Sessions reassures senators: No pot crackdown imminent | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Sessions reassures senators: No pot crackdown imminent


He should have kept his and Spicer's mouth shut!

Ethan Allen and...

And kept his mind on the fact that the opposition is trying to overthrow the government And if you spent 12 months locked up for growing your own and you got out with 30% liver function you might be paranoid. I have my medical pot card for Crohn's disease and degenerative disk disease and the stuff helps better than ANY conventional big pharma crap. Been there done that. Sessions needs to go after Obama and his Obamanoids with indictments for Insurrection,Seditious Conspiracy,Domestic terrorism, and whatever else they can find. If he does that I will support him and Trump 200% against these traitors! Most of the legal and medical pot people supported Trump because of what he said and because he wants jobs for the American people.

this is/may


lead to actual legalization, as pressure grows from states and we the people