Aug 07 10:16

Video: UNSC Approves New Sanctions Against N. Korea

UN Security Council members have met to vote on the new North Korea sanctions resolution.

Aug 07 09:21

Video: Yemen War Pushes Country ‘Towards The Edge Of A Cliff’ – UN

Yemen's ongoing conflict and a “man-made” humanitarian catastrophe has “no end in sight,” the head of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in the war-torn country has said, warning that nearly 7 million people are at risk of starvation.

Aug 07 09:16

Video: ‘Keys To The Sky’: Mig-29 Airplanes Compete In Air Battles In Southern Russia

Mig-29 airplanes took to the sky to compete in the battle, destroying air targets

Aug 07 08:28

Video: Food & Metals: UNSC Sanctions Key Exports Of North Korea

The UN Security Council votes unanimously in favor of sweeping new sanctions against North Korea, in response to Pyongyang’s intensifying missile tests.

Aug 07 08:21

Video: Forced Into Marriage: UK Children Call For Help Fearing Arranged Marriages

Leading British charity NSPCC says there has been a 12% increase in pleas from children who fear being forced by their parents into arranged marriages.

Aug 07 08:04

Video: Spy Game: South Korean Intel Agency ‘Hacked’ Country’s 2012 Presidential Race

South Korea’s spy agency has admitted playing a role in the country’s 2012 presidential election.

Aug 04 15:03

Video: Deadly Attack: 29 People Killed, 64 Wounded In Explosion In Afghanistan

At least 29 people have been killed and 64 wounded in an explosion at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan.

Aug 04 14:30

Video: ‘Pentagon Should Declassify Report On ‘Child Sex Abuse’ By Afghan Forces’ – Govt Watchdog

The US government's Afghanistan watchdog has urged the Pentagon to declassify a report detailing allegations of child sexual abuse by Afghan forces. The watchdog also cites the State Department as saying that the Afghan government has failed to meet human-rights standards and that Afghan officials are complicit in the sexual abuse of children by Afghan security forces.

Aug 04 13:43

Video: Profit Over Lives? Canada Checks Claims Saudis Used Canadian-Made Arms Against Civilians

Canadian human-rights activists are calling on the government to review a multibillion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. That’s after allegations emerged in …

Aug 04 11:18

BBC Accused Of ‘Normalizing’ Islamic Burqa In ‘Propaganda’ Video

Social media users have accused the BBC of “blatant propaganda” after the state broadcaster published a YouTube video featuring burqa-clad women addressing common questions about the full-face veil.

Aug 03 15:16

Video: Explosive Lawsuit: White House & Fox Peddled Seth Rich Conspiracies To Distract From Russia Probe

An explosive lawsuit filed by a former Fox News contributor is alleging that his former network fabricated quotes.

Aug 03 11:09

Man Who Trained Dog To Make Nazi Salute Denies Hate Crime

A Scottish man who taught his girlfriend’s dog to salute like a Nazi whenever he said “gas the Jews” or “Heil Hitler” has denied committing a hate crime.

Mark Meechan, 29, was arrested last year accused of teaching the pug, Buddha, to raise its paw like a Nazi salute and posting the footage on his YouTube channel under the heading “M8 yer dugs a Nazi.”

Aug 01 16:35

Video: Stephen Sizer: Leaked Zionist ‘Hasbara Handbook’, Israelis Use Antisemitism To Intimidate Opposition

Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies, including actions undertaken by Israel in the past. Often, Hasbara efforts includes a negative portrayal of the Arabs and especially of Palestinians.

Jul 31 13:46

Video: Horrific Plane Crash On California Freeway Captured On CCTV

Shocking videos of a plane crashing into a California freeway and bursting into a ball of fire have been released by John Wayne Airport.

Jul 30 16:32

WATCH: Congressman Asks a Question About Weed and Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Drug War

I like this guy. No accident about it!

Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party and serves as a congressman from South Carolina. He is also the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. During the meeting with the ONDCP this week, Gowdy asked why marijuana was a schedule I drug.

While Gowdy didn’t go so far as to call for the legalization of cannabis — because it would likely mean political suicide among his staunchly conservative base — his line of questioning set off a conversation that would eventually expose the war on drugs.

Jul 28 08:18

The Authoritarian Right is a Threat to Liberty Too Says Jeffrey Tucker

In this video, Vin Armani interviews Jeffrey Tucker, Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education, about the current state of the liberty movement and the threat from the alt-right. Tucker also brilliantly explains the history of property rights and ownership claims from the Stone Age to the Blockchain.

Jul 27 13:27

Video: Bilderberg New World Order, Secret Oligarchy Of The Western World?

Inayet Wadee Speaks to Tony Gosling on Salaamedia exposing the Bilderberg group and cloud of secrecy surrounding the worlds elite.

Jul 27 12:17

Top U.S. Military Officer Says Transgender Soldier Policy Won't Change – Yet

This Marine is insubordinate. It isn't up to Dunford or Mattis. They have been given the Order by the President and refuses to carry it out.

(WASHINGTON) — The nation's top military officer says U.S. policy on transgender individuals serving in uniform has not — and will not — change until Defense Secretary Jim Mattis receives the president's policy direction and Mattis determines how to implement it.

Gen. Joseph Dunford is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dunford made the statement in a note Thursday to all service chiefs, commanders and enlisted military leaders.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the note.

Jul 25 17:28

That Mass Extinction Study is a Collectivist Hoax

In this video, Vin Armani discusses a recent study claiming that another mass extinction is upon us. The study was done by professor Paul Ehrlich, a perennially wrong environmental doom peddler, who wrote the widely debunked Population Bomb. As his previous work, the latest study is also easily debunked.

Jul 25 15:29

Young Black Man Dies During Police Chase, Investigation Launched (VIDEO)

The UK’s police watchdog is investigating whether excessive force was used on a young black man who died after he was wrestled to the floor by an officer in a corner shop in east London.

Scotland Yard says Rashan Charles, 20, died in the early hours of Saturday after he tried to “swallow an object” before being apprehended by police. It says the officer was seeking “to prevent the man from harming himself.”

Jul 25 14:58

About Trump's Meeting With Putin At The G20

Includes full text of the official report presented directly thereafter to the Russian Media.

The third issue is cyber security which was understandably given considerable attention. The presidents agreed that this area is becoming ever more dangerous. There are numerous threats emerging in cyber space, including a terrorist threat, threats in other areas of organised crime, such threats to the normal functioning of societies as child pornography, pedophilia, the so-called suicide networks. Of course, President Trump also mentioned that certain circles in the United States keep on spinning the issue of Russia’s interference in the US elections even though they are unable to prove that.

Jul 24 17:44

Net Neutrality Regulations Are Pushed by Large Corporations

In this video, Vin Armani explains why you’ve been tricked into supporting net neutrality. Some big corporations don’t want a free market. They want a protected market with barriers. Lawmakers seem hungry to regulate the Internet. It’s a dangerous combination that infects most industries. Don’t let it happen to the Internet.

Jul 24 11:21

Video: Twists & Turns: Russian Sukhoi T-50 Fighter Jets Perform Amazing Stunts At MAKS 2017

Pilots flying the advanced Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA fighter jet see no physical boundaries in its use, the Russian Air Force Commander says.

Jul 19 15:44

Video: MH17 Tragedy: 3 Years On, Questions Remain

Monday marks three years since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down over Eastern Ukraine.

Jul 19 15:40

British ‘Justice’ Likely To Punish Grenfell Tower Families Further – 7/7 Families Got “No Answers”

Angry Grenfell Tower residents demand arrests and resignations at meeting Kensington and Chelsea council meeting sees people express rage and contempt for officialdom at investigation’s slow progress.

Jul 19 15:32

Video: Amnesty Accuses U.S. Coalition Of War Crimes In Mosul: Scale Of Death Much Higher Than Acknowledged

Amnesty’s new report entitled "At Any Cost: The Civilian Catastrophe in West Mosul, Iraq" states the U.S. coalition may have committed war crimes in Mosul. We speak with Nicolette Waldman, co-author of the report and the Iraq researcher at Amnesty International.

Jul 19 14:53

Video: Syrian Army Sappers Detonate Explosives Near Latakia

Syrian army sappers continued to clear mines in areas previously held by anti-government militants near Latakia on Monday.

Jul 19 14:04

Video: ‘War-Torn Zone’: Baltimore Residents Call For 72-Hour ‘Ceasefire’ As Violence Skyrockets

People in Baltimore urge 72-hour ‘ceasefire’ amid rising violence. Residents are sickened by the skyrocketing level of gun violence.

Jul 19 13:15

Video: ‘We’ve Been Invaded’: Italian Mayor Slams Govt’s Policy On Migrants

Rural Italian mayors protest govt’s poor handling of housing migrants.

Jul 19 11:15

Video: Temple Mount Protests: 3 Injured As IDF Fires Rubber Bullets – Reports

Protests turned violent in East Jerusalem, on Monday, as Muslim worshippers and Israeli police clashed near the Gates of the Tribe (Al-Asbat).

Jul 19 11:02

Video: Keiser Report: Zombie Economic Woes

In this episode of the Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series Max and Stacy talk to Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, about whether or not allowing for the return of the business cycle might be a solution to our zombie economic woes.

Jul 19 10:28

Video: Operation Sophia: Migrant Rescue Op ‘Lunacy’ & ‘Shame Of Europe’ – Belgian Minister

Europe’s main maritime operation against people trafficking from Libya has been branded ‘lunacy’ and ‘a shame on Europe’ by Belgium’s migration minister.

Jul 18 08:37

Taco Hell! The moment a former employee returns to the restaurant and goes on a tea-throwing rampage as the manager whips off his shirt to fight her 17-year-old son

The shocking moment a former Taco Bell employee returned to the restaurant in a tea-tossing rampage has been caught on video.

The former employee named Margarita is seen in the video throwing gallons of tea around a Taco Bell in Converse, Texas in a dispute with the manager before being arrested.

Jul 18 07:53

Wanna PIZZA me? Boyfriends hold back furious girlfriends in bizarre 2am mass brawl between screaming diners in a Toronto fast-food restaurant

A vicious, protracted brawl broke out over a pizza in a fast food outlet at 2am on a Sunday morning in Canada.
Paul Michael, 23, was at the restaurant when the brawl began at.
He said it started when a woman entered the restaurant on Queen Street by Broadview Avenue, Toronto and complained that her pizza order was late.

Jul 18 07:44

‘You can’t do anything — I am the law’: Ex-cop accused of violently raping same boy as his father

A former Pennsylvania police officer will be sentenced this week after accepting a plea deal in a child rape case — three years after his father was sentenced for abusing one of the same boys.

David Turkos pleaded guilty last month to misdemeanor charges after investigators accused him of violently raping two brothers over a seven-year period, beginning in 2001, reported The Citizens’ Voice.

Jul 18 07:05

Our Home Burned Down

Our home was torched in the biggest firestorm Africa has ever had.

Jul 17 08:08

Australian bride-to-be shot dead by US cop after she called 911 to report hearing noise outside her house

An Australian woman due to get married next month was shot dead by a US police officer after she called 911 to report a possible assault outside her home.
Justine Damond, 40, went outside in her pyjamas after police arrived and was shot through the door of a squad car by an officer seated inside the vehicle, it was claimed.

The officer's body camera was not turned on at the time, raising questions from the woman's family and Minneapolis' mayor.

Jul 16 07:35

Michigan city council muzzles 9-year-old … a poor lesson in civics and it’s against the law

A Michigan city council gave a 9-year-old a poor lesson in civics and may have even broken the law.
The Lansing City Council effectively censored the fourth grade girl during a meeting to protest the changes at a local park, the Lansing State Journal reported.

Jul 16 07:34

Urban website spins story of 9-year-old being handcuffed as racist, omits black people on cop’s side

A popular urban website shared a video of the handcuffing of an African-American child and did it’s best to make it the officer seem like a racist.
“DISGRACEFUL!!! South Carolina Police Officer ARRESTS 9 Year Old African American Boy . . . For ‘ILLEGALLY’ PLAYING Outside!! (‘I’m Restraining You For YOUR Safety And Mine’) #BackLivesMatter,” wrote on its Facebook page with the police body camera video.

Jul 16 07:15

‘Where the hell are all the celebrities!?’ — Police officer unloads in viral video after execution of NYPD officer

An impassioned officer has gone viral after unloading on celebrities and athletes who he says are not doing enough to support police in wake of the execution of NYPD officer Miosotis Familia.
“Where the hell are all the celebrities now!?” the officer says in a video posted on Facebook last week. “Where are all the sports teams wearing NYPD shirts?”

Jul 14 13:42

Mom Who Filmed Sons’ Arrest Claims Police Offered To Drop Charges In Exchange For Video

A mother alleges police illegally took away her phone as she filmed her two teenage sons being arrested. Her video shows one of the boys, who is 16, being taken down by an officer. Now she is seeking justice over multiple complaints from the incident.

Jul 14 09:50

Chance For Peace: South Syria Ceasefire Agreed By Putin, Trump At G20 Takes Effect

Locals in parts of southern Syria are enjoying relative peace for the first time in six years. That was made possible by a Russia-US brokered ceasefire deal.

Jul 14 07:29

Ore. Man Who Followed Black Muslim Couple for 20 Blocks and Hurled Slurs Bursts Into Tears After Being Charged With Hate Crime

A Portland, Ore., man is giving me a particular type of joy after breaking down crying and expressing his heartfelt “regret” after being charged with a hate crime earlier this week for allegedly hurling slurs and intimidating a black Muslim couple.
I confess, my favorite type of bigot is the crying bigot.
KGW reports that Frederick Nolan Sorrell, 49, was charged with second-degree intimidation after allegedly tormenting the Muslim couple on May 29.

Jul 11 14:37

Ken O'Keefe - US Military Fighting For Israel - Israel, not Iran, is the Threat!

Ken O'Keefe is re-releasing his epic expose of the Israeli/Jewish lies about Iran that are being employed just as the "WMD's in Iraq" lie was used to send American sons and daughters off to die for Israel in the invasion/occupation of Iraq. With Syria not all going to plan, the ultimate target of Iran and the World War III agenda looks to be in overdrive with President Trump continuing the sickening and sychonpantic role of Jewish US Presidents as Jewish whipping boys. How many more American sons and daughters will be sacrificed for Israel before genuine American patriots stand up and refuse orders and arrest the traitors in Congress? These questions and points and more are made in this, part 1 of a 2 part program that tells the truth about the what and why regarding Iran. If people want more such videos/commentary from Ken O'Keefe then visit and invest in Ken O'Keefe's work.

Jul 11 13:30

Shia LaBeouf Calls Cop A 'Stupid B*tch' During Arrest, Threatens He Has 'Millionaire Lawyers'

Newly released video shows Hollywood elitist Shia LaBeouf call a police officer a "stupid b*tch" during his arrest Saturday in Georgia and threaten that if he "had his gun" he'd "blow your sh*t up."

Jul 11 06:20

Dallas County prosecutor asked officer not to arrest her for DWI because they were Facebook friends

A Dallas County prosecutor asked a Dallas police officer for special treatment while refusing to cooperate during her DWI arrest, court documents revealed. The affidavit says she tried to get out of the arrest by pulling the friend card – the Facebook friend card.
Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson wasted no time suspending Assistant DA Leah Lucius without pay pending the outcome of an investigation into what police believe was a drunk driving crash.

Jul 10 08:11

Meet the Doctor Who Refuses to Stop Prescribing Opioids to Pain Patients

A growing "opioid epidemic" in the U.S. has led law enforcement agencies to crack down on so-called pill mills, leading to the arrest of several physicians. Last year, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) clamped down on painkillers, reducing the allowed production of opioid medications by about 25 percent. Some states have filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers, and, earlier this year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines advising physicians against prescribing high doses of these drugs, which can be particularly lethal when combined with alcohol or anti-anxiety medications. Many doctors will only prescribe opioids as a last resort.

Jul 10 08:08

Video of Vancouver cop lecturing mom about kids left in hot car goes viral

Child protection officials are investigating following several 911 calls earlier this week about two children that were found in a locked vehicle on a warm day with the car alarm blaring.
Vancouver police received multiples calls on Monday just before 4 p.m., from citizens who spotted the kids inside a car parked at a grocery store on Grandview Highway in east Vancouver.

Jul 08 10:42

Scott Adams: International Relations in a Time of Nukes and Plenty

In olden days, if a neighboring kingdom was prosperous and capable, it was a risk to your security. A rich neighbor can assemble powerful armies to capture your resources and enslave your people. In those primitive times, any powerful empire was a real enemy, and you had to treat them as such.

Fast-forward to 2017, and some of those old rules have changed. A rich country with nuclear weapons won’t attack a weak country with nuclear weapons. Economics and national defense are somewhat disconnected in modern times. Nukes changed everything.

Jul 08 07:51

Sucker punch from behind on city sidewalk knocks out man, 54: ‘This generation, I don’t know.’

William Griffith, Jr. said he was just minding his own business walking home last Saturday afternoon following his job cleaning elderly people’s apartments when he got a very unwelcome greeting from a fellow pedestrian on a Cincinnati sidewalk.

Jul 07 10:48

New York Times Backs Calls For Catalan Independence Referendum

Barely two weeks after Catalan regional Premier Carles Puigdemont announced a referendum on the independence of Catalonia from Spain in October, the New York Timespublished an editorial in defence of the plebiscite under the title “Catalonia’s Challenge to Spain.”

Jul 07 09:48

Video: Italy Angry At Austria Decision To Deploy Troops & Armored Vehicles To Border

The Italian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Austrian ambassador over Vienna’s decision to re-introduce border controls.

Jul 06 16:18

Will Stocks Crash 25% in 3 Months? See the great investor Ron Paul…

Precariously overstretched equity valuations and the purportedly “data dependent” Federal Reserve’s insistence on raising interest rates could bring about the next market correction as soon as October, former Congressman Ron Paul said during a recent appearance on CNBC’s “Futures Now.”

Jul 05 17:10

Emergency Coffee with Scott Adams - Reddit vs. CNN

So, did everybody see the news . . . ?

Jul 05 09:04

Stunned passengers have to strap down drunken Russian flier covered in blood after he screams and punches the seat in front on flight to Turkey

Shocked passengers were forced to strap down a ' drunk ' man who was covered in blood and screaming on a flight to Turkey, it is reported.
The Russian flier was filmed yelling and repeatedly punching the seat in front of him while horrified families with young kids watched.
The upsetting incident happened on a packed Red Wings flight from Moscow to Antalya.

Jul 05 07:35

US vows it will 'never accept a nuclear North Korea' after new missile test

They already have nukes Rex. Trump,dissing China by tweet isn't going over well either.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed Tuesday that the U.S. would "never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea" while U.S. and South Korean forces held joint ballistic missile drills after the Communist nation successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Jul 04 15:21

Reflecting on My Generation's Social-Conditioning

This is counter to contemporary you-can-be-anything conditioning.

Jul 04 07:34

Trump fan known for ‘Pizzagate’ rants beaten up while trolling Philly impeachment rally

A Trump supporter who interrupted a Christmas Mass to rant about “Pizzagate” was beaten up over the weekend by anti-fascist activists during a Philadelphia political demonstration.
Howard Caplan — a 48-year-old self-professed conspiracy theorist who gained notoriety by carrying “Hillary 4 prison” signs around the city — went Sunday to protest a demonstration calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, reported thePhilly Voice.

Jul 03 17:33

Central Banks Are Purchasing Large Amounts Of Assets

Steve St. Angelo of is our guest today, we will be covering some important topics and gaining some fascinating insights.
We discuss Gold’s potential to surge just like the Crypto Currencies and also the manipulation in the Precious Metals overall, Steve gives his insights and analysis regarding the Oil and Gas industry plus we talk about the possibility of another Recession.

Jul 03 10:56

Video: Mosul In Ruins: Bird’s-Eye View Of Old City & Landmark Mosque Blown Up By ISIS

Bird’s-eye view of old city & landmark mosque blown up by ISIS.

Jul 03 07:32

Guy Fed Up With IRS Scammers Creates Hilarious Program Calling Their Phone Lines 28 Times A Second

Everyday, thousands of people receive calls from con artists hoping to swindle their marks out of as much money as they can.
Hilariously, one of these IRS Phone Scammers contacted a computer security developer who decided to do more than simply ignore the call. He proceeded to inflict a bit of karma that would hopefully shut down the scammer and prevent further swindling of innocent people.

Jul 02 13:28

VIDEO: Scott Adams Tells You How President Trump's Tweets Killed His Cat

Thirty percent of you might need a humor-translator for this.

Jul 02 13:16

The Trump Tweet That Broke The Reality Simulator

It was Sunday, July 2, 2017. A quiet, partly cloudy morning in the reality simulator during a holiday weekend. But, this was no ordinary holiday weekend. It's Independence Day weekend.

Jul 01 18:09

‘F*cking Cambodian n*gger’: Watch a despicable Silicon Valley bro harass a cyclist and her 9-year-old daughter

In a video clip posted to Facebook, a California woman filmed a run-in she had with a motorist while she was riding on her bike accompanied by her 9-year-old daughter, that ended with the man calling her a “f*cking Cambodian n*gger.”
According to Paula Nuguid she was on her bike in Sunnyvale – and was attempting to make a legal left turn — when the man began to lean on his horn and then called her a “b*tch.”

Jul 01 17:21

What They’re Not Telling You About Marijuana Legalization In Nevada

In this video, Vin Armani examines the marijuana law in Nevada to see what’s really in it. No, you’re not free to grow it. Read the fine print. Over an ounce is still a FELONY. What did they actually legalize? Government made themselves a cannabis cartel to profit more than entrepreneurs from every joint sold. Watch below:

Jul 01 16:48

Try Not To Giggle Reading About Florida's Butt Graffiti Problem

You could call it a derrière dilemma, a keister caper, or even a rump riddle. Ah, yes. It is sixth-grade humor at its finest with endless comical posterior possibilities.
At the end of the day, however, what’s now being called “butt graffiti” is ultimately illegal.
The design is popping up all over the place in St. Petersburg, in places near the old YMCA and the Morean Arts Center.

Jul 01 16:46

Thug beats his pregnant girlfriend on crutches so violently her SKULL is exposed in horrific footage caught on convenience store CCTV

Horrific CCTV footage shown to a court reveals the moment a thug exposed his pregnant girlfriend's skull when he viciously beat her up at a convenience store.

Jamar Bernard Woody, 35, launched the brutal attack on Shatory Irving in Roanoke, Virginia, in June last year.

Jul 01 16:45

People were shocked when they noticed racist tweets being posted on a Florida school district’s Twitter page

Federal and local law enforcement officials are trying to figure out who sent racially charged tweets from the St. Lucie County School District’s Twitter account in what they're investigating as a hate crime.

Jul 01 01:14

Scott Adams Tells You how President Trump Destroyed Civilization with His Morning Joe Tweets.

Periscope video of Scott Adams in rare form. It's a must-see.

(For those who lack a sense of humor -- Scott is being facetious.)

Jun 30 18:35

Video shows off-duty Lansing police officer pinning down teen, threatening his life who were on his lawn

A Lansing, Illinois, police officer is under investigation after pinning a 15-year-old boy to the ground on his front lawn and threatening his life.
Video of the incident, which took place Saturday, shows 15-year-old Jordan Brunson being choked by the off-duty officer, who tells Brunson he could kill him.

Jun 30 15:41

Video: US Senate Accuses Russia, RT & Putin In Election Meddling, Gives No Evidence

The U.S. Senate has devoted an entire hearing to alleged Russian meddling in last year’s election.

Jun 30 07:45

‘Queer Kid Stuff’ YouTube channel seeks to teach kids about dressing in drag and transgenderism

“Queer Kid Stuff,” a YouTube channel geared toward teaching children about sexual preferences, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more, celebrated “Pride Month” by releasing a video talking to kids about people dressing in drag.

Jun 29 16:34

Firefighter Ignites Libertarians to Take Action in Canada

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani discusses libertarians’ reluctance to participate in politics with Tim Moen. Tim Moen is a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, filmmaker, volunteer and politician from Canada. He is the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada.

Jun 29 14:51

Video: US Promises Turkey To Take Back Weapons From Kurds After ISIS Defeat

The leading force fighting Islamic State on the ground is the Kurds, who are being armed by the Americans.

Jun 29 11:43

Video: ‘Unique People’: Putin Recalls KGB Times, Wishes Deep-Cover Agents Prosperity

In a Saturday interview with TV presenter Sergei Brilev in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his work in the Soviet Committee for State Securit.