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Mexico says it will defend rights of its migrants, cooperate with UN

A senior Mexican official told a United Nations human rights forum on Thursday that his government would defend the rights of Mexican migrants from discriminatory security measures.

Miguel Ruiz Cabanas, undersecretary for human rights, did not name the United States but he was clearly referring to the row with U.S. President Donald Trump over his proposed wall and U.S. hardline immigration policies.

Ruiz Cabanas also condemned what he called "populist ultra-nationalism".

Security measures targeting one part of the population or criminalising certain groups violated the rule of law and were severely discriminatory, Ruiz Cabanas said in a speech to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

"This is why the government of Mexico reiterates its commitment to the defence of our nationals abroad," he said.

"We want to make sure that all Mexicans are aware of their rights, and know how to react when faced with possible violations."

Mexicans are angry at Trump's calls for U.S. firms not to invest south of the border, his insults to immigrants, and threats to make Mexico finance the border wall.

"We also reiterate Mexico's conviction that walls between nations are also walls between people and bring about extremism and intolerance by having physical and ideological barriers that we will in no circumstances accept," Ruiz Cabanas said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Ruiz Cabanas, a word, please.

As long as the immigration is legal, that I support and accept.

When it is not legal, it puts an horrific drain on the economy of the country in which those illegal immigrants have set themselves up as "guests" of that country. As stated by then-Candidate Donald Trump in September of last year:

Donald Trump says illegal immigration costs $113 billion per year

This is a strain that our already overdrawn US governmental budget cannot handle.

And you, sir, know what happens in Mexico if one does not have the proper paperwork which makes it legal to stay; you get deported, period, end of discussion!!

And if a border wall is erected on US soil, to prevent illegal immigration, there is utterly nothing Mexico can do about it.

It is high time that the Mexican government fix its own problems, and become a mecca for migration, rather than a place so terrible to live, that your citizens vote with their feet, and come to the US illegally.