May 12 08:37

Vladimir Putin Praises Chabad

“I would like to extend my holiday greetings to you and to all of Russian Jewry. I wish you a happy Chanukah and all of the very best, along with your family and all of the Jews in Russia. I must say that there are very positive developments in Russia. New Synagogues and Jewish Centers are opening up, and I am thankful to you for that. I hope that our joint efforts will continue to thrive and progress.”

These were the wishes of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar at a private audience that was granted in honor of Chanukah at the Kremlin office in Moscow.

May 12 08:35

As Putin Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Players, His Surprising Jewish Connection is Revealed

In the long history of Jews in Russia, the government has rarely been an ally, and often been the source of persecution. Current Russian president Vladimir Putin, however, is a powerful exception, with Jews playing a significant role in his personal history and his inner circle. With the Russian army a major player in the potentially explosive multi-national puzzle unfolding in Syria, this personal element could become an important, perhaps decisive, factor in how the conflict unfolds.

At the International Assembly of Chabad Representatives in 2007, Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazar, often referred to as “Putin’s Rabbi”, told a remarkable story about the Russian leader, which he heard from Putin himself.

May 12 08:33

Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch Puppet

While RT and a lot of alternative news outlets portray Putin as some sort of savior, the reality is that he is just playing his role in the Jewish Babylonian messianic soap new world order. Instead of expelling jewish influence in his country after the fairly recent satanic mass slaughter of up to 80 million of his Russian brothers and sisters by jews after the “Bolshevik” revolution, Putin is calling for harder punishments for anti semitic expressions in Russia. He proposed to members of the European Jewish Congress, that Jews facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism and bigotry farther west should move to Russia, where he said they would be better accepted. Readers of the Jerusalem Post have chosen Putin as their person of the year. See full video:

May 12 08:28

Russia Bows to US and Israel, No S-300s for Syria

It’s not forthcoming, not now at least. According to Putin’s military technical cooperation aide Vladimir Kozhin, Russia will not supply S-300s to Syria’s military – nor are talks about possible delivery being held.

Kozhin falsely claimed Syrian armed forces have “all” the air defense systems “they need” – a shameful remark, clearly untrue.

Failure to supply with what Syria vitally needs constitutes betrayal – yielding to US/Israeli interests at the expense of its own security.

If Russia fails to confront US-led aggression in Syria more forcefully, Assad could fall, his government replaced, isolating Iran ahead of similar action to replace the Islamic Republic with pro-Western puppet rule.

It’s no match against US/Israeli aggression if events unfold this way. If they achieve regional hegemony, Russia and China are next on Washington’s target list.

May 12 08:27

Which Banana Will You Eat? Your Choice will affect your Health?

Banana sweethearts don’t dawdle with regards to how they like the ripeness of their most loved natural product. Here are 7 kinds of banana & how it helps for your health.

May 12 00:09

What *** things I did to cure my Mental illness?

Mental illness is a condition where our brains go out of our control. In other words, it influences a person’s thoughts, behaviour, and social relation in a very very bad way.

May 11 22:40

Eating Eggs, a High Risk?

Eggs give various nutritious advantages. Their yolks contain vitamins A, D, E and K and furthermore give you iron. The whites are a decent wellspring of protein. Eggs from free-extending, naturally encouraged hens likewise give you omega 3 unsaturated fats required for ideal health.

May 11 13:49


What’s the best way to keep adults from questioning the use of a deeply problematic product? Get them started when they’re too young to question anything. Amazon has a new addition to its line of voice-commanded artificial intelligence Alexa assistants, marketed for use by children as young as 5 years old, who can barely grasp a box of juice, let alone digital privacy. Now, a coalition of children’s privacy and psychology advocates are warning parents away from Amazon’s latest, cutest device, saying it could normalize surveillance and harm children’s mental development.

May 11 13:07

The Big Chill

May 11 12:38


Known as "hog hotels," European farmers have already experimented with raising pigs in two or three-story buildings, and many of those went (pork) belly up. But an agricultural company in China has recently started farming pigs in two separate 7-story buildings and has plans to start four new hog hotels, "including one with as many as 13 floors that will be the world’s tallest building of its kind," according to Reuters.

May 11 11:46

Hawaii alerted to rising levels of toxic gas and geologists warn new areas may be at risk to molten rock bursting from the ground

Residents on the Big Island of Hawaii were alerted on Thursday to rising levels of toxic gas from lava-oozing fissures, and geologists warned that new areas east of the erupting Kilauea volcano may be at risk to molten rock bursting from the ground.

Hawaii County authorities sent a text message to residents of the southeast corner of the island notifying them that a wind change would bring rising levels of sulfur dioxide gas, which can be fatal if inhaled in large quantities.

"Due to decreasing trade winds, residents are advised to monitor their sensitivity to increased levels of SO2," the text message sent at 9:22 a.m. said.

May 11 11:42

What *** things I did to cure my Mental illness?

Have you noticed these simple things in your life to cure Mental Illness? Check your state of mental health.

May 11 10:27

US: Iran Must Continue to Comply With Nuclear Inspections

No longer party to treaty, US still insists Iran fulfill requirements
Jason Ditz

On Tuesday, President Trump formally disavowed the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. Officials have indicated the US intends to violate the deal with new sanctions against Iran.

May 11 09:40

Merapi volcano (Central Java): sudden, large explosive eruption, ash to approx. 10 km altitude

A sudden and large explosion occurred this morning at the volcano at 07:32 local time, producing an ash plume that rose several kilometers from the summit.

The exact height of the ash plume is unclear, but the volcano observatory reported it as 5500 m above the summit. Darwin VAAC in turn estimated the top of the ash plume having reached up to 50,000 ft (15 km) altitude (which might be overestimated) and issued a warning to aircraft in the area as the ash cloud was moving south at 20 knots.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The whole planet is rocking and rolling!

May 11 09:20

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update - Thursday Night (May 10, 2018)

May 11 09:18

Opposition To GMOs Is Neither Unscientific Nor Immoral

Let’s look at some of the assumptions that this argument takes for granted: (1) That GMOs are indeed safe, and (2) that GMOs and industrial agriculture in general allow higher yields than more traditional forms of agriculture.

May 11 08:55

Why I choose my Forearm to re-generate my Ear, even it’s highly risky?

This Forearm Ear incident is taking a storm on the internet. Know the TRUE STORY behind this entire news.

May 11 08:55


High levels of unrest related to the intermittent eruption of lava in Leilani Estates in the lower East Rift Zone of K?lauea Volcano continue. While no lava was noted erupting today from any of the 15 fissure vents formed thus far, earthquake activity, ground deformation, and continuing high emission rates of sulphur dioxide indicate additional outbreaks of lava are likely. The location of future outbreaks is not known with certainty, but could include areas both uprift (southwest) and downrift (northeast) of the existing fissures, or resumption of activity at existing fissures.

May 11 08:54

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii building up to massive eruption, say scientists

A volcano in Hawaii that has been oozing lava and steam for days may be building up to a huge eruption, scientists have warned.

They are so concerned that the Volcanoes National Park has been closed.

It is the newest threat from the Kilauea volcano, which started to erupt eight days ago on the US state's Big Island, the National Park Service said.

Lava levels in the crater are going down, say scientists, which means it may be clogging up before a massive blast.

May 10 18:09


Why has the Leaning Tower of Pisa survived the strong earthquakes that have hit the region since the middle ages? This is a long-standing question a research group of sixteen engineers has investigated, including a leading expert in earthquake engineering and soil-structure interaction from the University of Bristol.

May 10 17:45

Astronomers called back Pluto planet status

American ucznia Alan stern and David Grinspoon urged to return Pluto to the status of a full planet, based on the data on its Geology.

According to scientists, the current definition of a planet was “hastily drawn” and contains “obvious deficiencies,” reports IFLScience.

Pluto was “demoted” from planet to dwarf planet by the International astronomical Union (IAU) in 2006 because it did not meet the new criteria for this planet. However, many astrophysicists are still resisting this decision. In particular, Alan stern and David Grinspoon urged “to make Pluto great again.”

May 10 15:40

Swamp Drainage Update: Ex FCC Chairman Working AGAIN for Telecom Industry and Continuing to Promote Risky 5G and “Internet of Things” (IoT).

By B.N. Frank

Before being nominated and becoming FCC chairman in 2013, Tom Wheeler had a long history working for the Telecom Industry.

Even when Tom worked for the FCC, it seemed like he was working on behalf of the Telecom Industry instead of protecting the public...

May 10 13:05

Scientists Made a Super Enzyme That Eliminates Need to Make More Plastic

Scientists accidentally created a super enzyme that eats plastic for breakfast… Or did they?

May 10 12:32

Common insecticides found to be far more dangerous to health than previously believed

Neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides in wide use, may be more destabilizing to agriculture than previously presumed, according to a new study from Penn State.

“The team’s research challenges the previously held belief that neonicotinoid seed coatings have little to no effect on predatory insect populations,” ScienceDaily summarized.

The findings suggest that more work needs to be done to “work the bugs out,” as it were.

As Natural News has outlined, seeds are coated with neonicotinoids before planting instead of being sprayed on growing crops. Thus, a plant absorbs the entire insecticide component.

May 10 11:28

Ebola's Back! Congo Outbreak Sees 21 Cases, 17 Deaths In Last Month

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been alerted to an outbreak of Ebola. In the past five weeks, there have been 21 cases of the infection reported, and 17 of those are now deceased.

May 10 10:25

The newest threat from Kilauea: 'Explosive eruptions' at crater

Meanwhile, rockfalls from the crater’s walls and ash plumes are expected to continue as the lava lake drops.

That's exactly what happened Wednesday morning. The USGS said a rockfall (not water interacting with lava) generated a short-lived explosion at Halemaumau Crater, sending an ash column high into the air.

May 10 10:22

Will Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano explode?

The steady lowering of the lava lake in Overlook crater within Halema’uma’u at the summit of Kilauea Volcano has raised the potential for explosive eruptions in the coming weeks. If the lava column drops to the level of groundwater beneath Kilauea Caldera, influx of water into the conduit could cause steam-driven explosions. Debris expelled during such explosions could impact the area surrounding Halema’uma’u and the Kilauea summit. At this time, we cannot say with certainty that explosive activity will occur, how large the explosions could be, or how long such explosive activity could continue.

Residents of the Kilauea summit area should learn about the hazards of ashfall, stay informed of the status of the volcano and area closures, and review family and business emergency plans.

May 10 10:21

Hawaii volcano park to close on fears of a possible explosion

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could soon send boulders and ash shooting out of its summit crater in the kind of explosive eruption last displayed nearly a century ago.

Scientists said Wednesday the risks of an explosive summit eruption will rise in coming weeks as magma drains down the flank of the volcano toward the area where lava began erupting in a residential neighborhood last week.

May 10 09:23

Scientists: Explosive eruption risk rises for Hawaii volcano

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could soon send boulders and ash shooting out of its summit crater in the kind of explosive eruption last displayed nearly a century ago.

Scientists said Wednesday the risks of an explosive summit eruption will rise in coming weeks as magma drains down the flank of the volcano toward the area lava started erupting from fissures in a residential neighborhood last week.

A summit explosion could also release ash, steam and sulfur dioxide gas.

Kilauea has destroyed 36 structures — including 26 homes — since it began releasing lava from vents about 25 miles east of the summit crater. There are now 15 of the vents spread through the Leilani Estates and neighboring Lanipuna Gardens neighborhoods.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said a geothermal energy plant near the lava outbreak was accelerating its removal of stored flammable gas as a precaution.

May 10 09:04

Europe under the vaccination gun: an expanding tragedy

“European Union (EU) residents have less confidence in vaccine safety than people in any other region in the world. From the perspective of the powerful pharmaceutical industry and its bought politicians, this growing skepticism about vaccine orthodoxy cannot be permitted to gain further momentum.”

“Ignoring massive protests by citizens and municipal authorities, the governments of France, Italy and other EU nations (with the help of Big-Pharma lobbyists) have begun methodically and paternalistically proposing and/or enacting new vaccine laws. These laws aim to erase any remaining ability for citizens to weigh risk-benefit information and make vaccine decisions for themselves.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 10 08:49

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as 6.2 hit Afghanistan's Hindu Kush region at 10:41 UTC (15:11 local time) on May 9, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 111.9 km (69.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 100 km (62 miles).

According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 28.1 km (17.5 miles) ENE of Ch?kar?n (population 0), 36.6 km (22.8 miles) NW of Ishqoshim (population 26,000), 37.1 km (23.0 miles) NNW of Ashk?sham (population 12 120), 49.6 km (30.8 miles) ENE of Jurm (population 12 106), Afghanistan and 57.8 km (35.9 miles) SSW of Khorugh (population 30 000), Tajikistan.

There are 80 000 people living within 100 km (62 miles).

May 10 08:33

Will it ever end? E. coli-infected lettuce sickens another 28, bringing the total victim toll to 150 - with more than a dozen battling deadly kidney failure

The E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce has now left 149 people ill - nearly half of whom battling the infection in hospitals across 29 states.

Of those, 17 are in kidney failure due to Shiga-toxin, a substance produced by E. coli and listed as a potential bioterrorism agent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today.

Last week, the agency reported that the outbreak had claimed its first life, killing one person in California.

It's unclear if new illness are still occurring. There's a lag in reporting, and the most recent illness began two weeks ago.

May 10 08:09

Scientists Revealed New Hair Loss Treatment – 100% Success Assured

scientists says Baldness could be treated by new treatment & A futuristic Hair loss treatment to switch hair loss and help cure baldness.

May 09 19:07

Breaking: Syrian military launches new wave of missiles into occupied Golan Heights

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:10 A.M.) – At approximately 4:05 A.M. (Damascus Time), the Syrian military launched a fresh wave of missiles towards the occupied Golan Heights.

May 09 15:54

Breaking: Boris Johnson announces readiness for Syrian peace talks with no preconditions

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – The Secretary-General of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Nasser Al-Hariri, told British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, that his group is ready to commit to peace talks with the Syrian government under no preconditions.

May 09 15:52

Breaking: Massive confrontation breaks out between Israeli and Syrian forces near occupied Golan Heights

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 A.M.) – At approximately 1:00 A.M. (Damascus Time), the Israeli military fired several artillery shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions in the Al-Quneitra Governorate city of Al-Ba’ath.

The Syrian Army responded by firing missiles towards an IDF base in the occupied Golan Heights – no confirmation on whether or not anything hit its target.

May 09 11:35

Why I drank *** amount of water on empty stomach? Amazing Benefits of Japanese practice

Why Drink More Water? Here are Amazing benefits for your body also when you drink the amount of water. it is essential for human life. Everything from real-time experience from journalist

May 09 11:33

1973 Iceland Volcanic Eruption

The 1973 Icelandic eruption caused a major crisis for the island and nearly led to its permanent evacuation. Volcanic ash fell over most of the island, destroying many houses, and a lava flow threatened to close off the harbour, the island's main income source via its fishing fleet. An operation was mounted to cool the advancing lava flow by pumping sea water onto it, which was successful in preventing the loss of the harbour.

May 09 11:33

Judge Rules Non-Profits Can Sue Monsanto for Misleading Safety Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup

Beyond Pesticides and The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) today responded to a federal judge’s ruling against Monsanto Co.’s motion to dismiss the groups’ lawsuit, filed in April, 2017. The lawsuit challenged Monsanto’s safety claim on its Roundup (glyphosate) products as misleading and fraudulent. Monsanto displays a claim on its Roundup product label that states that the chemicals in the product “targets an enzyme bound in plants but not in people or pets,” when, in fact, the chemical adversely affects beneficial bacteria essential to the gut biome and normal body functions.

May 09 11:30

Lava-Cooling Operations During the 1973 Eruption of Eldfell Volcano, Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 97-724

On 23 January 1973, a volcanic eruption, which will not be easily forgotten, began on Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. In a few hours most of the inhabitants had been evacuated to the mainland on ships and aircraft, and efforts were already underway to save their personal belongings. The purpose of this technical article is to report on the measures taken to prevent the lava from flowing over the town and into the harbor, namely the lava-cooling operations.

May 09 11:07

Eruptions in Hawaii spark talks about Yellowstone super volcano

The destruction and eruptions from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has renewed the talk of the super volcano at Yellowstone National Park.

The Yellowstone volcano is one of just a handful of super volcanoes in the world and last erupted about 70,000 years ago.

Seismologists admit that an eruption could cause mass destruction, but say the chances are very slim and we would have ample warning. Experts at the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden are constantly monitoring the volcano.

May 09 11:06

Hawaii residents leave offerings for volcano goddess Pele as lava destroys homes

As molten lava continues its relentless, unstoppable flow down the Kilauea volcano, many on Hawaii's Big Island are looking to the ancient volcano goddess Pele for protection.

In Hawaiian folklore, Pele, or Pelehonuamea, is the ancient fire goddess, who lives in the Halema'uma'u crater at the top of Kilauea and is revered as the creator of Hawaii's landscape.

She's also known as Ka wahine 'ai honua, the woman who devours the Earth, which gives a sense of her destructive power.

May 09 11:05

People have tried to stop lava from flowing. This is why they failed

In other cases, explosive bombs were used in attempts to divert a lava flow.
One such example was in 1935 when a volcanic eruption on Mauna Loa sent lava toward the town of Hilo, on Hawaii's Big Island. Famed military leader George S. Patton, then a lieutenant colonel, oversaw a US Army operation in which military planes dropped bombs near the vent that was the source of the lava, according to the US Geological Survey.

The eruption ended six days later, but the effectiveness of disrupting lava channels with bombs remains in dispute, the USGS said.

After another Mauna Loa eruption in 1942, the US military bombed the channel walls of the lava flow. There were no significant effects, according to a research paper on the topic published in the Bulletin of Volcanology.

May 09 10:38

Is there such a thing as volcano insurance in Hawaii?

With homes destroyed and lava spraying into a Hawaiian neighborhood, the concern for many homeowners is: Will the damage be covered?

That really depends on the homeowner's insurance policy and how the home was damaged.

But there's no such a thing as volcano insurance or lava flow insurance, said Jerry Bump, chief deputy insurance commissioner at the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. It's such a specialty and so infrequent, that it's not available, he said.

However, damage could be covered if the homeowner had purchased a policy that covers all risk. But that kind of coverage is rare, hard-to-find and might be very expensive, Bump told CNN. It's unclear if any of the affected residents on Big Island has that kind of coverage.

May 09 10:30

Hawaii Kilauea volcano: 2 new fissures open up as 24-hour pause in volcanic activity ends

On Tuesday, scientists said the lava lake feeding the eruptions dropped significantly, and activity has decreased at all twelve fissures, or cracks, along a 2.5-mile span. But Hawaiian county officials said two new lava fissures had opened, bringing the total number fissures to 14, and ending a 24-hour pause in volcanic activity. The Hawaii Office of Emergency Management tweeted that everyone in Lanipuna must evacuate.

May 09 10:27

Days, Weeks, Years? Scientists Say Hawaii Volcano Eruption Has No End In Sight

The eruption at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues. The lava has now destroyed at least 35 structures and covered the equivalent of more than 75 football fields.

Scientists have been tracking this event since it started last week — but there are still big unanswered questions, the biggest of which is when it will end.

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has been erupting for more than 30 years. Lava levels in the Pu'u O'o crater and the volcano's summit rose in recent weeks, says Wendy Stovall, a volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. They were "inflating like a balloon, because magma was getting backed up from below," she says.

Then last week, the magma at Pu'u O'o plummeted. "The whole bottom of the crater floor dropped out and the magma completely drained away from that system," says Stovall.

May 09 10:06

Agricultural waste could be contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

While there are plenty of issues within the factory farming industry, one aspect in particular could spell big trouble for us all: antibiotic overuse, and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Literal tons of antibiotics are purchased and fed to livestock every year, around the world. Approximately 131,000 tons of antibiotics were used to treat livestock in 2013, and estimates suggest that number will exceed 200,000 tons by the year 2030.

May 09 10:02

Sunscreens destroy coral reefs by releasing harmful chemicals that disrupt microorganisms found in water

Diana Slijkerman, an ecologist at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands researched on the seawater quality around a dive center on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean Sea, and found that seawater samples had concentrations of oxybenzone, a UV filter suspected of killing corals. Sunscreens have been suspected carriers of chemicals that harm marine life since 2008. Italian researchers have stated that sunscreen can cause viral infections in corals and “play an important role in coral bleaching.”

In 2016, Craig Downs, a biologist, discovered that oxybenzone can cause DNA damage in coral larvae, interrupt their development, and kill them right off. Downs reports that young corals suffer even more. That’s because young corals are a thousand times more sensitive to the chemical than adults. This makes oxybenzone a threat to coral reef conservation efforts. Downs adds that oxybenzone also poisons developing fish, sea urchins, shrimp, and oysters.

May 09 09:58

U.S. Treasury's Mnuchin: Revoking Boeing, Airbus licenses to sell jets to Iran

Higher gas prices,more unemployment because Trump loves Israel.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Licenses for Boeing Co and Airbus to sell passenger jets to Iran will be revoked, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Tuesday after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

May 09 09:49


Ticketmaster’s parent company, Live Nation, has invested in a facial recognition firm with ties to the Department of Defense. According to Live Nation’s first quarter financial report, the firm, Blink Identity, uses “cutting-edge facial recognition technology, enabling you to associate your digital ticket with your image, then just walk into the show.” Ticketmaster seems to hope that music lovers will appreciate the supposed convenience of using their faces to enter shows, instead of tickets.

May 09 09:34

America's Only Choices: Jewish Communism or Jewish Zionism

The article below is a reminder that George Soros pushed through the Iran nuclear deal much to the consternation of Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump came to his rescue. Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, just as Iran was being finalized. The only reason Americans got an alternative to Clinton was due to this schism in World Jewry between Communists and Zionists. The Communists, led by George Soros, and fronted by Obama and Clinton, represent the disintegration of the nation-state, including Israel. The nationalists led by Netanyahu and fronted by Trump represents a handful of powerful nation-states dominated by Israel. This is a disagreement between Masonic lodges. In Trump, Americans are getting the crumbs from Israel's table.

May 09 09:30

Risking World War For Israel:Series of articles.

Those who cry wolf over the deal and want to attack Iran are only following the diktats of the Israeli terrorist-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu. After all, he’s their god and whatever he says goes – that’s the only explanation for their idiotic stand. Watch this video of Netanyahu lambasting Iran in the US Congress, or not – after all, who can stand to watch that demonic and arrogant cad ordering the US around.

Consequently, when the Middle East is set ablaze and millions of people lose their lives, the world will know who to haul at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

May 09 09:02

BREAKING: Putin - Russia Needs To Break-Away From The Dollar!

Putin's first statement after the inauguration in Russia's State Duma.
Russia will diversify its international reserves further, President Vladimir Putin said. Russian President Vladimir Putin considers necessary to strengthen the national economic sovereignty.

May 09 08:56

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update - Tuesday Night (May 8, 2018)

May 09 08:42

New volcano fissures force more evacuations on Hawaii's Big Island

Emergency crews ordered Hawaii residents to leave their homes after two new fissures opened up near the Kilauea volcano, almost a week after it started a series of huge explosions. People in the Lanipuna Gardens neighborhood in the southeast corner of Big Island were told there was an "immediate danger".

"The residents ... are going through a very difficult time. We ask for your understanding. We ask for your help," the Hawaii Civil Defense Agency said in an alert.

Kilauea started spewing fountains of lava as high as 300 feet (90 meters) into the air on Thursday. Walls of molten rock destroyed houses in the southeastern corner of the island as deadly volcanic gases rose through cracks in the earth.

Around 1,700 people have already been ordered to leave their properties. No deaths or major injuries have been reported. But two new fissures - the 13th and 14th - formed on Tuesday and started releasing toxic gases, the agency said.

May 09 08:33

Toxic gas reaches extreme levels as new fissures open

May 09 08:07

Syrian state media says Israel attacked just after U.S. quit Iran deal

JERUSALEM/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian state media accused Israel of launching missiles at a target near Damascus on Tuesday, shortly after U.S. President Donald Trump announced he was quitting the Iranian nuclear deal, a move that had prompted Israel to go on high alert.

The Israeli military said that, upon identifying “irregular activity” by Iranian forces in Syria, it instructed civic authorities on the Golan Heights to ready bomb shelters, deployed new defenses and mobilized some reservist forces.

Israel’s top general, Gadi Eizenkott, canceled a scheduled appearance at an annual security conference and was conferring with Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other national security chiefs, officials said.

Trump’s hard tack against the nuclear deal, while welcomed by Israel, has stirred fears of a possible regional flare-up.

May 09 08:03

Hawaii governor appeals for federal help as NEW lava fissures open up and residents are told to 'go now' five days after Kilauea volcano first erupted

Hawaii governor David Ige has called for federal assistance as fissures keep spreading from the state's erupting Kilauea volcano, spewing lava and forcing residents to evacuate.

Mr Ige revealed he had contacted the White House and the US Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) when he met with people on Hawaii's Big Island who have left their homes near the Kilauea volcano.

The eruption and lava has already destroyed 35 homes and buildings and forced 1,700 people to leave their residences since it erupted on Thursday.

Red hot lava flows engulfed homes, trees, cars and streets - with nothing able to stem the inevitable advance of molten rock.

May 09 07:07

Hawaii volcano eruption: Shock NASA satellite photos show leaking lava and toxic gas

THESE NASA satellite images underline the magnitude of the ongoing eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, which has destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of almost 2,000 people since Thursday.

May 08 18:15

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update - Tuesday Morning (May 8, 2018)

May 08 15:47

Living on the moon could KILL: Researchers find breathing lunar dust damages DNA and could increase the risk of cancer

A new study published by the American Geophysical Union found simulated lunar soil is toxic to human lung and mouse brain cells.

Up to 90 percent of human lung cells and mouse neurons died when exposed to dust particles that mimic soils found on the Moon's surface.