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It's Our Turn: Sick of the white stuff

I've always kind of liked snow and winter. But this year is taking its toll.

It seems like every day we get more snow that needs to be shoveled and put somewhere. With all the snow piled up along the edges of roads and walkways, I'm starting to feel like a rat trapped in a white maze.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to clearing the snow off the roof of my house. For the last month or so it was blowing off and didn't look too deep. But after the last heavy snow, it really started piling up. So, up on the roof I went. About 20-some tons of snow later (I calculated it while resting between shoveling), I was wiped out and my Saturday was gone.

As I write this (last Friday), it's snowing again — big, fluffy flakes — the kind that make you wish you were out skiing, or the kind that would be fun to watch fall if you were inside by a window with nothing important to do. But I'm at work, and when I get done working there will be snow to clear off the car again... and snow to shovel at home again tonight... and maybe snow to blow out of the driveway. It seems like it never ends.

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