Oct 19 15:48

US 'hell-bent' on removing Assad from Syria: Analyst

The US is warning of a possible chemical attack in Iraq by the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group as a way to justify Washington’s sustained military intervention in the Middle East and oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, says a political analyst in California.

Oct 19 13:12

After Mosul Falls, ISIS will Flee to Syria. Then What?

Syria’s army and Hezbollah and Iranian allies are preparing for a massive invasion by thousands of Isis fighters who will be driven out of Iraq when Mosul falls. The real purpose behind the much-trumpeted US-planned “liberation” of the Iraqi city, the Syrian military suspect, is to swamp Syria with the hordes of Isis fighters who will flee their Iraqi capital in favour of their “mini-capital” of Raqqa inside Syria itself.

Oct 19 12:42

2 Years After This American Journalist Was Killed, Her ‘Conspiracy Theories’ on Syria are Proven as Facts

Serena Shim was killed two years ago on October 19, 2014, in Turkey while reporting on the intense battle for the Syrian border city of Kobani which was the focus of international media attention. She was 29 when she died.

Oct 19 10:21

19 October 2016 19:04 Erdogan, Putin Agree to Exit of Nusra Terrorists from Aleppo: Saudi Paper

A Saudi newspaper claimed that Turkey agrees with Russia that Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly al-Nusra Front) should be driven out of the Eastern part of Aleppo city.

The Saudi newspaper said that Ankara is now in consensus with Russia on the need for the exit of Fatah al-Sham terrorists from Eastern Aleppo city to pave the way for the dispatch of humanitarian aid to the civilian population from now on.
Some informed sources disclosed that this issue (exit of Fatah al-Sham terrorists) from Aleppo has been raised during the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Turkey and during the coordination meetings held between the two countries' military, intelligence and foreign ministry officials.

Oct 19 09:16

The cost of downgrading

by Thierry Meyssan
Washington is attempting to hold to its positions without having to start a Third World War, but it looks like an impossible task. Moscow is offering the United States a safe exit in Syria and Yemen. But if they should choose this option, they would be obliged to abandon some of their allies.

Oct 19 08:31

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to visit Turkey

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will visit Turkey’s Ankara October 21, Anadolu Agency reported Oct. 19.

Carter will meet with Turkish leadership to discuss the Syrian crisis and the situation in Iraq.

Oct 19 07:52

False Flag Or Standard Procedure? US Air Force Caught Repainting Several Jets To Appear Russian

Waking Times Media

Last week, a Canadian journalist published pictures of the US Air Force repainting their F/A-18 jets to match the paint scheme of Russian jets currently deployed in Syria. Though the journalist, Christian Borys, suggested that the unusual paint job was due to standard military “aggressor squadrons” war-games meant to simulate engaging “the enemy,” some have speculated it could be proof of an imminent false flag meant to justify US “boots on the ground” in Syria.

Oct 19 07:43

False Flag Or Standard Procedure? US Caught Red-Handed Painting Multiple Jets To Match Russian Jets

Oct 19 07:34

Weekend Events Confirm War between US and Russia Could Be Sooner than Later

By Joachim Hagopian
October 19, 2016
Right now the US mainstream media is obsessing over Donald’s alleged womanizing and female groping soap opera as the Clinton’s/MSM’s pruriently entertaining smokescreen, neatly designed to cover up Hillary/Bill’s serial raping and her criminal lead role as enabler/strong armed intimidator of past victims. Meanwhile, barely noticed in a virtual media blackout in the West are at least a half-dozen high alert, significant international developments this last weekend that all strongly indicate the extreme danger of a nuclear war breaking out at any time against Russia and its Eastern alliance.

Oct 18 11:45

NATO missiles for Syria terrorists? Zionism/Wahhabism = West’s heresies to destroy the great faiths

Russia has warned against supplying anti-aircraft missiles to terrorist groups in Syria.

Oct 17 20:15

Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?

Waking Times Media

It sure seems like an odd time to be provoking a war with Russia. As I write this, we stand just a little bit more than three weeks away from one of the most pivotal elections in U.S. history, and Barack Obama has chosen this moment to strongly threaten the Russians. As I wrote about on Friday, Reuters is reporting that Obama is contemplating “direct U.S. military action” against Syrian military targets, and the Russians have already indicated that any assault on Syrian forces would be considered an attack on themselves.

Oct 17 16:15

US Allies are Funding ISIS (and Hillary Knew All Along)

It is fortunate for Saudi Arabia and Qatar that the furore over the sexual antics of Donald Trump is preventing much attention being given to the latest batch of leaked emails to and from Hillary Clinton. Most fascinating of these is what reads like a US State Department memo, dated 17 August 2014, on the appropriate US response to the rapid advance of Isis forces, which were then sweeping through northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

Oct 17 13:53

Lavrov on Syria talks in Lausanne

International talks on Syria in Switzerland’s Lausanne have ended after four hours of discussion behind closed doors.

Oct 17 09:17


Yesterday, Russia’s flagship, and only aircraft carrier — the Admiral Kuznetsov — left the port of Severomorsk en route to the eastern Mediterranean – off the Syrian coast, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.
The carrier will bolster the Russian anti-terror campaign in Syria, and is to be escorted by the battle cruiser Peter the Great, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov destroyer, the anti-submarine vessel Severomorsk, and four other naval vessels from Russia’s Northern fleet.

The move is not altogether unexpected, as just weeks ago Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the aircraft carrier would be sent to the eastern Mediterranean to boost the country’s naval forces in the region amid heightened tensions with the United States.

This is the first deployment of the Soviet-era Kuznetsov since undergoing a complete refurbishment, and is a sign of the increasing tensions between the US and Russia in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder just what the Vegas odds are of direct US/Russian military confrontation in Syria, and approximately when it is expected to start.

I am just feeling, very acutely, that something wicked this way comes, and if internal DNC and White House polls show Trump winning in a landslide in November, the Democrats will be most delighted to "gift" him with a war or two, to attempt to destroy his presidency even before he has taken the Oath of Office in January.

Just think about it; what other political "power couple" has a dead bodies list attached to their meteoric rise to fame, other then Bill and Hill?!? They will NOT play nicely at all if Trump wins this election, and will do everything in their power (which is considerable) to destroy his presidency in every possible way they can.

Oct 17 08:52

US, Saudis to grant 9,000 ISIS fighters free passage from Iraqi Mosul to Syria – source

The US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to grant free passage to thousands of Islamic State militants before the Iraqi city of Mosul is stormed. The jihadists will be redeployed to fight against the government in Syria, a military-diplomatic source told RIA Novosti.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have a hard time thinking that Russia is really okay with this.

Oct 17 08:51

Russian & Syrian military to organize 8-hour ‘humanitarian pause’ in Aleppo on Oct. 20

Russia is ready to cease operations in Aleppo at any moment to allow medics access to the Syrian city and ensure the evacuation of injured civilians, the General Staff said, adding that it has scheduled a humanitarian pause for Thursday.

Oct 17 08:10

‘Brutal night’: Rebels shell Aleppo residential areas, up to 3 killed

Rebels have shelled residential areas in the government-held part of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Oct 17 08:05

Excellent Discussion of What's Really Going On In Syria (Audio)

On the subject of Syria, Jay argues that most of these supposed jihadists are, in actuality, little more than mercenaries lured in by the promise of food and pay.

Oct 17 08:03

“The campaign to confuse the American people has been intense.”

Oct 17 08:00

Syria: Militants in Four More Towns Agree to Give Up Fight against Gov't

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced on Monday that three militant-held towns in Lattakia and one more in Sweida have agreed to lay down arms and join the peace talks with the Syrian government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 17 07:48

UK and US consider extra sanctions against Syria

The United Kingdom and United States say they were considering more sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters, and called on Russia and Iran to help end the 5-year conflict in the country.

“It is vital that we keep that pressure up and there is a lot of measures we’re proposing, to do with extra sanctions on the Syrian regime and their supporters,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told reporters on Sunday in London alongside US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Oct 16 15:13

Kerry To Hold Talks With Allies In London Over Syrian Conflict

US Secretary of State John Kerry is due in London for talks with his European allies over the Syrian conflict after a fresh round of international talks on the Arab nation ended inconclusively in the Swiss city of Lausanne.

Oct 16 15:05

Syria, The UK And Funding The “Moderate Armed Opposition”

A document produced last December by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, headed: “UK Non-Humanitarian Aid in Response to The Syria Conflict”, makes interesting reading. The British government, it states, has spent “over £100 million” since 2012, “working closely with a range of actors” to “find a political solution to the conflict and prepare to rebuild the country in the post Assad era.”

Oct 16 12:01

‘Rebels Are Not Bombing Anyone In Syria’ US Viewers Barely Aware Of Violence In Aleppo

The suffering in the Western part of Aleppo is practically unknown to mainstream viewers, as the media focuses solely on suffering of the rebel-held areas.

Oct 16 11:47

No UK Plans For Military Force In Syria: PM May Contradicts Johnson

Talk of British military action in Syria, has apparently been shot down by the prime minister herself.

Oct 16 11:47

Obama Laying Syria Groundwork For Clinton ‘Militarism’

US President Barack Obama’s policy towards Syria is laying the groundwork for the kind of “militarism,” represented by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the US 2016 presidential election, an analyst says.

Oct 16 08:24

Hillary Clinton's Axis of Evil

Let’s cut to the chase; Hillary Clinton is ready to go to war against Russia in Syria – with inbuilt, potentially terrifying, thermonuclear consequences.

Anticipating an outcome of the US presidential election as a remix of the 1972 Nixon landslide, Hillary has also coined, George “Dubya” Bush-style, a remixed axis of evil: Russia, Iran and “the Assad regime”. © AFP 2016/ DON EMMERT Clinton Claims Russian Aggression Keeps War in Syria Going On That’s not even counting China, which, via “aggression” in the South China Sea, will also feature as a certified foe for the Founding Mother of the pivot to Asia. And if all that was not worrying enough, Turkey now seems on the path to join the axis. President Putin and President Erdogan met in Istanbul. Moscow positioned itself as ready to develop large-scale military-technical cooperation with Ankara. That includes, of course, the $20 billion, Rosatom-built, four-reactor Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's be clear here; the uber-elitist Clinton is the darling, and puppet, of her warmongering corporate masters and Israel, and will obey any orders they give her, no matter what it may mean for the future (or complete destruction) of the United States of America.

In her worldview, no American sacrifice of blood and money can ever be enough to satiate the appetites for the destruction her masters envision, and she will attempt to move heaven and earth to make such destruction happens.

Oct 16 07:46

An Urgently Necessary Briefing on Syria

And it’s hardly even a topic of conversation in this rigged election, which seems designed to not only to inaugurate a war-monger, but to exploit crude Russophobia to the max in the process. The point is for Hillary not only to ascend to power—whatever that might require—but to prepare the people for more Afghanistans, Iraqs and Libyas in the process. The point is to lull the people into historical amnesia, blind them to Hillary’s record of Goldwater-type reckless militarism, exploit the Cold War mentality lingering among the most backward and ignorant, and insure that the electorate that, while generally deploring the result of the rigged election in November, will soon afterwards rally behind corrupt Hillary as soon as she seizes on some pretext for war.

Very, very dangerous.

Oct 15 09:33

Hillary Clinton Wants To Do This Again — Now To Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and President Obama — and some NATO partners) did it previously to Libya, and here was the result (as discussed by the retired British career diplomat Craig Murray, at his, who has kindly allowed me to distribute it to other newsmedia) [and I as editor will add a few clarifiers and questions in brackets] (and then afterward, I shall add my own comments); so, here is Craig Murray:

Oct 15 08:53

Similarities By And Between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump

Both are dedicated “America firsters”

(2) both are “pro-morality,” grounded in Christian foundations and beliefs, rather than the “Luciferian” doctrines of progressivism which seek to challenge and ridicule fundamental and common sense American value systems, now apparently being defended today by only one other leader in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin;

Oct 15 08:48

Vladimir Putin : “Publish A World Map And Mark All The U.S. Military Bases On It.

A very informative interview.

Vladimir Putin pulls no punches in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Read the full transcript of the interview here.

Putin: Let me tell you something – there is no need to fear Russia. The world has changed so drastically that people with some common sense cannot even imagine such a large-scale military conflict today. We have other things to think about, I assure you.

Oct 15 08:40

WikiLeaks: The two faces of Hillary Clinton on Syria

Clinton’s deliberate duplicity on a number of policy positions.

Note: Hillary Clinton says politics requires “both a public and a private position” on policy. Fresh Wikileaks revelations now give us some detailed insight into what she means by this. I take a peek into her “private-versus-public” positions on Syria in this article. And it ain’t pretty. Little wonder that only 30% of Americans find her “honest and trustworthy.”

Oct 15 08:20

BEX ALERT - Saddam Hussein ‘had secret torture chamber in New York’

Saddam Hussein had a secret torture room built in the basement of the Iraqi mission to the United Nations in New York’s Upper East Side, it has been reported.

The Iraqi dictator ordered the installation of the “detention room” inside the five-storey building at 14 East 79th Street when he rose to power in 1979, two unnamed Iraqi officials told the New York Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? See? All those leaders of Middle Eastern countries are eeeeeeevil people. Which is why we have to invade Syria!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 15 08:18

World War 3? Barack Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday

Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that the Obama administration is bringing us perilously close to war with Russia. On Friday, Barack Obama is going to sit down with his foreign policy team and discuss “military options” in Syria. As you will see below, the options under consideration include direct strikes “on Syrian military bases”. Russia has already pledged to respond militarily to any direct strikes on Syrian forces, and so the decisions that Barack Obama makes regarding Syria on Friday could literally be the spark that sets off World War 3.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So far, there has been no announcement of what was decided. This suggests the decision has been made to go to full-on war against Syria. But remember back in 2001? The decision to go to war in Afghanistan was made in the first part of the year and while it was reported in the foreign press, Americans were distracted by yet another tawdry sex scandal involving Gary Condit and Chandra Levy, until the 9-11 false-flag was used to allow the US Government to play victim and start the already-planned war.

It would appear that we are going to see a replay. The decision to invade Syria has been made, but the American people won;t know it until some major false flagh is used to convince us that we have no other choice than to send our children to be killed and crippled in yet another war of conquest!

Oct 15 08:15

US Suffers Massive Defeat as Terrorists Crushed in Northern Aleppo

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) re-launched attempts to seize the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields from ISIS in Homs province. The government forces stormed ISIS positions southwest of the gas fields and reached its gates. Clashes are ongoing in the area.

The pro-government forces have achieved another notable success in northern Aleppo. The army and Liwa al-Quds took control of Talat Bureij, Majbal Al-Zatin, Tal Owayjah, and Tal Al-Asfar. Controlling of these hilltops allows, the government forces are able to easily defend the previous gains in northern Aleppo, overlook areas in the northern part of Haydariyah Neighborhood and prepare a push to set control of the Ba’edin Roundabout. In southern Aleppo, the army and Hezbollah captured the strategic Sheikh Sa’eed hill in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood.

Oct 15 08:10


One of the frequent accusations leveled by the Western media is that, whenever one speaks to a Syrian actually living in Syria is that they are handicapped by that person’s fear of retribution from the Syrian government. According to this train of thought, if a man criticized Assad in Syria, he might be subject to arrest and then, of course, torture, execution, and “barrel bombs.”

But that is not the case in Lebanon. In Lebanon, even the most vocal anti-Assad Syrian can speak his mind and be safely out of Assad’s reach. Indeed, even out of ear shot by the Syrian government. A Syrian in Lebanon can speak his piece and do so safely in the knowledge that the alleged “brutal dictator” cannot reach him.

Oct 14 16:13

Claim: America “Plotting Secret Attack on Syria” With 9,000 ISIS Fighters From Mosul

Sneaky, and begging for more blowback.

If the account is to be believed, U.S. and British troops will use the pretext of ‘retaking Mosul’ in Iraq – which is currently held by ISIS – to give ISIS troops escape into Syria under cover of being attacked.

THOUSANDS of ISIS fighters are to be given safe passage out of Iraq to fight in Syria, Russian military leaders claim. Under the supposed agreement – allegedly brokered by Saudi Arabia – the US-led coalition will only bomb targets agreed with the militants in advance…


“More than 9,000 ISIS fighters will be transferred to the eastern regions of Syria to follow a major offensive operation...”

Read more at SHTF

Oct 14 15:24

Decency demands we smoke out the real perpetrators of war crimes against Aleppo and Gaza

Stuart Littlewood contrasts the UK government’s sabre rattling over Russian military action in Syria’s Aleppo with London’s support for the Israeli regime and its war crimes against the Palestinians generally and the Gaza Strip in particular.

Oct 14 13:31

“A Pretext Is Needed”: A False Flag May Be Imminent To Drag U.S. Into War

False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III

by Isaac Davis

Americans are sleepwalking into World War III, and as events in Syria are shaping up it could come any moment as the biggest October surprise ever. At this stage in the conflict, we are one minor event away from all out war between the world’s major super powers, an event which would most certainly result in nuclear war. All that is needed is for the right type of false flag event to serve as provocation.

“In naval warfare, a “false flag” refers to an attack where a vessel flies a flag other than their true battle flag before engaging their enemy. It is a trick, designed to deceive the enemy about the true nature and origin of an attack.” [Source]

Oct 14 12:38

U.S./NATO Edge The Planet Closer To World War Three In Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

With the recent events transpiring in Syria – the U.S. bombing of Syrian government soldiers in Deir ez Zour and the subsequent sabre rattling of the United States and Russia – it is clear to anyone paying attention that the world is edging closer to the possibility of a major confrontation between two world nuclear powers. Such a confrontation would spell disaster not only for the populations of those countries but also for the entire earth if the full military power of Russia and the United States are ever set loose.

While panic is never the best option and constantly proclaiming that the end of the world is nigh is often an attempt to promote products and attract attention, we cannot ignore signs that the world is marching toward an abyss which, if pushed too far, it may not be able to step back from...

Oct 14 12:13

Aleppo: "Where is my dad?"- BBC propaganda fail

1. footage not from Aleppo, this is Talbisa, Homs province.

2. Oops. Our movie star before the shooting and without makeup.

Who is director of this fascinating film?

This is Nusra(al-Qaeda) backed pseudo-rescuer group "White Helmets", they just kidnapped this little girl on the street for his movie, that's why she cry and calling her daddy.

Oct 14 12:08

Hillary Clinton's Axis Of Evil

Let’s cut to the chase; Hillary Clinton is ready to go to war against Russia in Syria – with inbuilt, potentially terrifying, thermonuclear consequences.

Anticipating an outcome of the US presidential election as a remix of the 1972 Nixon landslide, Hillary has also coined, George “Dubya” Bush-style, a remixed axis of evil: Russia, Iran and “the Assad regime”.

That’s not even counting China, which, via “aggression” in the South China Sea, will also feature as a certified foe for the Founding Mother of the pivot to Asia.

And if all that was not worrying enough, Turkey now seems on the path to join the axis.

President Putin and President Erdogan met in Istanbul. Moscow positioned itself as ready to develop large-scale military-technical cooperation with Ankara.

Oct 14 11:41

I have been looking through the Clinton email's that were leaked in March and found something interesting. Why was Sidney Blumenthal in Syria 4 months before the "uprising" started?

Just thought it was odd, Blumenthal a non-state employee would be in the same town in Sryia just months before the unrest started. He is in the exact city the unrest started.

Also, two different Clinton email addresses appear as the message fails to send the first time. It looks to me like she has been forwarding email and using a separate server a quite some time.

Oct 14 10:36

Putin Ratifies Deal for Russia to Use Syria Base Indefinitely

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified an agreement with the Syrian government that allows Russia to use the Hmeimim air base in Syria indefinitely, the Kremlin said on Friday.

Oct 14 10:36

Lavrov: Russia not intending to put forward new initiatives on Syria at Lausanne talks

Russia does not intend to put forward new initiatives on the Syrian settlement during negotiations in Lausanne, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

He told reporters that they would offer nothing else, since the resolution contains all necessary points, RIA Novosti reported.

According to Lavrov, the strategy of the international community is clearly stated in the agreements reached with the Americans.

Oct 14 07:25

Hillary Clinton Wants To Do This Again — Now To Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and President Obama — and some NATO partners) did it previously to Libya, and here was the result (as discussed by the retired British career diplomat Craig Murray, at his, who has kindly allowed me to distribute it to other newsmedia) [and I as editor will add a few clarifiers and questions in brackets] (and then afterward, I shall add my own comments); so, here is Craig Murray:

Oct 13 20:02

Drone footage reveals devastation in Aleppo

Coming soon to a city near you if you vote for Hillary.

Oct 13 18:38

Only In The World Of American Media Is Syria A Civil War

By Brandon Turbeville

Having recently concluded a trip to the Middle East, I can safely say that the claims made by Western media are the opposite of the truth...

Oct 13 17:24

More than 70% SUPPORT for Vladimir Putin's bombing campaign despite Middle East tensions

VLADIMIR Putin's intense campaign of airstrikes in Syria has the support of more than two in every three Britons, according to an exclusive poll.

More than 27,000 people have voted in our poll with 71 per cent saying they "support Vladimir Putin's bombing campaign in Syria", which is blitzing a large number of Islamic State owned buildings and vehicles.

The emphatic approval rating comes despite growing tensions between Russia and the US-led coalition, including Britain, over Putin's actions in the Middle East.

Oct 13 15:08

10 Buses and 35 SUV Chevrolet With Iraqi Plates arrived in Raqqa full with ISIS fighters and their families

From the website "Raqqa is being slaughtered silently", a confirmation that ISIS fighters are indeed leaving Mosul and arriving in Raqqa.
Another (pro-Ukrainian/American) website indicates that Al Nusra has almost been wiped from Aleppo. That green pocket is getting smaller and smaller every day. This might explain the panic in the USA government. Who knows what the Syrian army will find once the barbarians are gone.

Oct 13 10:52

False Flag Attack Imminent in Syria as Globalists Engineer World War III

Waking Times

Americans are sleepwalking into World War III, and as events in Syria are shaping up it could come any moment as the biggest October surprise ever. At this stage in the conflict, we are one minor event away from all out war between the world’s major super powers, an event which would most certainly result in nuclear war. All that is needed is for the right type of false flag event to serve as provocation.

Oct 13 09:56

US-Saudi Plan: Let 9,000 ISIS Fighters Walk Free from Mosul – to Fight in Syria

If this latest leak is indeed true – and time will certainly tell whether or not it is, it would constitute one of the most egregious violations of both US and international law – by the United States government and its theocratic dictator partner in Saudi Arabia.

Washington’s own anti-terror legislation expressly forbids colluding to provide logistical or material support for terrorist groups, and this latest US-Saudi would be the latest in a long list of violations…

Oct 13 07:40

Mortar Attack On Govt-Controlled Area Of Aleppo: Civilians Killed & Injured

A mortar attack on a Syrian government-controlled area of Aleppo has resulted in numerous casualties, RT’s Murad Gazdiev reported from the embattled city.

Oct 13 07:37

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels

Hersh’s journalism is among the best (after all: he went so far as to say, of Christopher Stephens, regarding Hillary Clinton, «there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel»), but it’s certainly not good enough. However, it’s too good to be published any longer in places like the New Yorker. And the reporting by Christof Lehmann was better, and it was issued even earlier than Hersh’s; and it is good enough, because it named names, and it explained motivations, in an honest and forthright way, which is why Lehmann’s piece was published only on a Montenegrin site, and only online, not in a Western print medium, such as the New Yorker. The sites that are owned by members of the Western aristocracy don’t issue reports like that – journalism that’s good enough.

Oct 13 07:24

‘Deal with the Devil’: US ‘Ready to Ally with Terror’ to OVERTHROW SYRIAN President Assad, Another Sovereign Nation in the ME

Moscow has accused Washington of sabotaging the Syria ceasefire deal, saying that the US will be responsible for any new terror attacks in Syria, as by taking no action against Al-Nusra terrorists it shows it is ready “to make a deal with the devil.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US has been using the terrorists as proxies all along.

Oct 13 06:51

Neighborhood around Russian embassy in Damascus shelled on October 12

"Starting from 11:30 on October 12, the area where the Russian Embassy in Damascus is situated was under mortar fire coming from Jobar municipality controlled by extremists," the embassy said. "One of the mines exploded in direct vicinity of the outside security post of the diplomatic mission, another - not far from the entry to the consular department, two mortar shells detonated a hundred meters off the embassy fence. Another mine fell on the roof of a local school situated near the Russian diplomatic mission, but it did not go off. As a result of the shelling, the embassy compound was covered in fragments. None of the Russian staff were injured". Moscow has strongly condemned the attack. "We expect a due public assessment from all those who reject terrorism and in fact share the principle of immunity of diplomatic missions," says the ministry. "We confirm that Russia’s consistent policy of uncompromising fight against terrorists in Syria will be continued".

Oct 13 06:47

Ceasefire regime in Syria violated 47 times over past day — Russian reconciliation center

Reconciliation agreements were signed with representatives of 11 settlements in Syrian provinces of Hama (seven) and Latakia (four) over the last 24 hours. "The number of settlements that joined the reconciliation process has increased to 775," the bulletin said. Talks on joining the regime of cessation of hostilities continue with field commanders of illegal armed groups in the settlement of Muaddamyet in the Damascus province and with units of armed opposition on the provinces of Homs, Aleppo and Quneitra. The number of armed groups that declared adherence to the ceasefire regime remains the same — 69, the bulletin said.

Oct 12 10:54

Israel F15s Could Be Engaged In False Flag Ops In Syria: Gordon Duff

Israeli F15 warplanes could be engaged in false flag operations in Syria along with other aircraft flying out of Turkey to implicate Russia in war crimes, says Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veteran Today.

Duff made the remarks in a Tuesday interview with Press TV while commenting on recently surfaced photos of American warplanes disguised in Russian camouflage, which have led to conspiracy theories about a possible false flag operation by the US to make Russia’s war on Daesh look bad in Syria.

Oct 12 09:10

20 Reasons Why It Should Be Donald Trump in 2016

He is not your ordinary politician. Yes, Trump is different. Guess what? That’s a good thing. His ideas – e.g., a sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals – are not at all radical, but do go against the Washington status-quo.

You see, we’re supposed to select another perfectly malleable politician – a Republican not unlike a Democrat – who won’t shake things up too much while in office. Same ol’, same ol’. And you, little person, you are supposed to vote for more of the same and like it. But the American public has reached a tipping point – we’d rather gouge out our eyes than select another career politician or Washington insider. That’s just electing the problem to fix the problem.

Oct 11 14:18

Obama’s Syria Policy And The Illusion Of US Power In The Middle East

With the collapse of the US-Russian ceasefire agreement and the resumption
and escalation of the massive Russian bombing campaign in Aleppo, the frustration of hawks in Washington over the failure of the Obama administration to use American military power in Syria has risen to new heights.

Oct 10 11:19

Nuclear Drone Warfare Could Be The Inevitable Consequence of Global Arms Race: Report

By Nicholas West

To most observers of history, as well as the current state of geopolitics, the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. in the past and the current increase in the use of automated warfare by countries all over the world top their list of concerns. Now, it is being reported that it’s only a matter of time before these two weapons form a frightening bond with the introduction of nuclear drone warfare...

Oct 10 09:54

Wikileaks Bombshell Leaked To True Pundit: Hillary Clinton Supplied Weapons from Benghazi to Al-Qaeda in Syria

Wikileaks has hinted at releasing documents linking Hillary Clinton to knowingly supplying Syria with weapons while she was secretary of state. True Pundit, however, has already unearthed the documentation, according to a classified Defense Intelligence Agency cable.

The Intel provides official confirmation of what has been rumored for years: President Obama, his White House, and Hillary Clinton and her State Department knew that weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria. Those “rebels” were largely al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood extremist factions, according to corroborating documents.

Oct 10 07:21

Pentagon Threatening Russia Behind Obama’s Back. What The BBC Won’t Tell You About Syria

Bashar Ja’afari stressed that the massacre taking place in Syria was caused by foreign terrorists who were coming from Europe.

Oct 10 06:46

From Criticism To Direct Threats In Just 1 Month: US-Russia Tension Growing Over Syrian Crisis

Washington has threatened to impose “costs” on Russia outside the UN, over the Syrian conflict. It may mark the starkest warning so far from the U.S.

Oct 10 06:45

U.S. Ponders Whether To Go To War With Russia To Salvage Al Qaeda In Syria

Sources that will be provided here, document the historical narrative now occurring toward all-out war between the U.S. and Russia, up till the present, as that history will be introduced in the following two paragraphs (the first paragraph for background, and the second for a summary of the documentation that will then constitute the main body of the present report):

Oct 09 19:07

Footage of Aleppo Boy Pulled from Rubble in Syria Suspected of Being FAKE

The authenticity of the video of Syrian boy Omran which went viral worldwide, alleging it may have been faked as part of a Western propaganda war.

The video showed the stunned-looking five-year-old covered in blood and dust after an air strike in Aleppo last week, with the US State Department calling the child the real face of the Syrian war.

Oct 09 17:52

Syria no-fly zone would mean 'killing a lot of Syrians' warned Clinton in leaked speech

The US former Secretary of State made the admission in a Wall Street speech in 2013.

In the latest dump of classified emails, Mrs Clinton noted the problems with imposing a no-fly zone over Syria.

She said: "To have a no-fly zone you have to take out all of the air defenses, many of which are located in populated areas.

"So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we’re not putting our pilots at risk— you’re going to kill a lot of Syrians."

The presidential hopeful admitted that kind of intervention could amount to a fully-fledged “American and NATO involvement where you take a lot of civilians.”

Oct 09 17:38

U.S. Ponders Whether To Go To War With Russia To Salvage Al Qaeda In Syria

Sources that will be provided here, document the historical narrative now occurring toward all-out war between the U.S. and Russia, up till the present, as that history will be introduced in the following two paragraphs (the first paragraph for background, and the second for a summary of the documentation that will then constitute the main body of the present report):

Oct 09 06:06

'Competing Influences' Cause Washington to Follow Incoherent Policy in Syria

In an interview with Sputnik, Charles Shoebridge, British security analyst and former counter-terrorism intelligence officer, slammed the United States for its lack of a coherent policy on Syria due to what he described as "competing influences."

Oct 09 05:42

ISIS commander found dead on Lebanon-Syria border

An ISIS commander believed to be behind the killing of a Lebanese police officer earlier this year was found dead near the northeastern border town of Arsal Sunday morning, a security source told The Daily Star.

Oct 08 17:01

Can a World War still be avoided?

by Thierry Meyssan
Events around the Syrian crisis are accelerating, and reveal the depth of the conflict between the Atlantist camp and the Russo-Chinese block. After having observed the growing risk of a generalised war – conventional or even nuclear - Thierry Meyssan analyses the manœuvres of the United States and Russia’s responses to them.

Oct 08 16:28

US call for no-fly zone in Syria foil to protect its terrorist proxies

"Syria’s ceasefire failure proves beyond doubt that Washington is an accomplice in the state-sponsored terrorist war on Syria."

Oct 08 15:09

J’Accuse – French Condemnations of Russia in Syria Beyond Cynical

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault worked up his frequent-flyer air miles account this week with consecutive flights to Moscow then to Washington in a bid to push through a UN Security Resolution for a new ceasefire in Syria.

The Western sponsors of the covert war in Syria stand to incur a huge strategic defeat. It should be also noted that 66-year-old Jean-Marc Ayrault was previously French prime minister back in 2012, at the very time that France was beginning to covertly supply weapons to illegally armed groups in Syria – in contravention of a European Union embargo.

Oct 08 11:57

The day after the fall of Aleppo will International Humanitarian Law still be Relevant?

Contrary to most recent media reports, and frankly to this observer’s surprise, forces defending both rebel controlled East Aleppo as well as government controlled West Aleppo during the unrelenting slaughter of this savage war, do sometimes appear restrained in their attacks.

Oct 08 06:43


Oct 07 21:45

The Elite is Accelerating Earth Changing Events in a Rush to Implant Hillary in Power

Do Americans really want to place their lives in the hands of a known psychopathic liar and criminal with such severe medical impairments who possesses the capability to push the nuke button that would end the world?

Oct 07 15:48

The US Government Is Working On An "End Game" Plan Behind Closed Doors

Obama paid billions on PR firms to convince the American public that the economy has recovered. UN rejects the Houthis request in creating their own government. Turkish PM says to Iraq we are not leaving. The situation in Syria is escalating and the US is now in a position where they do not have leverage anymore, they are backed in a corner, next phase, a major event. US talking about going to war with Russia. Assad is granting the terrorists amnesty if they all leave Aleppo. UN warns that by Christmas the US will lose Aleppo, time is running out for the US.

Oct 07 15:41

Pentagon Begins Low-Intensity, Stealth War in Syria

“Last Wednesday, at a Deputies Committee meeting at the White House, officials from the State Department, the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed limited military strikes against the (Assad) regime … One proposed way to get around the White House’s long-standing objection to striking the Assad regime without a U.N. Security Council resolution would be to carry out the strikes covertly and without public acknowledgment.”

– Washington Post

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Recall that story from the other day where the US is painting their planes to match the Russian colors? The US is going to bomb Syrian infrastructure and frame Russia for it.

Oct 07 14:07

15yrs Of US Military In Afghanistan: 15yrs Of Invasion & Occupation

US troops invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, less than a month after the 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Washington.

Oct 07 13:53

Russia ready to let Jabhat al-Nusra leave Aleppo for saving the city — Lavrov

Russia will be prepared to support the proposal made by the UN secretary-general’s special envoy, Staffan de Mistura, for the withdrawal of Jabhat al-Nusra from Aleppo for the sake of saving the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Chanel One’s weekly Sunday news roundup Voskresnoye Vremya in an interview. "According to UN estimates, there are some 6,000-8,000 militants there. About half of them - de Mistura said so himself at the UN Security Council meeting - are Jabhat al-Nusra members. I’ve heard only his statement concerning al-Nusra. For God’s sake, if al-Nusra with all of its armaments leaves for Idlib, where its main forces are based, for the sake of saving Aleppo we would be prepared to support this approach and will be ready to ask the Syrian government to agree to this."

Oct 07 13:48

ISIS, Not Russia, Is The Enemy In Syria

Denouncing Russian air strikes on Aleppo as “barbaric,” Mike Pence
declared in Tuesday’s debate:

“The provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength. … The United States of America should be prepared to use military force, to strike military targets of Bashar Assad regime.”

Oct 07 12:25

Kerry calls for war crimes probe against Russia, Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad of committing war crimes in their assault on rebel-held territory, including hospitals and aid workers, and called for an investigation.

"Russia and the regime owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals, medical facilities, children and women," Kerry said before a meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. "These are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes and those that commit these would and should be held accountable for these actions. They're beyond the accidental now, way beyond, years beyond the accidental. This is a targeted strategy to terrorize civilians and to kill anybody and everybody who is in the way of their military objectives."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The Saudis, and the Brits and Americans who have sold them the weapons, owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals, medical facilities, children and women in Yemen. These are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes, and those that commit them would and should be held accountable for these actions. they're beyond accidental now, way beyond, years beyond accidental. This is a targeted strategy to to terrorize civilians and to kill anybody and everybody who is in the way of their military objectives."

Touche', Mr. Secretary!!

Oct 07 11:06

The Forgotten Libyan Lessons And The Syrian War

Most intelligent Americans – Republicans as well as Democrats – now accept that they were duped into the Iraq War with disastrous consequences, but there is more uncertainty about the war on Libya in 2011 as well as the ongoing proxy war on Syria and the New Cold War showdown with Russia over Ukraine.

Oct 07 10:57

CONFIRMED: U.S. backs down over Syria after Russian threat to shoot down American aircraft

Following yesterday’s Russian warning that Russia stood ready to shoot down US aircraft or missiles attacking Syria, the US has confirmed all plans for military action against Syria have been dropped.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed this speaking to reporters on Thursday 6th October 2016.

“The president has discussed in some details why military action against the Assad regime to try to address the situation in Aleppo is unlikely to accomplish the goals that many envisioned now in terms of reducing the violence there. It is much more likely to lead to a bunch of unintended consequences that are clearly not in our national interest.”
The US will never admit that it was the Russian warning that deterred it from carrying out air and missile strikes, and it is still pretending that the option of military strikes is still on the table.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Finally, some sanity!

Oct 07 10:25

US-led coalition says Turkish army ‘on its own’ in Iraq as Baghdad calls UNSC meeting

The spokesman for the US-led anti-ISIS coalition has said Turkish ground troops in Iraq are not acting as part of the alliance. Baghdad has called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting, saying Ankara is violating Iraqi sovereignty.
The statement came on Thursday from Col. John Dorrian, who is a spokesman for the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), an anti-Islamic State coalition consisting of 65 countries.

Dorrian announced during a briefing in Baghdad that Turkey is operating “on its own” in Iraq, AP quoted him as saying. The coalition position is that every unit “should be here with the coordination or and with the permission of the government of Iraq,” he is also quoted as saying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Since Iraq appears impotent to throw the Turkish troops out, I wonder just how the UN Security Council will deal with it, in light of the fact that the Turkish troops are not aligned with the Coalition.

Oct 07 08:55


“No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort”, a former Green Beret writes of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian insurgents, “they know we are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘F*** it, who cares?’”. “I don’t want to be responsible for Nusra guys saying they were trained by Americans,” the Green Beret added.

Oct 07 08:45

US Bombing Syrian Army Would Start World War III

After the US government suspended cooperation with Russia in Syria earlier this week, military action by the White House against Damascus was back on the table.

Oct 07 08:37

Russia ready to support UN envoy’s proposal to allow Al Nusra to exit Aleppo with arms – Lavrov

Russia is ready to urge the Syrian government to let Al-Nusra Front militants exit Aleppo with their weapons, as proposed by the UN envoy to Syria, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.

Oct 07 08:22

RT Crosstalk 7 Oct Phony White Helmets

Oct 07 08:21

Russia issues direct threat to US fighter jets in Syria, plans to open bases in Cuba, Vietnam

A Russian Defence Ministry spokesman has threatened that its air-defence units could shoot down US aircraft in Syria if they attack Syrian army positions. Igor Kamashenkov said Russian crews might not have time to identify “unidentified flying objects” before giving them a “surprise.”

The statement comes just days after reports that Moscow had deployed additional S-300 surface-to-air missile batteries to its air base in the Assad-controlled Syrian region of Latakia. Russia is in Syria providing air support to Assad’s forces, as they battle to retake positions to the east.

Oct 07 08:20

Russia warns US-led coalition not to fly close to its bases in Syria

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made a statement about how the Russian military will use air defense in Syria after relations with the United States have worsened.

“I remind the US strategists that air cover for the Russian military bases in Tartus and Hmeymim includes S-400 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, the range of which may come as a surprise to any unidentified flying objects,” Major General Konashenkov stated. According to him, “today the Syrian army has S-200, BUK and other air defense systems that have undergone technical renovation in the past year,” he said.

Konashenkov also added that “Russian air defense troops would not have time to identify the flight path of incoming rockets or aircraft that fired them, and would respond immediately.”

Oct 07 06:46

US Behaving 'Like Wild West Lynch Mob' in Syria

Commenting on the recent renewal of hostilities in the Syrian city of Aleppo, Russian military expert and political analyst Ivan Konovalov told Radio Sputnik why the mere idea of the Syrian government army liberating the city "throws Washington into a tantrum".

In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Director of the Center for Strategic Trend Studies Ivan Konovalov explained that the US seems to be living according to the laws of the Wild West.

"US behavior has recently started looking 'like a Wild West lynch mob," he told Sputnik.

Oct 07 06:44

US Soldiers Resist Obama’s Support of Al Qaeda

As is by now well-known, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s previously classified 2012 report on the origin of the Islamic insurgency against Bashar al-Assad was released to the public on 18 May 2015, and it revealed the Obama Administration’s knowledge, at least since that time, that «the Salafist [Saudi-backed fundamentalist Sunni Islamic], the Muslim Brotherhood [Qatari-backed fundamentalist Sunni Islamic] and AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria», and acknowledgement that «the West, Gulf countries [Saudi Arabia and Qatar mainly], and Turkey support the opposition [to Bashar al-Assad], while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime», so that the U.S. Government is, in fact, allied with Al Qaeda there, to overthrow Assad.

This pro-Al-Qaeda position was news, however, to America’s military personnel in that region.

Oct 07 06:31

Dangerous escalation

The downward spiral continues with no end in sight. A dangerous escalation in tensions separating Russia and the West can be witnessed in a decline in diplomatic engagement, particularly concerning Syria.

Oct 07 04:02

Assad: Russia is doing everything to avoid direct confrontation with US

Russia is doing everything to avoid direct confrontation with the US in Syria, said president Bashar al-Assad in an interview with Danish channel TV 2. Answering the host's question about the risk of a direct confrontation between the US and Russia, he noted that the situation is unpredictable. "As for direct confrontation, this has not happened since WWII except that it almost happened during the Cuban missile crisis. But now the situation is different. The United States doesn't have strong leaders and you can expect anything, and should always expect the worst," — said the Syrian President.

Oct 07 02:35

Assad: Moderate opposition is a myth

Moderate opposition in Syria is a myth, "you cannot separate something that doesn’t exist from something that exists," the president said. All of them have the same grassroots, he said. "The same grassroot that used to be called Free Syrian Army four years ago, five years ago, then it became Al Nusra, then it became ISIS," moving from one group to another group, the Syrian leader said. According to Assad, forces of the international coalition led by the United States have helped the Islamic State terrorist organization when they delivered a strike on Syrian government forces in the city of Deir-ez-Zor. "In reality they [Western forces] helped ISIS [former name of Islamic State]… because they killed tens of Syrian soldiers who were defending the city of Deir-ez-Zor from being under the control of ISIS, and now ISIS took the hills that overlooked the city so they could be able someday to take control of Deir-ez-Zor because of that attack," Assad said...

Oct 07 02:28

UN Security Council Meeting on Aleppo scheduled for 17:00 MSK

The United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting on the initiative of Russia on the situation in Aleppo, to discuss the proposal of UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura on the withdrawal of the militants of the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra from the eastern part of the city. Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations told TASS, the meeting is scheduled for 10:00 New York time (17:00 MSK). The meeting, which will be held behind closed doors, was included in the Council's work program for Friday. Staffan de Mistura on Thursday proposed to hold consultations on withdrawal of organization Jabhat al-Nusra militants from eastern Aleppo to Idlib. This, according to him, might end armed confrontation in this part of town, and its residents will have access to humanitarian aid. According to him, there are about 900 organization Jabhat al-Nusra fighters in eastern Aleppo.

Oct 06 19:33

Russia Warns US Airstrikes On Syrian Army Would Lead To War, Air Defenses Are Active

By Baran Hines

Russia’s Defense Ministry has warned the US-led coalition against carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that “any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen,” during a press conference on Thursday.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said that many members of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria are working “on the ground” to deliver aid and “communicating with a large number of communities in Syria,” in his statement...

Oct 06 16:12

Russia calls for emergency UNSC meeting to discuss De Mistura’s Aleppo peace proposal

Russia has called for members of UN Security Council to convene Friday to discuss an initiative by UN Special Envoy for Syria Steffan de Mistura to personally accompany Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters if they agree to voluntarily leave rebel-held eastern Aleppo to other rebel-held parts of Syria. The meeting will be held at 10 am New York Time (2 pm GMT). The proposal is aimed at sparing civilians from falling victim to the ongoing Syrian government’s offensive in the area, according to de Mistura.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a brilliant move! Aleppo goes back to Assad and there is nothing the US can do about it (except outright invasion).

Oct 06 15:59

The U.S is painting their F/A-18's to match the paint schemes of Russian jets in #Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So the US can bomb civilians and blame Russia for it!!!

Oct 06 15:28

Obama Considering More Sanctions Against Syria

US President Barack Obama is considering more sanctions against Syria that could target lower-level military officers, following the failure of US and Russian efforts to broker a ceasefire in the country.

American officials and diplomats said the new strategy is still being discussed, but initial efforts may focus on passing United Nations sanctions against those responsible for the chemical weapons attack two years ago.

Oct 06 14:53

White House may impose 'costs' on Russia and Syria without UN approval.

Oct 06 14:13

NY Times Attacks Gary Johnson For Equating US, Syrian War Crimes

Following an interview with the New York Times, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is coming under fire for noting a moral equivalence between killing civilians in airstrikes, and killing civilians in airstrikes.

Pressed on the civilian death toll of Syrian airstrikes against populated areas, and whether he saw those as equivalent to US airstrikes against populated areas, Johnson mockingly declared “no of course not – we’re so much better than all that. We’re so much better when in Afghanistan, we bomb the hospital and 60 people are killed in the hospital.”

Oct 06 14:00

Obama Shifts Blame From Assad To Global Warming As The Cause Of The Syrian Civil War

President Barack Obama said global warming “contributed” to the Syrian civil war, shifting at least some of the blame for the deadly conflict from the repressive Assad regime to people driving gas-guzzling SUVs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, come ON!!!

Oct 06 13:38

Aleppo hotel accommodating Russian TV crew comes under fire

A hotel in Syria’s Aleppo, where foreign journalists stay, including the crew of Russia’s Channel One, has come under mortar fire, the TV channel reported on Thursday. "The crew of the Channel One together with other reporters came under fire carried out by terrorists in Syria. The militants opened fire at the hotel in Aleppo where foreign correspondents live, including journalists of the Channel One and also the offices of international organizations such as the UN are located," the statement on its website said. The mortar shelling lasted for around half an hour. "In total, the militants fired six shells at the hotel and neighboring residential houses. One of the shells hit the roof of the hotel," it said.

Oct 06 13:33

Personal stories from the frontlines

The toughest issues that a war correspondent grapples with are should you risk your life for a photo and should you take pictures of death. TASS photographer Valeriy Sharifulin tells us his story...

Oct 06 12:51

Intel Suggests CIA, Pentagon behind Media Leaks about US Strikes on Syrian Army

Russian Defense Ministry said it believes that the leaks to the media about possible US strikes on the Syrian army could be a preface to real action, spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said. “Of particular concern is information that the initiators of such provocations are representatives of the CIA and the Pentagon, who in September reported to the US President on the alleged controllability of ‘opposition’ fighters, but today are lobbying for ‘kinetic’ scenarios in Syria. As history has shown, such "leaks" often prove to be a preface to real action. I point out to all the 'hotheads' that following the September 17 coalition airstrike on the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur we took all necessary measures to exclude any similar 'accidents' happening to Russian forces in Syria". Konashenkov also said that any missile or air strike on the territories controlled by the Syrian government, would pose clear threat to Russian military personnel.

Oct 06 12:41


In a stark warning to the United States, a spokesman for the Russian defense ministry, Major-General Igor Konashekov, said Russia may shoot down US planes attempting to launch airstrikes in Syria. “I would recommend our colleagues in Washington to thoroughly consider the possible consequences of the realization of such plans,” Konashenkov said.

Oct 06 12:38

Assad accuses Western media of hushing up data on civilian casualties in AleppoMore:

Western media are biased in covering the conflict in Syria hushing up victims among the civilian population in the areas that are not under control of the Syrian government, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Danish TV 2.

"In every war there are victims, there are innocent victims. And that’s why every war is bad war," he said. But looking at pictures in western media, one can see that they publish only "few pictures of children that suit their political agenda," he said.

The president said in two days that TV2 correspondent Rasmus Tantholdt has been in Syria, dozens of people, including children, women and elderly have died in shelling from the eastern part of the city.

"And the Western corporations didn’t talk about them," he said. There was "not a single statement" regarding that, said Assad accusing the West of propaganda, as well as "demonization of the government of Syria".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That last bit is something that none of the US warmongers want you to know.

Oct 06 12:15

US-Led Coalition Fighter Jets Kill Tens of Civilians in Aleppo

The US-led coalition's fighter jets killed at least 60 civilians in Salsana village in the Northeastern parts of Aleppo. According to the Arabic-language desk of Sputnik news agency, the US warplanes targeted the residential areas in the village, 50km Northeast of Aleppo city, and killed over 60 civilians, among them several children. Local sources said that a large number of civilians were also wounded in the attacks, some of them in critical conditions. Local sources in Deir Ezzur said on Monday that the US airstrikes had destroyed more bridges and supply routes in the province, adding that 50 civilians were killed in the attacks. "50 civilians, including women and children, were killed in the US-led coalition airstrikes on Deir Ezzur," the sources said.

Oct 06 12:13

Syrian Army to Reduce Airstrikes in Aleppo to Give Civilians Space to Leave

The Syrian Army General Command announced on Wednesday it will reduce airstrikes and shelling attacks on Eastern Aleppo to allow civilians to leave the city's besieged areas still controlled by militants groups. "The command of the army made a decision to reduce the number of aerial and artillery strikes against terrorists' positions to help the civilians trapped in the city to leave for safer regions," the Syrian Army's statement said, SANA reported. Aleppo has seen intense fighting over the past few months, with the Syrian army and popular forces managing to encircle large groups of militants in the Eastern districts of the city. Syrian Army also said in order to prevent bloodshed and avoid more destruction, it gives militants in Aleppo’s Eastern neighborhoods an additional opportunity to benefit from amnesty decree and settle their status, or hand over their weapons and leave with their families.

Oct 06 12:07

US Ready 'to Do Whatever It Takes to Prevent Assad From Liberating Aleppo'

The US' efforts to separate "moderate rebels" from radical extremists in northern Aleppo largely failed because there aren't any "moderates" in the region, experts assume, adding that Washington is taking efforts to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from liberating Aleppo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This upcoming US government unilateral action in Syria is on the verge of a very dangerous moment here; if the US decides to create a no-fly zone, they are in danger of engaging the Russia military.

This is not a recipe for a "success" in Syria; it is a recipe for disaster.

I would seriously hope that cooler heads will prevail, and that the US government goes back to the conference table, rather than to the trenches in Syria.

Oct 06 11:26

Beating the Drums for War with Russia. CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon Convene at the White House

On Wednesday, the so-called Principals Committee, consisting of the secretaries of defense and state, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA director, as well as top presidential security aides, convened at the White House to consider proposals to attack Syrian government forces with cruise missiles as well as other acts of military aggression.

Both the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are reportedly in favor of such an escalation, which carries with it the real prospect of a direct armed confrontation between the US and Russia, the world’s two largest nuclear powers.

Reflecting the growing support within sections of the US establishment for a far wider war, key sections of the media, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, have weighed in on the side of those within the military and intelligence apparatus advocating a new eruption of American militarism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To all in the Bowels of Power in DC, I would strongly, politely, and logically caution against such a move.

The reasons why I say this are all known factors; at this point in its history, the US military doesn't have the weaponry; the manufacturing; the money; or the troop strength to guarantee success in a military engagement with Russia.

The reason the US government is so hell-bent on "regime change" in Syria is that the warmongers in power in Washington believe that doing so in Damascus will make it easier to do in Tehran, which is - for them - the proverbial "Jewel in the Crown".

After all, the US did it before, overthrowing the duly elected President Mossadegh in 1953, and replacing him with the Shaw of Iran.

And we all know how "splendidly" that turned out, with the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Putin will not allow an immediate regime change in Damascus, because he knows the outcome the US government wants to see in Syria and beyond, and he will commit troops and weaponry to fight US troops in Syria, and beyond.

To all those who think a war against Russia right now would be a "good idea", please reconsider; the results of such a war may well be both catastrophic...and irreversible.

Oct 06 11:09

US Military Builds a New Air Base in Northern Syria

The US is building a military airfield in northern Syria as part of its ongoing campaign against Daesh, a representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces command told Sputnik on condition of anonymity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, THIS move is going to ratchet down tensions here; and from this THIRD illegally constructed military base between Sheddadi and Al-Hasakah, it is obvious that the Obama Administration believes that Syria has utterly no territorial integrity whatsoever.

Oct 06 09:43

Russia Warns US Any Strikes On Syrian Army Would Lead To War: "Our S-300, S-400 Defenses Are Up And Running"

Russia confirmed that the deployment of its SAM missile battery was aimed at containing US offensive ambitions, when the Defense Ministry cautioned the US-led coalition of carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions, adding in Syria there are "numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems up and running... any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen."

Oct 06 09:06

Putin Slams US With Geopolitical Judo

With a swift, determined twist, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has wrong-footed his American adversary, pinning him to the ground over the Syrian crisis.

Writhing and flustered, the American opponent is protesting at being upended. First, in the form of a contorted media campaign smearing Russia’s military operations as somehow criminal. Second, the Americans are breathlessly claiming that Russia’s “outrageous” support for Syrian state forces is scuppering peace efforts.

Oct 06 08:44

Syrian President: Allegations on Targeting Hospitals by Army "Untrue"

Assad said, in an interview with Denmark's TV 2 channel, that the Syrian government does not issue orders to target hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure or to kill civilians, and insisted that allegations about such attacks are untrue as such actions are not in the interest of the government more than others, SANA reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What?!? You accuse the US Government of lying?????? Why ... why ... how ... I mean ......... Yes, I see your point.

Oct 06 08:34


According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, quoting documents released by the U.S. Government’s Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), the US –as part of its “counterterrorism campaign”– has provided Syrian rebels [aka moderate Al Qaeda] with large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

The US and its allies (including Turkey and Saudi Arabia) have relied on the illicit trade in light weaponry produced in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, China, etc. for delivery to rebel groups inside Syria, including ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra. In turn, operating out of the occupied Golan Heights, Israel’s IDF has provided weapons, ammunition, logistical support to Al Qaeda rebels operating in Southern Syria.

While Washington’s Middle East allies undertake shady transactions in a buoyant market for light weapons, a significant part of these illicit weapons shipments is nonetheless directly commissioned by the US government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my complete (absence of) surprise!!

Oct 06 08:31


The US has attempted to direct attention away from the fact supposed "moderate rebels" it has been supporting are now openly aligned to designated foreign terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, Jabhat Al Nusra, and the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" (ISIS) by focusing instead on the alleged "humanitarian crisis" unfolding amid final operations to restore security to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

The operation however, headed by Syrian forces and supported by its allies including Russia, aims to bring the last remaining districts of the city under government control. Already, the vast majority of Aleppo's remaining 2 million residents live in government controlled territory, with less than a quarter of a million trapped in terrorist held sections of the city.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The unrest in Syria has never been a civil war, but an attempt to throw out the duly elected government by outside forces, trained, supported, and funded by the United States Government.

Oct 06 08:17

Syrian People to File Lawsuit against US over Deir Ezzur Massacre

Several Syrian parliamentary and legal figures have called on the people of Deir Ezzur to lodge a complaint over Washington's recent killing of civilians and destruction of the province's infrastructure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Congress just got hoisted with their own JASTA!

Oct 06 08:14

Russian options against a US attack on Syria

So the Russian threat is simple: you attack us and we will attack US forces in Syria. Of course, Russia will vehemently deny targeting US servicemen and insist that the strike was only against terrorists, but both sides understand what is happening here. Interestingly, just last week the Iranian Fars news agency reported that such a Russian attack had already happened:

Oct 06 07:40

John McCain calls US diplomacy 'toothless' and advocates for military intervention in Syria

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, John ...

Oct 06 07:30

Germany considering European sanctions against Russia over actions in Syria – report

A push to slap more European sanctions on Russia is being considered in Berlin due to Moscow’s actions in Syria, a person familiar with the deliberations told the Wall Street Journal.

Oct 06 07:29

U.S. PROXIES PANIC: Russia hikes up air strikes on Al-Nusra across Syria

Precision air strikes by Russian air forces on militants’ infrastructure and positions in the Hama and Idlib provinces have inflicted heavy losses on illegal armed formations. In Aleppo, terrorist leaders have begun to panic. This has been reported to Russian Spring by a military source.

“In the northern part of Hama province, one of the leaders of Jebat Al-Nusra, Abdul Jabbar Fawaz al-Ahmad, was liquidated. In the al-Latamna district, a commander of an Al-Nusra sniper battalion, Ahmad Nahlawi, was also killed,” the source told Russian Spring.