US Military Testing "Skylord" Counter-Drone AR Interception System | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Military Testing "Skylord" Counter-Drone AR Interception System

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has partnered with an Israeli-based startup, called Xtend, to pilot test the Skylord drone, initially developed for the gaming world, which would be used as a drone interception system on the modern battlefield.

The Skylord drone is small and extremely fast and uses a net to disable small enemy drones. Skylord is equipped with a camera and automatic tracking software. The operator can control the drone via virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.

"Using an augmented reality (A.R.) device and single-handed controller, a military operator may employ the ... system to control the drone and perform complex tasks remotely, with great ease and precision. Its interface enables the operator to immerse themselves or 'step into' a remote reality and engage targets effectively yet safely," according to a statement from Xtend.

So the question readers must be asking: Why would the DoD be interested in counter-drone systems? One reason is that weaponized drone swarms are becoming a massive threat that, if large enough, could soon be classified as a "weapon of mass destruction."

In early August, documents uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act outlined America's largest nuclear power plant has been the target of 'mysterious' drone swarms.