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Veterans Today Opposes U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

By Jeff Gates

What news outlets can our military trust? Fox News? CNN? The New York Times? For a nation dependent on informed consent, where can we as veterans turn for the real facts?

Weak on Defense and Bill of Rights, Not During War Time

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is untrustworthy, weak on defense and supports the Bill of Rights only with conditions. With our military imbedded in foreign conflicts on false premises, her wartime appointment must be rejected.

This former University of Chicago law professor poses a danger to the right of free speech and the right to bear arms—the first two tenets of our Bill or Rights. Only 50 years old, Ms. Kagan could leave in her judicial wake a badly battered Constitution and a nation unable to defend itself, particularly when forced to confront an enemy within.

As dean of Harvard law school, she banned on-campus military recruiters. Yet in her Senate hearing she claimed to “revere” the military. Is this an example of what one U.S. Senator diplomatically described as Ms. Kagan’s inability to be “rigorously accurate.”

The U.S. was induced to wage war relying on what British nuclear arms inspector David Kelly described as “sexed-up” intelligence. Despite Kelly’s death, the common source of that phony intelligence has since come sharply into focus.

Senior military commanders have confirmed a professed ally as the source. To date, domestic politics have precluded the candor required for a mid-course correction.

U.S. military leaders know how they were deceived—and by whom. What now for the fate of the deceivers? If you are someone sympathetic to that ally, what would you do?

What should be the fate of those who provided aid and comfort or adhered to this enemy? Those carefully chosen phrases were inserted in the Constitution to describe for future generations of Americans the perilous nature of treason as a capital crime.

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