NJ Town Suing Homeless Squatters | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NJ Town Suing Homeless Squatters

One New Jersey shore town has tried pleading, threatening and reasoning with a group of homeless squatters camping in the woods.

Now the township of Lakewood is suing them.

A lawsuit filed Monday against dozens of squatters aims to force them to move from their encampment into temporary housing the township says it is pursuing for them.

The lawsuit calls the homeless "trespassers" who have done "irreparable harm" to public property.

It also seeks payment of attorney and other fees, although how those fees could be collected from the indigent squatters was unclear.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The criminalization of homelessness in this country continues apace.

And what is going to happen to these people in New Jersey if housing cannot be found for them, imprisonment?

Will we see the start of new "debtor's prisons" thrive as the new, ultracheap manufacturing centers for the US?!?