NOAA brainwashes gulf coast children! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NOAA brainwashes gulf coast children!

Gary Ott, science support coordinator with NOAA, demonstrated the basic science behind the oil spill and its cleanup for [Houma, Louisiana middle school] students using an aquarium filled with water as the Gulf of Mexico and cooking oil mixed with Hershey’s cocoa powder to represent BP’s spilled oil.

But Ott assured them [the seafood] was safe, and set out to explain why. Ott said the presentation was aimed at dispelling fear and rumors about the BP oil spill… Other presentations at local schools are planned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NOAA is totally out of line here! It is the parents' right to decide what food is safe for their kids to eat. NOAA is really over the line here pimping Obama's claim that the gulf is safe. It isn't! Please tell the students that NOAA was saying that 75% of the gulf oil was gone last July, only under oath before Congress NOAA admitted that 75% of the oil REMAINS! NOAA's goal here isn;t the health and safety of the children but to turn them into consumers of seafood to save BP from lawsuits by the fishing industry. Think about it; the government solution to protect BP's profits is to convince your kids to eat potentially toxic food!