As Hollywood Feigns Outrage Over Gun Violence, Its Top Film Promotes It | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

As Hollywood Feigns Outrage Over Gun Violence, Its Top Film Promotes It

Despite all the tweeted outrage from virtue-signaling celebrities, Hollywood doesn’t care about your kids or gun violence.

If it did, it would clean up its own house first. It would cease promoting its endless stream of increasingly graphic violence, primarily involving guns, in its movies, TV shows, and video games. But it won’t, because Hollywood profits massively from that sort of fare.

Hollywood sheds crocodile tears over school shooting victims, but in fact it cares only about bringing down the NRA and the Second Amendment. That’s why celebrities focus their outrage over school shootings but don’t issue a single tweet of complaint over the shooting deaths, mostly of minorities, every weekend in Democrat-controlled inner cities across America — because they know the massacre of schoolchildren is a highly emotional wedge they can use to boost the profile of their own self-righteousness and to demonize law-abiding gun owners who stand by the Constitution.

Never mind the fact that such gun massacres are almost without exception carried out by either deeply mentally disturbed members of the political left or jihadists; the left will never admit that reality about such atrocities, because the left doesn’t care about past or future victims, except to the extent they can be exploited to push the agenda of repealing the Second Amendment and disarming gun-owning American citizens (except for the private security that the Hollywood wealthy hire to protect them and their families and their homes).