EPA defers hearing on hydraulic fracturing | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

EPA defers hearing on hydraulic fracturing

The New York Times and Catskill Mountainkeeper have reported that the EPA’s last hearing on fracking, held in Canonsburg, Pa., in July drew over 1,200 people without a hitch. Unfortunately, the follow-up, all-day hearing that had been scheduled for last Thursday at the Oncenter Complex Convention Center in Syracuse, NY, was cancelled last Tuesday.

This was after Onondaga Country officials expressed “concern” that they were not given enough time to ready security in anticipation of “rallies” and “protests” at the event.

This is in spite of the fact that successful meetings have been held around the country on the impact of “fracking,” the nickname for the eco-unfriendly natural gas drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing. The Environmental Protection Agency (famous for okaying the 911 Ground Zero site for first responder workers to work in -- the workers who are now suffering fatal illnesses), this same EPA is now claiming it needs an “acceptable” site for a hearing and for the “passionate” crowds that will show up for it.