Mark Levin To CNN Reporter: "You Are Thoroughly Dishonest" (Video) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mark Levin To CNN Reporter: "You Are Thoroughly Dishonest" (Video)

Has any news network seen a greater downfall in its public credibility than CNN? Sure, most of us already knew of their blatant bias and dishonesty, but recent polling has shown that even amongst the general public, its credibility has taken a nosedive even by CNN’s standards. And rightly so; as we will see by the exchange between Mark Levin and CNN ‘reporter’ Brian Stetler on what could be the largest political scandal in US history – Obamagate.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at just how far the mainstream media will go in their efforts to undermine President Trump. The wiretapping allegations, which were by the way sourced from their own reporting, is dismissed as fake news! Unfortunately, the American public forgets easily; their attention always being manipulated to the latest news cycle. But with the mainstream media’s slants and biases being so obvious lately, will it be only a matter of time before the American citizenry see them for the propaganda peddlers that they are?