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David Swanson, Did You Say $33 Billion?

As it turns out, however, not everyone is quite as enthusiastic about the surge as Washington. NATO allies have not provided the expected number of trainers for the Afghan police and military in the expected period of surge time. They're dragging their feet over a war that is far less popular and more controversial in Europe than here. Because the almost hopeless task of standing up a vast, effective Afghan military (which that impoverished country has no way of affording) and an incorruptible police force (an oxymoron when it comes to Afghanistan) is considered so crucial to Washington's war strategy, the Pentagon has stepped in. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently announced a further micro-surge. It seems that 850 U.S. military trainers will be dispatched to Afghanistan, supposedly for only 90-120 days, as a “stopgap measure.” This evidently doesn’t qualify as an actual part of the surge plan -- or as much in the way of news. On the heels of another grim Pentagon assessment of the war effort, the Obama administration continues to escalate.