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Where have all the Peaceniks Gone?

The Overseas Contingency Operation (formerly known as George's War OF Terror) has become even more of a quagmire under the new regime; healthcare was not so much reformed or overhauled as it was a handout to the health insurance companies; the oppressive police state is increasing; no accountability for war criminals (few people will prosecute themselves); torture continues; financial industry reform looks like it is guaranteed for further rich v. poor conquest; and this administration has proven to be as good a friend to Big Oil as the last one.

To some of us, the problem is not so much that Obama has proven to be a dismal failure--because we know that he has been a huge success to the ruling class and corporations but that partisan politics always overshadows common sense and true peace. We lost a lot of time giving Obama a "chance," and thousands have lost their lives and their ways of life.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many of the people who supported Obama cannot bear to look at the dark, festering reality behind all those promises of "hope and change" from his campaign, which had absolutely no basis in reality.

At the end of the day, Obama got the job because he was able to assure the rich and privileged (his real power base) that they would prosper, even as the rest of this country absolutely went to hell economically.