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Weaponized Drone Swarms Should Be Declared As "WMD"

A new study for the US Air Force argues that a large-scale adversarial drone swarm attack could be classified as a "weapon of mass destruction" (WMD), a term commonly used to describe chemical, biological, or radioactive weapon capable of causing widespread death and destruction, reported Intelligent Aerospace.

Zachary Kallenborn, a senior consultant at ABS Group, specializing in drone swarms, WMD terrorism, and WMD warfare, authored the report for the Air Force Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies at Air University Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama where he makes the case that some weaponized drone swarm attacks could be viewed as a WMD:

"Drone swarms can also serve in traditional WMD roles. They would be highly effective as mass-casualty weapons, especially against soft targets," writes Kallenborn.

Drone swarming technology, one that is deployed in squadrons, able to autonomously operate in a pack, is the future of warfare on the modern battlefield.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What in the world in this country has caused its military and political leaders to look with utter spite and distain on potentially hard-won, moral negotiations toward the elimination of war thoroughly, as a means to resolve geopolitical disputes?!?

Many, many years ago in LA, there was a talk radio show host by the name of Michael Jackson (not the pop icon), who made the observation that if extraterrestrial life existed, it wouldn't bother coming down to earth, because the major occupation of its inhabitants was still tribal warfare.

That statement has stayed with me through the years; the guy was entirely correct on this.