Trump Trades Arab Lives For Netanyahu Votes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Trades Arab Lives For Netanyahu Votes

In blatant violation of international law, Donald Trump has recognized Israel’s claim to sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The order came in the midst of a renewed wave of violence in the Gaza Strip, with Israel responding to rocket attacks with a characteristically disproportionate slew of airstrikes. Tensions are still high in Gaza, which is becoming increasingly uninhabitable.

The lives and homes that continue to be lost in both Gaza and Israel only underscore the importance of negotiating a good-faith solution to one of the Middle East’s most central and devastating conflicts. Trump’s latest move, however, appears designed to bolster Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of Israel’s elections on April 9 and entrench a ruling party whose policies aggravate the situation on the ground and work in direct opposition to long-held U.S. positions. This support of Netanyahu and capitulation to the Israeli far right comes at the expense of thousands of Syrian and millions of Palestinian lives.