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US Says We Fly Where We Want in Syria

Washington, Pentagon. The US has responded to Russia’s creation of “no fly zones” in Syria by indicating the US will fly “wherever it wants” and “whenever it pleases” according to Pentagon spokespersons.

The Coalition forces headed by the US will strike at the Islamic State anywhere in Syria, including in the security zones established by Russia, Turkey and Iran, In Russian news agency reports citing a Pentagon representative.

Earlier, Russia, Turkey and Iran signed a memorandum on the establishment of security zones in Syria. According to the memorandum, check points and observation centers will be established along the borders of these security zones. The zones exclude aircraft from hostile action.

When answering the question whether the Coalition will stop the flights over these security zones, the Pentagon official said that the Coalition will carry on with its operations as usual, with no regard for Russia’s plans to end air strikes in the region.

“The Coalition will continue to strike ISIS, wherever they operate, to make sure they have no safe retreat,” the official stated, answering the question whether the US was prepared to cease the flights over these security zones in Syria.

She added that she would not go into the details of how such work was carried out “in the complex and busy military situation in Syria”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, it sure as heck didn't take that long for Sec Def Mattis to come to his conclusions about flying through these security zones; which means that pilots flying through these regions risk getting shot down by Russian and Syrian ground forces or aircraft.

I am profoundly uncomfortable with the Pentagon making potential sacrificial lambs out of these pilots.


The pilots are all volunteers!

Ethan Allen and...

They regularly bomb hospitals,schools,weddings,funerals and mosques. They know they are violating their oath to the Constitution. They aren't innocent little lambs. The USAF was in collusion with the 911 gang too. With no declaration of war and no UN resolution authorizing the US to be in Syria any pilots who manage to survive being shot down and captured can be tried as common criminals and terrorists under International Law by Syria or Russia and executed. The pilots know what they are doing.
This crap will keep going on until the big bully takes an @$$whippin! Let us hope and pray the bully doesn't pull the plug on the entire Planet when it goes down!

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