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Tim Allen Joins Anti-PC Comedy Documentary ‘No Safe Spaces’

Not only is Tim Allen a Republican in Hollywood, he dared have a show in which he played one on television. For 130 episodes, his show “Last Man Standing” commonly expressed conservative views to an audience of almost 9 million per episode.

Despite the show’s wild success, it was canceled in May of 2017 after six seasons, and many quickly began to suspect that politics played a role in the cancellation. Allen simply said that he was “stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years.”

ABC said that they canceled the show because they were doing away with comedy shows on Friday nights, but they could’ve easily moved it to another day of the week.

Allen was clearly silenced, and he’s not the only man in comedy to get that treatment. In fact, most aren’t so lucky to even have had a major show on cable. Both liberal and conservative comedians have been noticing the stranglehold that political-correctness has been having on comedy, and a new documentary aims to expose that.


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(*take from time that could be better put to use reiterating the implications of the death stroke that the nunes memo is to the democrat party and all it's constituents ?)

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