NATO Eyes Massive Offensive in Northern Afghanistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NATO Eyes Massive Offensive in Northern Afghanistan

Yesterday top commander General Stanley McChrystal revealed that the invasion of Kandahar Province, the centerpiece of this year’s offensives in Afghanistan, has already begun. But this year’s offensives will not end there, according to NATO’s ISAF Chief of Staff General Bruno Kasdorf.

Gen. Kasdorf says that the alliance is also planning a military offensive against northern Afghanistan, centered around the Kunduz Province. The offensive is scheduled to begin sometime later this year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am waiting for the words "body count" to again creep into the corporate media's characterization of these attacks, as happened during the Viet Nam War, to lull the American people into thinking that the US and NATO are actually "winning" here.

The war is militarily unwinnable; we never did, nor do we have now, the troop strength to win this militarily.

What the US and NATO should do is declare victory, go home, then negotiate with whatever government is left standing about the installation of the pipelines with which to control Eurasian oil.

Russia and China have been fighting their energy wars with deals, not guns, and have been very successful in their endeavors.

The second desired outcome, the control of the drugs from which so many profit so handsomely, has already been accomplished.

In fact, it has been accomplished to the degree that Russian officials are opening complaining that NATO has created an "undeclared war" against it because of the cheap heroin flooding the drug market place, most of it coming from Afghanistan.

None of the reasons the US and NATO are in Afghanistan have to do with any existential threat from the Afghan people against the US or NATO: they have everything to do with private profit, but nothing to do with actual geopolitical security.

Unfortunately, no US congressman, State Department or White house official will ever have the "male attributes" to tell families or friends of those who have died or been maimed for life in this military misadventure what the price of their sacrifice was actually intended to achieve.