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"We are ruled, though it may be difficult to imagine, by a small dynastic power structure, largely consisting of powerful banking families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others. They emerged in controlling the financial system, extended their influence over the political system, the educational system, and, through the major foundations, have become the dominant social powers of our world, creating think tanks and other institutions which shape and change the course of society and modern human history." -- Andrew Gavin Marshall



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Aug 16 07:52

Thousands Demand Netanyahu’s Arrest for War Crimes

Snip: Deir Yassin and dozens of other massacres removed Palestinians for Jews. Israeli “War of Independence” forces committed massive ethnic cleansing and genocidal slaughter. Palestinians commemorate the Nakba. Words can't explain the horror.

Israel’s entire history is blood-drenched - responsible for virtually every kind of criminal atrocity imaginable. Netanyahu is the latest in a long line of rogue leaders, the worst of the bunch - fascist, racist, exceeding Sharonian evil.


Sign the petition if you’re a UK citizen or resident. (Others aren’t eligible). Demand Netanyahu’s arrest, detention and prosecution. Repeat the process for Obama, Bush and top officials in their administrations.

Aug 16 07:50

‘Volcanic and tectonic activity to reach dangerous maximum’, warns former White House and NASA adviser

Former White House and NASA adviser John L. Casey came forth recently warning factions of the government, such as FEMA and others, that volcanic and tectonic activity in the U.S. may reach a dangerous maximum soon as the Earth enters a new cooling phase based off the sun’s two-hundred-and-six year hibernation cycle.


Aug 16 07:07

Lavrov, Zarif to have talks in Moscow Aug — Russian foreign ministry

Foreign Ministers of Russia and Iran Sergei Lavrov and Javad Zarif will have talks in Moscow on August 17, representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told TASS on Saturday.
"On Monday, in Moscow, Sergei Lavrov will have talks with Iran's foreign minister," she said.
Iran’s embassy in Moscow said earlier the Iranian foreign minister wanted to discuss with the Russian side "the entire spectrum of the issues related to the international and bilateral agendas.".

Aug 16 07:06

Kiev puts forces on high combat alert, Donetsk republic says

Ukraine’s forces have been put on high combat alert in Donbass, defence ministry spokesman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, said on Saturday citing intelligence.
The Ukrainian army is "strengthening its combat potential" while the DPR is unilaterally withdrawing weaponry of less than 100mm caliber to the distance of three kilometers from the contact line, Basurin told the Donetsk news agency.
The DPR’s defence ministry has repeatedly voiced concerns about Kiev’s military buildup in Donbass saying this is an apparent move to resume full-fledged combat actions.
Almost 1,300 people killed in shellings in DPR since start of 2015 — DPR ombudsperson http://tass.ru/en/world/814653

Aug 16 07:05

Ukrainian military shell Luhansk republic — militia

The Ukrainian military over the past 24 hours for seven times violated the ceasefire regime, shelling the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic [LPR], including from heavy artillery, a representative of the local People’s Militia told LuhanskInformCentre on Saturday.
Lugansk reconnaissance: Kiev military prepare attack on Lugansk: Reconnaissance of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has information the Ukrainian military are preparing attack on Lugansk, an official representative of the republic’s militia told the LuganskInformCentre on Saturday.
"Our source at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has learned about organisation of an attack group of the so-called "Anti-Terror Operation" consisting of 92 and 54 mechanised brigades, which unite to 5,000 military, and soon with mighty support from the artillery they will begin an attack," he said. "The main objective they have is to seize Lugansk." http://tass.ru/en/world/814617

Aug 16 07:03

Donetsk envoy to Ukraine peace talks to discuss with OSCE shelling of Donetsk

During the night to Sunday, Donetsk was under saturation fire.
Envoy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] to the peace talks Denis Pushilin will have emergency negotiations with the OSCE mission regarding the night shelling of the city.
"We have filed protocols of violations with the Joint Centre for control and coordination of ceasefire and with the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission," he told the Donetsk News Agency on Sunday. "Moreover, today I am having a meeting with the OSCE local mission, where we shall discuss the issue."
Ukrainian forces continue shelling of Gorlovka, other settlements http://tass.ru/en/world/814636

Aug 16 06:59

German FM calls for immediate meeting of parties to Ukrainian conflict and OSCE

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier suggests organising as soon as possible a meeting of military representatives of the parties to the Ukrainian conflict and OSCE.
"The situation in Ukraine’s east is potentially explosive," he said in an interview with Germany’s Bild am Sonntag. "Last week, during conversations with the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers I suggested organising not in two weeks, but as soon as possible, a meeting of military representatives of the conflicting sides and of OSCE in order to discuss how it may be possible to defuse the situation and to achieve withdrawal of the weapons."
"Quite a lot is at stake," the foreign minister said. "If the two parties to the conflict now do not demonstrate adherence to the peace process, a new round of military escalation may happen any moment."

Aug 16 06:40

The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media revisits a March 2015 scandal which exposed the direct connection between the pro-Zionist Harper regime in Ottawa and ISIS, and how the mainstream media refused to follow up on it.

Aug 16 06:08

UK Labour Party leadership contest: Could Corbyn save the good ship Britannia from the wrecking crew?

The comedians of the British political 'establishment' are out in force desperately trying to block Jeremy Corbyn, who is streaking ahead in the Labour Party leadership race and leaving his rivals spluttering in total disarray.

Owl 1
Aug 16 04:37

Poles Oppose Flood of Ukrainians into their Country

The German media is reporting that Poles are outraged at the arrogance of the Ukrainians who continue to flood into their country, viewing Poland as the "reachable West". The Pole’s dissatisfaction is being extended to their government, "which is supporting total outsiders at the expense of Polish taxpayers ..."

Aug 16 04:33

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Shaken By Magnitude 4.7 Quake 8/15/15

Aug 16 03:48

After Contentious All-Nighter, Greece Bailout Approval Spurs Rebellion

In a development spurring calls for a new "anti-bailout movement," the Greek Parliament early Friday approved a controversial €85 billion financial rescue package—the country's third such bailout from foreign creditors in five years, and one that will require the Greek people to endure further cuts and austerity.

Aug 16 03:40

Ukraine Already in Default – Ex-Minister

Ukrainian authorities are trying to restructure the state debt, which means that Ukraine’s default is already happening, ex-finance minister Viktor Pynzennik admitted on Saturday.

Aug 16 03:38

Microsoft Stands Accused

Microsoft stands accused of deleting Windows 10 Insider feedback it doesn't like

Aug 16 01:34

Reaction and Challenge

Aug 16 00:38

(*Israel) Cabinet expected to okay natural gas deal Sunday

Agreement reached late last week between government and US-Israel consortium will bring in hundreds of billions of shekels into coffers, Netanyahu claims

Israel’s government is expected Sunday to give the go-ahead to a controversial gas deal that backers say will bring in hundreds of billions of shekels from developing offshore fields, but detractors claim will lead to the Israeli public being fleeced.


August 15, 2015

Aug 15 20:54

Firefox stealthily loads webpages when you hover over links -- here's how to stop it

Pre-fetching or caching of web pages is a technique used by many web browsers to improve perceived performance -- it's nothing new. But Firefox takes a slightly sinister and stealthy approach. Simply hover your mouse over a link and the browser fires off requests to the associated website in the background.

While this sounds potentially helpful, it is also something of a privacy and security concern -- not to mention a waste of bandwidth. You might hover over a link simply to check out the destination in the status bar; if there is a link to a malicious or unsavory website, you probably don’t want these stealthy connections being made in the background. If you're worried about your security or privacy, or just want to be back in control of your web connection, there are steps you can take.

Aug 15 19:35

The Business of Biotech: Engineering the Genome for Fun and Profit

snip: If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it is. If it sounds like the switch to 100% non-GMO foods will be a gradual process of weaning yourself off of certain products and sourcing appropriate alternatives, it will. If it sounds like there’s no one to blame at the end of the day for not starting to take these steps, there isn’t. In the end, we can’t directly determine what’s happening in our neighbor’s house (let alone what’s happening in other countries or other continents), but the buck stops where it has always stopped: at our own kitchen table.

We still have the freedom to choose (for the most part) what we put in our mouth and what we don’t. And unless we start taking that freedom seriously as the responsibility that it is, there will be no end to the GMO agenda.

Aug 15 17:11

Hillary's emails WERE backed up to another server – and it may still exist – as the FBI works to figure out how well the data was scrubbed

Tens of thousands of emails once housed on former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's private computer server were moved to another device after a Colorado company took possession of the device in 2013, leaving open the possibility that copies of messages Clinton later chose to delete might still exist.

The FBI seized the server this week in a stunning move, signaling a new intensity in the investigation into whether Clinton knowingly send or received top-secret classified information through her private address while she was America's top diplomat.

Bloomberg reported Thursday night that Barbara Wells, an attorney for Platte River Networks, Inc., confirmed that while the server hardware now controlled by the FBI 'is blank and does not contain any useful data,' its contents could still be safe and sound elsewhere.

Aug 15 16:37

Hillary Clinton's Lies Are Catching Up With Her Campaign

I know she's lying 'cause her lips are moving!

Aug 15 16:26

Africa’s Problem from Hell: Samantha Power

Barack Obama will likely be remembered by history as the president that honed “humanitarian” intervention into a favored weapon of regime change. Samantha Power is the trigger. The U.S. Ambassador to the UN has set her sites on Burundian President Nkurunziza, five of whose high party members have already been assassinated.

Aug 15 16:15

Israeli occupation comes to Paris as police suppress “Tel Aviv beach” protest

A propaganda event in Paris on Thursday was supposed to showcase Tel Aviv as a beacon of fun and tolerance.

Instead, “Tel Aviv sur Seine” (Tel Aviv on the Seine) turned into more of a real life taste of Israeli military occupation and a public relations disaster for its organizers.

The party at a simulated beach on the banks of the River Seine was supposed to celebrate “Israeli nightlife” and carefree living. Instead it was surrounded by hundreds of riot police and only accessible through a checkpoint.

Aug 15 15:57

California Now Wants to be First State to Mandate Adult Vaccines – Criminal Penalties for those Who Refuse

In a brazen act of medical tyranny, California recently became the first state in the U.S. where lawmakers removed religious exemptions to those opposing vaccines for their children. The bill now signed into law, SB277, faces legal hurdles in court next.

Now, legislators in California want to pass the “first US adult vaccine mandate with NO personal exemptions and CRIMINAL penalties for failure to comply.” SB 792, would eliminate an adult’s right to exempt themselves from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure.

Aug 15 15:38

Add Looming Poverty To List Of Seniors Woes

Aug 15 14:48

Alabama Church Builds Gun Range “In the Name of Jesus Christ”

I don't know the doctrine of this particular Methodist Church, so can't really endorse the Church as a whole, but I do like the idea that they are willing to help teach their people to use their weapons safely and responsibly while reaching out to others by using a newly constructed gun range.

Aug 15 13:54

Could Jeremy Corbyn save Britain from the wrecking crew?

Stuart Littlewood shows why every utterance of yesteryear’s losers – Tony Blair, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Alastair Campbell – will ensure Jeremy Corbyn heads for a landslide in the Labour Party leadership elections.

Aug 15 13:31

Flights Grounded Along U.S. East Coast

Owl 3
Aug 15 13:18

Poll: Is Russia in full compliance with the Minsk agreement?

Many in the Western press and Governments keep talking about Russia not complying with the Minsk agreement.

Would they, or some one please name exactly witch of the 13 points of the Minks agreement are they talking about.

For your convenience, I am posting the link with the full text of the Minks 2 agreement:

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=41b_1439665448#Y7eFEJU7IZQgrfeV.99

( The poll will run for one month, and guests as well as people with a Live Leak account may vote, and make multiple choices. )

Aug 15 13:00

Another Doctor Found Dead In Suspected Murder


Aug 15 11:56

The naked truth about Germany: Clothing is optional

It’s summer in Germany, which means nakedness abounds. In the cities, in the countryside, at lakes and beaches, in city parks, even sometimes in restaurants and certainly in yards where yard work needs doing, Germans who’ve shed their clothes are visible to all. Indoor public pools have “naked days.” There are naked mountain hiking trails. In the winter, some places offer naked sledding.

Aug 15 11:44

An Open Letter to: Secretary of State John Kerry and Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The reason stamped on Habib's "deportation" order was that he was denied entry based on "prevention of illegal immigration considerations". When the Israeli border control agent told George that, as a Palestinian, he could not enter Israel, he attempted to engage the agent saying, "I'm not coming through as a Palestinian. I'm coming as an American citizen". To which the agent replied "No, no, you belong with the Palestinian people. This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel. You should have gone through the Allenby Bridge".
Note: American Jews should be enraged about this....are they?

Aug 15 11:34

The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media revisits a March 2015 scandal which exposed the direct connection between the pro-Zionist Harper regime in Ottawa and ISIS, and how the mainstream media refused to follow up on it.

He shines the spotlight on a curious incident which happened in Turkey and Canadian Government & Intelligence collaboration with ISIS.

Aug 15 10:48

Summer cancelled in Tarfala

There was no Summer 2015 in Tarfala in the northern Swedish mountains. The Swedish weather service SMHI’s Sandra Andersson tells Swedish Radio News that meteorologically conditions have gone directly from Spring to Fall at the ski station, located near Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain.

Aug 15 10:46

Top executive at Hillary's server company was sued for 'fraud' after 'receiving proceeds' from $500m Ponzi scheme run by Backstreet Boys impresario

A top executive at the Internet company hired by Hillary Clinton to manage her private email server is an alleged fraudster who was an executive for one of the most notorious Ponzi fraudsters in recent history.

David DeCamillis is said to have been paid $1.5 million as a director of a company run by Lou Pearlman, the disgraced music impresario who discovered The Backstreet Boys and NSync.

DeCamillis was accused of 14 counts of fraud and one count of unjust enrichment when Pearlman’s business was exposed as a $500 million scam.

DeCamillis then got a job at Denver, Colorado, based Platte River Networks as their vice president of sales and marketing whilst Pearlman began serving a 25 year jail term.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The story gets even better. Platte River Networks is in legal trouble for stealing US Government phone numbers and in some cases actually interfering with the phone lines themselves, suggesting an espionage operation! Possibly as a means to reduce their own legal difficulties, Platte River Networks has informed officials that the Clinton email server had a clone, to which the entire contents of the server in Clinton;s house were copied before the "sanitation" and deletions began.

Aug 15 10:42

Swallowed by the sea: How ten years after Katrina, Louisiana's fishing towns are disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico

Rocky Morales is watching his small Louisiana town of Delacroix slowly melt into the water. The woods where he played hide-and-seek as a boy are gone. It's all water and mud back there now. So, too, is the nearby marsh where townsfolk once trapped for muskrat, otter and mink.

Many of the fishermen who once lived here — his friends and relatives — have disappeared as well, fleeing behind the intricate levee system protecting New Orleans out of fear that one more hurricane will be all it takes to send the rest of Delacroix into the sea.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast - killing more than 1,830 people and causing more than $150billion in damage in the nation's costliest disaster - New Orleans has been fortified by a new $14.5-billion flood protection system.

Aug 15 10:36

Calgary Hail Storm - August 4, 2015

Aug 15 10:36

Ukraine fails to secure debt write-off at US talks

Ukraine failed to convince its biggest creditors to significantly reduce its debt obligations during a ‘last chance’ two-day negotiation in San Francisco, California. The delegation from Kiev hoped to restructure some $19 billion in debt.

Aug 15 10:35

US Congressman Calls for Investigation of the CDC’s Deception about MMR Vaccine

Aug 15 10:31

War criminal Tony Blair scared of Corbyn victory

Blair who served the country from 1997 to 2007 and led the Labour Party for more than 13 years has made several pleas against Corbyn in recent weeks. “If Corbyn becomes leader, it won’t be a defeat like 1983 or 2015 at the next election. It will mean rout, possibly annihilation”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What it will mean is Tony Blair in chains, headed for the Hague!

Aug 15 10:30

South Korea's president pardons 6,500 criminals including CEOs convicted of embezzlement because of their "contributions to the national economy"

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye on Thursday pardoned a tycoon convicted of embezzlement who heads the country’s third-largest business group.
The justice ministry said in a statement that SK Group’s Chey Tae-won will be among some 6,500 people to be released from prison before the 70th anniversary Saturday of Korea’s liberation from Japan’s colonial occupation.

Aug 15 10:30

AIPAC goes all out against Iran agreement but can't defeat it: Analyst

An American political commentator in Los Angeles says the Israel lobby in the United States is basically going all out to try to defeat the Iran nuclear agreement in Congress, but probably they do not have enough votes needed to kill the deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And as an extra added attraction, Israel's subversion of the US Congress is on full display for all to see!

Aug 15 10:26

Sakurajima volcano: chance of large eruption 'extremely high'

Japan raises eruption warning for southern volcano to second-highest level and tells thousands of residents to prepare for a possible evacuation

Aug 15 10:26

Fracking: 6,000 square miles of England earmarked for shale exploration

Ministers set to award oil and gas exploration licences covering about 1,000 square miles and consult on plans to award further licences covering an estimated 5,000 square miles

Aug 15 10:26

REVEALED: The very cosy friendship between Iraq inquiry chief and Tony Blair - who knighted him after private meeting in London club

When Tony Blair first appeared before the Iraq inquiry five years ago, the chairman Sir John Chilcot treated him with almost painful deference.

Chilcot, a crumpled figure whose opening remarks lasted seven minutes, never laid a glove on Blair, even though the former prime minister gave evidence for more than six hours.

What few people know is that the bumbling Chilcot, a retired career civil servant, could, in fact, have greeted Blair as an old friend.

Aug 15 10:23

Family history hounds Jeb Bush on campaign trail

When Jeb Bush stepped up onto the fabled soapbox at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, fairgoers pelted him with questions about the legacy of his brother, a former president. And his father, another former president. And one of his foreign policy advisers, Paul D. Wolfowitz, the architect of his brother’s war in Iraq. And about the war itself.

Under a blazing sun, Bush expressed irritation with what he called “the parlor game” of focusing on Wolfowitz and other past Bush administration advisers who have resurfaced for this Bush campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jeb Bush might have been able to distance himself from the pro-war records of his father and brother, had he not hired Wolfowitz! In any event, Americans understand that the Oval Office is not an hereditary office to be handed back and forth between two dynastic royal families!

Aug 15 10:22

Exclusive: Scandal-tainted U.S. Secret Service to hire 1,100 staff - sources

Facing accusations that it cannot adequately protect the White House, the U.S. Secret Service plans to hire 1,100 more officers and agents for an agency besieged by embarrassing scandals and security lapses, two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the plans said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is a smart move, with Israel openly at odds with Obama!

Aug 15 10:19

The Truth Avoided by Mainstream Media Liars

My factual demolition of the anti-Snowden story has been read by hundreds of thousands of people, very probably millions, around the internet, 50,000 so far on this site alone, and tweeted by thousands of people. It has been tweeted at – repeatedly – every single mainstream media journalist who has been repeating the government propaganda.

The extraordinary thing is that no jurnalist, anywhere, has made any attempt to deny the facts I give. Not one journalist in the entire crowd of corporate media paid lackeys at the BBC, Sunday Times, Reuters or anywhere at all has addressed or tried to refute the facts which make it impossible that their Snowden story is true. They have not addressed it in their publications or even tried to defend themselves on social media. Not one journalist, not anywhere. (One or two have pointed out that the fifth point is an ad hominem, which is true. Not all ad hominems are invalid, but the first four facts destroy the argument anyway).

Aug 15 10:18

Michael Fallon and Those Nice Chaps With the SS Runes

The United Kingdom Secretary of State for Stoking up Conflict, Michael Fallon, just announced during a visit to Kiev that the British Army is going to be investing more UK taxpayers’ money into training the Ukrainian army, increasing the number of soldiers in the programme from just over 1,000 to around 2,000 by the end of the year.

Article 10 of the Minsk II Accords states the following:

Pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, and also mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under OSCE supervision. Disarmament of all illegal groups.

Judge for yourselves: Is this in compliance with Minsk II? Or is it a flagrant violation of it?

Aug 15 10:17

Jeb Bush Taking Advice From Iraq War Architect Paul Wolfowitz

One of the main neo-conservative architects of the United States’ invasion of Iraq to spread democracy through military force is advising US Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, according to media reports.

Jeb Bush, the brother of former US President George W. Bush, is taking advice from former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Market Watch reported on Friday.

Aug 15 10:16

Lapid: I'll run against Netanyahu for prime minister next year

Yesh Atid leader sees himself as alternative to the Likud leader; 'Netanyahu has lost control over the country. Until there is a strong rule of law here, the current situation will continue'.

Aug 15 10:16

Israel only stands to lose from 'defeating' Obama

Op-ed: Thwarting the nuclear agreement and humiliating the White House will not help stop the nuclear program in any way, and will only weaken the American foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran's support for terror and its deep involvement in all centers of stability in the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More to the point, Netanyahu's defeat of Obama will alert Americans to the reality that Washington DC is a puppet ruler serving a foreign power; something that this website will remind the voters of in November 2016!

Aug 15 10:12

The Untold Story of American War Crimes in Japan

“It was not just the marines who committed countless atrocities in Japan, virtually all American servicemen partook.” — Thomas Goodrich

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We can't be guilty of war crimes in Japan. We won that war!!! Only the losers are convicted of war crimes, you silly!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 15 10:07

People caught illegally downloading Dallas Buyers Club have a big win in the Australian court, they only need to pay the cost of the movie plus a couple of dollars.

More than 4700 customers of internet providers who illegally downloaded the Hollywood blockbuster Dallas Buyers Club have won a reprieve in the Federal Court of Australia.
This means instead of being fined up to $9500 for making an illegal download customers will probably pay only the retail price of the film plus costs. This is likely to amount to less than the cost of a speeding ticket or late video fine.

Aug 15 10:07

Police decline to release video of shooting of unarmed teen during marijuana bust. Police allegedly planted evidence and high-fived the dead victim.

State Law Enforcement Division agents Friday denied a formal request by The Post and Courier to release videos from a controversial police shooting in Seneca that spawned a federal civil rights probe.

Aug 15 10:05

Unusually Slow Mail Delivery Hits US

Aug 15 10:04

Organ-harvesting allegations still posted on UN Web site

Allegations that Israel harvests Palestinian organs have not been removed from the UN Human Rights Council Web site, despite a request by the Geneva based non-governmental organization UN Watch that it be taken down.

In a blog posted by UN Watch executive-director Hillel Neuer this week, the group said that it had complained to the UN about the posting more than a month ago, but that to date, nothing had been done about the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bash Planned Parenthood all you want, but you cannot, you dare not, you MUST not, say anything bad about what Israel does!!!!!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Aug 15 10:03

Tear Drop “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA”. Why were we not told about Tear Drop?

I got to admit, I didn’t even know this memorial existed. However, it took me two seconds to realize why – it received zero publicity. Now why do you suppose that? Why hasn’t the media expressed their gratitude? Name me another country that’s done more? This is a stunning memorial which pales into insignificance whatever the real terrorist gangsters are trying to do at ground zero. The very thought of Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy having anything to do with the memorial for 9/11 victims is positively gut-wrenching!

Aug 15 10:02

Nobel Peace Laureates Endorse Violence

In a recent letter to US President Barack Obama twelve Nobel Peace laureates declared their support for the long history of US elite violence against Native Americans and enslaved Africans, as well as the US imperial violence around the world that has butchered tens of millions of people over the past 200 years. See ‘US: An End to Torture: Twelve Nobel Peace Prize laureates write to President Barack Obama asking the US to close the dark chapter on torture once and for all. Obama responds’.


Aug 15 10:00

Poll: Majority believe Clinton lied about emails

A majority of Americans believe Hillary Clinton lied about having sensitive national intelligence on her private email server, a new poll finds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 15 10:00

Public Law 86-90 – The Vietnam War Shows the Strength of Donbas’ Rights!

Could US Senator John McCain find North Vietnam on a map during or before the period he spent 5 years as a POW in Hanoi? Could you? The answer is no.

Aug 15 09:47

YOUR DAILY DOSE OF BOOGA BOOGA! 'Bin Laden's son Hamza urges terror attack' on London in al-Qaeda message

Al-Qaeda has released a message claiming to show Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza urging terrorist attacks to be carried out in London and in other countries allied to the US.

Hamza bin Laden, believed to be in his mid-20s and reportedly known as the ‘crown prince of terror’, has been touted as a future leader of al-Qaeda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 15 09:43

Capilano University Instructor Fired for Free Speech Videos

Aug 15 09:40

10 Places AIPAC Would Never Show Members of Congress on Their Upcoming Propaganda Trip

A tour of the "real Israel" would show members of Congress the ugly truth behind Israel's propaganda.

Aug 15 09:36

British Jewish MP blasts would-be Labor Party head for ‘anti-Semitic’ ties

A Jewish politician from Britain’s Labor Party said the views of Jeremy Corbyn, the frontrunner to head the party, are cause for “serious concern.”

Ivan Lewis, the shadow, or minority, party cabinet minister who is also a former chief executive of the Manchester Jewish Federation, urged his party not to vote for Corbyn.

“Some of [Corbyn’s] stated political views are a cause for serious concern,” Lewis said in letter to his local party members on Friday, according to the Guardian. “At the very least he has shown very poor judgment in expressing support for and failing to speak out against people who have engaged not in legitimate criticism of Israeli governments but in antisemitic rhetoric.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is actually a good thing. The people of nations around the globe are starting to wake up to the fact that their governments have been subverted or are being subverted by Israel. Netanyahu's over-the-top determination to have his whores in the US Congress derail the Iran P5+1 deal have made it clear to Americans that Washington DC is a puppet ruler for a foreign power, and that is not something Americans take kindly to, as the British may recall from some 230 years ago!

Aug 15 09:34

Ambassador: 150-200 dead in Libya 'massacre'

A battle between Islamic State group jihadists and local gunmen in Libya has left scores dead. "A real massacre is taking place," said a Libyan diplomant amid reports of casualty figures of between 150 and 200.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's all caused by that movie about Mohammad. Honest!" -- Hitlery

Aug 15 09:32

Donald Trump Called to Jury Duty in Manhattan

Mr. Trump has been summoned to serve in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, and plans to report there on Monday morning, said Michael Cohen, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization and special counsel to Mr. Trump.

Despite Mr. Trump’s busy campaign schedule — he is set to appear at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday and has pledged to give fairgoers free rides on his personal helicopter from the parking lot — Mr. Cohen said that his bid for the Republican nomination would not be slowed by whatever time, if any, he might end up sitting on a jury.

“Despite the time that Mr. Trump is required to fulfill this civic obligation, the campaign will continue to go on,” Mr. Cohen said. “He is happy to comply with his civic obligation.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not for one second believe that the timing of this jury duty is just a coincidence, and I will wager a plugged Turkish piaster that Trump gets stuck on some trial that will drag out for months, to keep him from making speeches!

Aug 15 09:29

Scotland's winter snow STILL hasn't melted: Incredible network of tunnels and caves clings to mountains after the cold summer

A cold summer in Scotland has led to this incredible natural phenomenon - with ice and snow which still hasn't melted forming a network of icy tunnels and caves clinging to the edge of mountains.

Experts say an unusual mix of circumstances has produced a stunning world of snow tunnels and bridges towering higher than a double-decker buses in the Cairngorms National Park

A range of factors has seen a growing number of snow patches remaining since 2007, but this summer there are more than have been seen for 20 years.

Aug 15 09:28

The US Air Force is sending 12 A-10 Warthogs to eastern Europe to deter Russian aggressionRead more: http://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-sending-planes-to-east-europe-2015-8#ixzz3ityOETdS

The Air Force didn’t help its long-standing argument that the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack jet should be retired when the service announced this week it would deploy more of the aircraft to Europe this fall.

The 23rd Wing at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia announced it will send 12 attack planes and crews to Central and Eastern European to bolster NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve,” an ongoing show of military might meant to deter Russian aggression in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WHAT "Russian aggression"?!?!? Can someone, please, show me some incontrovertible facts, proving that this has happened?!?

This demonizing of Russia appears to be a prelude to a hot war against it by NATO and the US. This is simply pre-positioning of equipment toward that end.

Aug 15 09:28

TV flickers as viewers find new screens

The second quarter is always tough for the pay-TV industry, as families move home and college students disconnect, but this time it was the worst on record for net customer losses: an estimated 566,000 people cut the cord. With the exception of Verizon, which is still rolling out its video service, all pay-TV companies lost subscribers during the quarter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As an industry professional for much of my life, I can tell you a few things that have gone wrong. The most obvious is that cable TV has little if any new content. Every time I go through the channel list, I see repeats of things I have seen before, usually timed to support the latest remake, which if you think about it, actually undermines the desire to go see yet another retelling of the same story. How many times can anyone watch the Bourne Tedium, or Iron Man? Even the new pay-per-view movies seem to be nothing but remakes of things seen before, and Hollywood seems unable to come up with a truly interesting film these days, in part because films have to be politically correct (a black human torch in the latest Fantastic Four), cater to Washington DC's (and Tev Aviv's) propaganda agenda, have plenty of product placements to keep the marketing department happy, then have the script stripped of anything that might offend anyone on the planet, anywhere, at any time. A process like that is guaranteed to produce a lot of commercial repetitive mush, and it is the rare film indeed that manages to survive the current production process with anything resembling an interesting story still intact.

Aug 15 09:22

Police Threaten Journalists, Targeted, Abused and Arrested in Ferguson for “Doing Their Job”

They demand no media reports on everything they want suppressed. Since Ferguson protests erupted on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder by killer cop Darren Wilson, journalists again were targeted.

This week alone, three were arrested and charged with interfering with on-duty police officers. What’s happening reflects war on responsible journalism – criminalizing reporters for doing their job.

On Tuesday, Canadian TV (CTV) Los Angeles Bureau Chief Tom Walters was charged with interfering with police nearly a year after he was arrested covering Ferguson protests last August.

At the time, he was pinned to the ground and handcuffed – then detained after asking Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson a question. Video recorded his arrest. He was then released uncharged after over eight hours in detention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The whorespondents on the alleged "TV news" are failing to mention this outrage against reporters in Ferguson; they are not mentioning that Ukraine is shelling Donbass with white phosphorus weapons, provided by the US government; and they are not mentioning the horrific conditions in Gaza and the West Bank under which Palestinians are suffering.

These people do not want to give you the information you need to make informed, rational decisions; they want to keep you beholden to the lies that the government is truthful, and will only do things "for the good of the nation".

And the point of realization that you have been lied to , all these years, will make you realize that there is a very severe "disconnect" between what you are told, and are supposed to believe, by these outlets, and what the truth and reality on the ground is, around the world.

Aug 15 09:18

In latest thrust at Obama, Netanyahu names UN ambassador who trashed him and said Palestinians can have ‘Facebook state’

In the midst of his battle with President Obama over the Iran Deal, Israel’s prime minister announced today that he will appoint as the country’s next ambassador to the U.N. a far-right politician who has been outspoken against Obama and who wants to annex the West Bank. Haaretz:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that he will appoint Science, Technology and Space Minister Danny Danon as Israel’s next ambassador to the United Nations due to the UN platform’s current significance.

Netanyahu fired Danon as deputy foreign minister in July 2014 when Danon said that Netanyahu was being too restrained in his attack on Gaza, which was then producing imagery of slaughtered children around the world.

Aug 15 09:18

Fatah: Israel attempts to turn PA into expanded municipality

Member of Fatah executive committee Mohamed Ishtea said on Friday that Israel does not want a Palestinian state based upon the 1967 borders because it recognises that this would contribute to its end, Qudsnet reported.

During the inauguration of a conference about Palestinian refugees in the refugee camp of Ayda in the West Bank, he said that Israel wants the Palestinians to remain living in small scattered cantons.

Ishtea stressed that the Oslo Agreement happened during a very difficult political situation for the Arab countries, noting that there was a number of positive points in the agreement such as the return of 150,000 Palestinian refugees and the establishment of the state.

Meanwhile, he said that there are many negative points in the agreement, which have to be corrected by spreading national awareness and rebuilding the PLO, thus enabling it to carry out its role as a home for all the Palestinians.

Aug 15 09:17

Sweden warns travellers against use of Iraqi Airways

The Swedish Transport Authority warned travellers not to use the Iraqi Airways after suspending its license to enter its airports for "not meeting safety demands," Alkhaleejonline.net reported on Friday.

Aug 15 09:16

Israel sees sharp decline in tourist numbers in 2015

The number of tourists visiting Israel declined by 13 per cent in the first seven months of this year when compared to the same period in 2014, a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics revealed yesterday.

Aug 15 09:15

Windows 10 Sucks - UPDATED!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And updated, and updated , and updated ...

Aug 15 09:01

The War in Donbass. Kiev Deploys Tanks and Rocket Launchers

Yesterday Donetsk was hit by a record 800 artillery shells. The Telmanovo suburb was hit particularly hard, but the shelling was also very violent in the airport region. At least one local was killed and 2 wounded by the shelling. Meanwhile, Kiev has been continuing to pull its forces to the contact line. These forces include tanks and artillery systems, even multiple rocket launchers. The vice-speaker of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin informed that if Kiev escapes from the Minsk agreement the war will blaze up at any moment and it can touch not only Donbass. However, the vice-commander of Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin didn’t confirm the information about full alert of the DPR’s Army.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Poroshenko has lost it; he is shelling civilian homes, hospitals, and schools, all of which are, by definition, war crimes.

Aug 15 08:54

46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies begin at 6:30 AM

Those that run food banks all over America say that demand for their services just continues to explode. It always amazes me that there are still people out there that insist that an “economic collapse” is not happening. From their air-conditioned homes in their cushy suburban neighborhoods they mock the idea that the U.S. economy is crumbling. But if they would just go down and visit the local food banks in their areas, they would see how much people are hurting. According to Feeding America spokesman Ross Fraser, 46 million Americans got food from a food bank at least one time during 2014. Because the demand has become so overwhelming, some food banks are cutting back on the number of days they operate and the amount of food that is given to each family. As you will see below, many impoverished Americans are lining up at food banks as early as 6:30 in the morning just so that they can be sure to get something before the food runs out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good, hard look at the faces of these kids; are they and their families "enjoying recovery", or have the parents awakened one morning to find out that their jobs have been offshored/outsourced to the cheapest source of global labor?!?

Aug 15 08:47

Ukrainian Military Using Phosphorous Bombs Against Civilians in Donbass

The Russian Investigative Committee has obtained evidence proving that the Ukrainian armed forces have used modern analogues of phosphorous bombs against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in Moscow on Friday.

Agribusiness giant Monsanto - best known for their genetically modified soybeans and “probably carcinogenic” herbicide - has supplied the US government with white phosphorous used in incendiary weapons for at least 20 years, and some of that made its way to Israel for use in Operation Cast Lead.
Monsanto Linked to Israel's Illegal Use of White Phosphorous in Gaza War
“We have received irrefutable evidence of the use by the Kiev forces of weaponry similar to phosphorus bombs,” Markin said, based on the conclusion of a forensic chemical analysis from soil samples provided by witnesses in the targeted areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And from where, please, are the Ukrainians getting these weapons, banned by international treaty?!? From the US government, of course.

As reported in washingtonsblog.com in an article published 5 December, 2014:

In a remarkable disjunction between voters and their elected (supposed) representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, the members of the House voted on December 4th, by 411 “Yea” to 10 “Nay,” to donate U.S. weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government, which is engaged in trying to eliminate the civilian population of the portion of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the former Ukrainian President whom the U.S. Government (CIA, State Department, USAID, etc.) had overthrown in a violent coup in February of this year. How can the Russian Government stand by and merely watch while Russia’s supporters right next door to them in Ukraine are being exterminated? However, now clearly, the U.S. Government seems to be overwhelmingly committed to exterminating them. There are even cluster-bombs, and white phosphorous, and also more-advanced forms of incendiary munitions, that are being used to get rid of the residents there. But mostly, it’s just the routine type of military mass-murder. (Those are the ‘terrorists’ that Ukraine and its sponsors are constantly referring to including in their standard phrase for the extermination-campaign: “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” or ATO for short. That’s the sales-phrase by which they market it to suckers everywhere. And these are the ‘terrorists. How can the Russian Government stand by and merely watch while Russia’s supporters right next door to them in Ukraine are being exterminated? However, now clearly, the U.S. Government seems to be overwhelmingly committed to exterminating them. There are even cluster-bombs, and white phosphorous, and also more-advanced forms of incendiary munitions, that are being used to get rid of the residents there. But mostly, it’s just the routine type of military mass-murder. (Those are the ‘terrorists’ that Ukraine and its sponsors are constantly referring to including in their standard phrase for the extermination-campaign: “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” or ATO for short. That’s the sales-phrase by which they market it to suckers everywhere. And these are the ‘terrorists.’

The bottom line here is that the US government voted to aid and abet serial genocide in the breakaway provinces, by providing these weapons, and Poroshenko is using them with reckless abandon.

So far, Putin has not taken the bait the US government has thrown down for him, in terms of a direct military confrontation over Ukraine.

But were I a betting woman, I would bet that Putin's response will be asymmetrical, and economic in its nature.

As reported at goldcore.com, 22 July 2015:

With all the focus on the Chinese lowballing their total institutional gold holdings, combined CIC, SAFE and PBOC, this week and the continuing attacks and manipulation of the gold market on Sunday night, the latest large increase in Russia’s gold reserves has gone largely unnoticed and barely covered by commentators – especially the more vocal bearish ones. Russia continues to add to its gold reserves and added another 800 million ounces in June or another 25 metric tonnes, and analysts believe this buying will continue in the coming months. Its total gold reserves now amount to 41 million ounces or around 1,275 metric tonnes, with a current value of just $48 billion. Russia’s total FX reserves are $362 billion and their gold allocation is now 13% of their total reserves. In contrast, the U.S. is believed to have over 8,400 metric tonnes of gold and no foreign exchange reserves. The share of gold in foreign exchange reserves is much lower than in many other countries such as the U.S., Italy and France.

This is very simple; when the economy in the US implodes, (and this is a case of when, not if), Russia will be ready to take care of its government and its people, because it has such a huge gold reserve.

Aug 15 08:28

Pentagon Seeks More Funds for ‘Sustained’ War With Russia

In the eternal quest to drive up the already preposterous level of US military spending, Pentagon officials are talking up the notion of Russia as an “existential threat” to the United States, and running tabletop war games which they say show the US military isn’t as “ready as we want to be” for a sustained ground war in Russia.

That the US and Russia each have enough nuclear weapons to annihilate most life on the planet has long made the war-gaming for a long US-Russia war ultimately pointless: no one would survive long enough to enjoy the “win” anyhow. That hasn’t stopped the Pentagon from envisioning protracted campaigns on Russian soil with conventional weaponry.

The conclusion: most Pentagon officials figure the US would almost certainly defeat Russia in this drawn-out war, but after drawn-out wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it is “not a sure bet.” That’s a problem looking for a solution, and at the Pentagon, the solution is always only a few hundred billion dollars away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the Pentagon is ramping up for war without end, at a point where homelessness and malnutrition, particularly for American kids, has soared, and where US infrastructure is crumbling.

The American people have become all but irrelevant and completely useless to those in Congress and the military.

And just because the US outspends Russia on weaponry is absolutely no guarantee that it will work as well, or better, than Russian military equipment. In fact, cost many times, is very high for US weapons, and the weapons do not work at all as advertised.

Aug 15 08:22

The Queen after learning of Princess Di's car crash: "Someone must have greased the brakes"

Shocking claims in a new royal biography claim the Queen responded to reports of Princess Diana's car crash in Paris by saying 'someone must have greased the brakes'.

Diana was killed in the crash in August 1997 - triggering national mourning and some criticism of the Royal Family's unemotional reaction to the tragedy.

A new book by royal biographer Ingrid Seward claims the Queen made the remark after she initially heard news Diana had been injured in a crash.

Don't tell me HRH The Queen is a closet conspiracy theorist.

Aug 15 08:15

While The UK Panicked Over Calais Migrants, Hundreds Of Others Died At Sea

While Britain has been in uproar over hundreds of migrants trying to storm the Channel Tunnel and enter the U.K. in recent weeks, a much larger and more deadly crisis has been taking place on another European shore.

Around 3,000 people, mostly from countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, reside in a squalid camp in France's Calais known as the Jungle, waiting for a chance to reach Britain. The long-ignored crisis escalated last month as ever larger groups of migrants used the cover of night to try to climb through fences and push back police in an attempt to sneak into the EuroTunnel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US and its minions have been waging war, sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly, against so many countries in the Middle East, South and Central America, Africa, and Asia, that it is a wonder we don't have more externally displaced people who can never go home again.

But where is the compassion for these people, translated into just, humane policies with which to alleviate their distress?!?

That, in the bluster of France and Britain against them, is nowhere to be found.

Aug 15 08:11

Jewish History, Jewish Religion

When the Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the Jews are unique among the peoples of the world in their intense hatred and contempt for all peoples but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him. For the next 1,900 years other investigators came to similar conclusions, either from a study of the Jews' religious writings or from a study of the Jews' behavior toward non-Jews.

Notable among these was the reformer, Martin Luther, who in 1543 wrote in "Von den Juden und Ihren Lugen":

Aug 15 08:08

Barber Gives Free Cuts To Kids Who Read Aloud In His Chair, And It’s Shear Genius

An Iowa barber has developed a creative way to get kids reading.

Courtney Holmes, a barber in Dubuque, offered free haircuts to kids who read out loud to him during an appointment on Saturday, USA Today reported. The initiative was part of a back to school event, and Holmes hopes the storytelling will help young students strengthen their reading skills.

"The kids would come in, and I would say, 'Go to the table and get a book you might like, and if you can't read it, I'll help you understand and we can read it together,'" Holmes told the news outlet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With so much going so badly around the world, it is nice, for at least a moment, to focus on someone who is doing a great thing for kids.

Bravo, Mr. Holmes: well done!!

Aug 15 08:01


“Right now, we don’t know anything,” said Sun Meirong, 52, an office cleaner who descended 13 flights of stairs with her 1-year-old grandson after the explosions blew in her apartment windows and front door.

… According to the Tianjin Tanggu Environmental Monitoring Station, calcium carbide was one of several toxic industrial chemicals stored by the company. The others included sodium cyanide, which can produce hydrogen cyanide, a volatile and flammable liquid; and toluene diisocyanate, which can also react violently in the presence of water.
We were quite skeptical the Chinese government can maintain the charade for long: unlike radiation whose effects take years to materialize, and thus afforded the Japanese government free reign to lie to the people with impunity for years, the effect of the Chinese toxic gases manifest themselves quickly, and usually with a combustible or deadly outcome.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Chinese government did the right thing in ordering the evacuation, but they will have to come clean with the Chinese people as to how this happened in the first place.

Intelligent chemical storage has be underpinned with a real protocol, so that this kind of accident (if it was, in fact an "accident") doesn't happen again.

Aug 15 07:55


modern warfare is by no means limited to the sphere of military and intelligence operations. Washington not only imposes economic sanctions on countries which do not support its imperial agenda, it also fosters the outright destabilization of national economies. While the Pentagon and NATO coordinate military operations against sovereign countries, Wall Street carries out concurrent destabilizing actions on financial markets including the rigging of the oil, gold and foreign exchange markets directed against Russia and China.

It’s called “financial warfare”, it’s part of the same global agenda, it’s implemented alongside and in coordination with the Worldwide deployment of the US-NATO’s military machine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the US government is looking to activate the destabilization of both the Russian and Chinese economies, this will not end well, even for the one percenters.

Aug 15 07:49

Acoustic Cannon Sales to Police Surge After Black Lives Matter Protests

During a company conference call with financial analysts last week, Tom Brown, the chief executive of LRAD, a military contractor, informed investors that sales were rolling in, not just from Chinese government agencies and the U.S. Navy, but also from American law enforcement.

LRAD manufactures an acoustic cannon that can be used either as a mounted loudspeaker or as a weapon to fire deafening noises at crowds of people.

Over the last year, following a wave of protests over officer-involved killings of black Americans, LRAD has seen an uptick in inquiries from police departments around the country.

Brown told financial analysts in a May conference call about the “renewed interest” from police departments. “A lot of grant money starts to flow to law enforcement, and we’re getting a lot of inquiries” following protests, he said. One inquiry he mentioned came from the Maryland Sheriff’s Department following the protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, let me get this straight; instead of actually addressing the out of control policing which has lead to assassinations of African American members of the community, and addressing the economic policies which have caused utter despair in many of those communities. police departments are, instead, buying more destructive equipment with which to bully and intimidate those communities?!?

This is so wrong, on so many levels, I hardly know where to start.

Aug 15 07:43

More explosions have rocked a disaster zone in China

New small explosions rocked a disaster zone in the Chinese port of Tianjin on Saturday, as authorities pulled out an additional survivor and began evacuating the area to clean up chemical contamination nearly three days after massive explosions touched off the crisis.

Angry relatives of missing firefighters stormed a government news conference to demand any information on their loved ones, who have not been found since a fire and rapid succession of blasts late Wednesday at a warehouse for hazardous chemicals.

The death toll in the inferno in a mostly industrial area has climbed to 85, including 21 firefighters — making the disaster the deadliest for Chinese firefighters in more than six decades.

An unknown number of firefighters remain missing, and a total of 720 people were injured in the disaster in Tianjin, a key port and petrochemical hub about 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of Beijing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have a hard time believing that trained fire fighters wouldn't know that water can cause explosions when mixed with some chemicals.

So I have to wonder, in conjunction with the revaluation of the yuan last week, if this was simply a horrible industrial accident...or some kind of sabotage?!?

I have stopped believing in the concept of "coincidence" in geopolitics and economics many, many years ago.