a year ago, on 30 March 2018.

On that day, tens of thousands of Palestinians participated in tent city sit-ins and protests along Gaza’s eastern boundary to protest Israel’s decade-long siege on the territory.

Protesters were also demanding their right to return to the lands on the other side of the boundary fence from which their families had been forcibly displaced. Two-thirds of Gaza’s population of two million are refugees hailing from lands now inside Israel.

The launch of the Great March of Return coincided with Land Day, the annual commemoration of six Palestinians killed during protests against Israeli land confiscation in the Galilee in 1976.

Fifteen Palestinians were killed during the first day of the Great March of Return. Israel has used lethal force against unarmed demonstrators ever since.

Mar 28 10:03

Palestinian volunteer medic killed by Israeli forces in Bethlehem

Israeli forces shot and killed an 18-year-old Palestinian medic after the army raided a refugee camp in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Sajid Muzher was shot in the abdomen and later died on the operating table at the Beit Jala Hospital, Palestinian medical sources said.

The sources added that the young man was killed when Israeli soldiers opened fire while he was wearing a medic's vest trying to save the injured protesters in the Dheisheh refugee camp.

Mar 28 08:40

Hamas Chief Says Israel 'Got the Message' After Morning of Tense Calm

Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh says the "Israeli occupation got the message," and congratulates all Gaza factions for "acting to stop Israeli arrogance." Haniyeh promises to rebuild his bureau, which was destroyed Monday evening in an Israeli airstrike.

Speaking outside his demolished office, he calls on the Palestinian people to come protest along the border fence on Saturday in honor of the one-year anniversary of the March of Return.

Mar 28 08:12

Berlin bans Palestinian activist from taking part in rallies

Authorities in Berlin say they have banned a Palestinian activist from taking part in a political rally in the German capital.

State officials said Wednesday that Rasmea Odeh is forbidden from participating in the planned event by a group called the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

Odeh was convicted in 1970 of two bombings in Jerusalem, including one that killed two men at a supermarket. Odeh claimed she was tortured into confessing by the Israeli military.

Mar 28 07:54

Shuttle diplomacy: Egyptian delegation returns to Israel after meeting Hamas in GazaAfter pres

The Egyptian team tasked with mediating an agreement to end days of fighting in the Gaza Strip continued with its shuttle diplomacy Thursday afternoon, returning to Israel at around 1pm, after meeting with Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups.

The delegation, made up of Egyptian intelligence officials, returned from Gaza via the Erez Crossing, to convey the Hamas response to an Israeli proposal for restoring calm along the border.

Mar 28 07:51

Report: Hamas won't halt weekend protests at Gaza fence despite ongoing fighting

On eve of first anniversary of protests, UK-based, Arabic-language paper says terror group will only stop weekly demos as part of larger plan to end Israeli, Egyptian blockade on Strip, currently only ready to accept 'quiet for quiet'

Mar 28 07:30

Pompeo Says Trump Plan for Israel Will Break Old Administrations’ Approaches

The US secretary of state says the upcoming peace plan will be “grounded in the facts on the ground and a realistic assessment".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said an upcoming White House peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will break from the ways previous administrations sought to solve the conflict, because they failed to deliver concrete results.

Speaking before the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday, Pompeo said the White House believes the US can still be a fair arbiter in helping to resolve the long-time conflict, despite the Palestinian side withdrawing from negotiations following Washington's unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Mar 28 07:14

Khalida Jarrar: “I will never stop speaking out”

Despite being held for almost two years, she was never charged with a crime.

The prominent leftist lawmaker and civil society figure who was in charge of the Palestinian Legislative Council’s prisoners committee when the parliament was still nominally active broke into a deep-throated chuckle when asked whether she was worried that Israel might arrest her again.

“Why do all of you [journalists] ask me that?” she queried, before answering herself.

“This question is for the occupation, I think,” she said, her hands gesturing with a lit cigarette between her fingers. “Will the occupation continue demolishing Palestinian homes? Do they plan to continue denying us our rights of national determination?”

“If the occupation continues, then I will never stop speaking out on these issues.”

Mar 28 07:13

Israel is targeting the Great March of Return anniversary with vile propaganda

At first, it was a rocket, Israel claimed, which prompted another round of bombing of the civilians in the Gaza Strip. After damaging 500 Palestinian homes, and with talk of the Zionist state increasing its military presence on the nominal Gaza borders, the first anniversary commemorating the Great March of Return protests on 30 March is being cited as the next stage for the colonial entity’s premeditated bloodshed.

Former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Chief Benny Gantz is still pushing for more violence and has, once again, mentioned a return to targeted assassinations of Palestinians if he is elected next month. According to Gantz, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy is failing to deter Hamas in Gaza.

Mar 28 07:12

Israel official reveals plan to change Golan Heights’ demographic balance

An Israeli official revealed a plan to triple the number of Jewish settlers in the Golan Heights in the coming years in order to create a Jewish majority in the occupied Syrian territory.

The Mayor of Katzrin settlement in the occupied Golan, Dmitry Apartzev, said the plateau’s total population will increase to 150,000 people which means the number of Jews will reach 100,000 people while the number of Druze will be 50,000.

Apartzev expected the population of Katzrin settlement alone to increase from 8,500 to 50,000.

According to the Israeli official, the recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan will open new horizons for foreign investment in the area, hoping that the recognition would also contribute to counter the international boycott campaigns urging investors not to invest in the occupied territories.

Mar 28 07:11

A year on from the Great March of Return I still mourn my daughter Razan, killed in cold blood

She was 20-years-old when she was shot.

It was June 1, 2018, and Razan, the eldest of my six children and a volunteer medic and nurse from Palestine, was helping to treat wounded protestors taking part in the Great March of Return, which had begun on 30 March last year

In spite of her white coat, she became a target for the Israeli Defence Force. As she tried to help evacuate the wounded near Israel’s border fence, she was hit.

Her death transformed her into a symbol for an entire nation under the boot of Israel. But her mere presence at the 2018 protest, even in a medical capacity, was never guaranteed. Denied a career as a doctor by our financial circumstances, she studied nursing, and in anticipation of the Great March of Return, sold her phone and ring to buy medical equipment.

Mar 28 07:10

Jordan King: ‘No to resettlement of Palestinians’

Jordanian King Abdullah II said yesterday that “Jerusalem and the future of Palestine are redlines for Jordan” which rejects the idea of finding an alternative homeland for Palestinians, Safa news agency reported.

During a meeting with the Jordanian Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff Major General Mahmoud Freihat and senior security chiefs, the king said he cancelled a planned visit to Romania after it recognised Jerusalem capital of Israel.

“As I said in Zarqa and as I have continued to say over perhaps the past 15 years, Jerusalem and the future of Palestine is a red line for Jordan,” he was reported by the Jordanian news agency Petra as saying. “I do not know what more I can say to make it clear.”

Mar 28 06:47

Israeli Army Attacks Children Leaving School in Hebron

Israeli soldiers, today, attacked Palestinian school children while they were leaving their school, in the Israeli-controlled part of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, reported WAFA correspondence.

They said that soldiers threw stun grenades at Hebron Elementary School for Boys and harassed the students in the street, after they left the school, causing panic and fear among the children, as well as suffocation from the gas.

Previously, Palestinian children going to or leaving their schools in the Israeli–controlled area of Hebron, known as H2, were accompanied by members of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), an international civilian monitoring force, until Israel canceled their mandate, in February, and kicked them out of the West Bank after 22 years of service.

Mar 28 06:46

Paramedic’s Father: “My son thought he wouldn’t be shot wearing his vest.”

A young paramedic volunteer was killed by Israeli fire, Wednesday morning, during violent confrontations that broke out in Dehehisheh refugee camp, in the south of Bethlehem, while wearing his medical relief uniform.

The father of Sajed Mezher, Abdul-Hakeem Mezher, narrated to PNN the last moments of the young man’s life and his determination to extend a helping hand to the wounded youth.

Abdul-Hakeem said that he woke up at dawn and was preparing his sons to go to their schools. Among them was Sajed, who was studying for a university exam. At the outbreak of confrontations, Sajed insisted on going out and helping the injured with the paramedic crews.

“I begged him not to leave, I told him that the soldiers wouldn’t care if he was wearing a medical vest or not, but he insisted on going. He thought they wouldn’t shoot someone wearing a medical vest,” the father said.

Mar 28 06:45

Rights groups urge UN to protect Palestinians on 'Great March' protest anniversary

Almost 20 Palestinian rights groups – both regional and international – urged the United Nations to protect Gazans who participate in the anniversary of the “Great March of Return” protests this coming Saturday.

In a letter sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday, the groups warned that Israel “will once again resort to lethal and other excessive force, including live ammunition, to suppress the protests”.

“We urge the UN to take meaningful action to prevent further unnecessary loss of life and injury by the Israeli occupying forces, which entails individual criminal responsibility and may amount to international crimes,” the letter read.

They went on to issue an 11-point list of recommendations for the UN, including beefing up monitoring of Israel’s use of force on the protests, demanding accountability and making sure Israel adheres to the Geneva Convention.

Mar 28 06:35

Israel injures dozens of Palestinian prisoners

Israeli forces injured dozens of Palestinians in Ketziot prison in the southern Naqab region this week in its latest crackdown on detainees.

The Israel Prison Service raided cells on Monday, beating prisoners and using tear gas and stun grenades. Some were hospitalized and then returned to the prison.

Prisoners rights group Addameer called the crackdown part of “a systematic policy that aims at deteriorating the prisoners’ life conditions,” adding that “it holds the occupation authorities fully responsible for the lives and safety of all Palestinian prisoners.”

Mar 28 06:34

After Golan, are Trump and Netanyahu coming for West Bank?

A warning: If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still in office in late 2020 or 2024, when President Donald Trump’s time in office is coming to a close, there is a good chance the two leaders will declare American recognition of Israeli annexation of all or most of the occupied West Bank.

The precedent for such a move was put in place Monday as two significant anti-Arab events took place in Washington.

First, at the annual AIPAC conference, Democratic and Republican speakers alike ignored the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territory, choosing instead to rail against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has been vilified for openly criticizing the powerful Israel lobby group’s outsize influence.

A bipartisan consensus pretended that AIPAC was being silenced, turning on its head the reality that the organization is supporting legislation seeking to silence supporters of Palestinian rights.

Mar 27 11:14

Trump's Middle East Peace Deal Will 'Die' Very Quickly - Scholar

The Israel Defence Forces and police are bracing themselves for possible violent protests near the Israeli-Syrian border following US President Donald Trump’s move to recognise the Jewish state’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The Israel Defence Forces said in a statement on Saturday that "they were preparing for the possibility of tension in the northern Golan Heights" without elaborating on detail. This comes two days after the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned US President Trump's recent comments on the Golan Heights as "irresponsible", adding that the Syrian people plan to recover the area through "all available means".

Radio Sputnik discussed this with Professor Gabriel Ben-Dor, Head of the National Security Studies Programs at the University of Haifa.

Mar 27 11:09

UN warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ in Gaza

The UN’s special coordinator for the Middle East peace process expressed concerns Tuesday that violence in Gaza may lead to devastating consequences, Anadolu Agency reports.

“I am concerned that we may, once again, be facing another very dangerous escalation of violence in Gaza, with potentially catastrophic consequences,” Nickolay Mladenov told the UN Security Council. “The last two days show how precariously close we came to the brink of war once again.”

Mladenov, who also serves as the UN Secretary-General’s personal representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority, said the firing of rockets by Israel violates international law and it must stop.

The Israeli military launched a wave of airstrikes Monday across the Gaza Strip following rocket fire from the enclave that injured seven Israelis north of Tel Aviv.

Mar 27 11:09

No mention of Palestinians or Israeli settlements, as Democrats take AIPAC stage

The top Democrats in Congress have addressed the conference of AIPAC, narrating anecdotes of personal connections to Israel, condemning anti-semitism and vowing to maintain bipartisan support for the Middle East country.

Missing from their speeches, however, was any reference to Palestinians or criticism of Israeli policies that undermine the two-state solution that they claim to support, including the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Speaking at the annual conference of the pro-Israel lobby, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both dismissed the notion that Democratic support for Israel is dwindling.

Mar 27 11:00

Palestinians rush to stock up on food as Israeli airstrikes light up Gaza

Huge orange flashes were all that were lighting Gaza City Monday night as Israeli airstrikes pounded the coastal enclave, wounding eight Palestinians, including two children.

It seemed Gaza’s residents were either trying to capture the bombardments with their cellphones, or trying to calm their scared children as apartments shook from nearby bombings on several empty buildings associated with Hamas, and dozens of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.

Israeli jets fired two missiles on a commercial building in the upscale Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City, which housed the offices of Ismail Haniya, the political leader of Hamas movement. This attack wounded two Palestinians, and caused excessive damage to the property and surrounding homes.

Mar 27 10:59

Russia calls for ending Israel bombing of Gaza

The Russian foreign ministry expressed its deep concerns regarding the latest wave of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq reported yesterday.

In a statement, reported by the newspaper, the Russian foreign ministry described the Israeli bombing of the Strip as “dangerous” and warned it might renew the armed conflict between the two sides and lead to killing of civilians.

The Russian ministry called for both sides to show restraint and return immediately to a sustainable ceasefire, stressing that stopping violence, reaching solutions for Gaza and achieving sustainable peace in the region necessitate the resumption of peace talks based on UN resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative.

Mar 27 10:58

PA stops medical transfers due to lack of funds

Palestinian Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it is stopping all medical transfers to Israeli hospitals in response to Tel Aviv withholding millions of dollars in taxes owed to the Palestinian Authority, Arab48 reported.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Osama Al-Najjar said: “The decision came in the context of the directions issued by the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the different ministries to reduce the relationship with Israel.”

Al-Najjar added that this is part of the response of the Israeli decision to deduct $138 million from the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s tax revenue in a bid to stop prisoners’ stipends.

“The bill of the medical treatment transfers to the Israeli hospitals is about $100 million a year,” he said.

Mar 27 10:58

‘Israeli air strikes damaged 500 Palestinian homes’

A total of 500 houses in the Gaza Strip were damaged by the latest Israeli airstrikes, Palestine’s public works minister said late Tuesday.

“In Israeli airstrikes against Gaza, 30 houses were completely destroyed and 500 houses were damaged,” Mufeed al-Hasayneh said in a statement.

He added that they are working to remove the traces of the airstrikes and alleviate the pain of their people.

Israel launched a wave of airstrikes Monday across the Gaza Strip following rocket fire from the enclave which injured seven Israelis north of Tel Aviv.

Mar 27 10:57

Israel strikes Gaza again, rockets from Gaza intercepted

The Israeli army reports that it struck a number of targets inside a Hamas military compound in the area of Rafah in the southern Strip.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli daily, the Israeli military claims it was responding to incendiary balloons and rockets fired earlier toward Israel from the Strip.

Mar 27 10:57

Updated: Israeli Forces Kill Paramedic In Deheishe Refugee Camp, In Bethlehem

A young Palestinian paramedic, Sajid Abdel Hakim Helmi Mizhir, 17, was shot and killed by Israeli forces who opened fire at his despite wearing his clearly marked medic vest. He died of his wounds in the hospital soon after.

The troops invaded Deheishe camp on Wednesday at dawn, and injured several Palestinians. Sajid was there to treat the wounded, when he was shot in the abdomen.

During the invasion, the soldiers stormed and ransacked several homes, and abducted Mohammad Riziq Hammash, 21, Mahmoud Walid Lahham, and Ma’ali Issa Ma’ali, 27.

The Palestinian Health Ministry issued a statement denouncing Sajed’s death, and stated that the constant targeting of medics and journalists is serious violation of International Law and all related international resolutions, especially the laws that protect civilians in the time of war.

Palestinian Health Minister, Dr. Jawad Awwad, said the soldiers shot and killed Sajed with live fire, despite his clearly marked medic vest.

Mar 27 10:56

Settlers Raid Two Elementary Schools

A group of Israeli settlers attempted to raid two Palestinian elementary schools on Tuesday afternoon, in the Tuqu village, southeast of the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.

Locals told Ma’an News Agency that heavily armed Israeli forces escorted a group of Israeli settlers who were gathered, holding Israeli flags, near the two mixed elementary schools, and attempted to break in.

Sources mentioned that teachers and school staff prevented Israeli settlers from entering the premises and closed the main gates.

Mar 27 10:35


How long can the oh-so-moral community still look the other way and plead further in Palestine, ignoring the Israeli conquest and 1981 annexation of the Syrian Golan, which was never internationally recognized?

Mar 27 07:49

AIPAC Is Playing The Victim, But It’s Palestinians Who Are Being Silenced

So far, the theme of AIPAC’s 2019 Policy Conference has been peril, not just to Israel, but to AIPAC itself. AIPAC’s CEO accused unnamed critics of “trying to silence each of us.”

AIPAC President Mort Fridman declared that, “none of us are willing to be silenced.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer warned of forces that seek “to silence others through exclusion, disenfranchisement, or fear.”

Mar 27 07:29

Gaza teeters on the brink

A tentative calm prevailed in Gaza most of Tuesday after a violent flare-up the previous day, when a rocket fired from Gaza hit a home in central Israel and precipitated airstrikes on the territory.

The break in violence was short-lived, however, as Israel resumed its bombardment after rockets were fired from Gaza late Tuesday.

An Israel official said earlier in the day there was no official ceasefire with armed groups in Gaza, “and the fighting can be renewed at any minute.”

Reports suggested that Israel had demanded the cancelation of a mass protest marking the one-year anniversary of the Great March of Return demonstrations along Gaza’s eastern boundary, during which Israeli snipers have killed nearly 200 Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look at that last paragraph!

Mar 27 05:39

Syria requests UN Security Council meeting on Golan

Syria says the US decision to recognise the Golan Heights as Israeli territory contravenes international law.

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation on Monday in which the United States recognised Israel's annexation of the strategic plateau, despite UN resolutions recognising the Golan as Israeli-occupied territory.
The council is scheduled to discuss the latest crisis on Wednesday during a meeting on renewing the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force deployed between Israel and Syria in the Golan, known as UNDOF.

'Crucial turning point'

The head of the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah, a key Syrian ally, called for resistance against the US decision


Mar 26 16:52

Trump’s Golan green light paves way to Israel’s annexation of West Bank

When President Donald Trump moved the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem last year, effectively sabotaging any hope of establishing a viable Palestinian state, he tore up the international rulebook.

Last week, he trampled all over its remaining tattered pages. He did so, of course, via Twitter.

Referring to a large piece of territory Israel seized from Syria in 1967, Trump wrote: “After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability.”

At a meeting between Netanyahu and Trump in Washington on Monday night, the president converted his tweet into an executive decree.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the kind of "history" with President Trump's having signed this executive order will create, will rank as one of the worst of President Trump's foreign policy decisions ever.

Mar 26 16:51

Gaza rehearses for 1 million at the fence next week, as Israel kills two more men

At the end of nearly 1,000 yards of newly-grown spring grassy turf, a renewed barbed-wire border fence rises three meters up, in anticipation of a million person march next week between Gaza protesters and their well-known antagonist snipers.

A week before the first anniversary of the great March of Return, organizers have pledged larger than usual demonstrations. However, their preparations appeared powerless in yesterday’s renewed protests at Malaka, eastern Gaza City, when hails of Israeli live ammunition and gas canisters killed two Palestinian men and wounded 26 others taking part in weekly demonstrations along the fortified Israel-Gaza border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am hoping and praying that the Palestinian children will be left home, in the care of a responsible adult; because, I could almost bet you, it will be the children who will be hit first.

Mar 26 11:16

De Blasio speech at AIPAC is a monument of progressive Democratic racism against Palestinians

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the “simple, clear, progressive case for the state of Israel” at the Israel lobby group AIPAC this morning, and his speech was a monument in the Democratic Party’s racism against Palestinians.

The progressive mayor never mentioned Palestinian conditions under occupation, he never mentioned Palestinians’ second-class rights in Israel, and while touching again and again on the Jewish history of persecution and “exclusion” and “expulsion”, de Blasio never acknowledged that 750,000 Palestinians had been expelled from their lands at the birth of Israel in 1947-49. As such, his speech was also a monument of Democratic denial of the Palestinian Nakba, or catastrophe.

De Blasio mentioned Palestinians only once. His ten-minute-long speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference focused on rising dangers to Jews around the world from “nativism, fascism, and white supremacy” and therefore the need for a Jewish state.

Mar 26 11:14

Air-Raid Sirens Sound in Southern Israel - IDF

The alert comes a day after Israel delivered strikes on Hamas positions in Gaza "on a scale not seen since the end of the military operation in Gaza four years ago", according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has tweeted that air-raids sirens were sounding across the country's south.

Mar 26 11:12

Despite ceasefire reports, strikes and rockets continue

Rockets were fired at Sderot long after a ceasefire was supposed to go into effect; IDF continued striking Hamas targets in Gaza; Earlier, militants fired heavy barrage after 9pm, Sderot home suffered direct hit, no injuries; Palestinian reports of Egyptian brokered ceasefire unconfirmed.

Mar 26 10:53

Israel continues to pound Gaza despite ceasefire

Israeli warplanes continue to strike Gaza City Tuesday despite reports of a ceasefire, Anadolu reports.

According to witnesses, the Israeli bombardment targeted a post belonging to the Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, in the town of Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip, causing a huge fire at the nearby Omar bin Abdulaziz Mosque.

It was also reported that Israeli warplanes and artillery units are continuing to strike a large number of agricultural areas in southern, northern and central Gaza.

The Israeli army confirmed that its warplanes had carried out 15 bombardments in the Gaza Strip.

Mar 26 09:46

Israel is bracing for a massive ground operation in Gaza

After completing discussions and assessing the situation on the southern front, the Israeli occupation army has likely decided to prepare for a massive ground attack in the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported this morning.

“Following the assessment of the situation by the chief of staff, we are currently rapidly transferring two brigades, infantry and armoured corps from training and from their division headquarters to the Southern Command area,” spokesperson of the Israeli army Ronen Manelis said in a statement.

“There is a focused mobilisation of reservists to specific zones, and we are in full readiness for a wide range of scenarios,” the statement continued, noting that the current round of reservists are from intelligence and air defence units.

Mar 26 09:46

Is Israel really interested in a truce with Palestinians in Gaza?

On the 51st Friday of the Great March of Return protests, march spokesperson Daoud Shehab announced the failure of the indirect talks held between the Palestinian resistance factions and Israel to reach a truce in the Gaza Strip. This news shocked Gazans, who have been waiting for the fruits of these talks for a year.

The next day, MEMO asked senior Hamas member Khalil Al-Hayya about the issue and he said: “This is not true and the Egyptian mediation in this file is still in place.” However, he recognised that “there is a kind of Israeli procrastination.”

Al-Hayya said the talks, which have been taking as a result of the pressure placed by the Great March of Return, “had tangible impacts on the ground”.

Mar 26 09:45

Israeli Military Continues Bombarding Gaza Despite Egyptian Attempts to Negotiate Ceasefire

Israeli forces continued to pound Gaza with bombs late Monday night and into Tuesday morning, including the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya in Gaza City.

After the Israeli military began its bombardment campaign, dropping close to 100 bombs in the first three hours of Monday evening, Palestinian resistance forces retaliated, firing around 30 homemade shells across the border into Israel, causing no injuries.

Israeli authorities opened public bomb shelters for Israelis living in border towns near the Gaza Strip. Palestinians living in Gaza, numbering nearly two million people, have no bomb shelters.

Mar 26 09:43

Israeli Brigades, Recruits Sent to Gaza Border

The Israel army has deployed two infantry and armored divisions to southern Israel, and has begun a limited call for reservists in the intelligence and air defense corps, following rocket fire on central Israel Monday morning, a military spokesman said.

Brigadier General Ronen Manelis alleges that a rocket was fired from Hamas operatives, from a military post in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and had a range of 120 kilometers.

Though default Hamas rockets are little more than hollow tubes stuffed with dynamite, and not equipped with guidance systems, Israeli forces claimed, on Twitter, that a homemade rocket traveled 75 miles, destroying a house in Tel Aviv.

Mar 26 09:17

Israel pounds Gaza after rocket strikes house

Seven Palestinians were injured as Israel bombarded Gaza on Monday night in what Israel’s acting foreign minister said was the military’s largest offensive there since 2014.

Palestinian factions fired rockets from Gaza towards southern Israel in response. Video showed a home in Sderot that was hit with a rocket fired from Gaza:

Mar 26 09:16

Now Is the Time For Solidarity With Gaza

The largest open-air prison in the world, Gaza, is facing another brutal bombardment. Last night the IDF continually pounded Gaza with airstrikes, some of which landed in the middle of Gaza city, which is one of the most densely populated areas of the globe. We must respond by standing in unity with the people of Gaza.

This latest attack comes one week after a report adopted by the UN Human Rights Council accused Israel of committing war crimes against unarmed civilians along the Gaza fence, including medics, journalists and children. Since the start of the protest “Great March of Return”, begun on March 30th 2018, over 200 demonstrators have been killed and over 27,000 injured.

Mar 26 09:01


Aside from what the photo represents, in the last few days Trump (YOUR TAX DOLLARS) paid for every bomb dropped on Gaza.

Could we call this meddling in the upcoming Israeli election?

Mar 26 07:54

We snuck a camera into one of the Hebron checkpoints today

Watch what life is like under occupation

Mar 25 15:21


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!