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Nikki Haley Nukes The Grammys After ‘Fire And Fury’ Reading

Nikki Haley reacted like most Americans probably did when politics came up during the Grammys broadcast on Sunday night.

At one point during the biggest night in music, CBS aired a pre-taped bit in which several celebrities, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, read excerpts from Michael Wolff’s “Fire And Fury,” and it certainly didn’t sit well with the United States ambassador to the United Nations.


Is There Anything


(*that b**ch wouldn't nuke ?
That's the problem with Smith\Mundt . On one hand , the mumbo jumbo offsets Trump's follies , and hidden history , like endorsing Netanyahu's election bid , in 2013 . On the other it allows the Grammys to go over the top on Trump , instead of singing and dancing like they're supposed to do .
Who says Fire & Fury is complete BS , in the first place ? It does drift over to the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil issue of Israelgate , after all .
And , as I continually squawk; Hillary Should Be Behind Bars Awaiting Her Trial . Since She Isn't, and Trump shows no sign of repealing Smith/Mundt , it appears to be the televised equivalent of giving Nikki Hayley a hot foot .
And , c'mon, if Trump's people could do the same back , there'd be a DNC headquarters engulfed in flames .
That's the s**ky thing about war; All's Fair .
I went to bed early , last night , so I guess I missed my prescribed dose of anxiety , and now I guess I'm just supposed to take Mad Dog Haley's word for it , that it was nerve wracking .)