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USC Collapsing Under Scandals

Our “leaders” in higher ed have had a blank check for decades, literally able to do whatever they want as long the student loan money kept pouring in. The kind of corruption this has led to is breathtaking, and I assure the gentle reader that the horrific activities at Penn State, the intergenerational fraud at UNC, and widespread systemic plundering of student loan money are really just data points here, and should not necessarily be viewed at outliers.

Granted, I suspect our obviously corrupt FBI, obviously corrupt CIA, obviously corrupt law enforcement system, obviously corrupt defense department, and, heck, obviously corrupt wide swaths of our government are hardly doing any better. Perhaps if Epstein isn’t suicided we’ll finally get a real peek inside just how foul that system is, but I digress.

A recent cascade of scandals at University of Southern California highlights just how much can go on in one campus, and the article I’m quoting from misses a few as well as not quite understanding the implications of the exposures. Let’s get it on: