Dr Steve Pieczenik Calls Out Las Vegas False Flag | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Dr Steve Pieczenik Calls Out Las Vegas False Flag

I don't agree with everything that's being said here, and I don't believe some of the allegations being made here but it's interesting to note what former CIA operator Dr Steve Pieczenik has to say in the following YouTube vlog.

Firstly, he labels the devastating Las Vegas attack as a false flag, an inside job committed by evil people who work within the US government. That's something many of us already know, and the evidence supporting this supposition continues to pile up. But then he takes it further by implicating President Trump as being involved himself.

This is the part which has me in disbelief. I keep asking myself why Dr Steve Pieczenik would make such a bold claim publicly? Is he attempting to anger Trump to gain reaction from President Trump? Would such a wild accusation prompt aggressive swamp draining?

Watch the below to decide for yourself.