‘In US universities students who criticise Israel are under attack’  | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

‘In US universities students who criticise Israel are under attack’ 

Throughout history, students have been at the forefront of important movements advocating for fundamental changes in society.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the anti-apartheid movement gained traction on university campuses in the UK and the US, with various demonstrations taking place and calls to divest from companies doing business in apartheid South Africa. At the University of California, Berkeley, students were successful in campaigning for divestment, and in 1986 the university voted to withdraw $3.1 billion worth of investments in the apartheid state.

The success of the anti-apartheid movement rested on students taking the initiative to gather and organise for change in conjunction with the university administration being open to what students had to say and acting accordingly. Had UC Berkeley deemed the movement too “controversial” or “polarising” and actively tried to suppress it as it was gaining momentum, students would not have been able to take a meaningful stand, in the form of divestment, against the oppressive regime in South Africa.