Bill Clinton Bombs an Aspirin Factory | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Bill Clinton Bombs an Aspirin Factory

Same bunch of lies used to bomb,terrorize and murder,just a different country and a different Deep State Puppet!
Donald Trump is a Neocon,lover of Israel,War Criminal and Mentally ill liar.
The opposition to him is a Psyop! Same as the old Boss!

No matter. On January 22, as demonstrated in The Washington Post , the government's story underwent yet another permutation. Currently, according to White House terrorism czar Richard Clarke, the U.S. is "sure" that the Iraqis were the sinister force behind Al Shifa, producing what the Post characterized as "powdered VX-like substance at the plant that, when mixed with bleach and water, would have become fully active nerve gas." This, says Professor Tullius, strains credulity: "Bleach is often used to detoxify nerve agents," he says. "Using bleach to activate an agent makes no sense." While the Iraqi and Sudanese militaries are known to have collaborated on limited munitions projects, says investigative reporter Frank Smyth, there is nothing linking these endeavors to Al Shifa or Bin Laden. "It looks like the administration acted based on inferences drawn from pieces of intelligence they presumed were connected," he says.