Lest we forget: Bygone lights shining on our dark present | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Lest we forget: Bygone lights shining on our dark present

"Nostalgia, a hybrid of nostos, the Greek words for "return", and algos, which means "suffering”, is often based on myths and false memories and, as such, is rarely a helpful illuminator on the present or guide to the future.

"But occasionally one stumbles on hard evidence of days long forgotten in the Arab world, or blurred and distorted by dysfunctional, primitive traditions and/or the venomous ideas of malicious forces among us, which shine a light on the darkness in which we currently live. 

"The photographs below are snippets of the Arab world as it was once upon a time. 

"Compare and contrast with scenes from, for example, contemporary Egypt with its ubiquitous hijab and its variants – a Jewish tradition rooted in Judaism and propagated by Islamists – or Libya with its bearded, gun-toting hoodlums and louts, and it won’t take you long to see how we’ve hurtled backwards, thanks to the poisons of Wahhabism, the Muslim Brotherhood, the retarded Salafists and dictatorship, which found in these poisons useful tools to rule over hapless, semi-literate, superstitious populations." >>