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Little noticed Hillary email might contain NSA intercepts

While most of the attention on Hillary Clinton's emails dealt with a document that included instructions from Clinton to tamper with the headings of a possibly classified subject, another, even more explosive email is big news in Sudan and could potentially lead to criminal charges.

The email in question is from Sid Blumenthal, close Clinton friend and ally, who was in Libya trying to drum up business with the Libyan government for some business associates. To ingratiate himself with Secretary Clinton and get the State Department to intercede with the Libyan government on his behalf, he sent her "intelligence" briefs on what was happening on the ground in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.

One of them is explosive. It involves a conspiracy in the Sudanese government to ally themselves with some rebels in order to get their hands on some oil fields. The problems for Blumenthal and Clinton:

1. The email contains what appears to be information gleaned from National Security Agency intercepts.

2. For some reason, the State Department did not mark the email "classified" or "Secret" as they should have.

3. Even if it wasn't marked "Classified," Clinton should have seen the incredible sensitivity of the information.