Feds threaten to shut down giant Las Vegas marijuana festival | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Feds threaten to shut down giant Las Vegas marijuana festival

We need some stealth weed! Invisible Pot!

RENO, Nev. One of the world's largest marijuana festivals, which is expected to be held this week on tribal land outside of Las Vegas, has been facing a possible shutdown for the past two weeks, according to a letter sent by federal officials earlier this month.

U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, based in Las Vegas, sent a Feb. 16 letter to the Moapa Paiute Tribe reminding the tribe that the transport, possession, use and distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law. The marijuana trade show and festival, planned for March 4 and 5, would be in violation of that law, according to the letter obtained by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

If federal officials were to intervene, it would be one of the first indicators that the White House is indeed going to crack down on marijuana crimes in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Thus far, only spotty, vague statements have been released so far, but no clear plan of action has been revealed by the new administration.

"To us, were looking at it as utilizing our sovereignty," Daboda said. "As long as (marijuana) is not visible, were told it will be OK."