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'Go For Broke' U.S. Campaign In Kandahar Faces Array Of Challenges

The Obama administration's campaign to drive the Taliban out of Afghanistan's second-largest city is a go-for-broke move that even its authors are unsure will succeed.

The bet is that the Kandahar operation, backed by thousands of U.S. troops and billions of dollars, will break the mystique and morale of the insurgents, turn the tide of the war and validate the administration's Afghanistan strategy.

There is no Plan B.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The complete absence of any depth of true planning and critical thinking regarding the US occupation of Afghanistan has been nothing if not consistently spectacularly flawed.

The Russians are laughing their collective heads off, watching the US make the same mistakes in tactics and judgment that the old Soviet Union made during their occupation of this country.

What the US should do is go home, declare victory, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul regarding the rights to the pipeline installations which would enable the West to control Eurasian oil; but of course, that would be logical.