DATA RAPE: Temperatures Rising In The Climategate Scandal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

DATA RAPE: Temperatures Rising In The Climategate Scandal

The leaked E-Mails show how climatologists colluded with one another in doctoring data over several decades to try to give weight to the idea that Homo Sapiens is the species responsible for global warming. In addition to discussions of how to rig data are derogatory statements made by various scientists within the establishment towards opponents of the manmade global warming scheme. Definitely not the kind of media attention one needs less than a week from the Copenhagen Summit, a global climate change conference scheduled to take place in Denmark on December 7th, 2009. And if the main issue on the table is that of setting up planetwide governance of the world's resources and carbon gas emissions under a single body, then what is actually being set up right in front of our eyes is nothing less than the first one world government.

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