My Interview with a Former NSA Operative on Today's Events (Video) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

My Interview with a Former NSA Operative on Today's Events (Video)

FAIR WARNING: If you consider yourself a “traditional red-blooded American,” or someone who has cherished all aspects of our American heritage their whole life, both the good and the bad, and you see images of baseball in your head on weekends while away from work, think of the Statue of Liberty, bald eagles, or maybe you even own a Christian Bible and a firearm at the same time… then chances are for you, the last eight years during Barack Obama’s presidency was almost like having to live in the Twilight Zone.

You may not have liked Obama’s presidency, in fact, you may have hated it, but that never stopped you from remaining a law abiding citizen, and you most likely never stopped acting like a civilized adult over it. Then, even though you thought the day would never come, when November 8th of 2016 finally came, you made sure to find your way into a voting booth to express your frustration by casting your ballot for the country to go in a different direction than the previous eight years. That’s how it is supposed to be handled in the United States, and that's how it always has been handled, but that was all "Pre-Obama," the lawless President.

The behavior we’ve seen from the far-left since the 2016 election has been infantile, lawless, at times very violent, and there has been a total breakdown of basic civility both in and out of government. Why? Because the far-left’s candidate Hillary Clinton, a serial felon, did not win the Presidency. Now, it seems that every day the level of civility in the country stoops a little bit lower, people dig in to their political ideology a little deeper, and the threat of violence grows a little greater... every day.

In the following video, Right Wing News had the rare opportunity to go in depth with a former NSA operative for an interview that discusses a wide range of the insanity we’ve been experiencing over the last year. The former NSA operative reveals details about everything from the Clinton scandal, to #PizzaGate, to the silent coup attempting to remove Trump from office right now.

BE WARNED: If you are not accustomed to getting your news from sources other than the mainstream media, you might want to sit down before hitting play, and be sure to have something readily available for possible indigestion. The world the mainstream media reports on, hardly resembles the world that we’re actually in, and in Part I of the interview below, Right Wing News leaves no stone unturned during his interview with the former NSA operative who is referred to as“Thomas Paine," after the original citizen journalist during the Revolutionary War!

After the interview, is an article from State of the Nation that includes one of the many areas covered during the interview…?