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September 27, 2015

Sep 27 09:00

Mars 'mystery solved': has Nasa found water flowing on the Red Planet?

The space agency has called a press conference for Monday promising to announce "Mars Mystery Solved".

While many are hoping Nasa will announce it has discovered alien life, the leading theory appears to be an announcement of the presence of liquid water.

The speculation has been driven by Nasa's disclosure that Lujendra Ojha, a PhD student who discovered possible signs of water while an undergraduate student in 2011, will take part in Monday's announcement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NASA, as usual, is way behind the times. Liquid water, presumably very salty, was spotted in a photo taken by the rover Opportunity in December 2004!

And, of course, indigenous Martian life was detected by Dr. Gilbert Levin's Labeled Release Experiment on the Viking missions in 1976.

Sep 27 08:58

Finnish human rights activist calls for launching criminal case over DPR shellings

Famous human rights activist Johan Backman has called on the Finnish authorities to open a criminal case against Ukraine on charges of violating ceasefire regime in Donbass and attempt on the life of Finnish volunteers fighting on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). "One of Finnish volunteers - Petri Viljakainen - was recently wounded in the back, when the Ukrainian army shelled the positions of DPR forces," Backman told TASS. "It happened during the ceasefire, and we consider this as a premeditated crime against Finnish volunteers. We are talking about Kiev’s violations of the Minsk agreements - violation of ceasefire. It constitutes an international criminal case and a criminal case in accordance with Finnish laws. We demand to institute a criminal case against Kiev’s army," Backman stressed.

Sep 27 08:57

Nearly 50,000 people protesting against government in Moldova

Moldova’s opposition Socialist Party and Our Party have gathered nearly 50,000 supporters for a demonstration in Chisinau demanding resignation of the country’s government and snap presidential and parliamentary elections, Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon told TASS on Sunday. "It is necessary to free the country from oligarchs and return the trust of citizens toward the state," Dodon said. Leader of Our Party Renato Usaty, who also serves as the mayor of Moldova’s second-largest city of Balti, told journalists that organizers will make a decision today about the expansion of the tent camp. "There are more than 100 tents near the parliament. Around 800 more people expressed readiness to join the demonstration today. We reserved places near the parliament building, presidential residence, government and other offices, but we will decide later where we will put up additional tents," he noted.

Sep 27 08:55

Blast at Odessa’s security service office classified as terrorist attack

The explosion that occurred on Sunday morning near an office of Ukraine's Security Council in the southern city of Odessa has been classified as a terrorist attack, a spokesman for the Odessa region department of the interior ministry said on Sunday. "Criminal case was opened on charges of terrorist attack [article 258, part 2 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code]," the spokesman said. These charges carry a punishment of a prison term from seven to twelve years in prison. The explosion took place at about 4:45 a.m. local time outside the SBU building in Yevreyskaya street. "According to preliminary assessment, the explosion was one of the most powerful among all blasts that happened in Odessa over the past year. Its power is preliminarily estimated at more than one kilogramme of TNT equivalent," Odessa’s Timer online news portal said on Sunday.

Sep 27 08:54

Fed Refuses To Comment On Yellen's Health

While the world was focused on the content of Yellen's Thursday speech in Amherst for clues on whether the Fed Chair would back off her disturbingly dovish outlook on the world, what was the real surprise was the delivery: as we showed previously, there was a very troubling 100 second interval at the very end of the 50 minute, 5,000+ word speech, in which the 69-year old Yellen suddenly seemed unable to read the words on the page, was rereading the same phrase over and over, paused for long stretches at a time, and then had a violent reaction that forced her to end her speech prematurely.

Sep 27 08:53


Preparations are underway to usher in a week long holiday in Israel. It is called Succot, or The Feast of the Tabernacles. We eat all of our meals in little booths and the ceilings are usually made of tree branches, allowing the sky to be visible. It is a reminder of the 40 years we roamed in the desert and dwelled in such structures. It is actually quite a fun holiday and a very community oriented one, it is one of my favourites.

Sep 27 08:51

The Decline And Fall Of American Political Debate. "We can no longer have political debates in America because we don’t even agree on what’s real."

In July, Salon published a sprawling interview with cultural critic Camille Paglia, who remarked of the Planned Parenthood videos how disturbing it was that the liberal media had tried to ignore and bury the story. “That kind of censorship was shockingly unprofessional,” she said.

Sep 27 08:49

EPA: $1 trillion water investment needed for American population growth

A new Associated Press project is highlighting the problems plaguing America's drinking water infrastructure, which is not aging gracefully.

Sep 27 08:46

Maine mayor: ‘Name and shame’ welfare recipients so special needs kids will stay out my state

Robert MacDonald, mayor of Lewiston, said on Sunday that he wanted to publish a registry of welfare recipients because he was annoyed by disabled children coming to the state for help.

In a column last week MacDonald explained his plan to publish names, addresses and other personal information of welfare recipients.

According to MacDonald, Somali refugees were not the problem in his city because they had jobs. But he complained that “the domestic people” were abusing welfare benefits.

“They’re coming into our state, and what’s happened here is we have a school system,” MacDonald opined. “And one of the things about our schools system is second to none, it’s special ed education department that attracts them all.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One is forced to conclude that MacDonald's "modest proposal" with which to "cure" the problem of kids with disabilities and their families coming to Maine because of their special ed programs is euthanasia for those children (perhaps he could get very excited by the idea of death of these children by firing squad), and the immediate, forcible sterilization of their mothers.

Mengele and Sanger would be SO DARN PROUD OF THIS GUY!!!!

Sep 27 08:37

Clinton Foundation snubbed by the pope, Elton John, Janet Yellen

The Clinton Foundation invited everyone from Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio to Bill de Blasio and Janet Yellen to its showcase gathering starting Saturday in New York City, according to multiple sources familiar with the planning.

But those invitations were among the dozens turned down by all manner of celebrities, dignitaries and donors, according to the sources, who said the controversies swirling around the foundation and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have made some bold-faced names and donors wary of the foundation.

Sep 27 08:36

Syria Turns The Corner

The deployment of forces from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah along with the Syrian Army aims to recover key and strategic cities and areas under the control of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the first place. Damascus gave Hezbollah 75 tank to become part of this organized- irregular organization. It is the first Hezbollah armored brigade composed of new T-72 and T-55 tanks to support the group’ Special Forces on the ground.

Sep 27 08:33

This year’s El Niño weather pattern could be strongest on record

Climate scientists are better prepared than ever with prediction models and data on El Niño patterns, but the impact of this El Niño in the Northern Hemisphere is hard to forecast because there is also an Arctic warming effect at work on the Atlantic jetstream current.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


The Carbonazis are pointing to El Nino as support for their various theories about human-caused global warming, and I love where they claim to have models that predict the El Nino patterns. I hate to rain on their parade .... no, wait, yes I do! But they are claiming to predict a phenomenon that is unpredictable. Take a look at the following map.

This is a thermal image of the El Nino current, appearing mid-Pacific and flowing with the current towards the western edge of the Americas.

Now look at this.

This is a map of the known undersea volcanoes, and as you can see circled in red there are a large number of active volcanoes on the floor of the pacific in the same area that the El Nino current appears. I stress that these are only the known volcanoes. There are likely to be many more in what is clearly an unstable part of Earth's crust. As more of the volcanoes erupt, El Nino gets hotter. As the eruptions subside, El Nino gets cooler. But nobody can predict volcanic eruptions, even here on the surface, let alone in the abyssal plains of the deep oceans!

Sep 27 08:27


As news in the U.S. is saturated with stories about Pope Francis visiting Philadelphia, the Vatican continues to ignore and excuse the rampant culture of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

It was reported recently that instead of firing priests accused of sexual assault, the Vatican has simply been moving them to poorer countries — where the abuse is less likely to get media attention. A recent Global Post investigation uncovered the cases of five priests in particular who were accused of sexually assaulting children in the United States and Europe. Many of the priests who stand accused actually have significant evidence against them, including video evidence they sexually abused children. In some cases, the charges were dropped after large settlements were offered out of court.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sorry, Pope Francis; but if you want people flocking back to the Catholic Church, you have got to fix this institutional cultural problem within the priesthood, and not just by playing "musical chairs" with these sexual predator-priests, and moving them somewhere else.

Otherwise, lawsuits against the church in the US - and beyond - for allowing this to happen will escalate, and put an intense strain on the Church's bottom line, to say nothing of ripping off the "curtain of silence" behind which the church appears to love to operate in these cases.

So if you don't want these guys going to court (which has already bankrupted many a church at this point),the moment abuse is proven incontrovertibly, these priests should only be allowed to work - under supervision - in places where they will have no contacts with kids, or be fired, period, end of discussion.

Sep 27 08:11

Chinese troops to join Russian marines in Syria soon, says report

After the Russians and Iranians, Chinese troops reportedly are teaming up with the Syrian regime forces in what is being termed as thedeal that will allow President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power.
A report claims that a Chinese naval vessel carrying dozens of "military advisers" is on its way to Syria and the Chinese troops will then join with the "hundreds" of Russian soldiers.

"The Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks," a Syrian army official told Lebanon-based news website -Al-Masdar Al-'Arabi.
The Chinese ship has crossed the Suez Canal in Egypt and is currently in the Mediterranean Sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the US just blinked on Syria, and stepped back from the threshold initiating World War III there.

Now, the lies about Isis' and Al Quaeda's funding and direction are just about to crumble like a piece of crunchy peanut brittle.

It is now very simple for the American people: they cannot believe ANYTHING the US government, or their corporate whorespondents say, ever, again.

Sep 27 07:41

BEX Alert!!! - "Move Over Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Make Room for the Yinon Plan"

Apparently, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most notorious anti-Semitic fake documents of all time, has a sequel to cover conspiracies about the modern State of Israel, and many Jews do not realize that it exists.

The theory is based on an article that was published in the 1982 winter edition of Kivunim, a “Journal for Judaism and Zionism,” by Oded Yinon, who writes that the agreements in the Camp David Accords should not be honored, and discusses how Arab states will be eroded along ethnic and religious lines.

This article might otherwise have been forgotten, but conspiracy theorists got their hands on it and ran with the ball. The theoretical stance outlined by Yinon was expanded perhaps beyond the originator’s wildest dreams, so much so, that Arab conspiracy theorists are now ready to blame internal discord in their countries on a Zionist plot to destabilize their nations and to gobble them up as part of a future Israeli colonialist empire.


Sep 27 06:14

Liberal media outlet calls for disrespecting all Christians while comparing God to a rapist

For years Christians in America have felt like they were under attack. Whether it be through hit pieces in the mainstream media promoting Satan or gay rights extremists calling for the destruction of their churches, Christians seem to have a point.

Sep 27 06:07

Obama, Putin to meet at a defining moment

The Russian state agency TASS is not given to speculating on the Kremlin leader’s activities. It is a ground rule set by Joseph Stalin when the agency was created in 1925. Therefore, we must accept as ‘breaking news’ the TASS’ Washington dateline report quoting ‘an informed source’ to the effect that a meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and US resident Barack Obama will take place next week on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session.

Obama will do well to cut his way through the neocon shibboleth and comprehend that Russia has been largely reactive – be it in Ukraine, Syria or Afghanistan or on missile defence and the global strategic stability – whereas, the US has trampled on Russia’s vital and legitimate interests and core concerns like a rogue elephant. Amends need to be made. For far too long, Obama chose to tread the trodden path set by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in the direction of ‘containment’ of Russia.

Sep 27 06:04

Pope Kid: Amnesty activists stage PR stunt to promote illegal immigration

The incident involving a little girl who “broke” through Pope Francis’ security to “ask” him to promote amnesty was a staged event orchestrated by illegal immigrant activists who used the girl as a propaganda tool.

Sep 27 05:52

Boehner to resign from Congress, give up House seat

The 53rd Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) (Ohio), 65, has decided to step down from Congress at the end of October, relinquishing his House seat, according to people in his inner-circle who meet with Boehner Friday.

Sep 27 03:48

Priest: Gas chambers were for disinfection

Flashback: Conservative Catholic priest Floriano Abrahamowicz said Thursday that "the only thing certain" about the gas chambers "was that they were used for disinfection."
Note: And nobody has proven him wrong!

Sep 27 03:36

Pillars of light

In what has become one of the most moving — and visible — 9/11 memorials, two giant pillars of light near where the World Trade Center's twin towers once stood were turned on in lower Manhattan this week to mark the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The Tribute in Light art installation consists of 88 searchlights that create two vertical columns of light.
Note: But 3 buildings came down. As usual ignore building 7!

September 26, 2015

Sep 26 22:51

Now We Have the Opportunity to Restore the Constitution

Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday that we must use the United Nations General Assembly to return the US to its Constitution. That is, we must use the kaleidoscopic changes—for the better—in the policies of, and relationships among nations, which were triggered by Vladimir Putin's surprise flanking move into Syria, to shut down Wall Street and throw Barack Obama out of office.

Then, under extreme pressure, Obama was forced today to agree to a Monday meeting with Russia's President Putin,— one which will be very risky for Obama, because Putin sees through him and holds all the cards.

But remember LaRouche's stress on the point that Obama will not just go quietly,— on the contrary, his impulse will be to start a war rather than admit that his time is finally up.

Sep 26 19:23

Russia’s “Civilizational Choice”

This week, Vladimir Putin and a large number of national and foreign dignitaries and guests have inaugurated the biggest mosque in Europe: the new Moscow Cathedral Mosque. This was a big event, much awaited by the many tens of thousands of Russian Muslims who live in the Russian capital and who, in the past, have had to pray in the streets due to the lack of a mosque big enough to accommodate them all. This event, however, has a significance which much exceeds just the local lack of space. The truth is that most Muslims who prayed in the Moscow city center wanted more than just a bigger building – they wanted an official acknowledgement of their existence and of their importance for Russia. Now this much awaited acknowledgement has finally happened and the famous Moscow city center will feature 240 foot tall golden minarets which will elegantly complement the traditional Orthodox cupolas.

Sep 26 19:07

100% the US has been knowingly supporting ISIS and other terroists

Brad Hoff explains


Sep 26 16:59

Corbyn's conspiracy theory: 9/11 attacks were 'manipulated' to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible, says Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn claimed the 9/11 attacks were 'manipulated' by the West so it could go to war in Afghanistan in an article he wrote 12 years ago, it has emerged today.

The Labour leader made the assertions in a number of written pieces where he criticised Tony Blair and George W Bush for using the September 11 attacks in New York to go to war.

He claims Osama bin Laden was made to look responsible to facilitate their aims and seemed to endorse conspiracy theories about a 'New World Order'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The matrix of lies we have all been forced to live in is starting to unravel!

Sep 26 16:58

‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ – Virginia Senator Exposes ‘War on Terror’

Richmond, VA (RT) — As the Syrian civil war continues to rage and Islamic State maintains its foothold in the region, Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”

In a lengthy interview, the Republican state senator connected the crisis in Syria to the actions of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who he said have armed extremists like Islamic State militants that are fighting against the Syrian government. He also blamed US meddling in the Middle East for the rise of terror groups like Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL).

Sep 26 16:55

Obama the love child?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Washington Post, Politico, and Guardian, have now confirmed that Hillary Clinton started all this "birther" nonsense during her 2007-2008 campaign.

I hate to brag but ... no ... Actually I rather like it! :)

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive

Sep 26 14:58

Clinton fundraiser was hosted by convicted drug dealer

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president, attended a fundraiser in New York hosted by John Zaccaro, convicted on felony drug charges after he sold cocaine to an undercover cop.

The 1988 conviction of the son of unsuccessful Democratic vice presidential candidate Gerraldine Ferraro was reported in numerous publications at the time. But the arrest was unearthed Friday by the Republican National Committee.

“Hillary Clinton can’t seem to kick her decades-long habit of taking money from sketchy campaign contributors,” RNC spokesman Michael Short said. “During her last presidential campaign it was straw donors, now it’s convicted cocaine dealers.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a very infamous photo (which the White House tried unsuccessfully to erase from the internet) showing then First Lady Hillary Clinton posed before the White House Christmas tree with Jorge Cabreras!

Jorge got his invitation to the White House because he donated $20,000 to the Clinton re-election campaign and his career as a cocaine smuggler (and his being a friend of Fidel Castro) did not deter the Secret Service from allowing him in! Jorge also got his picture taken with the Vice President Al Gore!

In early January 1996, three weeks after having attended the Christmas reception at the White House, Cabrera was arrested
and charged with importing 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the
United States on boats through the Florida Keys.

Sep 26 14:47

Gold "Tightness": When There's No More To Sell, There's No More To Buy (At Any Price)

One of our long-running themes here is that the truly historic and massive flows of gold from West to East is (someday) going to stop, for the simple reason that there will be no more physical bullion left to move.

It’s just a basic supply vs. demand issue. At current rates of flow, sooner or later the West will entirely run out of physical gold to sell to China and India. Although long before that hard limit, we suspect that the remaining holders of gold in the West will cease their willingness to part with their gold.

So the date at which “the West runs out of gold to sell” is somewhere between now and whenever the last willing Western seller parts with their last ounce. As each day passes, we get closer and closer to that fateful moment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At that point, if the US Government has taken our guns, they will come for our gold and silver.

Sep 26 14:45

Goldman Strikes Again: Did A Probe Into "Global Warming" Fraud Cost A Prime Minister's Job

According to Freedom of Information documents obtained by Australia's ABC, now-former prime minister Tony Abbott's own department discussed setting up an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology amid media claims it was exaggerating estimates of global warming.

Yes, it appears that the prime minister himself had dared to question to prevailing status quo on "global warming."

ABC reports that in August and September 2014, The Australian newspaper published reports questioning the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) methodology for analyzing temperatures, reporting claims BoM was "wilfully ignoring evidence that contradicts its own propaganda."

Sep 26 12:56

Ukraine: The buckle of US encirclement of Russia

The war in the Ukraine goes on, seemingly with no end in sight. It is not just a civil war, by the way, but a proxy war of aggression waged by the United States and its European and Anglo-Saxon satellites against the Russian Federation. Why the US government should pursue such a dangerous policy may be a mystery to some people, and so it is good to remember the origins of the present war.

Sep 26 12:00

1938: Fr Coughlin explains the cause of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi

On November 20, 1938, Fr. Charles E. Coughlin broadcast an important message about the situation in Germany: "I shall ask an intelligent audience composed of intelligent Christians and intelligent Jews: "Why is there persecution in Germany t oday? How can we destroy it?" Seeking to avert tragedy and European world war, the Catholic priest sought to "abolish persecution, eliminate hatred & establish justice for all without exception." He explained that "Nazism was conceived as a political defense mechanism against Communism" and warned "Simply as a student of history, I am endeavoring to analyze the reason for the growth of the idea Let us not forget the object of this discussion. My purpose is to contribute a worthwhile suggestion to eradicate from this world its mania for persecution." As a result of his efforts the priest was slandered and attacked worldwide, and addressed his critics the next week on November 27.

Sep 26 11:11

Education Secretary Duncan’s children to go to Chicago private school he attended

Education Secretary Arne Duncan grew up in Chicago and attended the private, prestigious University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. The pre-K-12 Lab Schools are progressive institutions that, according to its Web site, “ignite and nurture an enduring spirit of scholarship, curiosity, creativity, and confidence” and “value learning experientially, exhibiting kindness, and honoring diversity.”

The teachers there are unionized and respected by administrators. President Obama’s two daughters attended the school before moving to Washington in 2009, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s children are enrolled there now. And in the fall, Duncan’s children will be attending Lab, too, while his wife works there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. These private schools work, because they are not lowering the standards to Common Core levels, which destroys any kid's ability to reason and think critically.

And ultimately, no matter the stink about H1N1 visa-empowered employees "taking away jobs from Americans", it is because these people can think their way out of problems that they are getting these jobs.

Common Core's aim is to dumb down our kids, and replace independent, critical thinking with the hive mind, compelling blind obedience to government, no matter what the morality of what that government is doing.

Sep 26 10:57

Austerity is being used as a cover-story for class war against the poor, Yanis Varoufakis says

Austerity and deficit reduction are being used as a cover-story for conducting class war against the poor, an economics professor who served as Greece’s finance minister has said.

Yanis Varoufakis noted simultaneous reductions in taxes on the wealthy and cuts to spending on social security amounted to a redistribution of wealth away from the poor to the rich.

“The problem is that austerity is being used as a narrative to conduct class war,” Mr Varoufakis told the BBC’s Question Time programme.

“To be talking about reducing the state further when effectively what you are doing is reducing taxes like inheritance tax and at the same time you are cutting benefits – that is class war.”

Sep 26 10:54

Health Insurance Deductibles Double in less than a Decade

American workers are paying considerably higher deductibles on their health insurance this decade, with some increases doubling in size.

A report from the Kaiser Family Foundation found the yearly average of deductibles for individual plans went from $900 in 2010 to more than $1,300 in 2015. The average deductible for small business employees is higher: $1,800 per year. The foundation said about 20% of all workers are paying deductibles of $2,000 or more—more than double the average cost five years ago.

The increases in deductibles have also outpaced increases in wages over the last five years, according to The New York Times. “Deductibles have risen more than six times faster than workers’ earnings since 2010,” the Times’ Reed Abelson wrote.

Deductibles also have become more common for employees, with about 80% of workers now being forced to pay them as part of their health insurance through employers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, this is precisely the outcome which happens when the "health care" legislation Congress passes is written by the very industry the legislation is supposed to "regulate"; the medical insurance industry!!

Some people who need medication are not going to their doctors to get it, because it has become financially impossible for them to do so; and particularly for many older Americans who are on Medicare plus a supplemental insurance, this is just out of the question.

Sep 26 10:39

Scotland's decision to ban GM crops could create impression country is 'anti-science', experts warn

Scotland’s decision to ban genetically modified crops could damage its ability to attract the best scientists, stunt the growth of businesses and lead to the country being perceived as “anti-science”, according to one of the country’s most respected academic institutions.

In an official advice paper, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) criticised the Scottish Government’s ban, saying it had used “emotive language likely to fuel negative public perceptions about GM” and had assumed “a degree of public hostility” about the technology which does not exist.

Calling for “rational and respectful debate” on the issue, the RSE said an outright ban on GM crops “does nothing to enhance Scotland’s longstanding reputation for scientific creativity” and may “damage its ability to attract and retain innovative researchers and disadvantage the growth of important Scottish businesses”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder just how much the GMO corporations paid for this paper.

And let us just look at a "modest proposal", shall we?!? I would like to suggest that every single "scientist" who contributed to this be compelled - along with their families, particularly the babies and toddlers - to eat nothing but GMO foods for the next five years, followed by their medical practitioners, and the reports of those medical findings be made public.

I would almost be willing to bet that these people are in for some unexpected outcomes of their diet.

Sep 26 10:27

Dashcam footage shows horrifying moment cops drew their guns on husband and his PREGNANT wife after pulling them over as they drove to the hospital to give birth

Dashcam footage captured the horrifying moment two police officers drew their guns on a husband and wife after pulling them over while they were rushing to the hospital to give birth.

James Reiner was driving his wife Dana to the hospital after her water broke in January 2012 in Hebron, Indiana when they passed a police car that suddenly turned on its lights and pulled them over, despite the fact that they were not speeding.

That is when James got out to tell Sgt. Anthony Dandurand that his wife was pregnant and they needed to get to the hospital. He responded by cuffing the man on the ground while another officer, Travis Thomas, held a gun on James.

Dana then tried to show the men that her waters had indeed broken - and they pointed a gun directly at her belly and yelled at her to 'get back in the fu**ing car.'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, those Israeli-trained police are treating Americans EXACTLY the same way the IDF treats the Palestinians!

How does it feel?

Sep 26 10:20


DesertPeace is proud to join in with the City Council of New York City as they celebrate the 100th birthday of Ethel Rosenberg.

After years of concealing the truth about the Rosenberg spy case, evidence came to light recently proving the innocence of Ethel.

It was her brother that turned her in to save the life of his wife.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very gray area. Ethel's innocence is based on her not being an active part of Julius' spy operation, yet her defenders concede she knew about the spying but did not report it. There is a legal term for that called "misprison", of which Ethel clearly was guilty, although did not deserve the death sentence, nor the horrible manner in which it was botched.

Sep 26 10:19

Jeb Bush’s goal is to destroy the Internet and your privacy if he becomes president

Do you want to live in a country where Internet Service Providers can slow down and censor your internet traffic at will, where the NSA has vastly more power than it does today and where end-to-end encryption may be illegal? Then Jeb Bush is the Republican presidential contender for you: he has positioned himself as the anti-internet candidate in an election where internet rights have never mattered more.

As Gizmodo’s Kate Knibbs put it , “Instead of viewing the FCC’s net neutrality rule as a safeguard for consumers , Bush is framing it a way to sandbag ISPs out of their rightful profit margins, with no upside for people using their services.” Jeb Bush is apparently happy to side with Comcast and Time Warner, two of the most hated conglomerates in America, rather than the tens of millions of people who just want watch Netflix every night without their internet slowing down or having to pay more.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jeb Bush is the consummate corporate insider; one has to wonder what the corporate telecoms have already advanced him in campaign funding to shepherd this agenda forward.

I wish like hell that I could see one person, on either side of the aisle campaigning for President (except Trump and perhaps, Sanders) who were actually campaigning for the real needs and concerns of We the People, rather than Them, the Corporations.

Sep 26 10:09


The Baitul Futuh Mosque in London has caught fire. Half of its ground floor and first floor are in flames. Seventy firefighters and 10 fire engines are reported to be tackling the blaze.

A fire has broken out at the mosque located in London Road in Morden, in the south of the British capital, a London Fire Brigade (LFB) spokesman said on Saturday, according to local media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless a thorough investigation reveals otherwise, it looks very much to me like these fires are a result of arson.

However, no amounts of arsons against mosques are going to stop the flow of frantic refugees away from Europe; only sane, sensible US and Western Foreign policies which give people the feeling of safety, and that they have a future in their countries of origin, will do that.

Sep 26 10:06

Thousands of pro-independence protesters rally in Barcelona ahead of Catalan elections

A massive pro-independence demonstration in Barcelona, Spain drew thousands of people on Friday just two days before parliamentary elections in Catalonia. The Catalan president has promised to break with Spain in “18 months to 2 years” in case of a win.

Sep 26 10:06

Alan Yentob 'branded BBC journalists traitors over Savile exposé'

The BBC’s creative director accused the journalists who exposed the corporation’s cover-up of Jimmy Savile’s crimes of being “traitors”, the former Newsnight investigations head claims.

According to Meirion Jones, Alan Yentob made the alleged comment about him and Liz MacKean to a colleague after they contributed to the Panorama exposé “Savile – What The BBC Knew”.

Mr Jones and Ms MacKean led the 2011 Newsnight investigation into Savile’s sex abuse, which was blocked from broadcast by BBC bosses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 26 10:04

HP Dumps 30,000 Jobs, But Still Cranking Up H1B Guest-Workers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPQ) announced on Tuesday that the company will cut about 10 percent of its 300,000 member workforce, but appears to be moving “forward” with expanding its use of H1-B foreign work visas.

Sep 26 10:04

Pentagon confirms US-trained Syria rebels gave weapons to al-Nusra

After repeated denials, CENTCOM says it learned that US-trained rebels did in fact give weapons to al-Nusra in exchange for safe passage

Sep 26 09:55

Bitter Truce: Fox News’ Ailes ‘Furious’ at National Review’s Rich Lowry for Forcing Fox to Cede ‘Moral High Ground’ to Donald Trump

An individual with knowledge of these matters told Breitbart News that Ailes is “furious” at Lowry for saying on Megyn Kelly’s program The Kelly File on Wednesday that former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it, he knows it.”

Ailes is mad at Lowry because this move means, in the ongoing war between Fox News and Trump, Fox News has now “given up the moral high ground.” Essentially, Ailes understands, that means his network looks like the unfair aggressor that Trump has accused it of being—rather than a neutral arbiter of the news—all while Trump continues soaring in the 2016 GOP primary polls.

Sep 26 09:54

GOP insiders: Jindal and Pataki quit next

Bobby Jindal and George Pataki are the next two quitters in the Republican field.

That’s the assessment of Republicans in the POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire.

A quarter of Iowa Republicans say it’s Jindal, a frequent visitor to their state, who is on his way out.

"He's become desperate," an Iowa Republican said. "He's taken to attacking Trump (we know how that worked out for Perry and Walker) and has nothing going on here in Iowa."

Sep 26 09:48

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Says Allah is Satan

“There are two different Gods,” he said. “There is the true God, Jehovah, the father of Jesus Christ, and there is a false god, Allah, who is the father of the false prophet Muhammad. Now which one were they praying to when an ‘act of God’ dumped this crane on their heads and killed 107 people? I think they were praying to a false god…they were really praying to Satan.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Klingenschmitt is not only pandering to Israel's campaign of hate, he doesn't even know his theology. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all trace back to the monotheism of Abraham, and whether it is Allah, Yawweh, or God, it is all the same deity. The Islamic Satan goes by the name "Shaitan."

How do such totally clueless morons get elected to state office!

Sep 26 09:42

Mea culpas from Mercer Island School District: The game of tag is ‘reinstated’

Rivero's Rangers! You did it. We internet warriors I once likened to rain drops,dissolving the NWO a drop at a time. We are now like glaciers,tearing the new world order edifice down rapidly. A Plinian eruption from the people of Earth will soon blow them away!

By Joel Connelly on on September 25, 2015 5:34 PM

The Mercer Island School District, sheepish at the controversy it set off, has again allowed the age-old kids’ game of tag on its school grounds.

Tag was banned on the island earlier this week, with district communications director Mary Grady telling Q13 news that “… students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.”

Sep 26 09:28


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reposting this because Mike Huckabee is out there echoing the Israeli propaganda that there is no such thing as Palestinians and if you say there are you'readirtyjew-hatinganti-SemitewhowantsHitlertocomebackandgasJeishbabiesintheovens!

We got rid of one Israeli-first asshole yesterday. Let's keep up the momentum and go after the rest!

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 26 08:00

The PR Pope Was Picked To Save The Vatican…Not The World

For many decades, the catholic church has been struggling with a tarnished image, due to their draconian policies, outdated rules and the widening child molestation scandals involving large numbers of catholic priests. The Vatican lost even more credibility after the selection of the previous pope, who looked like a vampire and was literally a card holding member of Hitler’s youth organization when he was young.

Sep 26 07:57

Pope Francis, Please Stop Talking Politics

A NWO Stooge for sure!

With the Pope’s visit to the United States comes the inevitable flood of positive coverage from the left, and the silence of Catholic conservatives who may starkly disagree with the Pope, but cannot publicly denounce anything he says. Well, I’m not Catholic, so here we go.

Pope Francis is a human being, who has no authority but that which he has been given by other men. His position is a man-made construct, with no biblical grounding.

As the leader of one of the world’s largest religions, the Pope has incredible influence. Even many who aren’t Catholic feel a sort of reverence toward Francis, as if he truly is the conduit through which Christ delivers his message. Given this, the weight of his words and actions can be hazardous.

Sep 26 06:48

Study Finds that Meth Crime Spikes in Counties Where Alcohol Sales are Banned

According to a recent study, counties that ban the sale of alcohol have a higher rate of meth crime than counties where booze is legal. Researchers at the University of Louisville determined that if all dry counties in the state permitted the sale of alcohol, the total number of meth lab seizures in Kentucky would decline by about 25%. In a paper titled “Breaking Bad: Are Meth Labs Justified in Dry Counties?” researchers at the University of Louisville found that over a fourth of the 120 counties in Kentucky are dry, which means that the sale of alcohol is banned in all forms. The researchers also discovered that the alcohol control laws describe potentially severe penalties for violating local alcohol prohibition. Although the first criminal offense is a class B misdemeanor, the third offense is a felony with up to $10,000 in fines and 10 years in prison.

Sep 26 06:36

David Cole's "Museum of Tolerance" Caper!

Mr. David Cole (aka David Stein) talks about the scam of the "Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance".

Sep 26 06:22

In Auschwitz open your eyes and don't listen to the guides

Vincent Reynouard explains what to look for when visiting Auschwiz

(Note: Here is an interesting expose on the psychological "conditioning" tactics used on children to emotionally manipulate them into accepting the BIG LIE of "THE Holocaust(TM)" . . .

. .. rather than giving them the critical thinking skills to analyze the claims and images logically and rationally.

In French with English subtitles. (turn on the cc).)

Sep 26 06:13

Syria Claims Tacit Deal Between US, Russia On Ending War

In an interview on Syrian state media today, top Syrian government adviser Bouthaina Shaaban claimed that there is a “tacit agreement” between the US and Russia on coming to some sort of agreeing on the ongoing civil war, and that some sort of negotiated settlement could happen soon.

Sep 26 06:03

Precrime: Predictive Policing Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

The strategy, known as predictive policing, combines elements of traditional policing, like increased attention to crime “hot spots” and close monitoring of recent parolees. But it often also uses other data, including information about friendships, social media activity and drug use, to identify “hot people” and aid the authorities in forecasting crime. The program here has been named the Kansas City No Violence Alliance, or KC NoVA. And the message on that June night to Mr. Brown and the others was simple: The next time they, or anyone in their crews, commit a violent act, the police will come after everyone in the group for whatever offense they can make stick, no matter how petty.
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Sep 26 05:26

Woman Refuses to Lie to IRS on Federally Prepared Tax Return - Jailed for Contempt

The Constitution and human rights under assault in the USA by the State. Who would have thought it could happen here? From the article:

"Here's the problem in all of this, Mrs. Hendrickson was not charged with tax evasion nor was she charged with falsifying her tax returns. She was charged with contempt of court because she would not sign a document that she did not believe to be true." Read more at:



September 25, 2015

Sep 25 22:22

Russian Jets Strike ISIL Positions in Syria's Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said that the Russian Air Force launched a series of airstrikes above Aleppo's Eastern countryside, targeting the ISIL terrorist group's positions along the Deir Hafer-Aleppo Highway while the Syrian Army attacked the terrorist group on the ground, Arab media reports said.

Sep 25 21:22

Iran’s ‘take’ on Russian build-up in Syria

Things were going splendidly for Israel until Russia arrived on the scene as the great ‘spoiler’.

The first detailed Iranian commentary on the Russian military build-up in Syria appeared in a Fars news agency piece.

The Iranian interpretation runs counter to the story being spread by Israel and right-wing American propagandists that the Russian forces intend to join the war in Syria.

The Israeli media even claimed that the Russian intervention in Syria is in active collaboration with the so-called Quds Force of the IRGC. The Israeli disinformation aims to put pressure on the Barack Obama administration not to coordinate with Russia over Syria.

Sep 25 20:55

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

We have been getting a lot of questions about our lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, the online company that sold ammunition to the man who murdered our daughter Jessica along with 11 others in an Aurora, Colorado, theater. Especially after the Rachel Maddow Show covered us twice, people ask us about the judge's order that we pay Lucky Gunner's attorneys' fees, since our lawsuit was unsuccessful.

Sep 25 18:48

Kentucky counties that banned alcohol have significantly higher meth problems

"Dry counties" that prohibit alcohol sales seem to have a bigger meth problem than other counties.
That's the thought-provoking conclusion of a new paper by researchers at the University of Louisville. In the state of Kentucky, some counties ("dry") prohibit alcohol sales completely. Others allow it only within certain municipalities ("moist,") or don't place restrictions on alcohol sales at all ("wet").

Sep 25 18:09

Thumpathumpthump, Here Come Trump: Pols Have Knickers in Knot

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Fred Reed

What is it that puzzles New York about Trump’s enormous appeal? . He does what so many of us desperately want. He takes no guff from the loathsome talking heads who have never baited a hook or worried about a mortgage payment or been bankrupted by the confluence of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. He doesn’t whimper and wriggle and apologize like a puppy who has wet the rug after saying something that upsets the priss spigots. He says, perhaps in different words, what so many want to say. “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

It’s wonderful. The Beltway bastards just don’t know what to do about it.

Sep 25 17:05

Syria conflict: Hezbollah confirms truce in two areas

The Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah has confirmed a six-month truce in fighting against anti-government rebels in two areas of Syria.

Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said the truce would cover the town of Zabadani, near the Lebanese border, and two Shia towns in the north-east.

He said the deal was reached under UN auspices and with Iranian mediation.

Hezbollah has long been fighting alongside President Assad's forces to secure the Syrian border with Lebanon.

The deal will see anti-Assad fighters allowed to withdraw from Zabadani, which been under siege from pro-government forces backed by Hezbollah.

Sep 25 16:31

Number of U.S. Children in Poverty is Shocking

We’ve always known there are children in America living in poverty, but the actual number of children living in poverty might surprise you.

Sep 25 15:44

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Sep 25 15:23

Kentucky Politician Files Lawsuit Claiming a First Amendment Right to Accept Bribes

It’s a rare and precious moment when a politician does something which perfeclty demonstrates what he or she really thinks about democracy and power. This is one of those times.

Sep 25 15:23

The secret technology: the Russian nuclear industry has overtaken the whole world

Today Rosatom is the world's only structure, which has the whole production chain in the nuclear industry. So, can afford large-scale tasks. And in the future to reach the level of a global company. Russian nuclear scientists put into commercial operation a plant for the production of uranium-plutonium fuel.
Rostov nuclear power plant was commissioned two months ahead of schedule and already put into operation. To boast of "Rosatom" may not only a national success. Orders from foreign partners — that's 30 nuclear power units in 12 countries. And another ten projects are currently in the process of discussion. The biggest portfolio in the world is worth 300 billion dollars.

Sep 25 15:22

Israeli soldiers assault AFP team at West Bank demo

Beit Furik (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Two AFP journalists were assaulted Friday by Israeli soldiers who destroyed and seized their equipment in the occupied West Bank after the funeral of a Palestinian killed by the army.
A video journalist with the agency, Italian Andrea Bernardi, was thrown to the ground and jabbed in the side with a weapon.

Sep 25 15:11

Wake Up! The US Economy Is A Fraud


Sep 25 14:46

Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don't need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently twitter is being flooded with claims that someone "leaked" the missing 28 pages from the 9-11 report that puts the blame for 9-11 on Saudi Arabia.

This article explains why this latest attempt to save Israel is just more bovine excrement.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 25 14:43

Russia slams Poland for banning entry to sanctioned Crimean official

The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized Poland for banning Georgy Muradov, the deputy head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, from entering Poland to attend an OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM).
This is another unfriendly move by the Polish authorities that will lead to negative consequences, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on the ministry’s website on Friday.

Sep 25 14:38

Moscow urges US to abandon ideas of its impeccability in human rights issues

The United States should accord with reality its erroneous ideas of exceptionalism and impeccability in the issues concerning human rights, Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Friday in comments on the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Belarus, United States situation with human rights in the US.
"We would like to believe that Washington will take criticism from the international community and will eventually begin improving the situation with human rights within the United States," the ministry said. "To do so, [the country] should abandon mentor approaches to the others and to accord with reality its erroneous ideas about own exceptionalism and impeccability in the issues concerning human rights."

Sep 25 14:34

Kremlin denies foreign media reports on Russian army presence in Baghdad

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied reports by some foreign media that Russian servicemen are allegedly in Baghdad now where they are establishing a coordination center jointly with their Iraqi and Iranian colleagues.
"I have already said that there have appeared many reports that are untrue recently," Peskov said. Asked whether that report was such, he answered in the affirmative.

Sep 25 14:31

Tajikistan’s prosecution agencies claim rebel general was financed from abroad — media

Tajikistan’s state television said on Friday that rebel general Abdukhalim Nazarzoda and his associates, reportedly eliminated in a recent security sweep in the mountains, were financed from abroad. The television cited the prosecutor general’s office as saying that Nazarzoda’s followers had been financed from abroad. Nazarzoda, according to the prosecutor general’s office, had organized from 10 to 30 anti-government groups of up involving 300 people in all across the country. Among members of these groups were top-ranking officers from the Tajik defence ministry.



Sep 25 14:18

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination

Professor Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa, speaks about the negative effect that academic feminism has on freedom of speech. Examples of the increasingly drastic measures used to enforce adherence to policies imposed by gender ideologues clearly demonstrate the validity of Fiamengo's warning.

Sep 25 14:05

Ted Cruz Slams Outgoing John Boehner Over ‘Early Reports’ That He ‘Cut a Deal’ With Nancy Pelosi Before Resigning

Hours after House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would be resigning from Congress, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz added fuel to the fire by saying he’d heard “early reports” that Boehner cut a deal with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to continue funding some of President Barack Obama’s most controversial measures.

Sep 25 14:02

False Flag Averted? Another Truck Carrying Uranium Caught Fire at Honeywell Plant

You probably didn’t hear about this one in the national news, but with everything else going on these days, it might be something to pay attention to, especially since it’s reportedly been happening a lot lately.

Last Sunday, a semi carrying uranium ore caught fire near the Honeywell Plant in Metropolis, Illinois. The fire began in the engine of the truck cab and was subsequently put out by the fire department. Officials stated that the truck was not at the facility itself and there was no immediate danger. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified.

No one was hurt and the fire didn’t spread, but how often are trucks carrying uranium just bursting into flames in this country??

Apparently it's the third time in four months something like this has happened at this location...

(read more)

Sep 25 13:32

The Biggest Silver & Gold Scam In History


Sep 25 13:16

FLASHBACK - GOP congressman launches bid to oust John Boehner as House speaker

A Republican congressman has filed a request to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) in a new and unusual challenge to his leadership from the GOP's right flank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Boehner may have quit to save himself from being defeated in an election.


Sep 25 12:58

Saudi Prince Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault in US

The 28-year-old Majed Abdulaziz Al Saud was arrested after he tried to force a worker at a Beverly Hills estate to perform oral sex, Los Angles Times reported.

Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison quoted by local media said Al Saud was arrested but was released on a $300,000 bond the next day.

Sep 25 12:50

State Department Hands Over ‘New’ Hillary Clinton E-mails to Benghazi Panel

Foggy Bottom uncovers additional messages related to the oft-investigated attack. Why didn’t they find the e-mails sooner?

Sep 25 12:41

Hillary Did Not Turn Over All Work Email

Hillary Clinton says she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, even certifying that under penalty of perjury to a federal judge in August.

Sep 25 12:40

Officials Uncover Proof Hillary Clinton Didn’t Turn Over All Work-Related Emails From Her Private Account

The revelation adds to the growing questions related to the Democratic presidential front-runner’s unusual usage of a private email account and server while in government.

The messages were exchanged with former top Gen. David Petraeus, beginning before Clinton entered office and continuing into her first days on the job.

Officials said they largely pertained to personnel matters and in no way dealt with classified material. But their existence challenges Clinton’s claim that she has handed over the entirety of her work emails from the account.

The Daily Beast also reported on Friday that the State Department has given a “handful” of new Hillary Clinton emails to the House panel investigating the 2011 Benghazi attacks.

A “senior State Department official” told the news outlet, “Following our second review of former Secretary Clinton’s emails… the Department is producing a small number of emails relating to Benghazi.”

Sep 25 12:31

Poroshenko's Hunger Games: How the 'Crimea plan' is Backfiring

Petro Poroshenko is either confused himself or he wants to confuse his overseas "curators". Anyway, he explained the goal of the Crimea’s trade blockade in such an intricate way that any hopes in the good judgment and common sense of the head of "independent" Ukraine, alas, are gone. According to Poroshenko, tons of food are rotting on the border with the Crimea the purpose of which is to bring the peninsula back under the sovereignty of Ukraine. That is, at first, by using bombs and shells the Kiev authorities tried to make Ukraine attractive for the residents of Donbas. Now, the Maidan regime beckons the Crimean by means of hunger... What kind of policy is that? How can people want to return to the country, whose authorities are dreaming of starving them to death or killing them?

Sep 25 12:30

Top Pope Advisor Says Vatican Will Not Divest From Fossil Fuels

Pace University's Chris Williams and IPS' Janet Redman discuss the Vatican's contradictory policy in light of the Pope's call to fight climate change

Sep 25 12:27

Can we negotiate with fascists?

How can we come to terms with fascists?! Some of them we will conditionally call "formalists," for whom it is important that everything is "in accordance with democratic norms and procedures" and "freedom of speech" is observed. The fact that they are totally divorced from reality uttering delusional gibberish is of no concern to them. Just like the fact that Hitler came to power democratically. The second type we will call "symbolists" for whom it is important that above their towns a rag of certain strictly defined colors is hanging or that everyone wears certain (archaic) clothes, or has the same hairstyle. For them it is a guarantee of happiness. When something is at odds with their ideas about the ideal, they experience deep frustration. We will refer to the third group as "consumers" who are interested only in the assortment and variety of sausages in the stores (and in their refrigerator too, although, quite often, it is paradoxically of secondary importance).

Sep 25 12:23

Video - Putin Politely Schools a UK Journalist

Putin answers a loaded set of misinformed questions from a UK journalist - John Simpson from the BBC - and the journalist gets a polite 5 minute schooling on the recent history of Russia-US bilateral relations and US military expansionism the process.

Sep 25 12:21

More work emails discovered in Hillary Clinton’s private account: Officials

Officials say the Obama administration has discovered a chain of emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton failed to turn over when she provided what she said was the full record of work-related correspondence as secretary of state.

The revelation adds to the growing questions related to the Democratic presidential front-runner’s unusual usage of a private email account and server while in government.

Sep 25 12:07

The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?

While the media is focusing your attention on the shiny object that is her email server, the real story is not being told. The circumstantial evidence indicates that Hillary Clinton, or members of her inner circle with her connivance, purloined highly classified US intelligence and either sold it, traded it, or used it for personal gain. This is not a conspiracy theory and it is not hyperbole. Stick with me for a moment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More people are starting to ask if Hillary was selling US (and UN and foreign) secrets for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation!

Sep 25 11:54

China Opens 600-Feet-High Glass-Bottomed Bridge in Canyon That Inspired 'Avatar'

China has just opened its first glass-bottomed suspension bridge, and being nearly 600-feet-high and 1,000-feet-long, it definitely isn't for the faint of heart.

The high-altitude, transparent bridge opened this past Thursday in Zhangjiaje Grand Canyon in central China's Hunan province, according to Chinese newspaper, the People's Daily.

The canyon, which is a part of the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, reportedly inspired the world of James Cameron's "Avatar," the China Daily reported, adding that a sky column similar to one seen in the movie, was renamed "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" in 2010.

Sep 25 11:39

Daily Mail: ‘Stench of death' around Rand Paul’s campaign, warn Republican insiders

Rand Paul could be the next Republican to quit the presidential race, GOP strategists say, if his fortunes don't turn around fast. Paul's campaign has the 'stench of death' around it, one strategist with senior level experience on a presidential campaign said, and another questioned the depth of his war chest

Sep 25 11:32

Tropical Storm Niala

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not expected to hit us.

Sep 25 11:29

Spontaneous-looking moment with girl, pope was staged

Sophie Cruz's brief encounter with Pope Francis during his parade in Washington this week appeared to be the kind of spontaneous moment that is so endearing about this pope: an initially hesitant young child wrapping an arm around his neck as he offers a kiss and a blessing.

But for 5-year-old Sophie, the moment unfolded as perfectly as it was scripted by members of a coalition of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups. They had been preparing for nearly a year for the young girl from suburban Los Angeles to make a dash for the popemobile to deliver a message about the plight of immigrant parents living in the country illegally.

Sep 25 11:27

California Vaccine Refusers to Get “Court Order” or “CPS Visit” Under SB277

California Senate Bill 277 (SB277) is setting a dangerous precedent by removing medical consent from California school children in 2016. In addition, the bill appears to be in violation of the Nuremberg Codes for informed medical consent.

Sep 25 11:19

Confederate flag returns to Georgia license plates

The Confederate battle flag is making a return appearance to Georgia license plates. The specialty tag devoted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans will return after a minor redesign.

The state is saying as little as possible about this. Governor Deal is out of the country. And the state revenue department, which issues license plates, is only saying that it has had "positive conversations" about the plate with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Sep 25 11:16

They’re Robbing Kids of Critical Thinking

Seattle public school teachers reached a tentative agreement with the school system after a five-day strike. As with most labor actions, there were a number of points at issue, but one of them was the question of basing teacher evaluations on student scores on standardized tests that are a source of frustration for growing numbers of teachers, parents and students.

Sep 25 11:15

FBI Arrests Chinese Millionaire Once Tied to Clinton $$ Scandal

The FBI has arrested a politically prominent Chinese millionaire, the alleged secret source of foreign money in a campaign finance scandal during the Clinton administration, on charges he lied about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the last two years.

Ng Lap Seng was arrested in New York last weekend by FBI agents working with federal prosecutors assigned to the public corruption squad in the Southern District of New York, according to federal authorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope Seng will offer a deal to give evidence against the Clintons regarding Chinagate!

Sep 25 11:14

CPS Workers Are Now Being Stationed in Our Schools

Many of you reading this probably remember a time when seeing a school resource officer was a rare occurrence in public schools. It was one of those situations that was mainly reserved for crime ridden inner city schools. But as time went on, more and more police departments started employing officers whose chief responsibility was to watch our kids, even in districts with low crime rates. Now there are nearly 20,000 of these officers nationwide.

It turns out that we may be seeing the beginning of a similar trend in our public schools, but instead of police officers, it will be with employees from Child Protective Services. In Erie County, New York, the school districts have announced a new partnership with the Department of Social Services, that would allow CPS workers to show up in their schools several days a week. They will have to provide an office for the workers, who will be able to “streamline” their investigations into child welfare.

Sep 25 11:12

How US Made and Grew ISIS

The George W. Bush administration created many of today’s worst geopolitical problems. ISIS is one of them.

Sep 25 11:11

The Sneering at China’s President Xi

In mainstream U.S. media, it’s always a “safe play” for pundits to sneer at foreign leaders and countries that interfere with American hegemony, thus guiding the public toward unnecessary hostilities, a phenomenon now playing out in the treatment of China and President Xi, writes Dan Steinbok.

Sep 25 11:09

Female Priests Stage Die-In Outside D.C. Church Urging Pope Francis to Open Priesthood to Women

The pope’s visit has also drawn criticism over his position on women’s leadership within the church.