Israel blocks Palestinian family reunification hearings over ‘workload’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel blocks Palestinian family reunification hearings over ‘workload’

Israeli authorities are blocking Palestinian family unification applications at the Interior Ministry’s office in occupied East Jerusalem, because of the “intolerable workload”, reported Haaretz.

For the last 18 months or so, the paper reported, “a Palestinian grandfather living in East Jerusalem has been trying to obtain resident status for his three grandchildren, who were all born in East Jerusalem and suffer from mental disabilities”.

“The three live with the grandfather, who is their guardian, but don’t have resident status in Israel because their father is dead and their mother lives in the West Bank,” the paper added.

After 11 reminders were sent to the Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority, the Authority answered, “asking a ministry appeals tribunal to reject the family’s appeal” – a rejection based not on the merits, but due to the workload at the ministry’s East Jerusalem office.

According to Haaretz, “the family’s case, which is being handled by the HaMoked Centre for the Defence of the Individual, is not an isolated one.”