Netanyahu is messing with history and geography | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Netanyahu is messing with history and geography

Netanyahu’s zealous statements regarding his intention to annex land from the Jordan Valley and the West Bank did not come as a surprise to many. It was, however, a source of sadness and sorrow as the Palestinians and Arabs are increasingly disregarded while the occupation continues to swallow up what is left of Palestine and realises its dream of doing as it pleases with Arab land. It is not strange for Netanyahu and his colonial policies to continue messing with the Palestinian and Arab geography and history as he pleases. Netanyahu seems unafraid of the future, given the statements he is making, which coincide with the elections, but in fact, these same statements actually indicate a hidden fear of the present and the future.

Netanyahu is acting in accordance with the Zionist strategy, put into place since the first Zionist congress in Basel in 1897 to achieve the establishment of a national homeland and implement their myths. Since his presidency and party leadership, his policies have been committed to capturing the biggest area possible of ??Palestinian geography and bringing the world’s Jews to Palestine. Since then, they have tried to change history and geography and steal more of the land they have been seizing since 1948. This has become clear and they have never stopped doing so.