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Government To The People - ­ Drop Dead!

For any crime of this nature, committed by a civilian, a "police report" would be mandatory within hours of the event; especially when there were three videos of what happened. The officer's gun is in police custody, the officer is a FEDERAL police officer, as BART is a federal agency: So procedures should have been clearly followed immediately. Yet, it is now a week later and the officer has still not even been interviewed, according to the 'chief' of BART police. Yesterday he quit the force, so that he would not have to give his version of events: and this sparked the riots!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For us "great unwashed", the fact that we killed someone would be sufficient to send us to jail. It would be irrelevant what we wanted to do or thought we were doing. "Honest, your honor, I thought I was holding a hair dryer next to her head when it went off!" would not get us a get-out-of-jail card.

I don't blame the people for rioting. The system has clearly broken down, and justice has indeed become "just us."