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Leaked Information on Trump’s No-Peace/Deal of the Century

On Monday, Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen television reported what it called information on what’s in Trump’s so-called deal of the century.

From what’s reported, it establishes the illusion of a “New Palestine” state in parts of the West Bank and Gaza, short of the real thing Israel and the US reject, both areas connected by an elevated highway.

It excludes 70% or more of West Bank land controlled by Israel, including the Jordan Valley, closed military zones, exclusive Jewish commercial areas, tourist sites, no-go areas, and illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, Jerusalem to remain undivided, the city “shared between Israel and New Palestine.”
Haaretz quoted an unnamed congressional source, saying “(o)ne argument against (the budget request is that) no one thinks (Trump’s) peace plan is coming out any time soon, so why devote money to it,” adding:

“If it becomes serious, (they’ll be congressional) support. No one in Congress will stand in the way of a peace plan if it seems like it has a chance to succeed.”

Since 2017, the PA rejected Trump’s no-peace/peace plan. On Wednesday, Mahmoud Abbas repeated that “(f)rom day one, we said no to the deal of the century…”

Whatever is in the one-sided deal clearly favors Israel. Palestinian rejection leaves it unclear if it’ll ever be released.

An earlier Financial Times report called Trump’s plan “a fraud…a smokescreen for the burial of the two-state solution,” adding:

It’s been delayed so many times PLO secretary general Saeb Erekat called it “the deal of the next century.”

“The truth is that it was never really alive or likely ever to arrive,” said the FT.

It’s a scheme to let Israel officially annex all valued West Bank land and East Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this does, is simply to solidify and legitimize Israel's choke hold over the Palestinian people, which is a way to cause the crisis to worsen, exponentially, if the elements of the plan are put in place without Palestinian approval, which will not be forthcoming.