REPOST: Did Right-Wing Militarists Sabotage Gary Power's U-2 Plane? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

REPOST: Did Right-Wing Militarists Sabotage Gary Power's U-2 Plane?

"After a lifetime of Government service, President Eisenhower went to bed on the night of April 30th, 1960 secure in the belief that he, Macmillan of Britain, DeGaulle of France, and Khrushchev of the USSR would meet in Paris on May 16th in a summit conference that would seal agreements for peace throughout the world. Eisenhower was believed to be a powerful world figure whose dedication to this Crusade for Peace would succeed. But as he slept, fail-safe failed. Three or four moles in the Pentagon, doing the bidding of their masters, flashed coded signals across the world to send out a lone U-2 plane on one of the longest and most impossible missions ever attempted by a U-2 -- a 3,900-mile journey from Peshawar, Pakistan across the Soviet Union to Bodo, on the northern tip of Norway. These men's actions neatly bypassed the entire ultra-secret system and launched a plane that had been rigged to come down in the heart of the USSR on one of its most important holidays, May Day. Thus were destroyed the summit conference and Eisenhower's Crusade for Peace."
--Colonel Fletcher Prouty, magazine article, The Sabotaging of the American Presidency

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama and Medvedev had a recent meeting which "reset" US-Russian relations. This reverses the trend towards a new cold war being pushed by US defense contractors and Pentagon Officials. And just as the efforts by Eisenhower and Kruschev to pull back from the nuclear brink were sabotaged by the carefully orchestrated sabotage of Francis Gary Powers' U-2 mission, so too this "reset" of US-Russian is now imperiled by the suspiciously convenient timing of this "Russian" spy ring. Look how much media coverage these "spies" are getting, even though they were not caught actually doing any real spying. Contrast that with the news coverage of the Israeli spy ring in 2001 (the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in the US) and the AIPAC spy scandal, which were treated rather casually even though in these cases actual crimes had been committed. Aside from one story at ABC. the three Mossad agents arrested after dancing and high-fiving as the World Trade Towers came down vanished almost immediately. This story has felt wanky from the start. Who benefits if US and Russian relations are wrecked? The defense industry, of course. The Pentagon, obviously benefits. And then there is Israel, which clearly is worried about Russia's continued support of Iran. And all we have to support this idea that these are Russian spies intending us evil is one confession, offered freely after waiving Miranda rights. Does that sound like a real spy to you, confessing so quickly? Or is this a planted disinfo agent, playing a role for the media?